What The Relaxation In Access To Cannabis For Scientific Research Means For Medical Marijuana Development

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The use of cannabis in scientific research in the US has been at a standstill for the last five decades. The limit on where scientists could access cannabis for research was limited to just one facility at the University of Mississippi. Cannabinoid research and development.

2021 Connecticut Tax Developments

Cannabis Law Report

30 July 2021. by Louis B. Schatz (Hartford) , Alan E. Lieberman (Hartford), David O. Bigger (Hartford) and Raymond J. Casella (Hartford). Shipman & Goodwin LLP. Opportunity Lost?The The New State Biennial Budget. Connecticut adopted a $46.4


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Psychedelic Research Targets Systemic Inflammation

Project CBD

Scientists are targeting psychedelics to develop an anti-inflammatory wonder drug


Canada: Research and Development Coordinator aphria inc.Leamington, ON

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The post Canada: Research and Development Coordinator aphria inc.Leamington, ON first appeared on Cannabis Law Report. Are you looking for an exciting career in a thriving new industry that prides itself on innovation, professionalism, and collaboration? Here are Aphria inc.

Researchers say they have developed a non-hallucinogenic form of Ibogaine to treats stress

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Researchers have developed a new experimental compound that may be able to provide the stress-relieving properties of ibogaine without the toxic or hallucinogenic side effects. Merry Jane report.

CISW 2020 Day 1 – Panel Discussion “Research & Development for Medical Cannabis Purposes”

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Panel Discussion “Research & Development for Medical Cannabis Purposes” – Panelists – Dr. Sandra Carrillo (Moderator) – (Medical Doctor, Professor, Co-Founder of Medicann … Read More.

Researchers Study Cannabis Consumption Among Different Veteran Demographics


The findings of a new study into cannabis use disorder (CUD) among veterans have been released by a team of researchers from Pennsylvania’s Center of Excellence in Substance Addiction Treatment and Education at the Corporal Michael J.

Swiss Life Sciences Group Develops Cannabis Genetics for Healthcare

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Swiss Life Sciences Group Plc (SLSG) is pleased to announce its partnership with Switzerland’s leading cannabis and CBD genetics experts, Bio Zu Farm , who have been developing their own cannabis genetics for more than 25 years.

NFL to Award Research Grant to Investigate Cannabis Therapy


The National Football League has taken proactive steps moving forward into the future with a research grant to explore potential therapeutic attributes of CBD, cannabis, and other options to treat pain other than opioids. News Politics Research Treatment cannabis research nfl

Press Release: Havn Life Sciences Signs LOI to Research and Develop Medical Psilocybin with Jamaican Company Hypha Wellness

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Havn Life believes operations can advance its business plan and potentially accelerate production of naturally-derived psilocybin for global medical research.…

Researchers Concerned About Whitewashing of Psychedelic-Assisted Mental Health Research

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As psychedelic therapy trials approach FDA approval, researchers express the urgent need to ensure effectiveness and accessibility to communities of color. Whitewashing psychedelics: Racial equity in the emerging field of psychedelic-assisted mental health research and treatment.

CBD research trends in 2019


It's getting easier for CBD researchers to conduct studies of cannabidiol. Here are some developing trends in CBD research that bear watching. The post CBD research trends in 2019 appeared first on Leafly. CBD Science & tech cbd research science

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cbdMD Therapeutics Releases Research Plan

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The Company expects to finalize the agreement with the research institute and commence studies by Fall 2021. The intended purpose of these studies is to provide data that will feed into the cbdMD Therapeutics research pipeline. Seeks To Identify Novel Cannabinoids For Therapeutic Use.

Brazil’s Cannabis Social and Economic Research Institute Launches Tech To Monitor Countrywide Legal Developments In Cannabis

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Brazil’s IPSEC (Cannabis Social and Economic Research Institute) has launched a service that will monitor the legal environment involving cannabis… Read More.

Agrify Enters Multiyear Vertical Farming Research and Development Partnership With Curaleaf


However, he said, “In any case, Clever Leaves is currently able to provide high THC, high CBD and balanced products to our clients, and also has the capabilities to develop a customized product in a reasonable period of time for our clients.”.

Johns Hopkins Medicine Researchers to Present Data on MyMD Pharmaceuticals’ Supera-CBD at the 3rd Annual Neuroimmunology Drug Development Summit

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Poster presentation to address the preclinical cannabidiol derivative for the potential treatment of psychiatric disorders BALTIMORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MyMD Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Nasdaq:… Read More. Business Wire

Director of Business Development and Partnerships Montreal Quebec Canada

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CanMar Recruitment is looking for a Director of Business Development and Partnerships for our client in Montreal, Quebec. As Director of Business Development and Partnerships, you are responsible for leading and accelerating business analysis, sourcing, and deal flow activities.

Research Finds That CBG Can Impede Glioblastoma Cell Growth


Glioblastoma can therefore be a brain or spinal cancer and is said to have a complex biology, despite decades of dedicated research on the matter. The aim of the team was to develop an effective cannabinoid combination and define the protocols for treating glioblastoma patients.

Cannabinoids Could Limit Brain Injury Damage, Researchers Say

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Now, a research group at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University has been awarded a $1.8 The research group, led by principal investigator and translational neuroscientist Dr Kumar Vaibhav, has previously looked into the role of the endocannabinoid system following TBI.

Thailand explores hemp extraction for medical research

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Khon Kaen University has experts and researchers working at the Cannabis Research Institute of the University. Experts at Khon Kaen University (KKU) in Thailand recently gathered to discuss research and academic collaboration related to hemp extraction in order to develop hemp products.

Research Further Demonstrates CBD’s Antimicrobial Properties


Research Finds That CBD Can Kill Gram-Negative Bacteria. Dr. Blaskovich stated in the university’s press release that “we think that cannabidiol kills bacteria by bursting their outer cell membranes, but we don’t know yet exactly how it does that and need to do further research.

Manitoba Harvest announces $5.1m partnership for the development of hemp and pea varieties

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million research partnership with an industry leader consortium through Protein Industries Canada. Manitoba, NRGene, Farmer’s Business Network and Pulse Genetics will be developing new hemp and pea varieties with increased protein content, differential starch content, and improved texture.

Press Release: COMPASS Pathways joins forces with King’s College London and South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust to accelerate psychedelic research and develop new models of mental health care in the UK

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This collaboration is intended to include research into COMP360 psilocybin therapy and other novel therapies that may be developed by COMPASS in areas of unmet need such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anorexia. London, UK – 5 July 2021.

Press Release: Beckley Psytech completes oversubscribed $80m (£58m) fundraise to develop portfolio of psychedelic medicine breakthroughs

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Aims to support acceleration of clinical development of low-dose psilocybin in SUNHA and 5MeO-DMT in other neuro-psychiatric indications. Our partners work includes research and development, diverse therapeutic delivery methods, and innovative wellness technologies.

WSU researchers team with Puyallup tribe on medicinal cannabis research

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SPOKANE — Researchers at Washington State University are teaming up with the Puyallup Tribe of Indians in an effort to chart the tribe’s outcomes prescribing medicinal marijuana to patients. We’ll hand them an iPad, and ask them to fill out a couple quick surveys,” said Michael McDonell, chair of WSU’s Collaboration on Cannabis Policy, Research and Outreach. McDonell said research institutions are limited in their access to cannabis users by federal laws that could affect funding.

Resonate Blends, Inc. Seeks to Expand Its Product Development Roadmap

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OTCQB:KOAN), a Wellness Lifestyle cannabis holding company (“Resonate” or “the Company”), announced today it has retained the services of Colleen Quinn, an internationally celebrated clinical aromatherapist, cosmetic chemist, researcher and educator.

New Study Suggests Cannabis Helps Prevent the Development of Colon Cancer in Mice


The polyps form inside the common and develop into colon cancers over time. Researchers looked at the activation of the cannabinoid receptor type 2 as a way of preventing colitis-associated colon cancer by myeloid cell deactivation of what is called the “upstream of IL-22 production”.

Australian Scientists Say They Have “developed the world’s most complete medicinal cannabis genomic reference.”

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Australia’s Victorian government says Agriculture Victoria Research scientists have developed the world’s most complete medicinal cannabis genomic reference. The organisation has been licensed by the Australian Government to undertake medicinal cannabis research.

Study finds endocannabinoid system regulates sperm development


The latest research suggests the endocannabinoid system and male reproductive system share a complex and extensive connection, bringing scientists closer to understanding how cannabis affects men’s fertility. The post Study finds endocannabinoid system regulates sperm development appeared first on Leafly.

Nasdaq Gets New Psychedelic Stock GH Research

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GH Research, a Dublin-based company studying the potential of 5-MeO-DMT for the treatment of psychiatric and neurological disorders, is now listing its stock on the Nasdaq under the symbol “GHRS” after opening for trading on Friday, July 2 at $22.

Weird Science: Alzheimer’s Research With CBD and Cats


It is quite common for cannabis researchers to make use of vertebrates since animals with spines have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), such as mice and rats. Cats do have an ECS, but why use them for research*? News Research Treatment alzheimer's animal testing cannabis research CBD

Virpax to Develop Intranasal Cannabidiol Product for the Management of Epilepsy in Adults and Children

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Virpax” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ:VRPX), a company specializing in developing product candidates for pain management, CNS disorders and anti-viral indications, has acquired the exclusive worldwide rights from Nanomerics Ltd.

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Launches a New Research Program to develop a Melanoma Treatment Drug Candidate for FDA Approval Track

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TEL AVIV, Israel and BETHESDA, Maryland, April 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. OTCQB: CNBX), a global leader in… Read More. Cannabis Finance News

Will Prenatal Cannabis Use Cause Mental Delays on a Developing Brain?


Whether or not cannabis use during pregnancy causes physical, cognitive, or mental impairments later in life has been something scientists and researchers have been investigating for decades. How Researchers Performed The Review. The research was conducted by Ciara A.

Agrify Enters Into Binding Letter of Intent for Build-Out of Research and Development Facility in Partnership With Atlantis Hydroponics


Trulieve offers Delta-8 in its TruPod vaporizer cartridges and TruClear Syringes, says Beau Williamson, Trulieve director of research and development. Delta-8 is psychoactive, Russo says, though he adds that more research is needed to better understand its effect on humans.

Press Release: atai Launches Revixia Life Sciences to Develop Salvinorin A for a Variety of Mental Health Conditions

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We’re thrilled to be pursuing SalA and progressing research, as we strive for new treatments.”. In exploring SalA, Revixia aims to develop a product with a differentiated pharmacological and treatment effect. BERLIN, Aug.

Federal Commission Urges Cannabis and Psychedelics Research For Vets


The commission tasked with developing recommendations to improve mental health treatment for veterans concluded: Congress and the executive branch need to promote research into the therapeutic potential of cannabis and psychedelics such as psilocybin mushrooms and MDMA.