A History of Medical Cannabis


Did you know cannabis history stems back 12,000 years? Interviews cannabis cannabis history cannabis science history history of cannabis history of marijuana marijuana marijuana history

CBD & Cannabis for Endometriosis

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Many women with endometriosis use cannabis and CBD for pain relief, and cannabis therapeutics may also limit the spread of endometrial cells around the body

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Cannabis In Canada: Two Year Anniversary of Legalization

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It has been two years of cannabis legalization in Canada but it was not an easy path. The same day cannabis was legalized […]. The post Cannabis In Canada: Two Year Anniversary of Legalization appeared first on Latest Cannabis News Today - Headlines, Videos & Stocks.

The Wellness Soldier – Cooking With Cannabis 101

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If you’re interested in learning about how to cook with cannabis, The Wellness Soldier has got you covered. Step one of cooking with cannabis is cannabis decarboxylation. Why Cannabis Decarboxylation is important in cooking with Cannabis?

What Are Flavonoids? The Unique Effects of Cannabis’s Flavors


Why Are the Flavonoids in Cannabis Important? We’ve written about the cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis, but what about the taste? Does the flavor of cannabis contribute to its effects? The answer is simply, “Yes”.

Cannabis for Gastrointestinal Disorders

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A pioneer cannabis clinician reports that many patients with gastrointestinal disorders respond well when treated with a combination of CBD and THC

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What Are the Side-Effects of Cannabis & Medical Marijuana?


Cannabis has a huge variety of effects, meaning that what could be useful for one person could be completely different for another person. Cannabis Dosing cannabis effects effects Effects of Marijuana entourage effect positives negatives medical marijuana pros & cons cannabis side effect

Does Cannabis Use Interfere with Dreams?

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Dear Cheri, After a long absence, I started regularly using cannabis again about 8 months ago. Could my cannabis use be the reason for my lack of dreams? Diminished or even nonexistent dreams are a real side effect of cannabis use. This presents cannabis users with a conundrum.

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Can Cannabis Really Help You Lose Weight?


You don’t have to be a seasoned cannabis user to have a good idea what the munchies are all about. The links between high-THC cannabis and insatiable hunger are well documented, if to a somewhat misleading and stereotypical extent. Cannabis cannabis cannabis and health

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Cannabis May Enhance Cognition and Memory


In 2017, researcher Andreas Zimmer of the University of Bonn in Germany published his study titled Cannabis reverses aging process in the brain. Zimmer and his team found that when older mice were given a low-dose cannabis treatment their memory improved to the average age of a two-month old mouse. Cannabis is accessible in many forms which is ideal for older patients. The post Cannabis May Enhance Cognition and Memory appeared first on.

Virginia: Medical Cannabis Dispensing Begins


The post Virginia: Medical Cannabis Dispensing Begins appeared first on NORML. "This day could not come soon enough. Virginia NORML has been on the front lines of this effort every step of the way, and I’m so proud of our members’ tireless work to make this a reality.".

Cannabis Terpenes, Part 1


As cannabis becomes more mainstream, more accepted as a medicine and more utilized worldwide, the plants’ botany and chemical makeup are being researched and dissected. Cannabis sativa , the Latin name for the cannabis plant, produces a resin that supports the medicinal and psychoactive properties within the plan. Terpenes, in part, influence a cannabis strains’ flavor and aroma. The terpenes dictate how the particular strain of cannabis effects a patient.

Weed Wordsearch – Cannabis Edibles

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Today’s Weed Wordsearch is all about cannabis edibles! The post Weed Wordsearch – Cannabis Edibles appeared first on Latest Cannabis News Today - Headlines, Videos & Stocks. Don’t be fooled, its not as easy as it seems. Fire up a doobie and get ready for a quest!

What is Cannabis? What is Medical Marijuana? What is Hemp?


When you’re new to the world of medical marijuana (or hemp or cannabis), you will read and hear it called a huge number of names. To make it simple, this blog defines the three most common terms, “cannabis”, “hemp” and “marijuana”. What is Cannabis?

What Are the Benefits & Side-Effects of Medical Cannabis for Children?


The idea of using cannabis as a medication for children is still an unconventional option for parents and doctors alike. For many, cannabis is seen as a recreational tool, and nothing more. However, as we have learned over the past several years, cannabis has been useful for many debilitating or life-threatening conditions, including childhood epilepsy, cancer, autism.

Northern Lights Cannabis Strain Review

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The cannabis strain is a gift from mother nature, that too, should be praised. . What is the Northern Lights strain of cannabis? RELATED: Girl Scout Cookie Cannabis Strain Review. Daniela Toporek is a writer who focuses on cannabis culture and lifestyle. .

Can My Child Use Medical Cannabis at School?


For many parents who are considering getting their child a Medical Marijuana Card, one of the first questions they will want answered is: can my child use medical cannabis at school?

5 Basic Cannabis Terms And Definitions Every Cannabis Lover Should Know

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Here’s 5 basic cannabis terms and definitions every cannabis lover should know. Cannabis Otherwise known as marijuana, cannabis is a psychoactive drug from the cannabis plant.

Study: Over Three in Four Cannabis Consumers Prefer Flower Over Concentrates


"Just as the majority of those who consume alcohol prefer relatively low potency beer or wine over hard liquor, most adult-use cannabis consumers gravitate toward herbal cannabis preparations and away from the comparatively stronger alternatives.”.

Growing Cannabis: the Essentials for Beginners


So, you’re interested in growing cannabis? Cannabis Science Health & Wellness Grow Marijuana growing cannabis how toThis blog will go over all of the essential information which any beginner will need to know before buying their first seedling.

Cannabis and Alzheimer’s Disease: The Compelling Evidence

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When it comes to cannabis and Alzheimer’s disease, marijuana can not only help treat the symptoms of this devastating disease, it just might prevent it from ever happening in the first place! It just so happens that cannabis may be that miracle. Researchers at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla have found that THC, the long disparaged psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, inhibits the formation of the amyloid plaque. Pin This! Guest post by Lanny Swerdlow, RN, LNC.

Vapor Central Re-opens Cannabis Lounge to the Public

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On August 14th, 2020, Toronto’s Vapor Central re-opened their cannabis lounge, providing a cannabis-friendly event center and safe public smoking space… despite this pandemic.

How to Grow Cannabis Indoors


Are you interested in learning to grow cannabis? You can check out all the essentials about growing cannabis, where we go through the plant growth cycle, nutrients and different growing mediums. Cannabis Science Grow Marijuana growing cannabis how to

Best Cannabis Disorder Treatment: More Cannabis (Study)


Cannabis use disorder was coined in 2013, when the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) first classified the term. More cannabis. What is Cannabis Use Disorder? Cannabis is often taken in larger amounts over a longer period than was intended.

Benefits of Cannabis Coconut Oil

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If you are looking for a supertonic that can benefit skin conditions, chronic pain, and dental issues, reach for cannabis coconut oil. Cannabis coconut oil is genuinely remarkable. Cannabis coconut oil is anti-everything Coconut is a known superfood for many reasons.

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Hobo Cannabis rebrands to Dutch Love

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On August 13, 2020, Hobo Cannabis announced a rebrand, opening two new Ontario stores under their new name, Dutch Love. For Dutch Love, formerly Hobo Cannabis, it means owning and operating a total of fourteen retail cannabis stores, Canada wide.

Cannabis delivery options across Canada during COVID-19

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Below are some Cannabis delivery options across Canada during COVID-19. It is important to note that each province has different regulations on Cannabis and therefore delivery options are limited by your location. Cannabis delivery […]. The post Cannabis delivery options across Canada during COVID-19 appeared first on Latest Cannabis News Today - Headlines, Videos & Stocks.

Ancient Cannabis in India? Featuring Bhang!

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When it comes to using cannabis, India has been ahead of the curb for thousands of years, literally. This is understandable considering it’s made with the female cannabis plant. The post Ancient Cannabis in India?

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Relieve the Excruciating Symptoms of IBD and IBS with Medical Cannabis


Cannabis has been identified as an effective alternative treatment for some gastrointestinal disorders…but does that include IBD and IBS? . Cannabis for GI Pathologies . Anyone considering medical cannabis for IBD or IBS should check with their physician and a medical cannabis doctor.

6 cannabis elections that changed the game


The post 6 cannabis elections that changed the game appeared first on Leafly. Politics cannabis history cannabis politics Election Election 2020 marijuana history marijuana legalizationLegalization happens when voters—not politicians—force laws to change.

Cannabis, CBD & Anxiety

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Managing anxiety is often the reason why people take cannabis or CBD products

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Weed Wordsearch – Smoking Cannabis

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Today’s Weed Wordsearch is all about smoking cannabis! The post Weed Wordsearch – Smoking Cannabis appeared first on Latest Cannabis News Today - Headlines, Videos & Stocks. WHEN YOU FIND A WORD: Click on the first and last letter to cross it off the list!

Cannabis Vs. OTC Medications: Acetaminophen, aka Tylenol


Mixing Acetaminophen with Other Medications Mixing Tylenol with Alcohol Mixing Medical Cannabis with Other Medications Can I Overdose on Marijuana? What is Acetaminophen, aka Tylenol, Used For? How Does Tylenol Work? How Effective Is Tylenol? How Dangerous is Paracetamol? Can I Overdose on It?

Alabama: Senate Advances Medical Cannabis Access Measure


Senate lawmakers approved legislation yesterday that seeks to regulate patients’ access to select medical cannabis products. Senators voted 22 to 11 in favor of SB 165 , which licenses dispensaries to provide qualified patients with non-herbal cannabis preparations, such as marijuana-infused tablets or pills. Last year, members of Senate similarly approved medical cannabis access legislation, but that effort was opposed by the House.

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Back to school: COVID-19 boosts cannabis college enrollment


Ever thought about giving cannabis college a try? The post Back to school: COVID-19 boosts cannabis college enrollment appeared first on Leafly. Cannabis 101 Lifestyle cannabis education cannabis hiring cannabis jobs Education schoolsHeading back to school?

Missouri: Licensed Medical Cannabis Retailers Now Open for Business


The post Missouri: Licensed Medical Cannabis Retailers Now Open for Business appeared first on NORML. State regulators have licensed 192 retailers thus far, with the first of those opening for business on Saturday.

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Canada’s response to the Cannabis Industry during COVID-19 by Province

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A scope into Canada’s response to the Cannabis industry during Covid-19 by province reveals the industry’s resilience in the face of these trying times. The post Canada’s response to the Cannabis Industry during COVID-19 by Province appeared first on Latest Cannabis News Today - Headlines, Videos & Stocks. The industry is among the high-growth sector and a significant contributor to the Canadian economy.