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Toxic FDA-Approved Food Additives

Project CBD

But their precautionary overreach contrasts sharply with its lax policy towards many common, and problematic, food additives. The FDA recently reiterated its official disapproval of any nonpharmaceutical use of CBD.

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Chicken and Weed Dumplings: Cannabis Comfort Food

Cannabis Cheri

Chicken and dumplings is a classic cold weather comfort food. Print Chicken and Weed Dumplings - Cannabis Comfort Food Chicken and dumplings is a classic cold weather comfort food. With this recipe we add the healing power of cannabis. It makes a hearty cannabis infused main course. Stir until evenly combined.

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Portugal’s Food Safety Authority Seizes More Than 4m Products Saying CBD Is A ‘Novel Food’ Despite Court Ruling

Cannabis Law Report

Business of Cannabis reports Ana Oliveira, Chief Inspector of the National Operations Unit of the Public Information Division of the ASAE (Food and Economic Security Authority), has informed Cannareporter that, in the last 4 years, 208 economic operators were inspected in Portugal, with the initiation of 31 countervailing proceedings and 18 criminal (..)

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Cannabinoid-Bathed Worms Want to Binge on High-Calorie Foods


Historical sources show that people as early as 300 BCE were aware of cannabis’ appetite-stimulating effects —particularly for sweet and savory food—but who’d have thought that worms (that’s right, worms) also get a case of “the munchies” after being exposed to cannabinoids?

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5 best THC-infused junk food snacks


The post 5 best THC-infused junk food snacks appeared first on Leafly. Brownies and baked goods are no longer the only popular vehicle for THC lovers who like to snack. These are our favorite THC-infused edibles.

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Breaking: FDA Says “No” to CBD Foods and Dietary Supplements

Canna Law Blog

In that time, FDA convened a working group to study how the agency would regulate CBD foods and dietary supplements. As of January 26, 2023, the FDA concluded that it will NOT regulate CBD foods or dietary supplements. So why did the FDA conclude that it couldn’t regulate CBD foods or dietary supplements?

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Cannabis and Novel Food Authorizations in the EU: Q&A

Canna Law Blog

We recently got to ask Kai-Friedrich Niermann of KFN+ Law Office some questions about EU Novel Food authorizations. His answers are a must-read for cannabis food businesses interested in the EU market. What is an EU Novel Food authorization? A novel food catalog is maintained in which the status of a food can be reviewed.