What Are The Benefits Of Using Cannabis For Digestive Disorders?

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Cannabis For Digestive Disorders? Cannabis has been proven many times over to help treat and prevent several digestive disorders that plague people everyday. The post What Are The Benefits Of Using Cannabis For Digestive Disorders?

Friday Book Club: Reader’s Digest The Essential Guide to CBD

Cannabis Law Report

“Reader’s Digest The Essential Guide to CBD: Everything You Need to Know About What It Helps, Where to Buy, And… Read More. Green Market Report


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Architectural Digest: Step Inside America’s Most Unusual Marijuana Farms

Cannabis Law Report

AD looks at cannabis companies retrofitting existing buildings to grow their weed, an enjoyable article with the usual selection of stylish photographs and good to see some companies trying to use less / existing resources to grow plants.

The Health Effects of Cannabis: The Digestive System


Cannabis has broad effects in the digestive system, including increasing appetite, reducing nausea and vomiting, inhibiting acid secretion, relaxing smooth muscle, decreasing pain, decreasing inflammation, and decreasing motility, thereby relieving cramps and diarrhea.

Seeking Alpha Interviews Patricia Heer Editor of Cannabis Law Digest

Cannabis Law Report

Patricia Heer is Editor and co-founder of Cannabis Law Digest, an online platform of legal resources for the cannabis industry. Rena Sherbill: Today, I am happy to be joined by Patricia Heer, Editor and co-founder of Cannabis Law Digest , an online platform of legal resources for the cannabis industry. Prior to serving as editor for the Digest, Patricia was special counsel at Duane Morris, LLP. Listen to the podcast or read the transcript.

Thursday 14 February – State By State Digest: Alasaka, Colorado, Florida

Cannabis Law Report

ALASKA. Alaska Crime Bill May Need Exemption to Keep Recreational Marijuana Industry Legal. The adult-use cannabis industry could be put in legal jeopardy by one of the governor’s proposed crime bills unless clarifying language is added to the legislation. link]. COLORADO. Colorado Reports $6 Billion In Cannabis Sales Since 2014. Colorado regulators say more than $6 billion in marijuana products have been sold since 2014 in the state.

NJ Politics Digest Wonders Whether Legislature Can Even Get Decriminalisation Through

Cannabis Law Report

Here’s their short report. Now that it appears New Jersey won’t be legalizing marijuana until at least after November 2020, state legislators might move this week to essentially decriminalize possession of small amounts of the drug. NJ.com reports that a bill to expunge the records of people with cannabis offenses would reduce the penalties for anyone caught with up to two ounces of marijuana to a civil citation carrying a $50 fine.

Wednesday 20 February – State By State Digest: Maryland, North Dakota, South Dakota,

Cannabis Law Report

MARYLAND. Maryland lawmakers to study legalizing recreational marijuana in 2020 with state law or by referendum. Leaders of Maryland’s General Assembly created a work group Tuesday to study legalizing recreational use of marijuana — a signal the legislature won’t pass legislation this year on the issue. The bipartisan group will make recommendations at the end of December that could be used to develop bills for the 2020 legislative session.

Saturday 16 February – State By State Digest: General, Alaska, Nevada, New Mexico

Cannabis Law Report

This webinar will address issues that arise when cannabis businesses or individuals deriving income from the cannabis industry seek relief provided by the federal bankruptcy laws, and presenters include: Patricia Heer Managing Editor of the Cannabis Law Digest. GENERAL. Report: US-based multistate marijuana operators poised to deploy big money in 2019. In 2018, a record number of U.S.

How Cannabis Stimulates Your Appetite And Gives You The Munchies

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Featured Food appetite digestion endocannabinoid system endocannabinoids food hunger munching receptors THCIt is well known that many users experience the munchies after consuming cannabis. But why does cannabis have this effect on our appetite?

Friday 9 February 2019 – State By State Digest: Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland,

Cannabis Law Report

KENTUCKY. Advocates rally at Capitol to change Kentucky’s marijuana laws. FRANKFORT, Ky. WKYT) – Advocates filled the Capitol rotunda in Frankfort on Wednesday saying the time is now for a change in Kentucky’s marijuana laws. Lawmakers have filed four cannabis-related bills since the legislative session began in January. Proposed bills include, one for legalization of medical cannabis and one for responsible adult use of marijuana.

Friday 8 March – State By State Digest: Federal, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Texas, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming

Cannabis Law Report

FEDERAL. Three cannabis reform bills reintroduced in Congress. FLORIDA. Florida Senate passes smokable medical marijuana bill. TALLAHASSEE – Florida lawmakers Thursday took a major step toward repealing the state’s ban on smokable medical marijuana, signaling an early victory in the legislative session for Gov. Ron DeSantis. The Florida Senate passed SB 182 by a 34-4 vote to remove the prohibition. The bill now heads to the House.

$32.32 Bn Direct-to-consumer Pet Food Market – Global Forecasts to 2027 with Focus on Dental Health, Skin Problem, Joint Health, Allergies, Stress, Heart Health, and Digestive Health – ResearchAndMarkets.com

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Digestive Health. DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Direct-to-consumer Pet Food Market by Type Pet Type Health Condition – Global Forecasts to 2027” report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s offering.

Wednesday 6 February 2019 – State By State Digest: Federal, Iowa, Mississippi, Ohio, Oregon, Texas

Cannabis Law Report

FEDERAL. Congressional Democrats Plan Hearing And Vote On Marijuana Business Banking. Newly empowered congressional Democrats reportedly plan to hold a House hearing next week on marijuana businesses’ difficulties accessing banks—signifying renewed momentum for cannabis issues on Capitol Hill following years of blockades by the former Republican leadership of the chamber. Party leaders are also laying the groundwork to vote on a marijuana banking bill soon, Marijuana Moment has learned.

Tuesday 26 February – State By State Digest: Florida, Idaho Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon San Francisco

Cannabis Law Report

FLORIDA. Marijuana Smoking Bill Rolls Along in Florida Senate. A Senate proposal that would allow patients to smoke medical marijuana is ready to go to the full Senate after the Rules Committee unanimously signed off on the measure. link]. IDAHO. Idaho State Police Are Not Required to Return Seized Hemp (Yet). Idaho State Police Are Not Required to Return Seized Hemp (Yet). MICHIGAN. Michigan is looking for advice to help develop rules for legal marijuana.

Is Cannabis Good For Gut Health?

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Cannabis CBD Featured Medical Marijuana appetite CBD oil digestion gut gut health inflammation probioticsIs Cannabis Good For Gut Health? CBD modulates the acute and systemic inflammation people experience in their guts. The post Is Cannabis Good For Gut Health?

How to use cannabis suppositories for effective cannabis delivery

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Cannabis 101 Cannabis Canada Cannabis News CBD News Education Featured Health & Sex Marijuana News Science cannabis CBD colon Digestive issues effective how to inferior rectal vein placement rectum superior rectal vein suppositories THC using suppositories

Is my weed ok if it went through the washing machine and other questions… answered by Dr. Markus Roggen

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Meet Dr. Markus Roggen, PhD. He has a doctorate in Chemistry. He is the founder and CEO of Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures LTD, a licensed cannabis research laboratory. Somehow, we managed to talk this guy into letting us ask him anything about weed.

Relieve the Excruciating Symptoms of IBD and IBS with Medical Cannabis


People suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can go through excruciating pain, numbness or struggle with a minefield of digestion.

Thursday 28 February – State By State Digest: FDA, Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Vermont

Cannabis Law Report

The cannabis industry is begging the FDA for some CBD regulations as Gottlieb heads to the Hill. Companies selling food and drinks with CBD want the FDA to regulate the industry. Under FDA rules, it’s illegal to add CBD to food or drinks. Commissioner Scott Gottlieb will face questions about CBD at a congressional hearing Wednesday. link]. FDA Is Exploring ‘Alternative Approaches’ To CBD Regulation, Commissioner Says. ALASKA.

Friday 22 March – State By State Digest: Federal, Arkansas, Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Tennessee

Cannabis Law Report

But since the bill was finalized Monday night, many lawmakers are concerned they haven’t been given enough time to thoroughly digest and assess its major points. FEDERAL. Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue issues warning for hemp farmers. The USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service Administrator Bruce Summers said last week that the agency will aim to complete the hemp production regulations by fall 2019, in time for states to submit plans for the 2020 spring hemp planting season.

How Does Cannabis Work with My Gut Bacteria?


Cannabis Science crohn's digestive system endocannabinoid system gut gut bacteria IBS irritable bowel disordersYou might be surprised to find out that approximately 1.6

USA State By State Digest: Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington Wyoming

Cannabis Law Report

ALASKA. Alaska Governor Appoints New Marijuana Control Board Members With Anti-Cannabis Records. link]. In a blow to Alaska’s cannabis industry, newly inaugurated Gov. Mike Dunleavy has appointed former Fairbanks City Councilwoman Vivian Stiver and Wildlife Trooper Lt. Christopher Jaime to the state’s Marijuana Control Board, which could have serious implications for the state’s efforts to regulate on-site cannabis consumption at state-licensed dispensaries.

Thursday 28 March – State By State Digest: Connecticut, Florida, Guam, Iowa, Minnesota, New Jersey, Texas, West Virginia

Cannabis Law Report

CONNECTICUT. Connecticut Committee Advances Cannabis Legalization. FLORIDA. Florida Ag Committee Advances Industrial Hemp Bill. Guam Becomes First U.S. Territory To Send Marijuana Legalization To Governor In 2019. Guam Becomes First U.S. Territory To Send Marijuana Legalization To Governor In 2019. Iowa House passes bill making some changes to medical cannabis law. link].

Thursday 8 February 2019 – State By State Digest: Federal, Arkansas, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania

Cannabis Law Report

FEDERAL. Judge: “Accidental” Cannabis Use Still a Fireable Offense for Federal Agencies. A federal judge has set a binding precedent by ruling that intent does not matter when it comes to cannabis consumption — accidentally consuming cannabis is still a fireable offense. link]. House Financial Services Committee Will Hear Cannabis Banking Bill Next Week. Banking bill may be first cannabis reform legislation to benefit from a new U.S. House power dynamic. With a new Democratic majority in the U.S.

Relieving Pain With CBD And Acupuncture

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This combo will produce better digestive health, a more regular sleep pattern, and a feeling of overall greater energy. Cannabis Medical Marijuana News accupuncture CBD chronic pain digestion pain relief

Sleep 52

The Essential Guide to CBD

Project CBD

Project CBD has teamed up with Reader’s Digest to publish a reliable, accessible, easy-to-understand guide to all things CBD

Saturday 10 February – State By State Digest: Federal, Arizona, Hawaii, Illinois, Ohio, Oregon

Cannabis Law Report

FEDERAL. Here’s Who Will Testify About Marijuana On Capitol Hill Next Week. Tom Angell writes for Marijuana Moment… When members of Congress convene for a hearing on banking services for the marijuana industry next week, they’ll hear testimony from a state treasurer as well as individuals representing financial institutions, a drug policy reform organization and a medical cannabis dispensary, Marijuana Moment has learned.

Cannabis for IBD: Can it help?


IBD includes disorders characterized by chronic inflammation of the digestive tract, leading to symptoms such as abdominal cramps, diarrhea, fatigue, and weight loss.

Answer of the Day for May 7, 2021


It appears that cannabinoids affect many functions of the digestive system, including the regulation of the production of digestive enzymes, gastrointestinal motility, and visceral inflammation as well as visceral sensation.

Why Does Cannabis Work So Well To Combat Nausea?

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Cannabis does not actually calm the digestive tract. Why Does Cannabis Work So Well To Combat Nausea? Instead, this is how it treats nausea. . The post Why Does Cannabis Work So Well To Combat Nausea? appeared first on The Fresh Toast.

Why edibles don’t work for some people

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These range from digestive disorders to metabolic rate and even genetic explanations like missing enzymes. Once ingested, digested, and absorbed into the gastrointestinal system, the THC from edibles goes through a process known as first-pass metabolism in the liver.

Answer of the Day for Mar 1, 2021


The labels of some probiotic supplements indicate that probiotics support a healthy immune system, strengthen digestive balance, help maintain a balance of healthy intestinal bacteria, help breakdown undigested carbohydrates and sugars, and facilitate the absorption of nutrients.

Comparing the Effects of Tinctures vs Edibles


When you consume an edible, food and cannabinoids are broken down in the digestive tract and must be processed by the gut and liver before being distributed to the rest of the body, sometimes a slow process.

Answer of the Day for Apr 14, 2021


The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is an internal homeostatic system present in all vertebrates that plays a critical role in the nervous system and regulates multiple physiological processes, including appetite, digestion, mood, coordination, and other processes.

Answer of the Day for Sep 1, 2021


The labels of some probiotic supplements indicate that probiotics support a healthy immune system, strengthen digestive balance, help maintain a balance of healthy intestinal bacteria, help breakdown undigested carbohydrates and sugars, and facilitate the absorption of nutrients.

Why our endocannabinoid system has to work harder when we wear face masks

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The digestive system is one big hole, from the mouth to the other end. Yet, it is a gas in your blood that connects face masks and your butt. We breathe out inflammatory gasses produced in our lungs. So, in theory, a covered face means a bigger workload for our bowels and kidneys.