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Meet Quantum Vape: A revolution in heating technology


Greentank's all-new vape tech, the Quantum Vape, is a massive stride forward for the cannabis industry. The post Meet Quantum Vape: A revolution in heating technology appeared first on Leafly. Find out how it works.

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Review: Bomb Berry Pop Disposable Vape by Mozey

Illinois News Joint

Progressive Treatments Solutions’ label Mozey is the latest brand to offer an entry in the shape of a 1g disposable Bomb Berry Pop vape. Mozey Bomb Berry Pop all-in-one disposable vape is filled with distillate blended with botanically derived terpenes. This vape tested at 73.81% THC and 81.4% total cannabinoids.

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Review: Punch Disposable Vape by Rove

Illinois News Joint

Convenience is the name of the game when running a vape brand. Rove knows this, and besides the brand’s pod and battery system, it also produces a line of disposable all-in-one vapes. Rove Punch Disposable is a 0.35g all-in-one disposable vape with distillate-based oil infused with botanically derived terpenes. CBD, 91.3%

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13 Reasons Why You Should Try CBD Vape Juice

United Patients Group

Among the various ways to consume CBD, vaping CBD vape juice is fast becoming a preferred method for many. If you’re considering trying CBD vape juice, here are seven compelling reasons that might convince you to take the plunge. You can buy the best quality CBD vape juice from here.

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Review: Chunk Dawg Vape Cart by Dabstract

Illinois News Joint

I’ve sampled Chunk Dawg in just about every format and was pleased to see Dabstract release the strain as part of its first batch of vape carts. This vape cart tested at 0.15% CBDa, 0.17% CBD, 19.63% THCa, 57.49% THC, and 81.94% total cannabinoids. Chunk Dawg is an indica-leaning hybrid cross of Deep Chunk, Sour Diesel, and I-95.

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Product Safety Recalls - Vape Cartridges

Americans for Safe Access

The issue of adulterants in cannabis vape products has once again resurfaced as the Pennsylvania Office of Medical Marijuana issued a notice to medical cannabis patients on February 4, 2022 advising them of a recall of over 500 different products containing substances not suitable for inhalation.

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Review: Peaches N Rings Disposable Vape by Mozey

Illinois News Joint

I recently picked up from Consume Marion the labels’ new vapes to review. Mozey Front Runner Peaches N Rings all in one disposable vape is filled with a distillate infused with botanically derived terpenes. This vape tested at 79.54% THC and 82.07% total cannabinoids. For more Illinois News Joint reviews, visit here.

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