Alabama: Senate Advances Medical Cannabis Access Measure


Senate lawmakers approved legislation yesterday that seeks to regulate patients’ access to select medical cannabis products. Last year, members of Senate similarly approved medical cannabis access legislation, but that effort was opposed by the House.

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Cannabis May Enhance Cognition and Memory

In 2017, researcher Andreas Zimmer of the University of Bonn in Germany published his study titled Cannabis reverses aging process in the brain. Cannabis is accessible in many forms which is ideal for older patients. The post Cannabis May Enhance Cognition and Memory appeared first on.

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Cannabis Terpenes, Part 1

As cannabis becomes more mainstream, more accepted as a medicine and more utilized worldwide, the plants’ botany and chemical makeup are being researched and dissected. Terpenes, in part, influence a cannabis strains’ flavor and aroma.

Cannabis and Alzheimer’s Disease: The Compelling Evidence

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When it comes to cannabis and Alzheimer’s disease, marijuana can not only help treat the symptoms of this devastating disease, it just might prevent it from ever happening in the first place! It just so happens that cannabis may be that miracle. Pin This!

Decarboxylating Cannabis

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Why does eating a raw cannabis bud not get you high but eating a THC edible does? It has to do with a process called decarboxlaytion

The Cannabis User’s Guide to Surviving the Coronavirus

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While some very early research shows that CBD may have some anti-viral properties, there is no research that shows cannabis, THC or CBD rich, to be a cure for viruses or even colds. That said, cannabis can definitely help ease symptoms such as inflammation and aches and pains.

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Delaware Approves Medical Cannabis Delivery Option


Medical cannabis is essential and while we commend our state officials for declaring that centers will remain open during the state of emergency, we need to ensure our patients have uninterrupted access to their life saving medicine, especially during these uncertain times.

Senate Coalition Urges SBA to Support Small Cannabis Businesses


The Senators write: Over the last decade, there has been a clear shift in public opinion toward supporting the legalization of cannabis in the United States. billion in tax revenue from legal cannabis sales in 2018.

Cannabis in Palliative Care

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End-of-life care is one of the less frequently discussed uses of medical cannabis. Palliative care, however, is perhaps the area of medicine that would most benefit from its clinical use

Cannabis Toxicity versus Intoxication

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Cannabis is hardly a poison or even capable of inducing toxicity, yet regulators cannot seem to get a grip on the definitions that truly define this plant. The post Cannabis Toxicity versus Intoxication appeared first on Latest Cannabis News Today - Headlines, Videos & Stocks.

Supreme Cannabis completes first shipment to Israel

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The post Supreme Cannabis completes first shipment to Israel appeared first on Latest Cannabis News Today - Headlines, Videos & Stocks.

New Zealand launches new medical cannabis model

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New Zealand has launched its brand new medical cannabis rules, through the Ministry of Health’s Medicinal Cannabis Agency. The post New Zealand launches new medical cannabis model appeared first on Latest Cannabis News Today - Headlines, Videos & Stocks.

Hobo Cannabis accelerates Ontario expansion

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The post Hobo Cannabis accelerates Ontario expansion appeared first on Latest Cannabis News Today - Headlines, Videos & Stocks.

NM deems medical cannabis essential during COVID-19 restrictions

The NM Political Report | Medical Cannabis Program

As New Mexicans brace themselves for an unknown period of restricted over the counter medicine purchases due to the growing number of positive COVID-19 tests, the state’s Department of Health said medical cannabis patients can rest assured that their access to medicine won’t be interrupted.

Colombia treating medical patients with homegrown legal cannabis

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While coffee may immediately spark as their main cultivator, Colombia has been harvesting and exporting cannabis for years as well, though for decades the latter was illegally trafficked, often alongside a notorious white power.

Cannabis, CBD & COVID-19

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With the worldwide death toll from the corona virus rising exponentially, The Lancet drew attention to “accumulating evidence” that indicates “patients with severe COVID -19 might have a cytokine storm syndrome

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Cannabis Instead of Polypharmacy?

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Could cannabis be the safer alternative prescribers and patients are looking for Polypharmacy - the use of five or more medications on a daily basis - is a modern-day health crisis.

Cannabis in the Time of Coronavirus


Cannabis businesses have always had to get creative and pivot due to an ever-changing landscape of government regulations. In many ways, cannabis is an industry that is highly adaptable to shifting world views and events.

Cannabis Terpenes Part 2: Hundreds of Terpenes

As the cannabis plant, and medical marijuana, become more mainstream, science is proving what humans have known for centuries: cannabis is a means by which patients can seek and receive holistic wellness. Up next: Cannabis Terpenes, Part 3: A Few of Our Favorite Terpenes.

Marijuana and Exercise: How Cannabis Can Help Your Workout

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Marijuana and Exercise: Why Use Cannabis Before Going to the Gym Like Arnold Schwarzenegger? Cannabis and Working Out – Note the Distinction: Cannabis is not a performance-enhancing drug—it is not a steroid—marijuana is a performance – motivating drug!

Cannabis for Coronavirus

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Cannabis may prove useful at the time when coronavirus is ready to kill us. The post Cannabis for Coronavirus appeared first on Nature's Way Medicine. medical marijuana cannabis coronavirus sepsis thc

Cannabis price gap increases as illegal cannabis prices fall: StatCan

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The gap between what Canadians pay for legal and illicit cannabis is widening — a sign, experts say, points to the need for the cannabis industry to make prices a priority this year. Statistics Canada said Thursday that the average price of legal cannabis increased to $10.30

Hobo Cannabis: Fourth Vancouver location

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Donnelly Group’s Hobo Cannabis Company has announced the opening of its newest licensed retail store, located in the heart of Vancouver‘s shopping district on Robson Street.

Cannabinoids for Cannabis Use Disorder?

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Scientists have discovered a cure for cannabis addiction — and it turns out to be cannabis! The research is in. Adrian Devitt-Lee explores how a new JAMA study illustrates a larger problem in the scientific community: Hypothesizing After the Results are Known

Medical cannabis qualified patient bill heads to governor’s desk

The NM Political Report | Medical Cannabis Program

A bill that would limit enrollment in the state’s medical cannabis program to New Mexico residents passed the House and is on its way to the governor’s desk. Continue reading Medical cannabis qualified patient bill heads to governor’s desk at The NM Political Report.

Cannabis for Raynaud Syndrome


Cannabis Science autoimmune disorder connective tissue disease Raynaud Raynaud syndromeRaynaud syndrome (aka Raynaud’s phenomenon, Raynaud’s disease or simply Raynaud’s) is a relatively common condition, yet many people know little about it.

NORML Urges Congress to Provide Small Business Relief to State-Licensed Cannabis Companies


Representatives with the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) have reaffirmed that state-licensed cannabis businesses are ineligible for financial aid opportunities because marijuana remains classified as a schedule I controlled substance. ” The state-licensed cannabis industry employs more than 240,000 American workers, over four times the number of American workers as does the coal industry.

Cannabis Terpenes, Part 3: A Few of Our Favorite Terpenes

Cannabis has been a source of food, fuel, paper, and building materials, a textile fiber, and a folk medicine remedy for thousands of years. But now, science has proven that there’s far more to the cannabis plant than just those two beneficial compounds. Cannabis also has terpenes.

Pain Management: Why Cannabis Provides a Safer Alternative to NSAIDs

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Cannabis vs NSAIDS: A Safer Alternative for Pain Managment. Cannabis is a powerful anti-inflammatory with none of the debilitating and dangerous side effects of NSAIDs. For cannabis to be effective as an alternative to NSAIDs, it needs to be as easily available as NSAIDs.

Home Cannabis Deliveries Approved in California


The new rule, handed down from the state Bureau of Cannabis Control, clarifies what was set forth when voters approved Proposition 64 in 2016. The public spoke loud and clear in favor of statewide delivery,” cannabis bureau spokesman Alex Traverso said in a statement.

Missouri: Medical Cannabis Dispensary Licenses Awarded


State regulators have begun issuing the first of nearly 200 licenses to medical cannabis providers. Regulators have already registered 27,000 patients to participate in the cannabis access program.

Aurora Cannabis confirms Cannabis 2.0 roll out

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NYSE | TSX: ACB · Initial cannabis 2.0 The post Aurora Cannabis confirms Cannabis 2.0 roll out appeared first on Cannabis News | Lifestyle Tips | Expert Opinions | Stocks. cannabis canada cannabis legalization Licensed Producer

Maine: Medical Cannabis Market Is Third Largest in The State


Patients purchased an estimated $112 million worth of medical cannabis-related products in 2019, according to newly released Maine tax data. Some three-quarters of the revenue generated from medical cannabis (85.3 2020 Medical Marijuana caregivers Maine medical cannabis revenue

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Virginia: New Medical Cannabis Laws Take Effect July 1


Three new laws intended to expand patient access to and the therapeutic value of Virginia’s medical cannabis program take effect July 1, 2019. ” “We continue to tweak the law regarding cannabis oils.

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Mississippi: Medical Cannabis Initiative Certified for 2020 Ballot


A proposed measure legalizing medical cannabis access in Mississippi has qualified for the 2020 ballot. The proposed constitutional amendment establishes a state-licensed system of dispensaries to provide cannabis products to qualifying patients.