NORML Formally Responds to DEA’s Proposed Changes to Marijuana Cultivation Rules


Under existing regulations, the agency only licenses one facility — the University of Mississippi — to cultivate cannabis for use in FDA-approved clinical trials. 2020 ACTIVISM GOVERNMENT Research SCIENCE Cultivation DEA University of Mississippi

DEA 200

New Hampshire: Home Cultivation Legislation Advances


Senate lawmakers have passed legislation, SB 420 , permitting state-authorized patients to home cultivate cannabis for their own personal use. Medical Marijuana home cultivation New Hampshire Sununu veto

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NORML Says DEA’s Newly Proposed Bulk Cultivation Rules Are “Unduly Onerous, Expensive, and Impractical”


In a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking , published this week in the Federal Register , the agency acknowledges its longstanding failure to act upon the 35 bulk cultivation applications before it. Those entities who wish to either cultivate low-THC crops (those containing no more than 0.3

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Court: DEA Must Explain Its Failure to Act Upon Pending Marijuana Cultivation Applications


A federal court has ordered the Drug Enforcement Administration to respond to a lawsuit charging the agency with failing to move forward with a 2016 policy to expand the total number of federally licensed marijuana cultivators.

New Hampshire: Lawmakers Advance Legislation Permitting Patients to Home Cultivate


The measure permits registered patients (or their designated caregivers) to cultivate up to three mature plants in a private location that it not subject to public view. ACTIVISM LEGISLATION Medical Marijuana home cultivation New Hampshire SununuMembers of the House and Senate have approved versions of House Bill 364 , which allows qualified patients the option to grow marijuana at home.

Cultivating Wellness: A CBD User Survey

Project CBD

Who is using CBD and why? Despite the huge public interest in CBD products, and an endless stream of media stoking that fire, there have been limited efforts to figure out exactly how and why people are using this darling compound of the cannabis world

Oregon Senate OKs Freeze on Cannabis Cultivation


The post Oregon Senate OKs Freeze on Cannabis Cultivation appeared first on Leafly. Politics cultivation Growing licensing OregonFacing product surpluses and plummeting prices, the Oregon Senate has moved forward with a plan to temporarily limit the state's supply of legal adult-use marijuana.

RXGreen Supports Cannabis Cultivators by Getting Their Hands Dirty


Solving tough cannabis cultivation problems is all in a day’s work for Shara Ross, an agricultural expert who travels the US consulting on cannabis grows for RXGreen Technologies. The post RXGreen Supports Cannabis Cultivators by Getting Their Hands Dirty appeared first on Leafly.

Malawi legalizes cannabis cultivation for certain uses

Cannabis Life Network

BLANTYRE, Malawi — Malawi has legalized the cultivation of cannabis as the country seeks an alternative to tobacco, its main earner of foreign exchange which is under pressure from anti-smoking campaigns.

DEA Promises Progress on Federal Cultivation Applications, But Provides No Timetable for Action


According to the agency’s filing today in the Federal Register, the DEA “intends to promulgate regulations” to evaluate several dozen applications before it from private entities that wish to cultivate cannabis for FDA-approved research.

DEA 221

Health Canada Report Says Outdoor Cultivation Outpacing Indoor Cultivation

Cannabis Law Report

Nationally, 30 million packaged units of cannabis products were held in inventory by cultivators, processors, distributors and retailers. Among other Health Canada data released Friday for the October 2019 period reports MJ Biz. million packaged units of cannabis were sold in Canada.

Court Dismisses Case Demanding DEA to Move Expeditiously to License Cannabis Cultivators


A federal court on Friday denied a petition for a writ of mandamus that sought to order the US Drug Enforcement Administration to begin licensing private entities that wish to cultivate cannabis.

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How Cannabis Cultivation Has Advanced Farming Technologies


The post How Cannabis Cultivation Has Advanced Farming Technologies appeared first on Leafly. See how cannabis has already helped in making the future a little greener. Canada Growing Industry Science & Tech environment farming hydroponics technology

Rick Steves: I support home cultivation rights for all marijuana consumers


Legislation is currently stalled in the House and Senate to allow adults to cultivate up to six marijuana plants in their homes. Granting the right to home cultivation gives more power to the consumer and ensures the safe, convenient, and affordable access to marijuana for all. Join me today in supporting the freedom for every cannabis consumer to have the right to cultivate marijuana in the home.

California Hemp Cultivation: It’s Complicated

Canna Law Blog

There is actual law on the books for cultivation, but it mostly sat there for a few years and is only now coming to light. To understand the current state of hemp cultivation in California, we need to look back a few years. In other words, commercial cultivation was still not allowed.

The Easy Way To Cultivate Your Own Medical Cannabis Seeds

The Fresh Toast

Continue reading The Easy Way To Cultivate Your Own Medical Cannabis Seeds at The Fresh Toast. Cannabis How-To Medical Marijuana cultivate medical marijuana seedsthe first step to breeding or growing your own seeds is picking a hearty male of the strain you want and growing him out.

Lebanon About to Legalize Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis Law Report

Ashark Al Aw-Sat reports this week that……Cannabis cultivation for medical and industrial use is about to be legalized based on a draft law approved by the parliamentary committees on Wednesday and referred to Parliament for adoption.

Aaron Keefer, Culinary Gardener for The French Laundry, Joins Sonoma Hills Farm as VP of Cultivation and Production

Canna Newswire

February 17, 2019 / Canna Newswire / – Sonoma Hills Farm, a premium craft cannabis farm and culinary garden located in Sonoma County, has appointed Aaron Keefer as vice president of cultivation and production. There’s no better person to cultivate and produce this cannabis than Aaron.”.

BREAKING NEWS: California Opens Up for Commercial Hemp Cultivation

Canna Law Blog

We have been closely following California’s commercial hemp cultivation licensing law since it was proposed last year as Senate Bill 1409 (see here , here , and here ). There are a number of counties in California that restrict or prohibit hemp cultivation.

Veganic Gardening in Cannabis Cultivation

Marijuana Seeds NL

Continue reading → The post Veganic Gardening in Cannabis Cultivation appeared first on MSNL Blog. Veganic gardening is a type of growing technique places a focus on organic, natural, plant-based growing methods. It does not allow the use of chemicals or unnatural substances.

Grow Tech: Gadgets for the Home Cannabis Cultivator

Freedom Leaf

By becoming your own master cultivator, you gain autonomy throughout the entire growth process, ensuring both safety and quality. Home cultivation can improve your health and wellness. Expect to seeing increased numbers of home cultivators in the next few years.

Cultivating Wellness

Project CBD

Who is using CBD and why? Despite the huge public interest in CBD products, and an endless stream of media stoking that fire, there have been limited efforts to figure out exactly how and why people are using this darling compound of the cannabis world

Habitat Craft Cannabis Ltd. Announces Receipt of Micro-Cultivation License

Cannabis Life Network

23, 2019 /CNW/ – Habitat Craft Cannabis Ltd. (“Habitat”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deepwater Agriculture Corporation (dba Habitat Life Sciences), is pleased to announce that it has received a micro-cultivation licence from Health Canada. CHASE, BC, Sept.

Six Tips for Cultivating Cannabis on a Terrace or Balcony


You’d be forgiven for thinking that in order to successfully cultivate cannabis outdoors, you’d need a significant amount of space to get the job done. After all, most outdoor cultivation guides tend to target growers with larger gardens, greenhouses and so on.

NORML’s Statement Regarding the Designation of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries as “Essential Services”


’ Finally, NORML would like once again to reaffirm its longstanding position regarding the need for state laws to recognize and to permit patients to engage in personal cultivation. 2020 Medical Marijuana COVID-19 dispensaries home cultivation smoking social distancing

California Hemp Cultivation Law is About to Change, Again

Canna Law Blog

Today, I’m going to talk about SB-153, which could have a massive impact on California’s hemp cultivation industry. In the wake of this law, many institutions that may not necessarily qualify for cultivation under federal law would be able to cultivate in CA.

South Africa: Cultivating Your Cannabis IP (Podcast)

Cannabis Law Report

Podcast : Cultivating your Cannabis IP. MONDAQ. 26 November 2019. Article by Darren Olivier. Adams & Adams. The cannabis market is on the rise, with 263 million users globally, of which 83 million sit in Africa. Captivate the cannabis market and capitalise by protecting your IP.

California Cannabis: Napa County Headed for a Cultivation Compromise?

Canna Law Blog

Cannabis cultivation and the means for regulating it have been contentious topics in Napa County for some time now.

California Cannabis Cultivator Brings RICO Claims Against Fellow Cultivator, But Not For The Reason You Might Think

Canna Law Blog

In what appears to be a first, a veteran commercial cannabis cultivator in Santa Barbara County has sued another cannabis cultivator for, among many other claims, violating the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

Former Licensed Cultivator In Salinas Pays $US1.1 Million Settlement

Cannabis Law Report

A former licensed cannabis cultivator in Salinas, California has agreed to a $1.1 A former Salinas, California licensed cannabis cultivator has settled with the county District Attorney’s Office for $1.1

Australian Capital Legalizes Marijuana Possession and Cultivation


According to CNN , the Australian capital of Canberra fully legalized possession and cultivation of recreational cannabis after a vote on September 24 th. Under the ACT’s current law, cultivating one or two cannabis plants or possessing 50g (1.76

BevCanna Expands Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation Capabilities to Almost 300 acres

Cannabis Life Network

CSE:BEV, Q:BVNNF, FSE:7BC) (“BevCanna” or the “Company”), announced today that is has increased the size of its outdoor cannabis cultivation site to 292 acres, up from the originally announced 130 […].

Major Changes to California Hemp Cultivation Laws are on the Horizon

Canna Law Blog

On September 11, 2019, the California Assembly approved SB-153 , a bill aimed at making significant changes to California’s hemp cultivation law. Under current California hemp cultivation laws, the definition of EARIs is much broader than under federal law.

Introducing Cultivate’s Premium Wellness and Self-Care Products

Canna Newswire

SAN DIEGO – August 20, 2019 / Canna Newswire / – Cultivate , a premium wellness and self-care brand, launches with safe and compliant THC-free, full-spectrum hemp oil-infused products including a 500 mg Soothing Balm, 300 mg SoftGels, 500 mg Tincture and 250 mg Tincture. About Cultivate.

Australia: Cannabis Possession Now Depenalized in the Capital Territory


Activities involving the personal possession and/or cultivation of cannabis in private are no longer subject to either criminal or civil penalties in the Australian Capital Territory, in accordance with legislation that took effect last week.