Is CBD or Marijuana Healthier?


What is healthier – CBD or Marijuana? Different conditions require different treatments, and in some instances cannabidiol (CBD). Health & Wellness cannabis effects CBD cbd isolate CBD Oil dosing entourage effect safety

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Top 10 CBD Products for Sleep


Finding the right CBD product can be difficult, especially if it’s for a specific condition or symptom. When it comes to sleep, cannabidiol (CBD) can lower anxiety and help a person get to sleep indirectly, but it does not necessarily induce sleepiness directly.

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What is CBD?


This article answers one main question: ‘What is CBD’? CBD stands for cannabidiol and this article is an introduction to what it is, how it works and how it can be used. If you want to know more about cannabidiol (CBD) and. Sometimes you have to go back to basics.

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How Long Does it Take to Feel CBD and How Long Do the Effects of CBD Last?

Cannabis Cheri

Ask Cheri: How long does it take before CBD effects kick in? How long do the effects of CBD last? How much CBD should I take? Regardless of the reason you are taking CBD, you obviously want to know what to expect and how to best use it. Instead of answering this question myself, I am going to turn it over to CBD expert Joy Smith, of Joy Organics , a full spectrum (minus THC) CBD hemp oil company. Joy Smith of Joy Organics CBD. More on CBD.

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Can My Cannabis or CBD Products Expire?


All cannabis or CBD products expire at some point, as it is a plant. CBD CBD products productsThe main two factors that determine how long a cannabis product will last are: What type of product it is (e.g. tincture, flower, edible etc.)

Cannabis, CBD & Anxiety

Project CBD

Managing anxiety is often the reason why people take cannabis or CBD products

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Different Ways to Consume CBD for Health Purposes

Cannabis Life Network

The post Different Ways to Consume CBD for Health Purposes appeared first on Latest Cannabis News Today - Headlines, Videos & Stocks. CBD News Health & Sex CBD cbd capsules CBD oil cbd tincture cbd vapes edibles Topicals

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Does CBD Show up in UA? Will CBD Show Up On a Drug Test?

Cannabis Cheri

My question is, does CBD show up in UA (urinary analysis)? Will CBD show up on a drug test? Does CBD show up in UA? Not unless CBD is specifically requested to be tested for, which would be highly unusual. In fact you won’t even find any federal guidelines for testing CBD, despite its still murky legal status. So there is no worry in testing positive for CBD with a standard drug test. That said, CBD from hemp legally can contain as much as 0.03% THC.

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CBD and CBD Derived Products: Separating the Truth from Fiction

Otherside Farms

If you’re totally new to CBD or cannabis in general, you may have all sorts of questions or apprehensions about the product. It’s pretty easy to understand why with all the unsubstantiated claims and CBD products flooding the market. Some are even made to have only CBD and no THC.

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5 CBD Secrets

Project CBD

Cannabidiol and CBD oil seem to be everywhere these days, despite the confusing legal status of this prolific compound. But how much do we actually know about CBD

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Is CBG the next CBD? Aspen Valley Hemp says yes


The post Is CBG the next CBD? CBD aspen valley hemp company cbd CBG Pure CBD Exchange sponsored articleEnter new waters with White Whale, CBG-dominant hemp flower from Aspen Valley. Aspen Valley Hemp says yes appeared first on Leafly.

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Making CBD products from scratch is easier than you think


With one wellness company selling its unadorned in-house extracts, it’s simpler than ever to DIY your CBD. The post Making CBD products from scratch is easier than you think appeared first on Leafly. CBD cbd sponsored article Surya Care

CBD Products For Day & Night

Miss Marijuana

CBD products have become all the rage over the last several years. CBD products provide benefits that aid in mental and physical wellness. RELATED: THC & CBD-Infused Grill Recipes To Try This Summer. CBD products for day and night: NIGHT Capsules by FOCL . Chill Mary has combined organic coconut oil and full spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil to make this multi-purpose gem. Vanilla CBD Oil by Purekana. CBD Energy Drink Mix by Joy Organics.

BATCH bets on themselves by offering free CBD samples to all


In a sea of cookie-cutter CBD companies, three young entrepreneurs are showing that a little extra attention can build something unique. The post BATCH bets on themselves by offering free CBD samples to all appeared first on Leafly. CBD BATCH cbd cbd samples free cbd free cbd samples sponsored article tinctures wisconsin

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CBD Paste vs CBD Oil

Cannabis Law Report

CBD oil is by far the most flexible and common type of CBD supplement, but did you know there are many ways to take CBD?… … Read More. Pot Luck

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Clinical Study: CBD Effect on the Liver in Adults

Project CBD

Project CBD seeks volunteers to assess the safety and efficacy of cannabidiol

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3 Ways CBD Helps Calm People Suffering from Anxiety

United Patients Group

Ways CBD Helps Calm Patients Suffering from Anxiety. Against this backdrop, it should come as no surprise that cannabidiol (CBD) is booming in Canada and globally. It’s easy to find CBD oil near you anywhere in Canada, Ottawa and Montreal are no exception. What Is CBD?

Is CBD microencapsulation the next secret to sleep?


What if you could microdose CBD all night long? The CBD Pillow turns this sweet dream into a reality. The post Is CBD microencapsulation the next secret to sleep? CBD cbd CBD Pillow sleep sponsored article

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Are CBD Contracts Legally Enforceable?

Project CBD

CBD companies are treading in murky waters regarding enforceable contracts

How Much CBD Should I Take? Essential CBD Dosing Info You NEED

Cannabis Cheri

Ask Cheri: CBD Dosing Help. Dear Cheri, How much is a good CBD dose for a beginner? Like everything associated with cannabis dosing, both THC and CBD, there simply is no one answer to that question that works for everyone. Everyone’s cannabis dosing needs, both THC and CBD are different, and not just a little bit different, oftentimes drastically different. It is true that taking “too much” THC or “too much” CBD is not inherently harmful.

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Hemp-Derived CBD Now Allowed On Flights By TSA


TSA ( Transportation Security Administration ) now allows CBD (Cannabidiol) in airports and on flights. TSA clarifies that the CBD products must be hemp-derived “under the Agriculture Improvement Act 2018.” This tweet from February illustrates that, though their policy on hemp-derived CBD oil has changed. While we have no regulations on possessing or transporting marijuana products, including hemp/CBD oil, possession is a crime under federal law.

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CBD research trends in 2019


It's getting easier for CBD researchers to conduct studies of cannabidiol. Here are some developing trends in CBD research that bear watching. The post CBD research trends in 2019 appeared first on Leafly. CBD Science & tech cbd research science

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Cannabis, CBD & COVID-19

Project CBD

With the worldwide death toll from the corona virus rising exponentially, The Lancet drew attention to “accumulating evidence” that indicates “patients with severe COVID -19 might have a cytokine storm syndrome

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Understanding Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Why It Is Important

Cannabis Cheri

Readers of this blog have heard Cheri preach the benefits of “full-spectrum” CBD oil over CDB isolates or distillates. But what exactly is Full Spectrum CBD oil and why is it so important for health? Cannabidiol (or CBD) is one of the hundreds of different cannabinoids found in the Cannabis sativa plant. Full Spectrum CBD Oil versus CBD Isolate. Benefits of The Entourage Effect for CBD. CBD has the potential to combat inflammation.

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Do CBD bath bombs have any benefits toward reducing Inflammation?

Cannabis Life Network

I’ve heard people say that CBD has helped them with pain and inflammation. What is CBD? CBD is a short form for cannabidiol and it is the second most active ingredient of Cannabis. The post Do CBD bath bombs have any benefits toward reducing Inflammation? Cannabis Canada Cannabis News CBD News Featured Marijuana News anti inflammatory bathbombs bathroom CBD cbd for pets CBD oil inflammation surprise bathbomb

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CBD skincare for beginners


Ever wondered about CBD and your skin? Check out this guide to CBD skincare, presented by Populum, with information about acne, scarring, and more. The post CBD skincare for beginners appeared first on Leafly. CBD cbd Populum safety sponsored article

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How Healist’s natural blends work with CBD to promote sleep


The post How Healist’s natural blends work with CBD to promote sleep appeared first on Leafly. CBD cbd Healist sleep sponsored articleDon’t knock yourself out. Teach your body to sleep again.

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Clinical Trial: CBD Administration Reduces Heroin Cravings


The administration of oral CBD reduces cue-induced cravings and anxiety in subjects with a history of heroin use, according to clinical data published in The American Journal of Psychiatry. Investigators at The Mount Sinai Health System in New York City assessed the effect of CBD versus placebo in 42 drug-abstinent participants with a history of heroin use. CBD also showed significant protracted effects on these measures seven days after the final short-term exposure.”

CBD vape juice vs. CBD cartridges: What’s the difference?


Is the CBD vape juice from the corner store the same as the CBD vape you get at the cannabis shop? The post CBD vape juice vs. CBD cartridges: What’s the difference? Cannabis 101 CBD cbd vape pensCheck out the differences and similarities before you buy your next one. appeared first on Leafly.

Study Finds Potential for CBD Coronavirus Treatment

Medical Marijuana 411

In a surprising turn of events, a Canadian study has found promising evidence suggesting the potential for a CBD coronavirus treatment. The post Study Finds Potential for CBD Coronavirus Treatment appeared first on Medical Marijuana 411. Cannabis Science CBD Lifestyle Research What Ails You cbd CBD Research

CBD Tinctures You May Want To Add To Your Daily Routine

Miss Marijuana

What are the benefits of CBD tinctures exactly? Tinctures and oils that contain CBD are attractive due to their easily portable, and very potable qualities. CBD tinctures are popular among those who want a bit more privacy when it comes to their usage. The Best CBD Tinctures.

CBD Hemp Versus Industrial Hemp: What You Need to Know

Cannabis Cheri

If you are confused by the topic of CBD Hemp oil, you’re not alone. In contrast to the marijuana industry — one of the most highly regulated in the world — the CBD industry can be compared to the Wild West with too few rules and regulations on its production and not enough manpower to enforce the ones that do exist. Sadly, just about anything goes in CBD. CBD Oil Misinformation from the Media. Yes, CBD comes from hemp. More on CBD. By Joy Smith.

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How to Choose the Perfect CBD Vape


Slowly but surely, CBD is stepping out of ‘fad’ territory and becoming something of a mainstream staple. Even those once reluctant (or even sceptical) are finding themselves tempted to try the CBD products being sold in record volumes worldwide. CBD cannabis

Drive off anxiety with this CBD Arnold Palmer drink recipe


The post Drive off anxiety with this CBD Arnold Palmer drink recipe appeared first on Leafly. Lifestyle cbd cbd drink recipes drinks edibles recipesIncrease your chill with this breezy recipe designed by famed chef Laurie Wolf.

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Understanding CBD: What is the Entourage Effect?

Otherside Farms

The most well-known and researched phytocannabinoids found in cannabis are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Why Take CBD? CBD has become an extremely popular product in the health and wellness market in recent years. Legality of CBD. CBD and THC.

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What are the Benefits of Vaping CBD oil?

Medicinal Marijuana Association

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound in the cannabis sativa plant, also known as marijuana or hemp. While CBD can be consumed in the form of edibles, topicals and oils, inhaling CBD Vape Oil is another popular way to consume it. What is CBD vape oil?

The complete guide to CBD (cannabidiol)


Got questions about the benefits of CBD? Learn what CBD is, how to use CBD oil for various conditions, what to look for in CBD edibles, and much more. The post The complete guide to CBD (cannabidiol) appeared first on Leafly. Cannabis 101 CBD cbdWe have answers.