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CBD Hemp Versus Industrial Hemp: What You Need to Know

Cannabis Cheri

If you are confused by the topic of CBD Hemp oil, you’re not alone. Ninety-nine out of a hundred articles about CBD will tell you that it is extracted from industrial hemp — “the plant with 10,000 uses.”. Yes, CBD comes from hemp. By Joy Smith.

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US Hemp Roundtable Update

Cannabis Law Report

The addition of derivatives of hemp, including hemp-derived cannabidiol, to cosmetics, personal care products and products intended for human or animal consumption shall be permitted without a license and shall not be considered an adulteration of such products.

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2018 U.S. Hemp Crop Report Published

Cannabis Law Report


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Buy Endoca RAW and Standard Hemp Oil CBD Capsules/Pills


RAW Hemp Oil Capsules 30 or 120 Capsules per bottle | 300 mg, 1200 mg or 1500 mg CBD per bottle; 10 mg or 50 mg mg CBD per capsule RRP = $27.99 – $124.99 Buy CBD buy cbd capsules CBD Oil cbd pills cbd tincture full spectrum hemp oil

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Top Hemp Growing Countries

Cannabis Law Report

RANKING THE TOP HEMP GROWING COUNTRIES. #6 But those who know the country’s history are well aware of the importance of hemp to Korean culture. Since the beginning of both North and South Korea’s written history , traditional weavers turned hemp fiber into a fabric known as “sambe.”

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Another US Hemp Roundtable Update

Cannabis Law Report

The bill would launch a hemp growth program – making Texas the 44 th State in the USA — and provide belt-and-suspenders protection for hemp products like CBD, with labeling and retailer registration requirements. The bill explicitly removed hemp-derived CBD from drug control.

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USDA Hemp Webinar Summary

Greenspoon Marder Cannabis Law Group Blog

On March 13, 2019, the United States Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) Specialty Crops Program held the first planned listening webinar to solicit public comment on the implementation of the 2018 Farm Bill as it pertains to hemp. Approximately 50 speakers voiced comments on what they believed to be the most prominent and immediate questions and challenges that the USDA must address when creating the Domestic Hemp Production Program guidance and regulations.

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Hemp & Health

Leaf Science

Johnny is taking a look at the problems of our world and how Cannabis Sativa L and Industrial Hemp can hemp solve those problems. Hemp as an Alternative to meat? The Hemp plant (non psychoactive) provides a multitude of uses. Let’s look at two of hemp’s gifts: 1.

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First Hemp Guidance Issued by the USDA

Greenspoon Marder Cannabis Law Group Blog

The AMS guidance document “Importation of Hemp Seeds” discusses certain requirements for hemp seeds to be safely imported into the United States from Canada and other countries. Hemp seed can be imported from countries other than Canada if accompanied by “a phytosanitary certificate from the exporting country’s national plant protection organization to verify the origin of the seed and confirm that no plant pests are detected.”. By: Nabil Rodriguez, J.D.*. On 4/19/19 the U.S.

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Hemp Intro

Otherside Farms

Hemp was once grown in the US without much government interference – in fact, farmers were encouraged to grow hemp during the Revolutionary War as the plant was used in the making of sails and rigging. Then, with its connection to marijuana, hemp became taboo. Hemp/CBD

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Should Growing Male Hemp Outdoors Be Banned?

Medicinal Genomics

Gender is a controversial topic in hemp cultivation. Recently, Oregon CBD made a statement on its social media accounts, calling for the end of male hemp cultivation outdoors in Oregon and other areas that are currently devoid of feral hemp populations. Latest News hemp youPCR

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7 Hemp Heroes Who Changed the Game


The hemp movement has produced many heroes we can celebrate wholeheartedly, including activists, scientists, authors, and a few of the nation’s Founding Fathers. The post 7 Hemp Heroes Who Changed the Game appeared first on Leafly. Industry Politics HempHere’s the story of seven who truly changed the game.

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Cyclones Hemp Cones Review

Higher Mentality

Cyclones Hemp Cones is made from all natural hemp. The Cyclone Hemp Cones come in four mouthwatering flavours. The post Cyclones Hemp Cones Review appeared first on Cannabis Lifestyle Entertainment, Products, and Culture.

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Federal legalization of hemp creating a quandary for police

Cannabis Chronicles

PORTLAND — Federal legalization of hemp arrived in the U.S. late last year and expanded an industry already booming because of the skyrocketing popularity of CBD, a compound in hemp that many see as a health aid. Hemp has almost none — 0.3

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Kingpin Hemp Wraps Review

Higher Mentality

Kingpin Hemp Wraps are perfect for the blunt connoisseur who really wants to taste the flavour profiles of what they’re smoking. The post Kingpin Hemp Wraps Review appeared first on Cannabis Lifestyle Entertainment, Products, and Culture.

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Florida’s Legislature Passed a Commercial Hemp Bill, Paving the Way for a New Industry in the State

Greenspoon Marder Cannabis Law Group Blog

On May 3, 2019, the Florida Legislature passed Senate Bill 1020 (the “Hemp Bill”), which will create a robust commercial hemp industry within the State. The Hemp Bill creates a state hemp program within Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). Once signed by the Governor, the Hemp Bill will take effect on July 1, 2019. Florida’s commercial hemp program will not become operational for several more months.

Hemp, Novel Foods, CBD & The EU

Cannabis Law Report

Hemp Industry Daily Reports. The continent’s dominant industry group, the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), predicts that European regulators are about to agree. Here’s the latest on these issues and the EU.

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Take Your Hemp or CBD Company Public on the TSX

Canna Law Blog

When it comes to industrial hemp, the 2018 Farm Bill upended all of these things. All told, the amount of private capital flowing into hemp and hemp-CBD is extraordinary. Prior to federal legalization of hemp last December, a few pioneering hemp companies had gone public.

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BREAKING NEWS: California Opens Up for Commercial Hemp Cultivation

Canna Law Blog

We have been closely following California’s commercial hemp cultivation licensing law since it was proposed last year as Senate Bill 1409 (see here , here , and here ). There are a number of counties in California that restrict or prohibit hemp cultivation.

McConnell Offers Congressional Hemp Bill to Fix ‘Glitches’


all the way into the end zone if it requires additional legislation,” said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, a major hemp-producing state. The post McConnell Offers Congressional Hemp Bill to Fix ‘Glitches’ appeared first on Leafly. Politics Congress Hemp legalization Mitch McConnell“I'm prepared to do my job.

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USDA Expressly Legalizes the Importation of Hemp Seed

Canna Law Blog

Here come the hemp seeds! Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) released a statement, in which the agency clarified that the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill rendered the importation of hemp seeds legal. producers and hemp seed exporters who have repeatedly requested assistance from the USDA.

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Industrial Hemp and USDA Organic Certification

Canna Law Blog

The USDA provided clarifying instructions in its September 2018 Instruction on Organic Certification of Industrial Hemp Production for the UDSA’s policy regarding the organic certification of industrial hemp production by certifying agents accredited by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP).

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US Hemp Roundtable Outlines Hemp Legislation Updates From Florida, Kansas & Texas

Cannabis Law Report

The bill provides for a dramatically expanded hemp growth program, and for the first time, the fully legal retail sale of hemp-derived CBD.

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Alabama Approves 180 Applications To Grow Hemp In the State

Cannabis Law Report

Alabama’s Department of Agriculture and Industries recently approved 180 applications to grow hemp in Alabama. All are licensed to legally grow, cultivate, process, and research industrial hemp in 2019.

Going Postal: USPS Provides Guidance on Mailing Hemp-CBD

Canna Law Blog

It requires that the hemp producer hold a license from the state Department of Agriculture where the Post Office or acceptance unit is located. This statement fails to consider cases where hemp or hemp products are shipped from a state that is different than the state of cultivation.

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Is Legal Hemp About to Ruin America’s Outdoor Cannabis Crops?


With hemp cultivation expected to skyrocket, outdoor cannabis farmers are concerned with how pollen draft will affect the viability of their crop. The post Is Legal Hemp About to Ruin America’s Outdoor Cannabis Crops? Industry Hempappeared first on Leafly.

Oregon Hemp Litigation: Multi-Million Dollar Crop Delivery Lawsuit Filed

Canna Law Blog

We recently wrote about hemp production contracts , noting that scope and scale of commercial hemp production and the related contracts and lawsuits are likely to dwarf the dollar values we typically see in recreational marijuana. Just what are best hemp farming practices?).

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California Hemp Cultivation: It’s Complicated

Canna Law Blog

Our California hemp lawyers regularly get asked about the laws and regulations about growing hemp in California, manufacturing hemp products, and shipping those products around the country. The reality is that California is far behind many other states when it comes to hemp.

Spaced Out Hemp Seeds Are Officially On The Space Station

Cannabis Law Report

Hemp Gazette reports that Hemp seeds found their way safely aboard the International Space Station last week. Back in October last year we reported on a mission to send industrial hemp to the ISS for research purposes.

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Legal Hemp Is Not Safe on American Highways


The post Legal Hemp Is Not Safe on American Highways appeared first on Leafly. Politics cbd Hemp law enforcementConflicting federal and state laws mean police are seizing products that can’t get anyone high.

Legendary Kentucky Hemp Farmers Receive Investment to Revitalize Family Legacy

Canna Newswire

Daddy Burt Hemp Co. LEXINGTON, Ky – April 12, 2019 / Canna Newswire / – In the early 20th century, Joe ‘Daddy Burt’ Burton and the Burton family were the largest hemp farmers in all of Kentucky. Bob Estes has started Daddy Burt Hemp Co. Daddy Burt Hemp Co.’s CBD HEMP

Hemp Seed Ingredients: A Safe Path through the CBD Market?

Canna Law Blog

Because the FDA has yet to approve CBD (including CBD derived from hemp) as a food additive, CBD-infused foods are deemed unsafe under the FDCA. But what about other hemp-derived ingredients free of CBD? According to Fresh Hemp Foods, Ltd.’s Federal law and policy Hemp

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Senators Wyden and McConnell Press for Hemp Industry Banking Services

Canna Law Blog

Unfortunately still the position for most banks and hemp. Shortly after the 2018 Farm Bill passed, legalizing industrial hemp, we predicted that banking services for hemp businesses would be slow going. Federal law and policy Hemp News

Could Hemp-Derived CBD Help Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury?

The Fresh Toast

Could Hemp-Derived CBD Help Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury? One study will hopefully determine whether or not hemp-derived CBD helps traumatic brain injury patients with overall wellbeing, sleep, and more. The post Could Hemp-Derived CBD Help Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury?

Sleep 97

Now That Hemp’s Legal, All Roads Are Leading to Mass-Market Retail

Freedom Leaf

On December 20, President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill , making it a historic day for hemp in the United States. farmers are finally allowed to grow hemp legally. It also allows hemp farming in communities left out of the 2014 Farm Bill, including U.S. Hemp to the Future: U.S

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