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The Curious Case of CBN & Sleep

Project CBD

A molecular biologist deconstructs a cannabis industry myth about CBN as a sleep aid.

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CBD For Sleep: How To Use Cannabidiol to Benefit Sleep


Is Cannabidiol (CBD) good for sleep? We know that CBD can help sleep in some individuals, but may disturb it in others. Does CBD help with sleep? Furthermore, CBD can relieve symptoms that often interfere with sleep, like anxiety and pain. Many people are surprised to find out that CBD itself is not sedating.

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Could CBN really help you sleep? Consumer study data suggest yes.

The Cannigma

CBN has made headlines and claimed shelf space as the next best cannabinoid for sleep. MoreBetter, creators of the Releaf App, is using this real world data to push back against the claim that there’s no evidence that CBN can help people sleep. It also, allegedly, helps with sleep (more on that below). Back to our study.

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How does cannabis affect sleep and dreaming?


We know THC can impact sleep and dreaming. The post How does cannabis affect sleep and dreaming? appeared first on Leafly.

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Best strains and terpenes for sleep

The Cannigma

Sleep is foundational to good health, impacting our energy levels, cognition, and hormone regulation. Yet despite the obvious benefits, nearly one in three people don’t get enough sleep. To ensure you’re consuming the best weed strains for sleep, here’s what you need to know. How cannabis can help with sleep. ” 4.

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CBN: The Sleep-Inducing Cannabinoid

Kind Meds (Cannabis Education Blog)

CBN is a popular cannabinoid, but what should we know about CBN and sleep? Currently, CBN is mostly used by the general population as a sleep-inducing aid. However, it may do more than just induce sleep—many fans of CBN report that it makes for longer-lasting, more satisfying sleep. CBN and Sleep: FAQs.

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CBG Vs. CBN: Which One Is Best For Sleep, Anxiety, And Pain Management?

The Fresh Toast

CBG Vs. CBN: Which One Is Best For Sleep, Anxiety, And Pain Management? The post CBG Vs. CBN: Which One Is Best For Sleep, Anxiety, And Pain Management? CBG and CBN are promising non-psychoactive cannabinoids starting to gain recognition for their potential health benefits. appeared first on The Fresh Toast.

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