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Indica vs. sativa: understanding the differences between weed types


There is a lot of misinformation around sativa and indica weed strains. Check out Leafly's guide to learn about the difference between indica and sativa strains. The post Indica vs. sativa: understanding the differences between weed types appeared first on Leafly.

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7 sativa-dominant products perfect for pumpkin spice season


We've curated a list of Canada's best sativa-forward cannabis strains, vapes, beverages, and edibles perfect for any fall adventure. The post 7 sativa-dominant products perfect for pumpkin spice season appeared first on Leafly.

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News Joint Grow Journal 37: Work Sativa

Illinois News Joint

Instead, I filled up my tent with four different Work Sativa strains. For my Work Sativa grow, I planted four feminized seeds of four different sativa-leaning strains that hopefully will deliver energy, creativity, motivation, and focus. The post News Joint Grow Journal 37: Work Sativa appeared first on Illinois News Joint.

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Fantasy Island + Grasslands Sativa

Cannabis Life Network

It's a great pair with Grasslands Sativa, which has a THC content of 180mg/g and a CBD content of >1mg/g. The post Fantasy Island + Grasslands Sativa appeared first on Latest Cannabis News Today - Headlines, Videos & Stocks. Fantasy Island on Fox brings the classic black and white show back with a beautiful new Mrs. Roarke.

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Benefits of Hybrid Cannabis Strains: The Power of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Varieties in Medical Cannabis

MMJ Recs

In the world of medical cannabis, understanding the benefits of hybrid cannabis strains and the differences between Indica, Sativa, and hybrid varieties is essential for patients seeking relief from various medical conditions. Sativa strains are celebrated for their energizing and uplifting effects.

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Cannabis Sativa: 8 Health Benefits

The Herb Collective

Cannabis Sativa, or commonly known as hemp, marijuana or weed has always been a subject of debate and controversy among many for decades. But as scientific evidence and medical research continue to emerge, cannabis sativa is becoming more accepted and widely used in the medical community.

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Nomenclature Alert: Beyond Indica and Sativa

Project CBD

Cannabis terpene profiles are more meaningful than strain names and breeding history.

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