How Cannabis Became Beauty’s Hottest Ingredient


Several years back, not many people thought to use cannabis as an ingredient in cosmetics and beauty treatment. Cannabis & Hemp Products beauty eczema health & wellness psoriasis skin conditions skincareGuest article by Riya S. Edited by Leafwell.

Holistic Approach to Wellness

Peninsula Alternative Health

While allopathic medicine focuses on treating illness and disease, holistic medicine combines nutrition, lifestyle, and herbal medicine to support optimal wellness and prevent illness. The decisions we make on a daily basis, create our wellness.

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Beauty’s New High: CBD Oil


Cannabis-derived ingredients feel trendy, and they may well offer a raft of possible benefits, which beauty brands are quick to tout. Cannabis products also nod to enthusiasms that have already gained momentum in the beauty industry, like ingestibles (CBD-infused gummies, caramels and drops) and wellness (CBD lotions to relieve soreness from new year workouts). None of that is stopping companies from expanding beyond wellness into skin care.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cannabis Dispensaries in America

The Herb Collective

It coordinates well with matching white display cabinet. The dispensary boasts impressionable white walls that harmonize well with dimly lit fluorescent diodes to provide adequate lighting. The market for CBD products is booming.

I Dedicated An Entire Day To Self-Care Using CBD Oil-Here’s What Happened

Miss Marijuana

CBD Beauty Routine. Washing my face and properly preparing for bed is really important to me, so I added some CBD beauty products into my normal mix. All of my activities were great for health and wellness in their own right, but adding the CBD gave me a little extra relaxation.

Oil 60

New Premium CBD Brand Cultivate Launches, Offering All-Natural Daily Wellness

Canna Newswire

These 100% THC-free, plant-based, supplements are specially formulated to help maintain optimum daily wellness. “We The post New Premium CBD Brand Cultivate Launches, Offering All-Natural Daily Wellness appeared first on Canna Newswire. RENO, Nev.

Premium Beauty Brand Oliveda Acquires LA Dope Inc. to Introduce CBD Products and Plans Launch of First-Ever Internet-Connected Cannabis Plants

Canna Newswire

September 4, 2019 / Canna Newswire / – Already a leading premium beauty and cosmetic brand with a cult following in Europe, Oliveda International, traded under the stock symbol OLVI , has acquired Los Angeles-based LA Dope Inc. The post Premium Beauty Brand Oliveda Acquires LA Dope Inc.

Weed Models on Instagram are Elevating the Game

Higher Mentality

We have heard news being posted in social media that CBD is being used as medical treatments for disorders or mental illnesses, how it helped patients as well as veterans to overcome conditions which literally changed the way we look at CBD.

What You Should Know About CBD Topicals

The Fresh Toast

CBD topicals have made their mark on the beauty and wellness industry despite legal limitations. Cannabis Medical Marijuana Wellness balms CBD lotions pain relief topicalsContinue reading What You Should Know About CBD Topicals at The Fresh Toast.

Canada’s best-looking cannabis stores


Leafly Canada readers have chosen the most beautiful, well-designed, all-around best-looking cannabis stores in the country. The results are in! The post Canada’s best-looking cannabis stores appeared first on Leafly. Canada Industry Lifestyle retail stores

Religion & Cannabis: An Interview With Natalie Gillespie of God’s Greenery


It’s amazing how interested people are in connecting their health and wellness to the idea of faith. We also share stories of real people finding health benefits by using CBD, as well as stories from pastors, doctors, and other Christians who are becoming entrepreneurs in the CBD space.

The Best Weed Strains For Sex (& What It Feels Like While High)

Miss Marijuana

Marijuana is well-known for its effects on our taste buds (munchies) and physical sensations, but it’s also great for sexual pleasure. Until I started smoking that wonderful beautiful plant we all love, and it all changed. By: Charlot Amadi. Looking for the best weed for sex?

10 Self-Care Tips Using Marijuana & CBD Oil (When You Need Some Serious R&R)

Miss Marijuana

Different types of natural beauty allow you to feel expansive and connected to something magnificent. Micro-dosing and minimal-dosing are wellness trends that will become more common as people experience the subtle highs cannabis can bring. By: Dee Dussault. The word “busy” has to go.

British Columbia now has access to Medical Cannabis by Shoppers ™

Puff Puff Post

The company also licenses or owns 47 medical clinic pharmacies operating under the name Shoppers Simply Pharmacy (Pharmaprix Simplement Santé in Québec), and provides cosmetic dermatology services at two standalone locations, the Beauty Clinic. Medical & Wellness

From Chocolatier to Purveyor of Fine CBD Oils- An Interview With Jewel Zimmer, Founder of Juna

Miss Marijuana

svnspace #cbd #wellness #daily #holidays. The beauty and sophistication of the farms was one of the most surprising things about this industry. According to Jewel, Juna is all about wellness and creating balance to be healthier and happier.

How Marijuana Helped Me Battle PTSD From An Abusive Relationship

Miss Marijuana

It has been well over a year since I left my abuser but I still suffer from PTSD. This works to keep my anxiety cycles at bay, I eat well, and I can sleep. So they mix very well together for me. By: Connie Carey. Cannabis is my PTSD healer and my salvation from abuse and suicide.

Luxury Hemp Brand MINERAL Now Included in Neiman Marcus’ CBD Assortment

Canna Newswire

The Mineral brand is a fantastic addition to our robust assortment of CBD products,” said Kim D’Angelo, Beauty Buyer, Neiman Marcus. Mineral’s products are full of high-quality ingredients that provide great wellness benefits.”. BEAUTY & PERSONAL CARE TOPICALS

Review Of The CBD Roll On For Pain From CBD Living Water

Miss Marijuana

RELATED: Best CBD Beauty Products You Can Buy Right Now. Health & Wellness cbd for pain cbd living water cbd roll on for pain cbd tmj painA CBD roll on for pain is exactly the kind of thing I wanted to try for my chronic TMJ. Everyone has a TMJ – two of them actually.

How Does Using CBD Oil Make You Feel?

Cannabis Law Report

You will be able to address challenges head-on, sleep well, work well, focus, and be productive. Well, cannabidiol counters anxiety caused by trauma, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and substance abuse by limiting blood flow to brain sections that trigger anxiety.

Hawaii Says Aloha to Decriminalization


The Aloha State, known for its world-renowned honeymoon and vacation destination, has beautiful islands, lush flora, outstanding food, volcanoes, a rich cultural scene, and endless rainbows. Experience the high life in Hawaii?

Sephora Paves the Way in Regulating CBD Cosmetics

Canna Law Blog

Last week, giant beauty retailer Sephora announced it was now enforcing standards specifically tailored for all Hemp CBD products found on its shelves to ensure these products meet the company’s high-quality standards. While the U.S.

Why People are Beginning to Use CBD Oil in Their Hair 

Otherside Farms

These fatty acids are not only crucial for your body but your hair as well. For any woman, the hair is considered a significant part of their beauty, and most get affected when their hair starts thinning or falling off. Hair is a critical part of beauty, especially for women.

Interested In A CBD Subscription Box? Here Are The Best We’ve Found

Miss Marijuana

Our beauty box gives you a spa-like experience with the best companies in CBD Skin Care and Beauty. They work with some of the most well-known CBD brands like GreenRoads, Koi, CBDDistillery, and Select. This beautiful box offers a variety of plans for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months.

I Use Cannabis & CBD To Treat My Neurological Disorders

Miss Marijuana

For me, over the course of of these next few years, I will not let my illness or stigma of this beautiful plant, keep me from living life with my little family.

The Best CBD Honey For Your Morning Cup Of Tea

Miss Marijuana

There is nothing new about CBD making a name for itself in the health and wellness industry. Luce Farms Wellness Vermont Hemp Honey. Well CBD Honey. Well, CBD Honey (@bumblebwellcbdhoney) on Dec 1, 2018 at 7:48pm PST. By: Alexis Ortiz.

Surviving to Thriving: Meeting the Cannabinoid Buyer’s Needs of Tomorrow Today


CannaTech Cape Town will be bringing the best in global cannabis to one of the most beautiful cities in the world this November 24-26.

Yield Growth Sends First Shipment of Products to Europe and Adds Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia to Exclusive Distribution Territory

Cannabis Law Report

Jefferies estimates that the CBD beauty industry will reach US $25 billion within 10 years and that it could account for 10 – 15% of global skin care sales. is building and operating hemp, cannabis and edible mushroom assets in what the Global Wellness Institute reports is a $4.2

Best method for consuming CBD

Leaf Science

CBD is non-psychoactive and is now making it into a wider variety of products such as those in the beauty arena and even making it into some fast food offerings like the ubiquitous cheeseburger. Now those supplements might very well contain CBD extract.

CBD Snapshot, the preeminent consumer newsstand publication and online platform to focus on the CBD Lifestyle, launches

Canna Newswire

Predicted to hit $16 Billion by 2025, CBD is one of the fastest growing wellness trends. CBD Snapshot will provide the latest research and personal stories, as well as cut through the noise, false claims and complicated science behind the new trend.

Humboldt Redwood Lounge at The Emerald Cup

Canna Newswire

Satori Wellness will be the host dispensary featuring all of these brands and will be offering a wide array of products for sale. Satori Wellness. Consumers and Press are encouraged to visit and learn more about the brands in a beautifully designed and curated, cozy atmosphere.

And Best Democratic Experiment Goes to. (Legal?) Weed at the Oscars

Canna Law Blog

According to MarketWatch, this year’s “treasure trove of over-the-top gifts for the acting and directing nominees is packed with cannabis chocolates, CBD beauty products and a year-long VIP membership to L.A.’s Now featuring cannabis!

Sephora Paves the Way in Regulating CBD Cosmetics

Canna Law Blog

Last week, giant beauty retailer Sephora announced it was now enforcing standards specifically tailored for all Hemp CBD products found on its shelves to ensure these products meet the company’s high-quality standards. While the U.S.

Press Release: Dentons advises cannabis firm’s trans-Atlantic acquisition, plant helped by “Plant”, we could say.

Cannabis Law Report

on its acquisition of British skincare and well-being business This Works for £43 million ($73.2 London —Dentons has advised Canada-based Canopy Growth Corporation on its acquisition of skincare and well-being business This Works for £43 million.

Sleep 52

Luxury Weed Tourism is Canada’s Newest Trend

Leaf Science

The Canadian Rockies are without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in the world. Well, maybe doing so stoned. Trail of Delight.

Meadow Platform Debuts New Instagram-ready Menu Format: Cards


Once the item has been added a bright purple filter will illuminate the product photo, making it easy to see which items are in the cart, the size, quantity, and type/flavor of each item in the cart, as well as cost. So share away and show off your beautiful product photography!