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Michigan Court Recognizes Cannabis Cultivation as Agricultural Operation

Dykema (Cannabis Law Blog)

A potential milestone for the cannabis industry, this ruling sheds light on the legal classification of cannabis cultivation and its eligibility for agricultural tax-related benefits. Seeking a reclassification to Agricultural under the GPTA, HRP’s request was initially rejected by the assessor and the Board of Review.

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Agriculture Secretary Nominee Tom Vilsack: Climate Reformer or Saboteur?

Project CBD

Agriculture is one of the biggest contributors to the climate crisis, and it must be a key part of the solution.


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Senate Agriculture Committee to Address Industrial Hemp Production


Members of the US Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry will hear expert testimony next week regarding the production of industrial hemp and hemp-derived products. In December, Congress enacted legislation removing industrial hemp (defined as cannabis containing less than 0.3

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Legal Tips For Agricultural Leases

Cannabis Law Report

The post Legal Tips For Agricultural Leases first appeared on Cannabis Law Report. Grazing leases can be an excellent option for people who aren’t using their land but want to lease it out… Read More.

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Agriculture of the Future? Using Fish to Grow Marijuana

Cannabis Life Network

Most Marijuana plants are grown in soil, but there is another way… Agriculture of the future is using nutrients from fish to grow Marijuana. The post Agriculture of the Future? How can a fish grow Marijuana? Well, it involves two components that share the same water.

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California Cannabis Crops Threatened by Wildfires More Than Any Other Type of Agriculture


The state’s rich wildlife and property-speckled scenery are at risk of being damaged by the blazing infernos, not to mention the state’s profit-yielding agricultural crop. Cannabis is one of the top five revenue-generating agricultural commodities across the state. Crown fire potential. Ember production and movement.

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Heather Burke Presentation – California Cannabis Agriculture

Cannabis Law Report

Download Heather’s full presentation here CA Cannabis Agriculture… Read More. The post Heather Burke Presentation – California Cannabis Agriculture first appeared on Cannabis Law Report. Here are Heather’s introductory slides.