World Sleep Day: Cannabis for Insomnia


This is not surprising – we can lead busy lives, and sometimes getting more than 6 hours sleep can seem like a luxury. Cannabis Science cannabis for insomnia CBD insomnia mmj insomnia sleep sleep apnea terpenoids THC

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Do you have trouble sleeping? Cannabis can help!

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In Canada, insomnia and sleep issues are reportedly common among adults. Short sleep duration and poor sleep quality are prevalent among Canadian adults. About one-third sleep fewer hours per night than recommended for optimal physical and mental health.” [ CBC ].

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Is Cannabis Good for Your Sleep?

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Photo: Maltsev Semion/Shutterstock) Certain strains of Cannabis do make you sleepy – but is the sleep we get beneficial? However, is the sleep you get from herb actually decent, restful sleep? Straining for Sleep. Are There Any Benefits to Sleeping On Cannabis?

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How Using Marijuana Can Effect Your Sleep Patterns

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How Using Marijuana Can Effect Your Sleep Patterns If you speak to someone who has suffered from insomnia at all as an adult, chances are good that person has tried using marijuana to effect sleep patterns. Cannabis Medical Marijuana News RX Wellness sleep

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Get a Good Night’s Sleep With These Massachusetts-Grown Strains


The post Get a Good Night’s Sleep With These Massachusetts-Grown Strains appeared first on Leafly. Strains & Products adult-use cannabis massachusetts medical marijuana sleepI've found a variety of strains and products in Massachusetts that have truly made a difference when it comes to getting my prescribed eight hours.

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Cannabis In Australia, Round Up, Sleep On

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The ABC reports. Medical marijuana is on the rise in Australia, but we still don’t know a lot about how it works. Thousands of Australians are now using medicinal cannabis to treat conditions like chronic pain and anorexia.

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How Medical Cannabis Is Helping Insomnia Patients Sleep

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Sleep disorders are common across North America. In fact, some estimates suggest one in four Canadians suffer from insomnia, making it the most common sleep disorder. Medical cannabis is offering new hope for insomnia patients by helping them get a better night’s sleep. How does medical cannabis help patients get to sleep? Some strains are designed to capitalize on this effect and put you to sleep. What Effects Does It Have on Sleep?

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Marijuana for Insomnia: 7 Best Strains for Deeper Sleep


Sleep issues can be a real torture—when you experience a lack of rest your body and, more importantly, your mind is unable to function normally. Insomnia (otherwise known as sleeplessness) is a sleep disorder defined by either having difficulty falling asleep or difficulty remaining asleep.

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Here’s Why Cannabis Users Can’t Remember Their Dreams

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Here’s Why Cannabis Users Can’t Remember Their Dreams It's one of the many mysteries of cannabis: The herb helps millions of people get a good night's sleep and it also suppresses the memory of your dreams.

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Here’s The Science On Why Marijuana Makes You Sleepy

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Here’s The Science On Why Marijuana Makes You Sleepy About 40 million Americans have some sort of sleep issues and marijuana can help, but first, let's explain exactly why does marijuana make you sleepy. Cannabis Medical Marijuana News RX marijuana sleep

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In The Battle Against Insomnia, Marijuana Type Is Important

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Cannabis Medical Marijuana News RX insomnia sleepIn The Battle Against Insomnia, Marijuana Type Is Important There is very little in the universe that is more brutal than a wicked case of insomnia. Marijuana works, but only if used correctly.

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Benefits of CBD Oil for Relaxation and Sleep

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Cannabidiol (CBD) has been found to be effective for wellness in many ways, including relaxation and sleep. Medical

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CBD Oil Is Good For Even More Than You Thought

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Cannabis Medical Marijuana News RX blood pressure CBD CBD oil chronic pain sleep smokingCBD Oil Is Good For Even More Than You Thought If you follow cannabis themed news whatsoever, you’re bound to have learned about a slew of conditions CBD oil is good for, including chronic pain and anxiety.

Exploring the endocannabinoid system and the impact of CBD


This complex system regulates everything from mood to sleeping cycles, while also helping to regulate stress, inflammation and our perception of pain. The neuroprotective effect of regulating sleep. However, this can only be achieved with a sufficient amount of sleep.

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Is CBD A Rising Star Or Just Popular Fad?

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Cannabis Medical Marijuana News anxiety California cannabinoid receptors CBD Charlotte's Web Epidiolex FDA Pain sleepIs CBD A Rising Star Or Just Popular Fad?

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Insomnia is Treated Effectively with Medical Marijuana

Sleep is an essential part of maintaining mental, emotional, biological and physiological balance. Without proper sleep, it can be difficult to function and the ability to perform even menial tasks is diminished. For others, insomnia means having difficulty falling asleep; and for some, it may mean experiencing a combination of both sleep disruptions. In 2017, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention listed lack of sleep/insufficient sleep as a public health concern.

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Could Hemp-Derived CBD Help Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury?

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One study will hopefully determine whether or not hemp-derived CBD helps traumatic brain injury patients with overall wellbeing, sleep, and more. Could Hemp-Derived CBD Help Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury?

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New Mexico: Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Decriminalization, Other Reform Bills


It expands the pool of patients eligible for cannabis therapy to include those diagnosed with post-traumatic stress, severe chronic pain, Crohn’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, sleep apnea, and neuropathy, among other newly specified conditions.

Everything You Need To Know About The Side Effects of Medical Marijuana


Of course, side-effects such as being pain-free and being able to eat and sleep properly are positive ones. Medical marijuana, like any other medication, can have side-effects. Other side-effects, however, are not so desirable.

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5 Medical Cannabis Strains That Can be Used to Treat PTSD

Patients suffering from the symptoms of PTSD (depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, mood disorders) will find Blue Dream to offer mood-boosting relief. PTSD can affect all facets of life including sleep. Memories may repeat in a patient’s mind as they lie down to sleep. Without consistent deep sleep, other PTSD symptoms may be exacerbated. This strain will give patients the sleep they need to begin to function properly. 5 cannabis strains to treat PTSD?

Grandma Is The New Face Of Cannabis

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However, with medical cannabis continuing to spread through the country—and with more and more research pointing to its benefits for everything from chronic pain and sleep problems to anxiety and arthritis—the tide seems to be turning. Silver Haze In The Golden Years.

5 Ways Marijuana Helps Cancer Patients

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Sleep Better. Cancer patients experience sleeping issues. They may find themselves waking up in the middle of their sleep, or even unable to sleep during normal resting hours. Nervousness regarding the success of the procedure can also cause sleep deprivation.

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10 Best Medical Marijuana Strains For Insomnia

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If you are suffering from insomnia or other sleeping problems, medical marijuana can be a viable solution. The CBD Shark Shock has a high CBD level and was made with then intention of helping insomnia and sleeping problems.

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A Beginner’s Guide to the Positive Medical Effects of Cannabis

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Insomnia and Other Sleep Disorders Can Be Alleviated with Medical Cannabis. Another one of the positive medical effects of cannabis is its ability to help patients relax and get to sleep. Cannabinoids like THC are well-known for their sedative effects, which help patients feel drowsy and may allow them to get to sleep sooner. Some studies indicate cannabis may assist patients in achieving more restful sleep.

Serious Conditions Are Responding To Cannabinoid Therapy

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Cannabis oil is being used successfully in combination with chemotherapy and radiation to kill cancer but also to help unwanted side effects such as nausea, loss of appetite, sleep disturbances, depression, anxiety, and pain. improvement in good sleep.

Marijuana and HIV: Can Weed Help HIV Patients


Marijuana Improves Sleep. It is a commonly known thing that marijuana helps consumers sleep better. This actually has nothing to do with whether a person is infected with HIV or not – cannabis helps relax the muscles and can provide with a better quality of sleep.

Cannabis: Finding the perfect strain for you

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Most medical cannabis professionals consider indica strains ideal for aiding sleep and helping with some psychological conditions. Cannabinol is a known sleep aid that produces a heavy, numbing feeling that can help with conditions like insomnia.

Boosting Your Mood With Cannabis


Our endocrine systems regulates a variety of bodily functions including our metabolism, growth and physical development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, mood and more. It’s helped my moods and also helps me sleep.

State restrictions on cannabis packaging worry producers

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The products made in Fairwinds’ east Vancouver headquarters have names such as “Deep Sleep,” “Digestify” and “AM Relief” that hint at the possible effects of each product. If a consumer is looking for a product to help with sleep, the product should display the word “sleep,” she said.

Why Terpenes Are Vital To Your Cannabinoid Therapy


7] For example, the lavender plant is often used to relieve stress and assist with sleep. Here are a few examples of plants and foods that have the most prominent terpenes also found in cannabis: Lavender is high in linalool, which can help with stress relief and sleep. ABOUT.

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We can’t wait to help you break free from pain, improve your sleep, boost your energy, and get rid of depression and anxiety. Infused Health coaches Dr. Michele Ross & Jennessa Lea have teamed up to create a two-month program to Kickstart Your Weight Loss With Cannabis.

Cannabis For Fibromyalgia

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Fibromyalgia is characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory, and mood issues. What Are The Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia? It is often diagnosed by pressing on tender points throughout the body that results in pain upon light touching.

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The improvements include decreased aggression and agitation, fewer seizures, and better sleep, appetite and ability to concentrate. Some recent highlights and curiosities from the amazing world of cannabis science and therapeutics: CBD and autism.

Kratom and Cannabis

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Sleep. Kratom can help you go to sleep faster and get better quality sleep. It helps the mind relax before sleep so stress doesn’t keep you awake. Many people who’ve used Kratom as a sleep aid have experienced longer and more intense dreams.

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Medical Marijuana Can Help with the Effects of Traumatic brain injury

Other symptoms of mild TBI include headache, confusion, lightheadedness, dizziness, blurred vision or tired eyes, ringing in the ears, bad taste in the mouth, fatigue or lethargy, a change in sleep patterns, behavioral or mood changes, and trouble with memory, concentration, attention, or thinking. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke defines Traumatic brain injury (TBI) as “a form of acquired brain injury, occurs when a sudden trauma causes damage to the brain.

Bingo and Bongs: More Seniors Seek Pot for Age-Related Aches

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Its medical director, Dr. Joseph Cohen, conducts “Cannabis 101” seminars at the nearby Balfour Senior Living community for residents who want to know which strains are best for easing arthritic pain or improving sleep. LAGUNA WOODS, Calif. —

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If You Want To Step Up Your Health & Wellness Routine, Add Cannabis (Here’s Why)

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Cannabis can aid sleep. On the other hand, depression causes people to sleep too much. Over 60 million people have trouble sleeping. If using your favorite glass bong helps you get to sleep at night, you shouldn’t think twice about it. Life is stressful.

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Rolled Joints for Aching Joints: More Seniors Use Marijuana

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Its medical director, Dr. Joseph Cohen, conducts “Cannabis 101” seminars at the nearby Balfour Senior Living community for residents who want to know which strains are best for easing arthritic pain or improving sleep. LAGUNA WOODS, Calif. —

Before You Try Edibles: Read This

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For the most part, those suffering from overdose coped with it by simply sleeping it off. How do I Consume Edibles? Edibles are rapidly going from a stoner movie comedy trope (You ate ALL the brownies, WooOOoah!) to an appealing and established niche in the cannabis market.

The Benefits of CBD Oil For Anxiety

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Well, the human body has something called the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that plays a role in everything from pain to mood to memory to sleep. Of all of the empirical and anecdotal benefits of CBD oil, perhaps the most widely accepted is its anti-anxiety capability.

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