Australia: Agriculture Victoria Grants Industrial Hemp Licences

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Agriculture Victoria defines low-THC cannabis as: “. Source: Agriculture Victoria Grants Industrial Hemp Licences. Murray River Organics (ASX:MRG) and Althea Group Holdings Limited (ASX:AGH) announced yesterday both had been granted hemp cultivation licences by the Victorian Government.(Australia).

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Announces State Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee

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Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried announced Monday a new Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee, which she says will collaborate with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to help improve the state’s medical marijuana policies.

Avoid Hemp Litigation with a Real Agricultural Production Contract

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What is an Agricultural Production Contract (“APC”)? Broadly speaking an APC is an agreement between producers and contractors for a specific agricultural commodity. An APC is one of several ways in which the marketplace handles the purchase and sale of agricultural commodities.

Florida Legislature Approves Bill to Establish Agricultural Hemp Program

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Florida’s full legislature has passed a bill to establish a program for hemp as an agricultural commodity. Today is an exciting, historic and bipartisan day for our agriculture community,” said Senator Rob Bradley (R). Agriculture Department for approval. “It

CO Dept of Agriculture: Licenses, Registration & Renewals Update

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As a courtesy to our Registrants we want to send a reminder to send in your application well in advance of your expiration date should you choose to re-register your land area when your current registration expires. . .

Louisiana Hemp Bill Gets Through Senate Agriculture Committee But Is Top Heavy With Regulations

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Here’s the introduction to the report… The measure involves a “tremendous amount” of regulations, said Louisiana Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain, a supporter of the effort. We’ve all seen this story before and the key quote is.

CANNAVAL to Educate and Empower: Agriculture Commissioner Nominee Positive T.A. Nelson Welcomes Cannabis Education and Exhibitors to the US Virgin Islands

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Virgin Islands, Agriculture Commissioner nominee Positive T.A. The post CANNAVAL to Educate and Empower: Agriculture Commissioner Nominee Positive T.A. Pot Network joins CANNAVAL as Media Partner; Munch & Co named Event Producers.

Ugandan State Minister for Agriculture Christopher Kibanzanga Says Govt To Develop Strong Guidelines For Growing Cannabis In The Country

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State Minister for Agriculture Christopher Kibanzanga has told Journalists in Kampala that Uganda is committed to grant Licenses to companies but government needs to come up with strong guidelines to regulate the activity because of its sensitivity. East African Business Week reports.

Montana Department of Agriculture seeking applicants for the Montana Hemp Advisory Committee

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The Montana Department of Agriculture is seeking applicants for a Montana Hemp Advisory Committee after hemp growers unanimously supported the committee’s formation during two public meetings. Montana Department of Agriculture.

Agriculture department offers to let LSU expand marijuana production as regulatory process plays out


Louisiana’s state agriculture department on Thursday offered to give LSU permission to expand its medical marijuana-growing operations if its contractor meets certain conditions related to the regulatory process.

Santa Barbara County Writes Open Letter To Residents “We recognize that there are significant tensions among residents, cannabis growers, and some elements of other agricultural industries”

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recognize that there are significant tensions among residents, cannabis growers, and some elements of other agricultural industries. percent agricultural and forest land, and 3.5 Here’s the letter in full. By the County of Santa Barbara. May 31, 2019.

Press Release: Heilongjiang People’s Govt & Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences (HAAS) and CECMOL-HCC to hold China International Hemp Industry Forum in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province July 3-4,2019.

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With the theme of “Drive, Exchange and Development”, Heilongjiang People’s Government joins hands with Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences (HAAS) and CECMOL-HCC to hold China International Hemp Industry Forum in Harbin , Heilongjiang Province during July 3-4,2019.

Louisiana’s medical marijuana program the core issue in Agriculture Commissioner race


BATON ROUGE – Louisiana’s agriculture and forestry commissioner has drawn his first announced challenger for the fall election, an opponent slamming his management of medical marijuana. Greer is a Democrat from Natchitoches (NAK’-a-dish) Parish and a farmer who worked in the Department of Agriculture and Forestry for 20 years before retiring in 2013.

the Senate Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture and Rural Development Committee will meet. HB 491 is the only bill on the agenda.


URGENT: This morning (Tuesday) 05.21.19, at 10a CST in Room C of the Senate, the Senate Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture and Rural Development Committee will meet. HB 491 is the only bill on the agenda. Supporters, Friends and Allies- . We need your assistance on one of the most important Cannabis -related bills of the 2019 LA Legislative Session, HB 491. We’ve come to you before on this bill and your responsive effort absolutely made the difference.

Louisiana lawmakers say no to emergency rules for medical cannabis growers

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Chair Clay Schexnayder said Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain shouldn’t have used an emergency process, saying the rules didn’t meet the criteria.

Oxford Academic Publish: Hemp in the United States: A Case Study of Regulatory Path Dependence

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The Agricultural Act of 2014 allowed for federally funded research on hemp for the first time since 1937. hemp agriculture through the lens of path dependency. Industrial hemp , agricultural economics , institutional economics , path dependence. Here’s the Abstract.

CBD in the Spotlight at SXSW, Despite Legal Gray Area


Experts say the cannabinoid’s future is dependent upon research, legal clarity, and sorting out hemp's place in agriculture. The post CBD in the Spotlight at SXSW, Despite Legal Gray Area appeared first on Leafly. Industry cannabidiol cbd SXSW texas

Inside the Research Grow Operation With Rx Green Technologies


Build a licensed grow op in Colorado that doubles as an R&D facility for their agricultural products. Conducting research on cannabis cultivation can be tough. The solution for Rx Green Technologies?

First Hemp Guidance Issued by the USDA

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Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) Agricultural Marketing Service (“AMS”) released the first guidance regarding the implementation of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (“2018 Farm Bill”). By: Nabil Rodriguez, J.D.*. On 4/19/19 the U.S. The AMS guidance document “Importation of Hemp Seeds” discusses certain requirements for hemp seeds to be safely imported into the United States from Canada and other countries.

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Weekly Legislative Roundup 6/21/19


The bill is scheduled for a hearing in the House Agriculture Committee on 6/25/19. Update : The Senate Agriculture, Revenue and Financial Institutions Committee held a work session in SB 188 on 6/19/19. Welcome to the latest edition of NORML’s Weekly Legislative Roundup!

Kansas Gov Signs Off On State ‘Commercial Industrial Hemp Program.’

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The Commercial Industrial Hemp Program represents a significant step forward for our agricultural economy. Now the bill requires the Kansas Department of Agriculture to work with the governor and attorney general to create a plan for how the state monitors and regulates the production of hemp.

Not as much happening in Columbia as you might think. MJ Biz has special report

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As of May 2019 , only four companies had fully registered cultivars with the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA): Medcann. The report reveals. Clever Leaves. FCM Global. Santa Marta Golden Hemp, which is 60% owned by the Canadian biotech company Avicanna. Read the full report at.

Minnesota Hemp Farmer Suing State Over Cease-and-Desist Letter

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A Minnesota industrial hemp farmer is suing the state arguing that the Department of Agriculture violated his constitutional rights by revoking his hemp cultivation permit and ordering that he destroy his crops, according to a Minnesota Public Radio report.

RXGreen Supports Cannabis Cultivators by Getting Their Hands Dirty


Solving tough cannabis cultivation problems is all in a day’s work for Shara Ross, an agricultural expert who travels the US consulting on cannabis grows for RXGreen Technologies.

Hemp-Derived CBD Now Allowed On Flights By TSA


TSA clarifies that the CBD products must be hemp-derived “under the Agriculture Improvement Act 2018.” TSA ( Transportation Security Administration ) now allows CBD (Cannabidiol) in airports and on flights.

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BREAKING NEWS: California Opens Up for Commercial Hemp Cultivation

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It looks like these respective apps will not be submitted to the CDFA directly, but will instead be provided to county agricultural commissioners in the county in which a cultivator or seed breeder wishes to cultivate hemp.

Federal legalization of hemp creating a quandary for police

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Truckers, now free to haul hemp from state to state, have been stopped and sometimes arrested by police who can’t tell whether they have intercepted a legal agricultural crop or the biggest marijuana bust of their careers. Department of Agriculture, which could take months. “It’s

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Utah To Charge Minimum Entry Fee Of $US110K Per Grower License

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If all 10 grower licenses are granted, revenues to the agriculture department could top $1.1 The state’s agricultural department expects to spend more than $560,000 each year to oversee cannabis cultivation and plant sales.

Judge denies Santee Sioux tribe’s motion to grow industrial hemp

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A federal judge has denied Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe’s request for a preliminary injunction to get the United States Department of Agriculture to rule on a plan to grow industrial hemp. Per our report yesterday with regard to lawsuits.

Hemp Industry Daily Reports On FDA’s CBD Regs To Come Soon

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FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb told state agriculture regulators that products not approved by the FDA and marketed with unproven claims about therapeutic benefits could cause patients to forego necessary medical care for those .

Schexnayder proposes legislation to produce industrial hemp in Louisiana


Representative Clay Schexnayder (District 81) is proposing legislation for the 2019 session that creates an opportunity for Louisiana farmers to produce industrial hemp, as authorized in the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (Farm Bill) approved by Congress. If this legislation is approved, industrial hemp would be an additional commodity available for the state’s agricultural producers, further expanding Louisiana’s agricultural market opportunities, according to the release.

USDA issue memo saying hemp can be transferred inter and intra state

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The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (2018 Farm Bill) authorized the production of hemp and removed hemp and hemp seeds from the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) schedule of Controlled Substances. The Memo. Legal Opinion on Authorities for Hemp Production. May 28, 2019.

Hemp Industry Daily start publishing series of articles on California’s Hemp Industry

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The nation’s largest agricultural state continues to perplex would-be hemp farmers and businesses as nearly half of California’s 58 counties maintain moratoriums on hemp production and others block licenses. Looks like the dame as cannabis.

Organa Kannalytics Presents Southeastern 2019 Hemp & Medical Cannabis Convention

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Entry research topics and abstracts for the convention fair can discuss a variety of topics pertaining to hemp or cannabis use in industries such as Agriculture, Science or Engineering, or address other matters pertaining to Cultivation Science, Regulatory Practices, LIMS or more.

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Application for industrial hemp licenses in Tennessee due Friday

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The 21-page application can be found on the Department of Agriculture’s website by clicking here. The deadline for Tennessee farmers to submit an application to begin growing industrial hemp is February 15th.

Announcement: USDA Clarifies Industrial Hemp Production for Indian Tribes

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Under the 2014 Farm Bill, an Indian tribe can enter into a partnership or contract with an institution of higher education or a State department of agriculture both within or in a different State than the one in which the Indian tribe is located to produce industrial hemp on the tribe’s land.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 6/7/19


315 was approved by the Agriculture/Environment/Natural Resources Committee on 6/6/19. Update : SB 57 was heard and approved by the House Agriculture and Rural Development Committee on 6/4/19. Welcome to the latest edition of NORML’s Weekly Legislative Roundup!

McConnell Says He’ll Fix The Hemp Glitches In The Farm Bill

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Department of Agriculture Undersecretary Greg Ibach told the AP said the agency is willing to work with other federal agencies to help develop testing protocols. Ganjapreneur report… U.S.

USPS Acceptance Criteria for CBD Oil and Products Containing CBD: Guidance, or lack thereof?

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In the “BMA Advisory: Acceptance Criteria for Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil and Products Containing CBD”, the USPS provides temporary “acceptance” criteria for demonstrating when a mailing is compliant with the 2014 Agricultural Act (“2014 Farm Bill”). By: Nabil Rodriguez*, J.D. On March 4, 2019, the United States Postal Service (“USPS”) Business Mail Acceptance (“BMA”) released guidance on mailing hemp-derived CBD.

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LARA/MDARD Issue Clarifications on CBD (Cannabidiol) and Industrial Hemp for Michigan

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In a joint effort, the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) through the Bureau of Marihuana Regulations (BMR) and the Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDARD) issued a joint advisory in their attempt to clarify CBD (cannabidiol) and industrial hemp for Michigan.