Texas changes state law for medical marijuana

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Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority Sued for Violating State Law


A recent lawsuit filed against the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) claims that the organization did not make its meeting agenda available to the public, which violated a state law known as the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act. According to Durbin, the OMMA violated this law. .


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IL: Springfield unable to spend marijuana money because of state law.

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The post IL: Springfield unable to spend marijuana money because of state law. first appeared on Cannabis Law Report. Cannabis Law TV… Read More.

Alert – Maine: State Marijuana Regulators Propose Medical Rules to Mirror State Law

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AUGUSTA – Today, the state’s cannabis regulators at the Office of Marijuana… Read More. The post Alert – Maine: State Marijuana Regulators Propose Medical Rules to Mirror State Law first appeared on Cannabis Law Report.

Pennsylvania Lt Gov Proudly Flying His (Freak) Cannabis Flag In Violation Of State Law

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The post Pennsylvania Lt Gov Proudly Flying His (Freak) Cannabis Flag In Violation Of State Law first appeared on Cannabis Law Report. To paraphrase Hendrix in his song, If 6 were 9, Democratic Lt.

California’s AG Argues “none of the state’s cannabis businesses operating on provisional licenses are entitled to due process under state law.”

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California’s attorney general argued in a recent court filing that none of the state’s cannabis businesses operating on provisional licenses … Read More. first appeared on Cannabis Law Report. Cannabis Law News

Guest Post: Is CBD Legal? Federal & State Laws [2019]

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New laws and bills are constantly being passed that create a great deal of confusion in the cannabis world. Is CBD legal in all 50 states? In this article I’m going to update you on the legal status of CBD , and only CBD, in the United States. Is CBD Legal Under Federal Law? Only CBD products produced in compliance with the Farm Bill would be legal by federal law. Is CBD Legal in all 50 States? CBD is not legal in all 50 states.

Lanham Act Preemption of State Law Where Cannabis Trademarks Are At Issue

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As cannabis products become legal in more and more states, commercial interest grows in protecting the trademarks associated with those products. But what about state or common law rights in trademarks for cannabis products? Source: JD Supra.

Class actions against CBD companies proliferate under federal and state law

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Consumer products law blog. Class actions against CBD companies proliferate under federal and state law. And, just last week, a California defendant in a CBD class action filed a motion to dismiss on the grounds that the plaintiffs’ claims are preempted by federal law.

US AG William Bar Indicates A Preference To Enactment Of STATES Law Rather Than Current Situation

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Attorney General William Barr said on Wednesday that he would prefer that Congress enact legislation allowing states to legalize marijuana instead of continuing the current approach under which a growing number of states have ended cannabis prohibition in conflict with federal law. Barr said that he hasn’t specifically looked at the STATES Act yet, but that the bill is currently being circulated internally through the Justice Department “for comment.”.

New Washington state law worries marijuana growers over cross-pollination from hemp farms

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A new Washington state law has marijuana cultivators concerned over the potential of cross-pollination from hemp growers, which could prove disastrous to their bottom line if it occurs – potentially costing them up to tens of thousands of dollars in damages. New Washington state law worries marijuana growers over cross-pollination from hemp farms.

Navigating The Hazy Intersection Of Federal And State Law On Cannibis And Advising Clients On Protecting Their Trademarks

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What was once illegal is now a thriving industry. That’s right—I’m talking about cannabis. But my initial statement isn’t entirely accurate. Although Alaska, California, Colorado, … Read More. One-Hit Wonders

Nebraska advocates aim for a marijuana legalization twofer in 2022


Politics 2022 Election marijuana legalization nebraska state lawsFoiled in their bid to legalize in 2020, advocates up the ante and go for both medical and adult-use measures in 2022. The post Nebraska advocates aim for a marijuana legalization twofer in 2022 appeared first on Leafly.

COVID-19 interstate compacts could be a model for regional marijuana trade


A 'western alliance' of legal states could regulate interstate cannabis commerce, say some industry leaders. Industry Politics cannabis legalization federal prohibition marijuana surplus Oregon recreational marijuana state laws

Capitol Confidential: Colorado moves to protect jobs of legal consumers


Politics cannabis legalization Capitol Confidential marijuana legalization state laws state legislatureStop firing people for relaxing on their own time, Colorado Boss. Also: Kentucky makes progress on medical legalization, and Virginia may decriminalize.

Fed Chief Says, “conflicting federal and state laws on the sale of marijuana and other cannabis products put bank supervisors in a “very difficult place.”

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Senate Tuesday that conflicting federal and state laws on the sale of marijuana and other cannabis products put bank supervisors in a “very difficult place.” Cannabis Law NewsFederal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said before the U.S. ” Asked by Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., about the Fed’s thoughts on the cannabis space, the leader of the U.S. central bank said further regulatory guidance would be helpful for bank overseers.

Colorado Representative Introduces Bill to Expand State’s Lawful Activities Law to Include Cannabis

The Blunt Truth

On January 10, 2020, Colorado Representative Jovan Melton (D) introduced House Bill 20-1089 , which proposes to clarify that the existing prohibition on an employer terminating an employee for the employee’s lawful off-duty activities, like off-duty consumption of alcohol, extends to activities that are lawful under state law even if they are illegal under federal law (e.g., Employment Law Colorado employment law federal-state law conflict off-duty use

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Too Natural for Naturalization: Even Decriminalized Marijuana Can be a Bar to US Citizenship

The Blunt Truth

As a number of states and the District of Columbia have moved to permit possession, use and sale of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes and the business of legalized cannabis distribution has grown exponentially, federal law banning such activity remains unchanged. Deeming the trend in state law irrelevant, federal immigration authorities have in fact moved in the opposite direction.

Bi-Partisan Legislation Introduced In The House Thursday To Protect State Laws Regulating Cannabis

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A bipartisan bill protecting state laws regulating marijuana use from the federal government was reintroduced on Thursday in the House and Senate. The legislation, which allows states to determine their own cannabis policies, was offered by Sens. It would amend the Controlled Substances Act so any business operating in compliance with state cannabis laws is not in violation of the law. Cannabis Law News

The Week in Weed: April 5, 2019

The Blunt Truth

Our weekly review starts in Georgia, where the governor is expected to sign a medical marijuana reform bill into law. The law will allow grow houses and production facilities in the state, which will be heavily regulated. Now the Governor is saying that he will expand the state’s medical marijuana program if adult-use marijuana is not legalized by May. The General Law Committee has passed a bill that would establish a marijuana industry in the state.

Too Natural for Naturalization: An Update

The Blunt Truth

Joe Neguse, Kelly Armstrong and Hakeem Jeffries, noted that thirty states and the District of Columbia have legalized cannabis for medical and/or recreational purposes. The letter criticizes the policy stating that it “targets naturalization applicants based on lawful employment for an activity that is legal in multiple states and and territories (albeit not under federal law).”. Federal - State Law Conflict good moral character immigration uscis

Weed and Worry — The Immigration Consequences of Engaging in the Cannabis Trade

The Blunt Truth

As several states and foreign countries have enacted laws decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana for medicinal or recreational use, a fresh rush of reefer madness has overtaken the business world. Should you be worried about legal marijuana’s adverse consequences under federal immigration law? practicing law in the U.S. ” Black’s Law Dictionary, 1340 (5th ed. ” Black’s Law Dictionary , supra, at 673.

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Louisiana: Marijuana Decriminalization Law Takes Effect Today


House Bill 652 amends state law so that offenses involving the possession of up to 14 grams of marijuana are punishable by a fine of no more than $100 – no arrest and no jail time. The post Louisiana: Marijuana Decriminalization Law Takes Effect Today appeared first on NORML.

Colorado: Legislature Approves Measure Eliminating Civil Penalties for Possessing Between One and Two Ounces of Cannabis


Under state law, possessing between one and two ounces of cannabis is classified as a petty offense, punishable by a civil penalty of $100. House Bill 1090 eliminates those civil penalties.

Chicago sun Times: Onselling Cannabis Licenses To White Boys

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State law doesn’t prohibit the new licensees from unloading for millions of dollars and potentially “giving it away to the white boys again,” one critic said.

Cannabis Dispensaries and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, as amended (“HIPAA”)

Green Relief

While HIPAA is expansive, to the extent state law is more restrictive or protective, then state law will control in those instances. Clients have often as asked whether HIPAA applies to the cannabis industry. As with anything else in healthcare, the answer can be complex.

Executive Action Can Close the Medical Cannabis Access Gap for Veterans

Americans for Safe Access

Despite the fact that 36 states have reformed their laws to provide for safe and legal access to cannabis for qualifying patients, veterans living across these states still face a confusing system of federal and state laws regarding physician engagement and affordable access.

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Study Says…. : California’s licensed cannabis shops aren’t selling to minors

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The Press Telegram reports Researchers did find minor violations of state law at… Read More. Regulation works – surprise surprise ! Gumballs

Paper – Cato Institute: The Effect of State Marijuana Legalizations: 2021 Update

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In November 2012, Colorado and Washington approved ballot initiatives that legalized marijuana for recreational use under state law.…

Abridged Guide to State Cannabis Laws

Americans for Safe Access

We are happy to share this brief guide to State Cannabis Laws with you. Created with the talented designers of Centennial Media this guide serves as a bite-sized version of the full analysis of state laws available on our website under: "Legal Information By State & Federal Law

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Virginia: Marijuana Arrests Decline Year-Over-Year


The total number of marijuana-related marijuana arrests declined more than eight percent from 2018 to 2019, according to annual data compiled by the Virginia State Police. State law enforcement officials recorded 26,470 arrests for marijuana violations in 2019, down from 28,866 in 2018.

Law Firm Article: As More States Legalize Cannabis Use, GCs Are Rethinking Corporate Policies

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Andrew Turnbull spoke with Corporate Counsel about how in-house counsel are reviewing corporate cannabis policies in light of new state laws allowing for medicinal marijuana use and the introduction of the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act. Cannabis Law News

Answer of the Day for Aug 1, 2021


Have the rates of clinicians prescribing opioids been impacted by changes in medical and recreational marijuana state laws? states with laws permitting access to cannabis (for medical and non-medical purposes) and lowered rates of prescribed opioids and opioid-associated mortality.”

Legal Hemp Is Not Safe on American Highways


Conflicting federal and state laws mean police are seizing products that can’t get anyone high. Politics cbd Hemp law enforcementThe post Legal Hemp Is Not Safe on American Highways appeared first on Leafly.

Where is cannabis legal?


State laws are constantly shifting on cannabis legalization. Learn more about states where marijuana is legal—either for adult-use, medical use, or both. The post Where is cannabis legal? appeared first on Leafly.

FBI, state police “appear” to raid marijuana businesses in Farmington area

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Maine’s Bangor Daily News reports… Federal and state law enforcement were gathered in large numbers at two Farmington marijuana businesses and other locations in the … Read More.

Redondo Beach Dispensary “Operating Unlawfully” Raided Thursday

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A Redondo Beach store-front marijuana dispensary operating openly, but apparently unlawfully, was raided early Thursday by a dozen or more local and state law enforcement … Read More.