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Explore the Wonders of Cannabis - 6 Creative and Unusual Ways to Use Cannabis

The Herb Collective

Ultimately, understanding potential benefits and adjusting consumption amounts according to the desired result is key. Cannabis Topicals Cannabis topicals are lotions, balms, and creams infused with cannabis extract. At The Herb Collective, we believe in the power of cannabis and its potential for healing.

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International Cannabis Brand Cookies Opens Its First U.S.-Based Consumption Lounge on West Coast

Cannabis Law Report

Consumption Lounge Will Complement Newest Retail Location in Central California and Feature Cookies’ Line of Top-Shelf Cannabis Products. consumption lounge in Coalinga, a city in Fresno County. Access to the consumption lounge requires an online reservation. COALINGA, Calif.–(BUSINESS Durian Ave. Attendees must be 21+.


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Kief vs. Hash—What’s the Difference and How Can They be Used?


Cannabis legalization has brought about a plethora of different methods of consumption for patients and recreational users alike. In the past, when someone was referencing cannabis consumption, it typically boiled down to smoking a joint or eating a brownie. Nowadays cannabis consumption includes a rich variety of methods.

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Cannabis Accessories That Enhance The Consumption Experience


Cannabis accessories are a key part of the consumption experience. Have you noticed any trends in cannabis consumption devices? The biggest trends in cannabis consumption these days are in the twin fields of edibles and oils. So over time, it collects kief in the bottom chamber. It’s not in the plant itself.

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Featured Cannabis Brand: AZ Nectar Farms

Kind Meds (Cannabis Education Blog)

Smoking flower is arguably the classic form of cannabis consumption and remains popular for a good reason. One of the most significant innovations in cannabis consumption over the years has come in the form of concentrates and distillates. Then, producers extract the resin by using heat and pressure to squeeze and flatten the buds.

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New York Adult-Use Cannabis Rules and Regulations: They’re (Almost) Here

Canna Law Blog

Extraction (Must have a Good Manufacturing Practices facility). Cannabis Collective (Co-op). The regulations also provide dispensary operators with the additional authorizations to conduct delivery operations and to allow on-site consumption in approved locations. Microbusiness License.

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Easy Passage For Thailand’s Cannabis and Hemp Bill 1st reading in Lower House

Cannabis Law Report

The Lower House overwhelmingly passed the first reading of the Bhumjaithai party’s Cannabis and Hemp Bill yesterday (Wednesday), which will legalise the controlled use, production, sale, import and export of cannabis, hemp and their extracts. 373 MPs voted in support of the bill, with 7 against. 23 MPs abstained.

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