Cannabis Accessories That Enhance The Consumption Experience


Cannabis accessories are a key part of the consumption experience. Have you noticed any trends in cannabis consumption devices? The biggest trends in cannabis consumption these days are in the twin fields of edibles and oils.

Virginia Announces New Policy Allowing the Production of Hemp Extracts

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Under a new policy announced by the Northam Administration, the Commonwealth of Virginia will soon officially authorize hemp processors to produce hemp extracts for human consumption. If you wish to re-publish this story please do so with following accreditation. Authored By: Samuel B.

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Report: “Key pharmacological differences between side effects of refined, pharmaceutical CBD formulations and whole plant extracts:”

Cannabis Law Report

However, there are indications from studies done with cannabidiol-rich cannabis extracts in Israel that indicate that less side effects (46%) are achieved with a natural cannabis plant extract containing a 20:1 ratio of CBD to THC. Establishment of a New Drug Code for Marihuana Extract.

California: Hospitalizations Linked to Use of Unregulated Vapor Cartridges


In each of the cases, patients presented symptoms of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and possessed a history of consuming either THC or CBD extracts via the use of unlicensed vapor cartridges. He acknowledged that NORML has previously expressed concerns regarding the identification of adulterants and heavy metals in some unregulated cannabis extract products. Social Consumption SOCIETY heavy metals lead respiratory distress vape cartridges

Tips For Finding The Right CBD Extraction Service

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However, what farmers, CBD users, and manufacturers need to know is that there is more than one way to extract CBD from a cannabis or hemp plant. And, not all extraction methods provide the same results. What Is The Purpose Of CBD Extraction. The Liquid Solvent Extraction Method.

Medical Marijuana Products We’re Loving


The purity of consumption and ease of use make this one of my favorite vapes today.” DaVinci created a world-class consumption device with the IQ Vaporizer, and we recommend this to anyone considering a vape. TOTAL MG OF CBD = 6,000 mg of hemp extracted CBD per bundle.

Pass the Salt…Pass the Sugar…Pass the Joint

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The café will offer a range of flowers, vapes, edibles, concentrates and extracts. Alaska was the first state to legalize social consumption at the state level last March. By: Rachel Gillette , Partner and Chair of the Cannabis Law Group. Photo courtesy

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Learn How to Recognize Synthetic CBD and Cannabis


Does the company have its own extraction process? If a company has its own extraction process, it should be able to provide you with the batch-testing results to confirm the potency and purity of the CBD oil. News Consumption TrendsWelcome to good news/bad news: CBD edition.

Isolating Specific Desirable Compounds: Learn All There Is to Know About the Top 3 Cannabis Extraction Techniques

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Before specific compounds are extracted from the plant’s makeup, they need to be isolated. The extraction methods work to separate the different cannabis components into the extracts. Single or Whole Plant Extracts? CO 2 Cannabis Extraction. Butane Extraction.

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Sensi’s Ultimate Cannabis Gift Guide for the Holidays

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The MagicalButter combines an immersion blender with a digital thermostat and heating unit so it can grind, heat, stir and steep your herbal extract at the right temperature for the right amount of time; a very worthwhile investment at around €190.00 Consumption

Is Vaping Cannabis Safe? What You Need to Know.


Cannabis concentrates are produced by extracting cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis plant matter. Extraction methods vary and some involve the use of carcinogenic compounds (solvents such as butane), all of which are supposed to be removed before the concentrates are sold for consumption.

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What Is the Shelf Life of CBD Oil? What Is the Best Way to Store CBD Oil?

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The shelf life of a product is defined as: “the length of time for which an item remains usable, fit for consumption, or saleable.”. How long will that bottle of CBD oil actually last before it’s no longer “fit for consumption?”.

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What is the best CBD cream on Amazon reviews


CBD oil is extracted from the Hemp plant and is used to manufacture a wide range of products. Hemp Extract Pain Relief Cream- Amazon. Made using 100% natural ingredients, Hemp Extract Relief Cream is one of the best CBD cream on Amazon available in the market today. Hemp extract.

Hemp CBD Across State Lines: Virginia

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Virginia is also one of the states that expressly regulate the production of hemp products intended for human consumption. On July 15, 2019, the VDACS Commissioner announced it would treat hemp-derived extracts intended for human consumption, such as a Hemp CBD oil, as approved food additives.

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Hemp-CBD Across State Lines: Florida

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SB 1020 provides for the creation of a plan for regulating the cultivation of hemp, pursuant to the 2018 Farm Bill, and legalizes the retail sales of hemp extract. ” Hemp Extracts intended for human ingestion must come from a crop intended to be used in the food supply chain.

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What Is the Shelf Life of CBD Oil? What Is the Best Way to Store CBD Oil?

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The shelf life of a product is defined as: “the length of time for which an item remains usable, fit for consumption, or saleable.”. How long will that bottle of CBD oil actually last before it’s no longer “fit for consumption?”.

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Exporting CBD Food Just Got Harder: The European Union Makes a Move

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extracts of Cannabis sativa L. and derived products containing cannabinoids are considered novel foods as a history of consumption has not been demonstrated. This applies to both the extracts themselves and any products to which they are added as an ingredient (such as hemp seed oil).

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Terpene Spotlight: Phytol

Phytol is considered a diterpene , present in cannabis extracts, as a breakdown product of chlorophyll and tocopherol. Patients should speak with their certified medical marijuana physician to determine which strains and methods of consumption are most appropriate for their medical conditions. As the cannabis plant gains more notoriety for its medicinal uses, more research is proving what humans have known for centuries.

Clarifying NY State Decriminalization and Marijuana Possession Related Penalties


As of August 28, 2019, public consumption and possession of up to two ounces of cannabis flower is punishable as a marijuana possession violation (not a crime) and the sentence of that offense is a monetary fine up to $200 under Penal Law 221. There has been some confusion and misinformation circulating about what New York’s latest expansion of marijuana decriminalization means and what impact it will have on criminal prosecutions going forward.

European CBD Sales: Securing a Novel Food Authorization

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Last year, the European Union reclassified extracts of Cannabis sativa L. The reclassification was based on the lack of demonstrated history of human consumption of these extracts and of any product to which they might be added.

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Are CBD-Infused Alcohol Beverages Legal?

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This post provides an overview of the regulatory framework of alcoholic beverages, including pre-manufactured industrial hemp-infused drinks and “homemade” alcoholic drinks infused with CBD oil or extracts. Drinks Infused with CBD Oil or Extracts.

Hemp-CBD Across State Lines: Alaska

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SB 6 defines “cannabidiol” oil as the “viscous liquid concentrate of cannabidiol extracted from the plant (genus) Cannabis containing not more than 0.3 Hydrocarbon extractions, including: n-butane; isobutene; propane; or heptane.

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Weekly Legislative Roundup 4/26/19


A bill to remove certain restrictions on social cannabis consumption sites was killed in Denver, Colorado’s city council. Meanwhile, members of the Fairbanks, Alaska city council approved an ordinance to allow on-site cannabis consumption at licensed retail outlets.

Medical Marijuana Can Be Used to Treat Neuropathy

Exposure to toxins may damage nerves and cause peripheral neuropathy: medication toxicity, environmental or industrial toxins and heavy alcohol consumption. The Journal of Oral & Facial Pain and Headache determined that cannabis-based medicinal extracts used in different populations of chronic nonmalignant neuropathic pain patients may provide effective analgesia in conditions that are refractory to other treatments.

Beyond the Crackdown: New York Classifies Hemp-CBD as a Dietary Supplement (Part One)

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The CBD Agreement applies to processors who wish to create Hemp-CBD products intended for human consumption. No product for human consumption that has CBD added to it can be labeled and marketed as a food. Home of “dietary supplement” CBD.

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7 Ways Medical Cannabis and CBD Can Help Treat Depression And Stess

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The plant extract works with the endocannabinoid system (EDS), which tasks different body receptors to boost brain health, thereby boosting your moods. These consumption methods can effectively balance your brain’s neurotransmitters to alleviate the condition.

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Terpene Spotlight: Pinene

A 2015 study determined that pine needle oil from crude extract of pine needles has been used as an anti-cancer agent in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Patients should speak with their certified medical marijuana physician to determine which strains and methods of consumption are most appropriate for their medical conditions.

Marijuana Edibles: Everything You Need to Know


Risks of over-consumption and accidental ingestion. Risks from the consumption of illicit or homemade edibles. Florida’s medical marijuana community may soon have access to edible forms of cannabis.

Washington Cannabis: The Proposed Hemp Overhaul is Here

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Washington’s hemp law is also extremely confusing thanks to RCW 15.120.020 which prohibits the “production of any part of industrial hemp, except seed, as food, extract, oil, cake, concentrate, resin, or other preparation for topical use, oral consumption, or inhalation by humans[.]”

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Medical Cannabis Pot-ential

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Test and extract cannabinoids, cannabis or cannabis resin. In conclusion, the constitutional court found that: The production of cannabis by an adult in a private place for their personal consumption is no longer a criminal act.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 4/20/19


AB 1465 (Bloom) would allow licensing of cannabis consumption cafés and lounges in California. Click here to email your lawmakers in support of social consumption lounges. Click here to email your lawmakers in support of social consumption sites.

Health Canada: Backgrounder: Final regulations on new cannabis products

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Health Canada has released the amendments to the Cannabis Regulations to control the legal production and sale of edible cannabis, cannabis extracts, and cannabis topicals. Cannabis extracts. The total amount of THC in a package of a cannabis extract is capped at 1,000 mg (e.g.,

How Cannabis Concentrate Can Help You

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Cannabis concentrates can be categorized into two types; extract and none-extract concentrate. The former applies solvents to extract the desired product from the cannabis plant, whereas the non-extracts leverage on heat and pressure.

Therapeutic Uses of CBD Oil

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Cannabinoids in oil form are best suited for patients who want to avoid any negative effects that are found with consumption methods such as smoking. CBD isolates – CO2 extraction. CBD tinctures, extracts, absolutes (solvent extraction).

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Oregon Hemp: The Permanent Rules Are Now In Effect

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While Oregon legalized hemp production in 2015, the Beaver State has seen a huge influx of hemp grower and handler registrations since the enactment of the 2018 Farm Bill , which legalized hemp under federal law.

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Hemp CBD Across State Lines: New Mexico

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A “hemp finished product” is “a hemp product that is intended for retail sale and containing hemp or hemp extracts that includes food, food additives and herbs for human use, including consumption, that has a THC content of not more than three-tenths percent.”

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Cannabis Legalization Roundup: Mexico, Luxembourg, Switzerland

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Among these bellwethers, South Africa and Georgia allow for possession and consumption but no sale; Uruguay, conversely, has a quasi-commercial model; and Canada is leading the charge with a bona fide, scaled marijuana economy. Public consumption esta prohibido.