CBD & Cannabis for Pets in Pain

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The state of veterinary medicine has advanced significantly in recent years and thanks to the availability of more effective medicine, many pets are living longer than they would have years ago.

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Vets Lobby to Expand Canadian Cannabis Laws to Include Pets


Veterinarians want to prescribe medical cannabis to their pet patients, helping owners navigate health issues and improve quality of life. The post Vets Lobby to Expand Canadian Cannabis Laws to Include Pets appeared first on Leafly.

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The Truth About CBD For Your Pets

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The Truth About CBD For Your Pets With proper research and high-quality CBD products, you could vastly improve the quality of your pet’s life, and any pet-lover knows that’s worth a try. The post The Truth About CBD For Your Pets appeared first on The Fresh Toast.

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LinkResPet Answers Pet Owners Demand For CBD In The US, Helping Pets From Coast To Coast

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LinkResPet to produce LYNKS CBD Pet Water in partnership with American Premium (OTC: HIPH ). 39% of dog owners and 34% of cat owners agree that they like the idea of CBD supplements for their pets. Brightfield Group suggests CBD pet market could be worth $1.16 ANIMALS & PET

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6 Things To Keep In Mind Before Given Cannabis To Your Pets

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cannabis toxicity among pets is on the rise. Although there are still those who question the benefits of cannabis use on animals, an increasing number of pet owners are now looking into cannabis’ medicinal purposes with open minds.

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CBD Oil for Pets in Toronto

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CBD Oil for Pets in Toronto: A New Frontier. CBD oil for pets in Toronto is fast becoming a growing trend. With human patients benefiting from CBD’s therapeutic effects, pet owners want to know if their furry family members can also benefit from the herb.

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CBD Oil for Dogs and Other Pets


CBD Oil for dogs, cats and other pets is a natural development of the cannabidiol (CBD) craze. But for pet owners, the situation is not so convenient. Before considering to use CBD oil for dogs and other pets, it is important to take some things into consideration.

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Medical Cannabis and Pets

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Medical Cannabis and Pets, thanks to the fantastic research that has been done on medical cannabis. The application of these products can assist your pets with various ailments. A word of warning, overconsumption of THC can cause serious health risks in pets.

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Claws and Effect: Cannabis Medicine for Pets

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All beings with a backbone have an endocannabinoid system. Is cannabis medicine a good option for the health of your dog or cat

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Pets and Pot: Cannabis and Pet Products

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Although this creates an exciting market opportunity for veterinarians and members of the pet industry, some important issues still need to be resolved. Passing the Farm Bill did not legalize “pot for pets” — but it does mean pets can enjoy the benefits of CBD derived from industrial hemp. CBD oil derived from hemp, and most CBD pet products do not contain THC , which provides your pet with the “ relaxation without the intoxication.”. General cbd oil pet

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Claws and Effect: Cannabis Medicine for Pets

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All beings with a backbone have an endocannabinoid system. Is cannabis medicine a good option for the health of your dog or cat

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CBD oil for pets

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However, the name of cannabis would make you wonder for a second; are dog owners giving their pets marijuana? Vets have found CBD oil to help your pet in both acute as well as chronic ailments. Related: Pet Coupons.

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Medical Marijuana for Pets

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Garfield’s owners are part of a growing movement of animal lovers looking at pot to treat pain in their sick and aging pets. Kramer said she is asked by clients several times a week about trying medical marijuana as a treatment option for pets.

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Can CBD oil ease pain for pets?

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Pot for pets? It may be the next step in the ever-evolving legitimization of medicinal marijuana, and a trio of South Florida companies are competing to become the Blue Apron of cannabis oils for pets. But their growth prospects face a big hurdle: While early research suggests that the treatments show promise, the legality of the products are widely disputed, preventing pet owners from buying them at their favorite chain pet store or through the most popular e-commerce sites.

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Your Pet On Pot, Or Even CBD: Not A Good Thing, A Vet Toxicologist Explains

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Your Pet On Pot, Or Even CBD: Not A Good Thing, A Vet Toxicologist Explains There are no good reasons to give your pet a “high” regardless of whether the product is legal for human medical or recreational purposes. Cannabis Medical Marijuana News CBD dogs pets

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CBD Oil For Pets

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CBD Oil can help pets with cancer, seizures, pain, anxiety and more. This means CBD although found in cannabis, does not get you high and is being used for medicinal purposes by humans and pets instead. CBD, unlike THC, is a non-psychoactive compound of cannabis.

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How CBD Treats Can Help Your Pets!

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Pet owners are going crazy over a new medicinal herb that is being used to treat all types of pet illnesses. This medicinal herb is known as cannabis, and pet owners are using it to treat a wide range of pet illnesses such as anxiety, cancer, and arthritis.

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Dogs, cats and CBD: Cannabis and pets


While further research is needed in both humans and animals, cannabinoids like CBD are being increasingly used to treat diverse symptoms and pains in pets , since many users have realised the great benefits it can provide in some cases. Cannabis can help our pets to have a healthier life.

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Cannabis topicals and your pet


Is your cannabis topical okay for your pet? The post Cannabis topicals and your pet appeared first on Leafly. Canada Lifestyle cats dogs pets topicalLegally, no; potentially, yes. Here’s what’s happening with cannabis in the animal world.

Cannabis Supplements For Pets Presents: The Best CBD Oils For Your Pet

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Until recently, Blake Armstrong was a pet owner like any other. After seeing a huge improvement in Rosie’s quality of life, Blake launched Cannabis Supplements For Pets ; a website for pet owners covering the health benefits of CBD with reviews of leading CBD pet brands.

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Claws and Effect: Cannabis Medicine for Pets

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All beings with a backbone have an endocannabinoid system. Is cannabis medicine a good option for the health of your dog or cat

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Claws and Effect: Cannabis Medicine for Pets

Project CBD

All beings with a backbone have an endocannabinoid system. Is cannabis medicine a good option for the health of your dog or cat

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A Vet Weighs In on CBD Oil for Dogs


With CBD products for pets easily available online from companies like Honest Paws, more and more pet parents are finding they have questions about this cannabinoid. Strains & Products cbd dogs Honest Paws pets sponsored article

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Hemp Health for Pets: An Interview With Pet Releaf’s Chelsea Gennings


Our pets can greatly benefit from the comfort and medicine cannabis provides. Today, we catch up with Chelsea Gennings, the Vice President and Co-Founder of Pet Releaf , a leader in the pet industry’s efforts to make CBD and other cannabinoids available for our family members of fur.

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7 Benefits of CBD That Will Make Your Pet Feel Happy Again

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Your pet dog adds immense joy to your life. CBD for dogs can help boost your pet’s health, making its life a million times better than before. . Chronic pain of any origin can leave your pet feeling low and anxious.

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Heartwarming Easter Story ! Medical Cannabis-for-Pets Bill Introduced In California

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A bill introduced in California would allow veterinarians to recommend cannabis products for pets, VIN News Service reports. Last year, state regulators recognized cannabis in veterinary medicine , becoming the first state to provide legal protections for vets who talk to pet owners about cannabis use for their animals. Medical Cannabis-for-Pets Bill Introduced In California.

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Can Pets Get High Off Secondhand Cannabis Smoke?


The post Can Pets Get High Off Secondhand Cannabis Smoke? Canada Lifestyle animals cats dogs petsAnd, the effects can be very frightening. appeared first on Leafly.

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6 Amazing CBD Products for Dogs and Cats


When a pet is ill, it can feel like a member of the family is suffering. Sometimes traditional veterinary pharmaceuticals may not always be effective for dogs and cats and the side-effects may interfere with a pet’s quality of life. There are healthy and natural alternatives available to you as a pet owner. Science supports the idea that CBD is safe to use and effective for family pets. Canna-Pet has a wide variety of CBD products for both cats and dogs.

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CBD Oil for Pets Is a Fast-Growing Industry

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It’s a known fact that interest in medical marijuana has been growing in Canada over the last few years. More research has contributed to an ever-growing body of knowledge, and changing attitudes towards cannabis have started to break down some of the stigma patients experience. Cannabis Oil

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Canis World Helping Normalize CBD Oil For Pets

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September 24, 2019 / Canna Newswire / – Canis World, a supplier of pure CBD oil for pets , is helping lead the charge for the normalization of cannabidiol’s organic relief for furry companions all across the country. For instance, CBD oil dosing for pets isn’t easy to regulate or enforce.

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CBD Oil for Your Pets? How CBD Can Help Your Furry Friends

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More and more people are discovering the benefits of CBD oil for pets, an all-natural alternative to pricey pet medications that can sometimes come with nasty side effects. In addition to using it themselves, pet owners are discovering the benefits of CBD for dogs and CBD for cats. Pets have anxiety too, and CBD oil for pets can help our fur babies deal with the jitters of everyday life. Yes, pets have allergies too! Administering CBD Oil for Pets.

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Hemp-CBD Pet Foods Are Everywhere But Are They Legal?

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According to recent reporting , pet industry spending is expected to reach $96 billion by 2020 with CBD as one of its fastest growing sections. Yet, public demand for Hemp-CBD pet products may be pushing the market ahead regardless of legal requirements.

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Where are they now? Bruce Linton, formerly Canopy Growth


Canada Industry Canopy Growth petsWe caught up with Bruce Linton, co-founder and former co-CEO of Canopy Growth, to get his take on the state of cannabis in Canada, one year into legalization. The post Where are they now? Bruce Linton, formerly Canopy Growth appeared first on Leafly.

Medicinal Cannabis Products for Pets: Tips to Help You Decide

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Happy National Pet Day 2019! Let's learn about the ways that CBD can help our furry family members. Medical

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LinkResPet Launches E-commerce Site, Delivering CBD For Pets Across North America

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a company providing Cannabidiol (CBD) products especially tailored for pets, announces the launch of its e-commerce site. is a CBD Petcare provider dedicated to improving the health and life conditions of pets worldwide. Follow LinkRes Pet on Twitter: @res_pet.

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