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Federal Report: Youth Marijuana Use Steadily Declining


The self-reported use of marijuana by teenagers continues to decline nationally, according to federal data reported by the United States Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

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North Carolina House OKs Ban on Smokable Hemp


Law enforcement wants smokable hemp banned because it looks and smells the same— making it otherwise impossible to differentiate during police stops. The post North Carolina House OKs Ban on Smokable Hemp appeared first on Leafly. Politics Hemp laws legalization legislation north carolina smoking

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Two Weeks In, Louisiana’s Medical Marijuana Program Is Thriving


More than 5,000 patients are now being served by the state's nine dispensaries. The post Two Weeks In, Louisiana’s Medical Marijuana Program Is Thriving appeared first on Leafly. Politics louisiana medical marijuana

Can CBD Help Your Complexion?

Project CBD

Is there anything substantive behind all the hype? Can CBD really protect, heal and restore the skin? What, if anything, does the science say about all this

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‘Too costly, not enough evidence it works’, says UK in blow to cannabis campaigners

Cannabis Law Report

If you wish to re-publish this story please do so with following accreditation. AUTHOR: Mark Taylor. PUBLISHER: CANNABIS LAW REPORT. Cannabis treatments are too expensive and do not come with enough test evidence to be effective, UK authorities have said.

Businesses grow around NM medical cannabis producers

The NM Political Report | Medical Cannabis Program

As New Mexico lawmakers try to come up with a legislative proposal to legalize recreational cannabis that might ease the apprehension of some of their colleagues, there is already a group of business owners already laying the groundwork for a post-legalization world.

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Comments to the Food & Drug Administration on CBD and Cannabis

Project CBD

Read Project CBD ’s special report commenting on cannabis science to the FDA

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An Overview of the Biggest Marijuana Players in South America


There has been a lot of buzz lately about marijuana reform in South and Central America. Although Uruguay will always hold the title for being the first country in the world to legalize recreational marijuana, the Green Wave is hitting the continent in one large swoop.

Cannabis Sprays Explored: Caution – Ammonium

Cannabis Life Network

Hidden within Canada’s licensed cannabis is a dangerous amount of two likewise pollutant – ammonium and oxides of nitrogen. Mostly, the two substances exist as residual nutrients coming from cannabis sprays in poorly flushed plants. Health Canada decided that was not enough.

Arizona NORML, Partners File 2020 Statewide Legalization Initiative


A coalition of activist groups, including Arizona NORML, the Drug Policy Alliance, and the state chapter of the ACLU, have filed language with the Secretary of State seeking to legalize the adult use and dispensing of cannabis.

Cannabis Smell Isn’t Probable Cause, Maryland Court Rules


If you’re lighting up in Maryland, you can forget the Febreze. The state’s Court of Appeals has ruled that smelling cannabis isn't grounds for police to search and arrest a person. The post Cannabis Smell Isn’t Probable Cause, Maryland Court Rules appeared first on Leafly.

How to Make a CBD Topical for Healthy Skin

Project CBD

The desire to anoint our skin with potions is as old as humanity itself. But is slathering an oily substance onto the skin really useful? And if so, what kind of skin elixir should one use, and why? Let’s look at how the skin protects and maintains itself, and what, if anything, can help it along

Will South Dakota Really Sentence Colorado Man For 36 Years For What He Says Was Hemp Delivery

Cannabis Law Report

Rapid City Journal reports……… A Colorado man who says he was delivering legal hemp to Minnesota is facing up to 36 years in prison after being arrested last month in Jackson County by South Dakota troopers who accused him of possessing and selling marijuana. .

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Illegal pot still a source for 4 in 10 cannabis users, Stats Can survey shows

Cannabis Life Network

OTTAWA — Six months after Canada legalized marijuana for recreational use more than 40 per cent of Canadians who said they used pot still bought it from illegal sources, a new Statistics Canada report shows.

California: Hospitalizations Linked to Use of Unregulated Vapor Cartridges


California health officials have identified a link between the use of unregulated vapor cartridges and patients seeking hospitalization for respiratory distress. In each of the cases, patients presented symptoms of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and possessed a history of consuming either THC or CBD extracts via the use of unlicensed vapor cartridges.

The Best Cannabis Strains for Introverts


Introverts enjoy creative solo pursuits over social engagements—and the right cannabis strains can complement these characteristics. Here are seven picks. The post The Best Cannabis Strains for Introverts appeared first on Leafly.

CBD for Autism: The Therapeutic Promise

Project CBD

From Wholistic Research & Education Foundation

The Potential Of CBD And Cannabis Within The Anxiety And Autism Community

The Fresh Toast

With the stigma of cannabis fading by the day, more families are exploring treatments that are more accessible and less pharmaceutical. Continue reading The Potential Of CBD And Cannabis Within The Anxiety And Autism Community at The Fresh Toast.

42 operators chosen to apply for Ontario pot stores licences in second lottery

Cannabis Life Network

TORONTO — Ontario has selected 42 operators who can apply to run the next wave of cannabis shops in the province. But some analysts say the new pot stores still won’t be enough to combat pot sold on the black market.

Prohibition Partners Publish, “The Cannabis Legal Report”

Cannabis Law Report

Here’s the blurb. Key findings from the report: One of the main roadblocks stymying global cannabis trade is the inability of banks to handle transactions or do business with cannabis firms without fear of prosecution.

Wasn’t the DEA Going to Let Others Grow Research-Grade Cannabis?


Yes, it was. So why has the agency delayed applications? Sue Sisley demands an answer, and the courts agree with her. The post Wasn’t the DEA Going to Let Others Grow Research-Grade Cannabis? appeared first on Leafly. Science & Tech DEA nida research

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Introducing Cultivate’s Premium Wellness and Self-Care Products

Canna Newswire

The woman-owned brand introduces safe and compliant THC-free, full-spectrum hemp oil-infused products for premium wellness and self-care.

How to Cope With a Cannabis-Critical Partner


Every relationship comes with its own unique challenges. Your taste in food, your political views and your general outlook and everyday life could be quite different to that of your partner.

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CBD strains for Anxiety and Depression

Cannabis Life Network

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Nevada: Clark County District Court Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez Says Expect Ruling Soon Re NV Licensing Issues

Cannabis Law Report

The Review Journal reports… State Department of Taxation officials have defended the process, the administrators and the temporary employees who evaluated and ranked 462 applications for 61 new dispensary licenses last year. Millions of dollars are at stake in the case.

Illicit Cannabis Vape Carts Hospitalized 7 in California, Doctors Say


Rare public health warning issued to avoid illicit market THC e-cigarettes. The post Illicit Cannabis Vape Carts Hospitalized 7 in California, Doctors Say appeared first on Leafly. Health Science & Tech California Lab testing safety vaporizers

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Do Cannabis Consumers Actually Know What They’re Buying?

Canna Newswire

HerbaBuena’s Online Store Answers the Call For ‘Conscious Cannabis’ with Quality Standards Consumers Can Trust, and California Statewide Delivery.

Ways To Get A Deal On Cannabis

Otherside Farms

Cannabis is very effective in treating multiple health conditions and is now medically legal in some parts of the world. It is also known to be a potent preventative supplement and a powerful antioxidant. .

Lottery for next wave of Ontario cannabis stores being held today

Cannabis Life Network

TORONTO — Ontario is holding its second lottery to select operators hoping to run cannabis shops in the province. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario was selecting 42 companies on Tuesday that can apply for pot store licences, with the results expected to be made public Wednesday.

Luxembourg becoming first EU state to fully legalise cannabis

Cannabis Law Report

If you wish to re-publish this story please do so with following accreditation. AUTHOR: Mark Taylor. PUBLISHER: CANNABIS LAW REPORT. Luxembourg is to become the first European Union country to fully legalise cannabis.

How Cannabis and Hempfest Are Driving the Politics of Pleasure


We advocate for legalization for many reasons, but rarely argue in favor of pleasure. What's wrong with fun? The post How Cannabis and Hempfest Are Driving the Politics of Pleasure appeared first on Leafly. Politics Hempfest seattle

Oz Medicann – Granted Medicinal Cannabis and Cannabis Research Licences

Canna Newswire

SYDNEY, Australia – August 20, 2019 – The Office of Drug Control (ODC has announced the approval of Oz Medicann Pty Ltd licence for both Medicinal Cannabis and Cannabis Research.

Czech Republic May Cover Medical Cannabis as Part of Public Healthcare


According to Marijuana Business Daily , the Czech Republic was one of the first European countries to allow medical marijuana and the second to legalize home growth. Now, however, lawmakers are reviewing an unprecedented measure that will cement the country into the history books of cannabis reform.

Five Doping Incidents involving Canadian athletes

Cannabis Life Network

Canoeist Laurence Vincent Lapointe is the latest Canadian Olympic medal hopeful to get caught up in a doping controversy. She has tested positive for the banned substance Ligandrol — which can help build and repair muscles — a year out from the Tokyo Games.

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