Senate Coalition Urges SBA to Support Small Cannabis Businesses


However, SBA’s current policy excludes small businesses with “direct” or “indirect” products or services that aid the use, growth, enhancement, or other development of cannabis from SBA-backed financing.

NORML Urges Congress to Provide Small Business Relief to State-Licensed Cannabis Companies


Representatives with the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) have reaffirmed that state-licensed cannabis businesses are ineligible for financial aid opportunities because marijuana remains classified as a schedule I controlled substance. ” In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the SBA is actively providing economic assistance to numerous small and medium sized business nationwide. The majority of these businesses are small-to-medium in size.

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Businesses Need Bank Accounts; Marijuana Shops Included


Imagine operating a business without a bank account. Imagine being forbidden from letting your customers pay for purchases with a credit card, or being able to ask a bank for a small business loan. This is the reality of hundreds of small and medium-sized business owners throughout the country who are engaging in the emerging cannabis marketplace. Currently, state-licensed marijuana businesses face a web of conflicting regulations.

Cannabis Workers, Unemployment Insurance, and the Small Business Administration: What You Need to Know


There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic is adversely impacting businesses around the world, and smaller businesses especially. Cannabis businesses not eligible for Small Business Administration disaster relief aid.

House Committee on Small Business Holds Hearing On Cannabis


Today, the House Committee on Small Business held a hearing entitled Unlocked Potential? Currently, the SBA is prohibited from providing support, guidance, or microloans to small businesses in the cannabis industry, unlike every other sector of the economy.

Business Directory

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Protecting Hemp-CBD Business Information

Canna Law Blog

Given this significant growth forecast, sensitive business information (also known as trade secrets) has become an incredibly valuable asset for Hemp-CBD stakeholders. Realizing value from those trade secrets requires sharing them with business partners and employees.

Chairwoman Velázquez Introduced Bill To End Marijuana Prohibition And Promote Small Businesses


House Small Business Committee Chairwoman Nydia Velázquez along with Representatives Jared Golden and Dwight Evans introduced a package of legislation, ( H.R. You can read more in the release issued by the Committee on Small Business here.

Maine: Regulators Now Accepting Retail Marijuana Business Applications


State regulators have begun accepting applications from those wishing to open licensed retail cannabis facilities. Maine voters initially approved the legalization of adult-use cannabis sales in November 2016 by passing a statewide initiative, but lawmakers — led by former Republican Gov.

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Michigan: Regulators Now Accepting Retail Marijuana Business Applications


State regulators have begun accepting applications from those wishing to open licensed retail cannabis facilities. Fifty-six percent of voters last November approved Proposition 1 — a statewide ballot initiative legalizing the adult use, cultivation, and retail marketing of marijuana.

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Weedmaps to stop advertising unlicensed pot businesses

Cannabis Life Network

LOS ANGELES — The major online pot shop directory and cannabis marketplace Weedmaps announced this Wednesday that it will no longer allow black-market businesses to advertise on its site. Blog Business Cannabis Legalization Editorial Featured Marijuana News dispensary pot shop Weed Maps

Marijuana Business Financing: Tough Questions From Investors

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As veteran marijuana business owners (and virtually every other type of industry owners) know, there may come a point in time in the business when you are sitting across the table from someone who is offering to put money into your business. Business Basics Finance/Investment

Businesses grow around NM medical cannabis producers

The NM Political Report | Medical Cannabis Program

As New Mexico lawmakers try to come up with a legislative proposal to legalize recreational cannabis that might ease the apprehension of some of their colleagues, there is already a group of business owners already laying the groundwork for a post-legalization world.

Bruce Linton-backed psychedelics business Mind Medicine joins NEO Exchange

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TORONTO — Bruce Linton is used to people raising an eyebrow at his business decisions. The post Bruce Linton-backed psychedelics business Mind Medicine joins NEO Exchange appeared first on Latest Cannabis News Today - Headlines, Videos & Stocks.

Cannabis Testing + Branding = Business Building

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If left to their own devices in Cannabis, a mixed bag of state regulations will continue to confuse the market as they rush to implement policies that are challenging for business and almost impossible for the consumer to understand.

Risky Business: Cannabis Security Interests and Secured Transactions

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It’s no secret many cannabis businesses can’t get bank accounts or loans or lines of credit from financial institutions because of the Bank Secrecy Act and federal anti-money laundering laws — despite current FinCEN guidance.

Is Bankruptcy Protection on the Horizon for Cannabis Businesses?

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After filing for bankruptcy, the debtor-landlord continued to accept rent from the cannabis business. The debtor-landlord proposed a plan of reorganization that would pay off its debts, which included some of the rent received from the cannabis business. Business Basics Legal Issues

U.S. Small  Business Administration Amends Disaster Declaration

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Disaster Assistance Now Available to all Washington Small Businesses Economically Impacted by COVID-19. The Washington State Department of Commerce want businesses in our state to know that the U.S. The interest rate is 3.75% for small businesses.

UK struggles to regulate booming CBD businesses


The post UK struggles to regulate booming CBD businesses appeared first on Leafly. Producers and researchers in the UK are setting the standards themselves as regulations lag. CBD Industry cbd regulations United Kingdom

Audit Reveals 3,000 Illegal Cannabis Businesses in California

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Approximately 2,835 unlicensed dispensaries were listed as trading across California, according to the audit conducted by the United Cannabis Business Association (UCBA), a trade association representing a wide variety of licensed marijuana businesses.

California Ad Campaign Targets Illegal Cannabis Businesses


The post California Ad Campaign Targets Illegal Cannabis Businesses appeared first on Leafly. "Do you know what's hiding in your counterfeit edibles?" one ad asks. Industry Politics California Lab testing law enforcement licensing Los Angeles

USA: Senate Coalition Urges SBA (Small Business Assoc) to Support Small Cannabis Businesses

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Eleven US Senators — Michael Bennett (), Cory Booker (D-NJ), Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Kamala Harris (D-CA), Edward Markey (D-MA), Robert Menendez (D-NJ), … Read More. COVID19: Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Updates

Visa Stops Processing CBD Business

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As of , May 15, many CBD business had yet another obstacle thrown in their path when they were notified that they could no longer accept Visa payments on their sites. They write.

Nevada Approves Cannabis Business Insurance Policy

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Cannabis Business Insurance Policy Approved in Nevada.

Yes, Washington, You Really Need Cannabis Business Insurance

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In a prior post I discussed some general insurance issues for cannabis business owners to consider. Today we’ll take a deep dive into Washington State insurance for cannabis businesses. For those who enjoy a bit of historical grounding , the first business insurance policies in the U.S.

Pura acquires Kaly’s CBD confections business

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CBD-infused products company Puration (Pura) has acquired CBD confection business Hemp4mula from Kali-Extracts (Kaly), as it looks to expand its portfolio.

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How to join boom in cannabis business

Cannabis Chronicles

Investors have taken note, pumping $10 billion into North American cannabis businesses last year — a good sign for budding entrepreneurs hoping to cash in on the green rush. To succeed, you need more than a solid business plan and ace team (though those are crucial, too).

Cannabis Business Basics: Product Liability Insurance is a Nonnegotiable Priority

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In the midst of this uncertainty, we have been stressing to our clients the importance of insurance coverage for your business (see Anatomy of a Cannabis Insurance Policy Part 1: The Basics )– especially insurance that covers your liability for your marijuana- and hemp-derived products.

Businesses Thrive Where Marijuana is Legal: Study


Once thought of as a drug that made individuals sluggish and unmotivated, recent studies are finding that marijuana could be good for businesses. Cannabis legalization also attracts many people to the state – which in turn provides a whole new pool of talent for businesses to hire.

Aurora Cannabis Announces CEO Retirement and Business Transformation Plan

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CannaMedU: 2020 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest

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Small Business. FEDEX SMALL BUSINESS GRANT CONTEST GUIDELINES . Share your business’ story. We would appreciate it if you would take the time to look over the grant information find the FedEx small business grant website. VOTE FOR THIS AMAZING SMALL CANNABIS BUSINESS .

First Arkansas Dispensaries Now Open for Business


The post First Arkansas Dispensaries Now Open for Business appeared first on Leafly. After a long wait, Arkansas's first two medical cannabis dispensaries have opened in Hot Springs—but long wait times and product shortages are expected.

How Franny’s Farmacy is Redefining Cannabis Business Ownership


They offer cannabis-specific guidance in banking, wholesale supply-chain management, and marketing so new CBD retailers can focus on establishing their CBD business. The post How Franny’s Farmacy is Redefining Cannabis Business Ownership appeared first on Leafly.

Weedmaps Stops Listing Illegal Michigan Cannabis Businesses

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Weedmaps this week announced it’s no longer allowing businesses that can’t provide a verifiable Michigan marijuana business license number advertise on their website. Live reports.

Big banks seeing Canadian cannabis businesses as high risk

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Cannabis is Canada is legal, and was sold as being big business, but as we approach the one year mark of Canadian cannabis legalization, big banks across the country are turning away from weed money.