Evidence-Based Research Suggests Allowing Cannabis Storefront Retail Benefits Neighboring Property Values, Public Health and Safety

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In addition to legalizing adult use and possession of cannabis, the law creates a statewide regulatory regime for commercial cannabis activity, but also provides discretion to local jurisdictions to prohibit or restrict such businesses.

New Legislation Introduced To Protect State-Legal Marijuana Programs


The Sensible Enforcement Of Cannabis Act essentially would give peace of mind to lawmakers, regulators, 149,000+ workers, and the millions of patients and consumers who are dependent on the normalization of lawful marijuana markets.

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Majority of Virginians Favor Legalizing Marijuana


Virginians know prohibition has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars, derailed the lives of hundreds of thousands of hard-working Virginians, and has done nothing to protect our youth or provide for consumer safety. “Voter attitudes are no longer reflected in state law, and candidates on the campaign trail would be wise to take note.” Under state law , first-time possession offenders face up to 30 days in jail and a criminal record.

Attorney General Nominee Commits To Leave State-Legal Marijuana Programs Alone


In Senate testimony today, nominee for Attorney General William Barr committed to not use the limited resources of the Department of Justice to prosecute state-regulated and compliant marijuana businesses. Thirty-three states, Washington, D.C.

Fed Chair To Senate: “I think it would be great to have clarity,” On Cannabis


As the tentacles of the federal policy of cannabis prohibition run deep into nearly every sector of American public policy, a new voice emerged to call for clarity regarding state-legal cannabis marketplaces: Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell.

Bipartisan Bill To Protect Employment Rights


The Fairness in Federal Drug Testing Under State Laws Act ( HR 1687 ) is bipartisan legislation introduced by Representatives Charlie Crist (D-FL) and Don Young (R-AK) to explicitly bar federal agencies from discriminating against workers solely because of their status as a cannabis consumer, or due to testing positive for marijuana use on a workplace drug test. Medical marijuana is currently legal in 31 states, D.C.,

House Members Pass Historic Legislation Legitimizing Retail Cannabis Sales


Members of the House of Representatives voted 321 to 103 in favor, representing 79% of the vote of HR 1595: The SAFE Banking Act, which amends federal law so that explicitly banks and other financial institutions may work directly with state-legal marijuana businesses.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 1/18/20


At the state level, a new decriminalization law took effect this week in Hawaii involving the possession of up to three grams of marijuana, as well as a procedure for expungement of past convictions for the same amount.

NM governor intervenes in court case over medical cannabis cards

The NM Political Report | Medical Cannabis Program

New Mexico’s governor has officially become a party in a legal battle over whether medical cannabis cards should be issued to out-of-state residents. On Wednesday, a state district judge approved Gov. healthcare policy for our State,” the court filing read.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: I just introduced legislation to end the federal marijuana prohibition


Our archaic and outdated marijuana laws are turning everyday Americans into criminals. Our outdated marijuana laws also target communities of color. Tulsi Gabbard is a Member of Congress representing Hawaii’s 2nd district.

Another Step Forward for Cannabis Banking

Greenspoon Marder Cannabis Law Group Blog

The scheduled hearing, titled “Challenges for Cannabis and Banking: Outside Perspectives” has surprised some in the industry considering that Idaho Senator and Senate Banking committee chairman, Mike Crapo, recently stated he would not consider giving this matter a hearing. Cannabis Banking.

The Legal Status of Cannabis for Animals

Project CBD

Although the federal legality of these products has been a matter of debate, the 2018 Farm Bill signed into law last year officially took hemp and CBD from hemp off of the federal controlled substances list. For the time being, the use of cannabis for animals is in a state of flux.

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Weekly Legislative Roundup 5/3/19


Governor Jay Inslee (D) of Washington signed legislation into law allowing medical cannabis to be accessed by patients on school grounds, and separate legislation allowing the production of industrial hemp in accordance with new federal hemp regulations.

California: State Intervenes in Cannabis Delivery Legal Tussle

Cannabis Law Report

The state this week intervened in a new court battle over home delivery of cannabis in communities that have banned or restricted pot shops. In Fresno, cities are fighting the state contending that state law allows them to decide whether organizations can sell cannabis in their communities.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 1/4/19


Steve Cohen (D-TN) and Don Young (R-AK) re-introduced the Compassionate Access, Research Expansion and Respect States (CARERS) Act, which protects those engaged in state-lawful medical marijuana programs from federal prosecution.

Clark County continues to eye pot-law changes

Cannabis Chronicles

In April, the council held a work session examining the public safety and health aspects of legal cannabis. They also reflect updates to state law, such as eliminating “collective gardens,” which were previously used for medical marijuana.

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Weekly Legislative Roundup 3/29


Governor Jim Justice (R) of West Virginia signed legislation into law that allows financial institutions to provide banking services related to the state’s medical marijuana program. Earlier, a similar bill was overwhelmingly passed in the State House.

Petition filed to legalize recreational marijuana in Oklahoma

Cannabis Law Report

State Question 806 , filed on Dec. 12, would add an amendment to the Constitution, which would generally legalize, regulate and tax marijuana for people aged 21 and older under state law. If voters approve the state question, it would take effect in 90 days.

Federal Legislation Introduced To Protect State-Level Marijuana Legalization Laws

The Joint Blog

As reported by NORML , The Sensible Enforcement Of Cannabis Act essentially would give peace of mind to lawmakers, regulators, 149,000+ workers, and the millions of patients and consumers who are dependent on the normalization of lawful marijuana markets.

Cannabis Banking on the Horizon

Greenspoon Marder Cannabis Law Group Blog

Currently unnamed, the resolution appropriates annual funding for the Department of Treasury, the Judiciary, the Executive Office of the President, and other independent agencies that provide financial services such as the IRS Section 633 of the resolution would allow financial institutions to provide services for marijuana businesses operating pursuant to state law, including Indian Tribes and the District of Columbia. By: Nabil Rodriguez, Esq. & & Victor Fox*.

Update on Marijuana in the Workplace “Rhode Island”

Cannabis Law Report

Laws § 2-26-1, et seq., 2) Where the employer is a federal contractor or otherwise subject to federal law such that failure of the employer to take such action against the employee would cause the employer to lose a monetary or licensing related benefit.

Clark County council votes to lift marijuana ban

Cannabis Chronicles

The ordinance applies a 1,000-foot buffer for all cannabis businesses to elementary and secondary schools as well as public playgrounds as required by state law. County staff has previously stated that more than a dozen businesses in Clark County hold processing or production licenses.

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Article: Legal Pot: Manufacturing Storm Clouds (the Refrain)

Cannabis Law Report

So here is the question: What do you do when an employee has a prescription to use medical marijuana under your state’s law and arrives to work reeking of marijuana? This remains one area where society has outpaced both the law and the science.

California Activists Seek Decriminalization of Magic Mushrooms

Marijuana Lawyer Blog

Together with the required $2,000 fee, an advocacy group by the name of Decriminalize California submitted ballot language to the state attorney general’s office in September. Representatives for Decriminalize California have stated the group currently aims to raise $1.5

Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission Looking To Hire, “Responsible Vendor Trainers for Marijuana Establishment Agents”

Cannabis Law Report

Starting tomorrow, the Cannabis Control Commission (Commission) will begin accepting applications from entities seeking to achieve state certification as Responsible Vendor Trainers for Marijuana Establishment Agents.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 3/22


Activists in Oregon have filed a 2020 ballot initiative with the Secretary of State that, if approved, would allow social cannabis consumption sites and protect consumers from employment discrimination. Under state law, adults face civil penalties for minor marijuana possession offenses.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 2/22


At the state level, the North Dakota House of Representatives defeated a decriminalization bill on the House floor by a narrow 43-47 vote. Following are the bills that we’ve tracked this week and as always, check NORML’s Action Center for legislation pending in your state.

Greenspoon Marder Article: Another Step Forward For Cannabis Banking

Cannabis Law Report

The scheduled hearing, titled “Challenges for Cannabis and Banking: Outside Perspectives” has surprised some in the industry considering that Idaho Senator and Senate Banking committee chairman, Mike Crapo, recently stated he would not consider giving this matter a hearing.

Beyond Pesticides Want Congress To Do Something About Cannabis & Pesticide Use

Cannabis Law Report

Beyond Pesticides , October 8, 2019) As medicinal and recreational marijuana continue to be legalized in a growing number of states, concerns about the safety of the burgeoning industry—how the substance is grown, harvested, processed, distributed, sold, and used—have emerged. Representative and Senators to hold oversight hearings and request investigations into EPA and state responsibilities to prevent misuse of pesticides on cannabis. Cannabis Law News

Florida Senator Introduces Bill Providing Broad Employment Protections to Medical Marijuana Users

The Blunt Truth

If enacted, Florida would join the growing number of states to pass laws with similar protections, including most recently in Illinois. Specifically, the bill proposes to make it unlawful for an employer to take adverse action against an applicant or employee who is a qualified patient using medical marijuana consistent with state law, unless the position held or sought is one involving “safety-sensitive job duties.”

Medical Marijuana Use Could Get People Fired in Ohio


Those with prescriptions who truly need the drug to live relatively functional lives often find themselves caught in the crossfire between federal and state laws. Tremendous Safety Issues”. . Misunderstandings about marijuana are common to this day.

California Department of Justice Releases New Medicinal Cannabis Guidelines

Cannabis Law Report

The Guidelines come after significant changes in state law on recreational cannabis use. Historically, the State of California has been at the forefront of the cannabis legalization movement. PRESS RELEASE. Tuesday, August 6, 2019.

House of Representatives Set to Vote on SAFE Banking Act Today

Greenspoon Marder Cannabis Law Group Blog

As a recap, the SAFE Banking Act would shield banking institutions that serve cannabis-related businesses from federal penalties in states where the cultivation, production, manufacturing, sale, transportation, dispensing, and distribution of cannabis is legal. By allowing banks to provide services to the cannabis industry, the SAFE Banking Act aims to increase public safety by reducing the amount of cash at a marijuana business. By: Nabil Rodriguez, Esq. & & Allen Paxton*.

California Employers Ease Zero Tolerance on Cannabis

Marijuana Lawyer Blog

California employers long have long availed themselves of their right – as affirmed by the state’s high court – to carry out zero tolerance policies against workers who use drugs – even if that drug use takes place off-the-job.

Credit Union and Banking Update for Hemp and Marijuana Industries

Greenspoon Marder Cannabis Law Group Blog

Last week, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) issued interim guidance stating that federally insured credit unions may provide certain financial services to legally operating hemp businesses. By: Kristen Morris, Associate.