Clinical Trial: CBD Administration Reduces Heroin Cravings


The administration of oral CBD reduces cue-induced cravings and anxiety in subjects with a history of heroin use, according to clinical data published in The American Journal of Psychiatry. In clinical models, CBD administration has been shown to reduce cravings for tobacco. Investigators at The Mount Sinai Health System in New York City assessed the effect of CBD versus placebo in 42 drug-abstinent participants with a history of heroin use.

Japanese Officials Approve Epidiolex For Clinical Trials

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The trials, to be tightly controlled in a hospital environment, are exempted from Japan’s Cannabis Control Act, which bans cannabis compounds generally. Japanese officials approve Epidiolex for clinical trials.

FDA Approves Marijuana-Based Epilepsy Drug For Use On Kids In Clinical Trials

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Federal regulators have approved two clinical studies testing whether a marijuana-based epilepsy drug may help prevent seizures among epileptic children. Source: FDA Approves Marijuana-Based Epilepsy Drug For Use On Kids In Clinical Trials.

Cannabinoids for Scleroderma

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Two compounds that target the endocannabinoid system are currently in development to treat scleroderma – and they’re already in clinical trials.

CBD for Brain-Damaged Babies?

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The launch of a clinical trial examining the use of CBD in newborns suffering from hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (brain damage caused by lack of oxygen) means new hope for the million plus babies born each year with this condition

US Government Approves Increased Production of Marijuana for Clinical Research


Federal officials have approved plans for the University of Mississippi to grow 2,000 kilograms (4,409 pounds) of cannabis to provide to investigators for clinical trial research.

Brain Awareness Week: CBD and the Brain


Cannabidiol (CBD) is still a big mystery in many ways.

Canadian Researchers Studying Hemp Protein to Treat Hypertension


"If the clinical trial shows that hemp can help reduce blood pressure, then other treatment areas will be examined.". The post Canadian Researchers Studying Hemp Protein to Treat Hypertension appeared first on Leafly. Canada Health Science & Tech Hemp research studies

Legislation To Produce And Research Cannabis Introduced


A bipartisan coalition of House lawmakers has introduced The Medical Cannabis Research Act of 2019 ( HR 601 ), to facilitate federally-approved clinical trials involving cannabis. The act ends the University of Mississippi’s existing monopoly on the growth of cannabis for clinical research purposes, by requiring the licensing of additional manufacturers.

Not-very-NICE: UK Cannabis Policy and Harm to Patients


This commentary on the NICE UK cannabis guidelines is originally published by The Academy of Medical Cannabis , the globally leading institute for clinical training and research in cannabis-based medicinal products.

Study: Marijuana Provided For FDA-Approved Clinical Research Genetically Similar to Hemp


Marijuana grown by the University of Mississippi for clinical research purposes is genetically divergent from strains of cannabis commercially available in retail markets, according to an analysis prepared by researchers at the University of Northern Colorado.

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New Study Aims To Learn If Cannabis Can Help Treat Autism


The United States Department of Defense and GW Pharmaceuticals are collaborating on a new clinical trial at the Montefiore Medical Center in New York. The CBDV compound for the trial is being shipped from the United Kingdom to Dr. Eric Hollander.

Kristin & Shelby – Fighting Dravet Syndrome


This is how Kristin Wilcox describes the effect a cannabis-infused drug given to her daughter, Shelby Mathews, during a clinical trial on cannabinoids for Dravet Syndrome. “I saw a change almost immediately. I can’t even explain … I can’t even describe it, but it was … It was like a light started coming back into her eyes.”

EU Parliament Publish Procedure File & Resolution On, “Use of cannabis for medicinal purposes”

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Ensure that safe and controlled cannabis used for medicinal purposes can only be in the form of cannabis-derived products that have gone through clinical trials, regulatory assessment and approval.”. Here are some of the bullets from the resolution.

GB Sciences Sells Its Louisiana Medical Marijuana Business at a $32 Million Total Valuation

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GB Sciences also will continue to develop its clinical cannabis formulations for which the company has filed numerous patents, progressing the research towards clinical trials and first-in-human pilot studies. LAS VEGAS, Sept.

Survey: Three Of Four Military Veterans Would Consider Using Medical Cannabis


Proposed federal legislation to direct the agency to conduct clinical trials on the use of cannabis for PTSD and for other conditions is currently pending in the US House and Senate. Seventy-five percent of military veterans say that they would consider using either “cannabis or cannabinoid products as a treatment option,” according to member survey data compiled by the group Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA).

Why Dr. Sue Sisley Sued the DEA for Stonewalling Cannabis Research


But at the Vegas event, she brought good news: She announced that other universities would host her research, and she recently applied for a third-party cultivation license from the DEA, the only federal agency that can legally provide cannabis for clinical study in the US.

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CBD: Exploring The Therapeutic Effects of Cannabis Without the High

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With increased attention and further legalization efforts in the United States, research surrounding the health applications are still in its infancy stages, but documentation and clinical trials continue to flow into the public sphere.

Medical Marijuana is Being Used to Treat Dementia With Success

The clinical trials for medications take years and to this date, there have been no effective medications to properly treat and/or cure Dementia. An article published in Psychiatric Times (part of the Modern Medicine Network) titled “Medical Marijuana and Dementia-Associated Agitation: Stirring the Pot” cites “a positive open-label trial of medical cannabis oil, cited by Maust and colleagues, which used a marijuana extract high in THC and low in other marijuana alkaloids.”

Cannabis & Dementia: New Study Explores Pot’s Potential for Treatment

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Clinical studies are about to get underway at an Australia university, to track changes in actual dementia patients to see if cannabis can help with dementia and related issues. The clinical trial will be held over a 14-month period starting early next year.

Serious Conditions Are Responding To Cannabinoid Therapy

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clinical research is extremely difficult to conduct. With clinical research developing rapidly in Israel and with the use of innovative technology we hope to have this information in the near future.

Transplant Denied To Med Marijuana Patient With Liver Cancer

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Between January 2010 and October 2011, Smith took part in a rare clinical trial to combat his liver cancer. The trial, which involved only 60 people worldwide, included weekly infusions and daily pills.

3 Ways Florida Medical Marijuana Can Be Used to Fight Cancer

The American Cancer Society reported that studies have consistently shown that during clinical trials patients who used marijuana extracts needed less pain medicine and opioids. For centuries, humans have relied on the cannabis plant for its therapeutic properties. More than ever, cannabis can aid in the treatment of chronic disease and as a supplement to cancer treatments.

Cannabis Use In Active Athletes: Behaviors Related to Subjective Effects

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She is a seven-time Olympic trials qualifier in three sports: marathon (three), triathlon (three), and swimming (one). Our results need to be replicated in larger studies and clinical trials.

Approval of Epidiolex Validates What Many CBD Users Already Knew


Use of CBD in seizure prevention is well-documented with research ; and now, after conducting its own trials, the FDA appears to agree. Further, in support of GW’s application, the company conducted nonclinical and clinical studies to assess the abuse potential of CBD.

Justice Department Urged To Take “Immediate Action” On Marijuana Grow Applications


Currently, the sole federally licensed producer of cannabis for clinical research is the University of Mississippi. ” He later acknowledged that these restrictions have led many “companies [to] go overseas to conduct research with foreign-grown product that is more easily sourced for the purposes of clinical trials.”

‘Too costly, not enough evidence it works’, says UK in blow to cannabis campaigners

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A concurrent review by NHS England, which overseas budget, planning, and day-to-day operations of the commissioning side of the English health service has said more research and trials are needed, however. If you wish to re-publish this story please do so with following accreditation.

Cannabis Use In Active Athletes: Behaviors Related to Subjective Effects

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She is a seven-time Olympic trials qualifier in three sports: marathon (three), triathlon (three), and swimming (one). Our results need to be replicated in larger studies and clinical trials.

Raphael Mechoulam: Pioneer Cannabis Researcher

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More clinical trials in cannabis are currently being conducted in this tiny countrythan in any other country across the globe. As far back as the 1800s,scientistsrealized that there arevaluable effects incannabis.

New Study On CBD And Sleep Shows Promising Results

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By: Madeleine Balestrier. A new study concludes that PlusCBD Oil supplements can help improve sleep, support reduction in appetite and help enhance quality of life in humans. . RELATED: New Study Concludes That CBD Can Help Decrease The Severity Of PTSD Symptoms.

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New Study To Test Effectiveness Of Cannabis Compound CBDV In Treating Autism

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Dr. Alexander Kolevzon, clinical director of the Seaver Autism Center at Mount Sinai, is skeptical due to the wide range of symptoms that are present on the autism spectrum.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 1/4/19


Separate provisions in the bill exclude cannabidiol from the federal definition of marijuana, permit VA doctors to authorize medical cannabis access to qualified patients, and remove undue federal barriers to clinical trial research to better assess the safety and efficacy of medical cannabis.

New Zealand Govt Consultation Doc Says “Cannabis-based products will be allowed to bypass usual processes required for medicines in New Zealand”

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From trial to market. Companies then run clinical trials, first on small groups of healthy subjects to establish the compound is safe and to understand how it behaves in the body. Finally, the medicine moves into “efficacy” trials.

Release from the Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis


Bial laboratories (responsible for the drug used in this trial) informed that this drug is an inhibitor compound of the FAAH protein (fatty acid amide hydrolase). Other inhibitor compounds of the FAAH protein have already been used in clinic trials without toxicity.

Yes, Medical Cannabis Works. So Why Deny the Anecdotal Evidence?


Second, while it’s true that decades of the federal government’s restrictive cannabis policies have largely prevented scientists from conducting the double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials that we’ve come to equate with gold-standard scientific proof that certain medications are effective and safe, it’s far from true that there’s no evidence to support the efficacy of cannabis as an alternative medicine.

The Top Medical Cannabis Research of 2017

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These studies were undertaken in preparation for the release of the clinically trialled TopiCann skincare product.

Cannabis Use In Active Athletes: Behaviors Related to Subjective Effects

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She is a seven-time Olympic trials qualifier in three sports: marathon (three), triathlon (three), and swimming (one). Our results need to be replicated in larger studies and clinical trials.