My Legislation On Veterans Cannabis Access Was Just Heard


VA healthcare providers, however, are prohibited from providing the paperwork necessary to complete a state-legal medical cannabis recommendation, forcing military veterans to seek the advice of a private, out-of-network physician.

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Cannabis for Raynaud Syndrome


Cannabis Science autoimmune disorder connective tissue disease Raynaud Raynaud syndromeRaynaud syndrome (aka Raynaud’s phenomenon, Raynaud’s disease or simply Raynaud’s) is a relatively common condition, yet many people know little about it.

Arkansas: Licensed Medical Cannabis Sales Begin


Qualified patients now have limited access to medical cannabis products, after the state’s first licensed dispensaries began making sales this week. Voters initially approved medical cannabis access by passing a statewide initiative in November 2016. Under the law , qualified patients may obtain both herbal preparations of cannabis and infused cannabis products from state-licensed dispensaries. Arkansas is one of 33 states that permits medical cannabis access.

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Home Cannabis Deliveries Approved in California


The new rule, handed down from the state Bureau of Cannabis Control, clarifies what was set forth when voters approved Proposition 64 in 2016. The public spoke loud and clear in favor of statewide delivery,” cannabis bureau spokesman Alex Traverso said in a statement.

Cannabis: Gateway to Herbal Medicine

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The human endocannabinoid system ( ECS ) is so named because it responds to cannabis compounds

Alberta’s cannabis sector unites to create Alberta Cannabis Council

Cannabis Life Network

Council to elevate awareness of the Alberta’s cannabis industry CALGARY, May 13, 2019 /CNW/ – Alberta’s cannabis sector creates a unified voice with the launch of the Alberta Cannabis Council (ACC).

Congressional Cannabis Caucus Co-Chairs Announced


Today, the rollout of the new leadership team of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus was announced, with Representatives Barbara Lee (D-CA) and David Joyce (R-OH) joining founding members Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and Don Young (R-AK).

Colorado: Lawmakers Approve Home Deliveries For Cannabis


Jared Polis to regulate the home delivery of cannabis and cannabis-infused products. House Bill 1234 establishes regulations for the delivery of cannabis products from state-licensed retailers. Legislation is before Democratic Gov.

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World Sleep Day: Cannabis for Insomnia


Cannabis Science cannabis for insomnia CBD insomnia mmj insomnia sleep sleep apnea terpenoids THCInsomnia, sometimes just known as “sleeplessness”, is such a common problem that many people just shrug their shoulders and carry on regardless.

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Cannabis for Eating Disorders


Cannabis is often used to increase appetite in people suffering from conditions such as cancer or AIDS/HIV. The idea of using cannabis for those with eating disorders is not exactly new, and in many ways the logic is entirely sound.

Women Who Use Cannabis Are More Likely To Have Satisfying Orgasms, Study Reveals


Women who consume cannabis before sex have better orgasms than those who do not, according to new data. As the legalization movement continues to expand, more people are coming forward with questions and sharing personal experiences regarding how cannabis affects sex.

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Marijuana and Exercise: How Cannabis Can Help Your Workout

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Marijuana and Exercise: Why Use Cannabis Before Going to the Gym Like Arnold Schwarzenegger? Cannabis and Working Out – Note the Distinction: Cannabis is not a performance-enhancing drug—it is not a steroid—marijuana is a performance – motivating drug!

Cannabis statistics since legalization

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Cannabis stocks are leading the charts. An overwhelming percentage of cannabis sales are still going to the black market. Men hold a much higher rate of boardroom seats in the Canadian cannabis market than women. The post Cannabis statistics since legalization appeared first on Cannabis News | Marijuana News | Medical Cannabis News. Some staggering statistics are coming out of Canada currently.

Pain Management: Why Cannabis Provides a Safer Alternative to NSAIDs

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Cannabis vs NSAIDS: A Safer Alternative for Pain Managment. Cannabis is a powerful anti-inflammatory with none of the debilitating and dangerous side effects of NSAIDs. For cannabis to be effective as an alternative to NSAIDs, it needs to be as easily available as NSAIDs.

Bill grows medical cannabis program

The NM Political Report | Medical Cannabis Program

More New Mexicans would qualify for medical marijuana, and the 70,000-plus patients already in the state’s medical cannabis program would have to deal with less paperwork under legislation approved by the state Legislature and sent to Gov.

10 Tips for First-Time Cannabis Tourists


It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that Canada recently legalised cannabis in its entirety. If not Canada, you’re almost certainly one of millions planning a cannabis vacation for 2019. The post 10 Tips for First-Time Cannabis Tourists appeared first on Legalize it.

Gov. Lujan Grisham signs medical cannabis omnibus bill

The NM Political Report | Medical Cannabis Program

New Mexico is set to see some sweeping changes to its medical cannabis law. The Senate bill made broad changes to the program that range from allowing medical cannabis in schools to allowing licensed manufacturers to process home-grown medical cannabis.

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Do you have trouble sleeping? Cannabis can help!

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But the good news is, there is a safe and natural alternative that can help you sleep — cannabis. If you are looking to use medical cannabis for your sleep issues, generally speaking, you would want to opt for an Indica-dominant strain with THC first. Cannabis can help!

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Patients In Florida Can Finally Smoke Medical Cannabis


Newly sworn-in Governor Ron DeSantis officially ended the statewide ban on smokable forms of medical cannabis in Florida, making good on the promise he made to patients. Previously, it was illegal for patients to smoke their cannabis medication, according to the law.

McMaster University launches Science of Cannabis program

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HAMILTON, ON, March 25, 2019 /CNW/ – McMaster University Continuing Education opened enrolment today for its new Science of Cannabis program – one of the first post-secondary programs in the country focused on the scientific study of cannabis and its therapeutic applications, risks and harms.

Medical Cannabis Gains Support in Kentucky


Legislation to legalize medical cannabis cleared the Kentucky House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. Eric Crawford, a resident of Mason County, is another medical cannabis proponent who provided anecdotal evidence at the committee hearing.

What’s the Deal with the Third Cannabis Species?


Of these thousands of cannabis strains, the overwhelming majority belong to just two primary cannabis species: Cannabis […]. The post What’s the Deal with the Third Cannabis Species? Cannabis Grow cannabis grow cannabis

Cannabis Driving Sober – Punishments & Prohibitons

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A number of tough new cannabis impaired driving laws kicked into effect only a few months ago, and already, some Canadians are feeling the burn. Nova Scotia motorist Michelle Gray has been making headlines over the last week thanks to her debacle at the roadside, which occurred after she identified herself as a medical cannabis […]. The post Cannabis Driving Sober – Punishments & Prohibitons appeared first on Cannabis News | Marijuana News | Medical Cannabis News.

NORML Responds To Latest Cannabis and Psychosis Claims


A widely reported study appearing today in the British journal The Lancet alleges that an estimated 30 to 50 percent of psychosis cases in Europe are due to cannabis exposure, and that exposure to elevated levels of THC increases this risk.

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Bill to Provide Greater Access for Virginia Medical Cannabis Patients Succeeds


SB1719 allows “registered agents” for those patients physically unable to pick up or receive delivery of their medical cannabis, like those in hospice, assisted living facilities, and those who rely on home healthcare providers. Virginia SB1719 passes the House of Delegates.

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How to Grow Your Own Cannabis for $200 Start Up


Growing, curing and keeping your own cannabis is a very rewarding hobby, especially if you are doing it so you can have your own supply. Cannabis & Hemp Products Grow Marijuana growing cannabisGuest article by Albert Graham; edited by Leafwell.

DIY Marijuana Topicals: Pain Relieving Frankincense and Cannabis Massage Oil

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Note: You can make this DIY Cannabis Massage Oil in THC and/or CBD versions! It’s easy to make from just three ingredients that were used in Biblical times: olive oil, frankincense, and cannabis. Cannabis. For many ancient cultures, cannabis was revered as a sacred plant.

Toddler Finds Relief With Cannabis Salve


The use of topical cannabis products to treat symptoms of psoriasis and arthritis, or to help reduce localized pain and inflammation is a relatively new concept in modern medicine. Topical Cannabis to Treat Lamellar Ichthyosis Symptoms.

North Dakota: Governor Signs Medical Cannabis Expansion Laws


Doug Burgum signed legislation on Wednesday amending and expanding the state’s nascent medical cannabis access program. House Bill 1283 permits physician assistants to recommend cannabis to qualified patients. Republican Gov.

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Clark County Sheriff’s Office says no to cannabis revenue

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If the Clark County Council moves forward and lifts its ban on recreational cannabis businesses in unincorporated areas, it’s expected to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue from taxes on the drug.

Cannabis For Fibromyalgia

Dr. Michele Ross

Cannabis helps fibromyalgia by reducing neuropathic pain, pelvic pain, and other forms of pain. Finally, cannabis may improve serotonin or other neurotransmitter imbalances in fibromyalgia. Clinical Research On Cannabis For Fibromyalgia. What Are The Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia?

Boosting Your Mood With Cannabis


Whether you’re experiencing PMS or in the throes of menopause, cannabis can offer relief. Cannabis and its cannabinoids and terpenes can positively affect the ECS, bringing it into homeostasis or balance. Women, Cannabis and Mood. How Women Take Cannabis.

BC Micro Cannabis Developer Announces First Craft Cannabis Industrial Park

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VANCOUVER, April 9, 2019 /CNW/ – With municipal approval granted to develop a property in Prince George, Cannabis West Development Corporation (CWDC) announced it is launching the first in a chain of craft cannabis industrial parks in Canada. “Focused specifically on the craft cannabis industry here in BC, these parks will become home to the thousands […].

Board to look at possible big changes to medical cannabis program

The NM Political Report | Medical Cannabis Program

A series of possible changes to the Medical Cannabis Program could take place in New Mexico, pending a signature from the governor and decisions from the state Department of Health. Continue reading Board to look at possible big changes to medical cannabis program at The NM Political Report.

CBD & Cannabis Dosage Guide

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It can be relatively easy to experience medical benefits from cannabis. Smoking marijuana, however, is not the be-all and end-all of cannabis therapeutics. There are many ways to experience the medical benefits of cannabis, and some of them are even non-intoxicating

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House Veterans Affairs Subcommittee To Hear Three Cannabis Bills


On April 30, the House Veterans’ Affairs Subcommittee on Health will hold a hearing for multiple pieces of legislation, including the VA Medicinal Cannabis Research Act, the Veterans Equal Access Act and the Veterans Cannabis Use for Safe Healing Act. In the last Congress, the previous iteration of the VA Medicinal Cannabis Research Act was passed by the Committee, yet was not advanced to the floor by the Republican leadership of the time.

Iowa: Lawmakers Approve Medical Cannabis Expansion Legislation


House and Senate lawmakers have approved legislation, House File 732 , to expand the state’s medical cannabis access program. It also permits physician assistants and/or advanced registered nurses to make medical cannabis recommendations, and expands the pool of patients eligible for cannabis therapy to include those with “severe or chronic” pain. About 1,000 Iowans are currently authorized to access low-THC cannabis oils.

New California Bill Would Override Local Bans on Cannabis Stores


The post New California Bill Would Override Local Bans on Cannabis Stores appeared first on Leafly. Politics adult-use cannabis California legalizationAn unprecedented bill would triple the number of retail outlets to over 2,200.

Ohio Medical Cannabis Patients Rejoice As Edibles Will Soon Be Available


The first medical cannabis product manufacturing license was just awarded in Ohio, giving patients in the program a reason to celebrate. In the same facility, a 25,000 square foot space is dedicated to cultivating cannabis plants. Ohio Medical Cannabis Program Update.

Cannabis Retail Guide: Central Cannabis, London


See inside the first legal cannabis store in London, Ontario. The post Cannabis Retail Guide: Central Cannabis, London appeared first on Leafly. Canada Industry dispensaries Ontario retail retail stores