CBD for Heart Disease

Project CBD

Research shows that CBD can help maintain healthy cardiovascular function and prevent heart disease

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Fact Checking CBD – 5 Common CBD Myths Exposed

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For as popular as CBD is, there sure is a lot of confusion surrounding it. Despite being considered one of the most effective herbal medicines on the market today, CBD faces tidal waves of fake news and misconceptions mainly because of its close relationship with marijuana.

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CBD Dentistry

Project CBD

CBD and other plant cannabinoids have a promising future in oral hygiene

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Best CBD Products for Anxiety


One of the greatest promises of medical cannabis is the hope that cannabidiol (CBD) products extend to people suffering from anxiety. CBD products are perceived as a safer, less toxic option to pharmaceutical chemicals in treating conditions related to anxiety disorders.

Landmark CBD Study Concludes: No Liver Toxicity with CBD Use

Cannabis Cheri

Care by Design Hemp , a wholly-owned CannaCraft brand, is pleased to announce that the groundbreaking clinical study exploring the effects of CBD on liver health has concluded after seven months of research. CBD Health Learning

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Is CBD or Marijuana Healthier?


What is healthier – CBD or Marijuana? Different conditions require different treatments, and in some instances cannabidiol (CBD). Health & Wellness cannabis effects CBD cbd isolate CBD Oil dosing entourage effect safety

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Orenda Botanicals Package Review: CBD Products & More!

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Today, I will be sharing with you an honest review of the Orenda Botanicals package I ordered filled with CBD products and more! I have heard time and time again how incredible CBD can be for your overall wellbeing, yet I never […].

Cannabis, CBD & Anxiety

Project CBD

Managing anxiety is often the reason why people take cannabis or CBD products

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The Essential Guide to CBD

Project CBD

Project CBD has teamed up with Reader’s Digest to publish a reliable, accessible, easy-to-understand guide to all things CBD

What is CBD?


This article answers one main question: ‘What is CBD’? CBD stands for cannabidiol and this article is an introduction to what it is, how it works and how it can be used. If you want to know more about cannabidiol (CBD) and. Sometimes you have to go back to basics.

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How Long Does it Take to Feel CBD and How Long Do the Effects of CBD Last?

Cannabis Cheri

Ask Cheri: How long does it take before CBD effects kick in? How long do the effects of CBD last? How much CBD should I take? Regardless of the reason you are taking CBD, you obviously want to know what to expect and how to best use it. Instead of answering this question myself, I am going to turn it over to CBD expert Joy Smith, of Joy Organics , a full spectrum (minus THC) CBD hemp oil company. Joy Smith of Joy Organics CBD. More on CBD.

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Can CBD help athletic performance?


Athletes are turning to CBD to help with a multitude of sports-related injuries and issues. The post Can CBD help athletic performance? CBD Health cannabinoid medicine cbd sportsBut is it just hype? appeared first on Leafly.

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How to Start a Brand Using Private Label CBD Products

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Private labeled CBD products are those that are sourced from a certain manufacturer but branded and sold by another company. The post How to Start a Brand Using Private Label CBD Products appeared first on Latest Cannabis News Today - Headlines, Videos & Stocks.

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5 CBD Products for Hair Loss


When the uses for cannabidiol (CBD) seem endless, you might feel skeptical about considering it as an option in preventing hair loss. But there is evidence to show that CBD oil can be beneficial in hair care and could even prevent hair loss (alopecia).

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Orenda Botanicals Review: CBD-infused Products for Pain Relief

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Recently, I’ve been paying more attention to CBD-infused products, because of the immense benefits that CBD provides. For those who don’t know, CBD can help with anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, joint pain, […].

Europe's CBD Conundrum

Project CBD

The European Union flipflops and declares that the CBD is not a narcotic, but the cannabis compound remains subject to international controls

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Top 10 CBD Products for Sleep


Finding the right CBD product can be difficult, especially if it’s for a specific condition or symptom. When it comes to sleep, cannabidiol (CBD) can lower anxiety and help a person get to sleep indirectly, but it does not necessarily induce sleepiness directly.

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10 Best CBD Products


Determining which cannabidiol (CBD) products are best for you or someone you care for is difficult. CBD Health & Wellness CBD products cbd tincture productsThis is because there are so many different products out there, and they are of varying quality.

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Positive Effects of CBD on Our Health

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CBD or Cannabidiol oil is extracted from cannabis, which is a naturally found chemical in the marijuana plant. Despite that fact, CBD doesn’t produce the high that’s always associated with marijuana.

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How to Use CBD Oils


Cannabis Products cannabidiol CBD CBD Oil dosing full spectrum hemp oil hemp oilAches, pains and injuries happen to people all across the world every single day for a wide variety of reasons.

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Best UK CBD Products 2020

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Finding the best CBD products isn’t always easy. The post Best UK CBD Products 2020 appeared first on Latest Cannabis News Today - Headlines, Videos & Stocks. Marijuana News CBD cbd capsules cbd cream cbd news CBD oil cbd sales cbd suppliers cbd tincture cbd vapes cbd vaping UK

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Best CBD Products for Pain


There are hundreds of cannabidiol (CBD) products available on the market, with some being much better than others. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of the highest quality CBD products which could be used by people experiencing pain.

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How Can Cannabis and CBD Help with Addiction?


Science has started to see cannabis as an exit drug instead, and some have started to integrate cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) into their drug treatment programs. For many years, people thought of cannabis as a gateway drug.

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Best CBD Products for Skin Care


With the massive rise of cannabidiol (CBD) over the last few years, you’ve more than likely met someone who has used it in one way or another. Maybe it’s someone who swears by vaping a little bit of CBD oil to ease their anxiety.

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How Do I Persuade an Elderly Relative to Try CBD Treatment?


The mild, safe and sure relief provided by medical CBD products makes CBD treatment the ideal way to use cannabis for seniors in pain. Scientific journals and marketing decks throughout the USA are chock full of studies and sales pitches touting the benefits of CBD for seniors.

Is your CBD what it says it is? Study finds high-THC weed sold as hemp


Over 70% of CBD samples tested failed for either excessive levels of contamination or contained too much THC to qualify as hemp or both. The post Is your CBD what it says it is? CBD cbd Hemp SC Labs

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How to make CBD-infused banana oatmeal chocolate chip muffins

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For this week’s segment of Cooking with Cannabis 101, we’re making CBD-infused banana oatmeal chocolate chip muffins. CBD oil has a ton of benefits which makes it a great addition to your morning routine.

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Orenda Botanicals: 5 Things You Should Know About CBD Topicals

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CBD products are surging in popularity, and for good reasons! If you are looking for an all-natural solution to alleviate aches and pain in your body, we highly recommend using CBD topicals. In this article, we cover 5 things you should know about using CBD topically.

Can Cannabis and CBD Help Improve Your Health?


Cannabis and CBD can help improve your health because it returns balance to your body. Health & Wellness cannabis as medicine cannabis health cannabis improves health cbd as medicine

CBD vape juice vs. CBD cartridges: What’s the difference?


Is the CBD vape juice from the corner store the same as the CBD vape you get at the cannabis shop? The post CBD vape juice vs. CBD cartridges: What’s the difference? Cannabis 101 CBD cbd vape pens

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CBD skincare for beginners


Ever wondered about CBD and your skin? Check out this guide to CBD skincare, presented by Populum, with information about acne, scarring, and more. The post CBD skincare for beginners appeared first on Leafly. CBD cbd Populum safety sponsored article

CBD 92

What Does CBD Feel Like?

Cannabis Law Report

Unfamiliar CBD users who land on the world of CBD and alternative products for the first time ask themselves: “what… Read More. USA CBD Expo

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How to Use CBD Oil for Pain?

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CBD oil offers the pain-relieving results of marijuana minus its psychoactive effects. It lets people benefit from the great uses of the cannabis compound CBD without the herb’s high and its side effects. The post How to Use CBD Oil for Pain?

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Reasons To Use CBD Flowers

Otherside Farms

CBD flowers are growing in popularity among those of all ages. The benefits of the hemp plant were kept relatively quiet until it happened to burst onto the scene with many industries now featuring CBD products prominently. The Cons Of CBD Flowers. Hemp/CBD

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How to use CBD for sleep, anxiety, and focus


The post How to use CBD for sleep, anxiety, and focus appeared first on Leafly. CBD Social CBD sponsored articleWe all have different self-care needs—here’s how to choose the right gummy for you.

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Different Ways to Consume CBD for Health Purposes

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The post Different Ways to Consume CBD for Health Purposes appeared first on Latest Cannabis News Today - Headlines, Videos & Stocks. CBD News Health & Sex CBD cbd capsules CBD oil cbd tincture cbd vapes edibles Topicals

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BATCH bets on themselves by offering free CBD samples to all


In a sea of cookie-cutter CBD companies, three young entrepreneurs are showing that a little extra attention can build something unique. The post BATCH bets on themselves by offering free CBD samples to all appeared first on Leafly.

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