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I Have Some Thoughts on This Biden Cannabis Play

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Based upon it’s “scientific and medical evaluation”, the FDA found marijuana supremely dangerous and formally recommended that the plant remain in schedule I. I have a bunch of thoughts actually, none of them so flattering. I’m going to break them down by category.

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Foolproof Way to Get Your Florida Medical Marijuana Recommendation and Card

Why get a medical marijuana card? I’ve been self-medicating Marijuana for a little over two years; I didn’t care that it was illegal at the time that I started using cannabis, all I cared about was how I felt afterward. Luckily, the trepidation of getting caught with medical marijuana has an easy solution nowadays. Patients that are seeking a natural and alternative medicine to the condition they are facing can register for a medical marijuana card by starting here.

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Patient Drives In Missouri: How Do They Work?

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Missouri’s medical marijuana (MMJ) program has been going from strength to strength since 2018. Having a valid Missouri MMJ card guarantees you legal and safe access to medical cannabis products to help manage or treat your symptoms.

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CBD and Depression: Can It Really Help?


CBD or medical marijuana and depression have become in some ways linked due to CBD’s effectiveness when medically prescribed. Some legal marijuana states are providing telemedicine services through online medical marijuana platforms. Medical cbd medical mariuana PrestoDoctor

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CBD And Medical Marijuana: All You Need To Know

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Medical marijuana, along with other cannabis products, is growing in popularity across the country. Here’s what you need to know about CBD and medical marijuana, including how they are used and what each may able to do for you. What Is Medical Marijuana?

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California’s New Cannabis Laws Affect College-Aged Students


[link] With states across the nation embracing the medical and recreational legalization of cannabis, it’s important young adults are informed about the benefits and risks associated with cannabis consumption during their adolescence. Adults 21 or older will be able to purchase cannabis recreationally, however, young adults over the age of 18 will only have access to medical cannabis as long as they have a valid doctor’s recommendation. You can more precisely dose your medication.

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Further Consideration of the STATES Act

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Both paths are complex processes in which scientific, medical, policy and political forces have influence. The Attorney General forwards the request to the Health and Human Services Secretary and requests a scientific and medical evaluation and recommendation, as specified by 23 USC 811(b-c). At the present time, state medical and recreational legalization have no impact on federal drug control laws.

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