Senate Coalition Urges SBA to Support Small Cannabis Businesses


Marijuana Terpenes: What They Are, Why You Need Them, How To Use Them

Cannabis Cheri

Pin This! What Are Terpenes? Terpenes are the compounds that give plants, not just marijuana plants but all plants, their aromas. From the plant’s perspective, terpenes provide it with natural protection from bacteria, fungus, insects and other environmental threats.

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Cannabis in Palliative Care

Project CBD

End-of-life care is one of the less frequently discussed uses of medical cannabis. Palliative care, however, is perhaps the area of medicine that would most benefit from its clinical use

Charlotte Figi, CBD pioneer and ‘Charlotte’s Web’ namesake, dies from COVID-19


The 13-year-old Colorado girl's courageous example led to the acceptance of medical marijuana and the use of CBD for epilepsy. The post Charlotte Figi, CBD pioneer and ‘Charlotte’s Web’ namesake, dies from COVID-19 appeared first on Leafly.

NM deems medical cannabis essential during COVID-19 restrictions

The NM Political Report | Medical Cannabis Program

As New Mexicans brace themselves for an unknown period of restricted over the counter medicine purchases due to the growing number of positive COVID-19 tests, the state’s Department of Health said medical cannabis patients can rest assured that their access to medicine won’t be interrupted.

The Hemp Standard is 0.3% THC. That Should Be Changed.

Canna Law Blog

We are heading into the first decade of scaled commercial hemp production in the United States since the 1920s. As a law firm that has been helping cannabis businesses succeed since 2010, we couldn’t be more excited. And for good reason: the recreational market is expanding. Hemp is legal.

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Florida Firearms & Medical Marijuana: Nikki Fried [EXCLUSIVE]


As one of Florida’s largest networks of medical marijuana doctors , CannaMD constantly meets patients concerned about the state and federal conflict regarding medical marijuana – and what this conflict means when it comes to purchasing firearms and applying for a concealed weapons permit.

Why Does Cannabis Work for So Many Conditions?


Just over a decade ago, if you went through all the health issues cannabis could potentially be used for, you would have been treated with some scepticism. To give credit to the sceptics, the idea that cannabis can be useful for so many different conditions makes it seem like a panacea.

New lobby group launched in bid to shape EU cannabis laws

Cannabis Law Report

A new cannabis lobby group has formed in the European Union, marking the industry’s latest charge towards corporate respectability and legitimate business interests.

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GemmaCert: Scientific Study Reveals Major Deviation Between Labelled and Actual CBD Potency in Commercial Products

Puff Puff Post

NEWS PROVIDED BY: GemmaCert . TEL AVIV, Israel , Feb. 24, 2020 /CNW/ — GemmaCert has revealed today the results of a scientific study which points toward a significant deviation between labelled and measured cannabidiol (CBD) potency on commercially available products.

Regarding COVID-19, A Message to the NORML Family from the Executive Director


NORML Family, I wanted to reach out personally to you to address the current public health situation that is directly impacting all of our lives, and to discuss what this means for our shared goal of ending federal marijuana prohibition going forward.

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The Cannabis User’s Guide to Surviving the Coronavirus

Cannabis Cheri

While some very early research shows that CBD may have some anti-viral properties, there is no research that shows cannabis, THC or CBD rich, to be a cure for viruses or even colds. So beware of unethical CBD companies selling bogus Coronavirus “cures.”.

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Cannabinoids for Cannabis Use Disorder?

Project CBD

The research is in. Scientists have discovered a cure for cannabis addiction — and it turns out to be cannabis! Adrian Devitt-Lee explores how a new JAMA study illustrates a larger problem in the scientific community: Hypothesizing After the Results are Known

What are the strongest cannabis strains?


Get ready to have your tolerance challenged with these high-THC marijuana strains. The post What are the strongest cannabis strains? appeared first on Leafly. Strains & products bruce-banner chemdawg death-star gg-4 ghost-og ghost-train-haze gsc kosher-kush strains THC the-white white-fire-og

Medical cannabis qualified patient bill heads to governor’s desk

The NM Political Report | Medical Cannabis Program

A bill that would limit enrollment in the state’s medical cannabis program to New Mexico residents passed the House and is on its way to the governor’s desk. SB 139, sponsored by Sen.

As China’s Hemp Industry Suffers, U.S. Hemp Growers Prepare to Pounce

Canna Law Blog

The U.S. hemp market continues to heat up for a variety of reasons, mainly because the general populace is finally starting to understand the difference between cannabis as marijuana and cannabis as hemp (and the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids derived from cannabis).

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Canopy Growth delaying launch of infused beverages

Cannabis Life Network

SMITH FALLS, Ont. Canopy Growth Corp. is delaying the launch of its cannabis-infused drinks. The company says work to scale up to commercial production is not complete and it is delaying the launch date while it completes the final steps.

CannaMD Partners with Releaf App: Tracking Patient Outcomes


What You Need to Know Before Vaping CBD


CBD has various potential health benefits and could be a powerful treatment for several ailments, including depression, anxiety and epilepsy. If you walk into a store to shop for vaping products, you will come across a wide variety of options for vaping CBD.

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SEC Inquiry starts at CBD company Folium Biosciences Post Failed Australis Merger

Cannabis Law Report

cannabis company Australis called off its reverse merger with Colorado-based CBD wholesale company, Folium Biosciences, this month stating their due diligence found new information that made them want to back-out of the deal.

Breakthrough cannabis genomics study identifies genes for cannabinoid production, pathogen resistance, and more

Medicinal Genomics

For years, cannabis genomics meant little more than a star on the galaxy.

Cannabis Workers, Unemployment Insurance, and the Small Business Administration: What You Need to Know


There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic is adversely impacting businesses around the world, and smaller businesses especially.

Should Pets Be Protected from Second-Hand Cannabis Smoke?


Having pets about the place is great. And assuming you’re a responsible pet owner, you’d never even think about deliberately getting your cat or your dog high. Even if it’s purely for therapeutic purposes, pets should never be given products containing THC or CBD without first consulting with a vet.

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Endocannabinology with Dr. Rachel Knox

Project CBD

How does cannabis play a role in our overall health? Project CBD speaks with Dr. Rachel Knox about “endocannabinology,” THC / CBD synergies, and whole food nutrition

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What are Moon Rocks and how do you smoke them?


Find out everything you need to know about Moon Rocks—what they are, how potent they are, and how to smoke them. The post What are Moon Rocks and how do you smoke them? appeared first on Leafly. Cannabis 101 how to products

Medical cannabis patient asks judge to allow cannabis on house arrest

The NM Political Report | Medical Cannabis Program

An Albuquerque-based attorney, who also serves in the state Senate, wants a judge to weigh-in on whether those on house arrest should have access to medical cannabis.

It’s MLK Day. Don’t Forget Cannabis is a Civil Rights Issue.

Canna Law Blog

Happy MLK Day! For our international readers, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a federal U.S. holiday marking the birthday of its eponymous civil rights hero.

Superbug outbreaks should push cannabis research forward, Wuhan Virus

Cannabis Life Network

Editor’s Note: With the understanding that the current Wuhan coronavirus outbreak is related to a virus, and is therefore not treatable with antibiotics or anti-bacterials.

Where Does Joe Biden Stand on Marijuana?


In a field of Democratic presidential hopefuls that have come out in favor of major overhauls of marijuana legislation, and in many cases full legalization, Joe Biden remains somewhat of an outlier.

InMed Pharmaceuticals Announces Completed Enrollment in Phase 1 Clinical Trial of INM-755 CBN Cream in Healthy Subjects

Puff Puff Post

SOURCE InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc.