Seed To Sale, Traceability: Bio Track & Leaf, The Retailers’ Experience In Washington State

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If you wish to re-publish this story please do so with following accreditation. Tracebility was and is the tracking of Cannabis and Cannabis-infused items and products from “see d to sale”, as directed to Washington and Colorado per the Cole Memo issued in August 2013.

Article “Taxed to Death: Follow One Gram of Weed along California’s Twisted Path from Seed to Sale”

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This scarcity puts the owners of buildings or land in these zones in a powerful position when it comes to negotiations. This typically leads to lease or rent payments 200-300% higher than what would be charged to a more traditional business.

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Jamaica Tendering For Track & Trace Solution

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We have a pretty good idea who will use their powers of persuasion to get Jamaica on board with their solution. Currently 40 operating licenses have been issued with 14 remaining still to be paid for. Advertisement - Procurement of Track and Trace Seed-to-Sale. Take a look at the tender document. At least it means we can publish stories for the next 36 months on all the dramas that will then ensue.

New York is Next: Governor Cuomo Details Cannabis Legalization Proposal

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Cuomo's three-tier distribution model has big MMJ biz wary of losing control of seed-to-sale process. Others say yes. Industry

Arcadia Biosciences Announces Joint Venture For Hemp Project In Hawaii

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This strategic partnership will create a vertically integrated seed-to-sale supply chain for Hawaiian hemp production and formulation. Sales are expected to commence in late 2019.

Utah Chooses Leaf Data For Track & Trace

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Leaf Data used to be MJ Freeway. But no need to panic we learn via a MJ Biz report, “The next generation of Leaf Data Systems provides what it calls a “product authentication system.” It’s got to be better than the last generation.

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5 Years In, Washington Considers Overhaul Of Cannabis Regulation

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Assoc Press report… “We’ve typically been so challenged with the issues of the day we haven’t been looking out long-term to determine what the future looks like,” Garza said.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority announces legislative changes to program

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“OMMA(Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority) has reinstituted a project management structure to ensure compliance and timely implementation of the changes,” said Tom Bates, Interim Commissioner of Health. It also authorizes licensed dispensaries to sell to other licensed dispensaries.

Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission Looking To Hire, “Responsible Vendor Trainers for Marijuana Establishment Agents”

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Apply to Become a Responsible Vendor Trainer for Marijuana Establishment Agents in Massachusetts. Vendor Trainers are required to be independent companies and are prohibited from being owners of, employees for, or having a controlling interest in a licensed Marijuana Establishment.

Florida Appellate Court Agrees with Trial Court that Medical Marijuana Licensing Scheme Conflicts with Florida’s Constitution

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In 2016, Florida voters overwhelmingly voted in favor of a ballot initiative intended to expand medical marijuana accessibility to patients diagnosed with a “debilitating condition,” which is now embedded in Article X, Section 29 of the Florida Constitution (the “Medical Marijuana Amendment”).

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) Publishes The Cannabis Licensing They’ll Allow

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“We appreciate and continue to seek the public’s input on how to best implement Article XIV of the Constitution ,” said Dr. Randall Williams, DHSS Director. Moving forward, we will continually reassess to ensure access for patients is adequate.”


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patent to protect its technology used to track the cultivation, classification, and identification of cannabis seeds and plants. Cannabis producers will be able to secure the integrity of their products by monitoring their origin and final use. Author: Rebecca Lee Katz.

Hoban Law Brings On A Director of Business Development

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Halston launched her career in the Denver area, starting off in the beverage industry, where she began to develop her sales and networking skills with an eye for marketing and business development. million in national sales in less than two years.

New York City Bodega Owners Fight For Their Right To Sell Cannabis


Wouldn’t it be convenient to be able to buy all of your necessities like groceries, laundry detergent, beer, and cannabis from one store in just one stop on the way home from work? Cuomo to take into account the racial disparity in marijuana arrests.

Pay Cannabis Tax with Cryptocurrency? California Takes a Look.

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We’ve written about the potential benefits of harnessing the power of blockchain technology to track and trace cannabis from seed to sale and provide an effective regulatory tool for governments (see here and here ).

Jamaican Lion: The Industry’s First Comprehensive Cannabis Reference Genome

Medicinal Genomics

Medicinal Genomics Corporation (MGC), a pioneer in using genomics to improve the transparency, safety and yield of cannabis has today announced the industry’s most comprehensive Cannabis reference genome, a high quality de novo genome assembly of the Jamaican Lion cannabis strain.

Guam’s Medical Cannabis Commission Says To Politicians. Now Legislation Has Passed Can We Have Some Money To Put Plan Into Action

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The Medical Cannabis Regulation Commission on Friday voted unanimously to petition Guam lawmakers to revise their spending plan to include funding for implementation of the long-stalled medicinal marijuana program. It left DPHSS with no funds to get the program off the ground.

Colombian Producer FoliuMed Launches CBD Sales in Europe

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“Through our R&D partnership with a GMP-certified lab in the USA , we are the first South American producer to offer a broad range of efficacious, safe and affordable cannabis products in Europe ,” says FoliuMed´s Colombian CEO & Co-founder Diego Felipe Navarro.

The Dangers and Consequences of Non-Compliance: WeedAdvisor’s Role in Prevention


British Columbia licensed producer, Agrima, fell under investigation in the fall of 2018 due to “unauthorized activities” during its time as a private entity. As of July 15 th , the company lost its license to produce the drug. WeedAdvisor’s approach to compliance is proactive.

Introducing Cultivate’s Premium Wellness and Self-Care Products

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In addition to this, its new skincare line, the 7 Essentials Skincare Ritual will be available in August to complement the other products. Our ultimate goal is to help people be their happiest, healthiest selves.”. This hydrating balm may help to calm irritation and inflammation.

Cannabis Track and Trace Is A Disaster Waiting to Happen—and Not for the Reasons You Might Think

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Most states’ regulated cannabis regimes require licensed cannabis companies to use seed-to-sale track-and-trace software. In California, the state has contracted the entire track-and-trace program to the METRC program.

Oregon:OLCC Commissioners Adopt Rules for Regulating Industrial Hemp Entering OLCC Regulated Marijuana System

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The rule change allows for additional OLCC recreational marijuana license types to receive industrial hemp items from growers and handlers registered with the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Here’s the laytest update from the OLCC. February 21, 2019.

Growing Pains for California’s Weed Tracking System

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At a glance, marijuana businesses across the Golden State appear to be successfully reporting product inventory each day, via the California Cannabis Track-and-Trace (CCTT) system. To start, the idea of tracking marijuana traveling throughout the supply chain sounds simple enough.

NORML Chapter Newsletter – April 2019


“This September, we invite you to join NORML members from across America to learn effective strategies, hear the latest scientific and political advancements, and meet in person with influential members of Congress.” “Allowing people to grow cannabis at home.

Record Keeping for Marijuana Businesses

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Good record keeping is essential to ensuring your marijuana business runs smoothly. Not only does it allow you to track your business’ progress and stay organized, it also helps your business remain in compliance, as some records are required to be kept by law and can be subject to inspection by government officials. This includes documentation of all taxes paid to state and federal entities.

The Latin American Cannabis Landscape – Part Two: Regulated Markets and Patient Access


Thanks to the recent emergence of regulated medical cannabis markets, the success of this versatile plant can be followed from farm to pharma and prescriber to patient, however, the origins of cannabis as medicine cannot be as simply traced as the plant is today from seed to sale. Whilst it may be old news to some that cannabis has therapeutic value, much of the region has only recently come into the light.

Medicinal Genomics Secures Funding for a Better Cannabis Reference

Medicinal Genomics

Medicinal Genomics recently secured funding from the DASH network to create a better cannabis reference genome for controversially patented TypeII plants. Under the current publishing model, authors pay journals to publish their work and reviewers are not compensated for their time.

Marijuana regulation sparks debate

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He said it took about a year to fully acquire Sunshine Farm’s license from someone who had moved out of state. But without the license, he said he couldn’t get a business bank account and retailers didn’t want to deal in cash. The agency declined to comment on Jung’s testimony.

Pennsylvania Senators Unveil Bill to Foster an Adult-use Cannabis Program

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If you wish to re-publish this story please do so with following accreditation. SB 350 would permit adults over the age of 21 to purchase and consume adult-use cannabis, and, to grow up to six plants per household.

Minnesota Legislature to Consider Legalizing Marijuana

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The legislation, sponsored by Senators Melisa Franzen (DFL) and Scott Jensen (R) in the Senate and Representatives Mike Freiberg (DFL) in the House, would make it legal for adults 21 and older to possess, grow, and purchase limited amounts of marijuana.

California Proposed Williamson Act Changes Could Expand Availability of Cannabis and Hemp Farmland

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California legislators have so far proposed more than 40 new cannabis laws for the 2019 session, ranging from cannabis tax reductions to banking reforms to party buses. The law’s goal is to give local governments a streamlined tool for preserving agricultural land and open spaces.

Washington Cannabis: The Proposed Hemp Overhaul is Here

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Nothing in this chapter is intended to prevent or restrain commerce in this state involving hemp or hemp products produced lawfully under the laws of another state or country.” This could lead to confusion. Additionally, what does it mean to “treat” something as food?

MariMed Launches Hemp Engine™ Marketing Platform for CBD Distributors, Retailers and Consumers

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Proprietary system developed by the Hemp Engine development team and Sprout , the leading CRM provider to the cannabis industry and a MariMed strategic partner. Provides major benefits to both small and mass market retailers and their customers.

Oregon Cannabis Litigation: OLCC Looking for Willing Partners

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Last Thursday, in one of the few (to our knowledge) contested cases heard by the OLCC concerning cannabis, the OLCC accepted unanimously the findings of a state Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) and denied an application for a recreational marijuana producer license. OLCC wants to dance with you.

Caribbean Update

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A tripartite agreement was signed on Monday to implement a cannabis pilot programme in Accompong, St Elizabeth, under the Cannabis Licensing Authority’s (CLA) Alternative Development Programme. Some developments in Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago. In Jamaica.

The Importance of Medical Cannabis Labels: Not Just a Formality

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Where can you refer to in order to regain access to the information you were provided at the dispensary? Pay close attention to your medication and its contents for the knowledge that’s necessary to control your medical cannabis experience.

Colorado’s Response To A Burgeoning Nationwide Marijuana Market

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If you wish to re-publish this story please do so with following accreditation. Delivery permits will be issued by the Colorado Department of Revenue: Marijuana enforcement division based on the applicant’s suitability to participate in Colorado’s marijuana industry.

Washington State Officials Consider Massive Overhaul of Legal Marijuana Program

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We’ve typically been so challenged with the issues of the day we haven’t been looking out long-term to determine what the future looks like,” says Garza, who notes that “Cannabis 2.0” They’re also considering whether or not to allow marijuana exports, as Oregon has done.

In Congress, a Changed House Finally Looks at Cannabis Banking


The number of banks and credit unions willing to handle cannabis money is growing, but they still represent only a tiny fraction of the industry. And it comes too late to prevent dozens of armed robberies in my home state of Washington. The Associated Press contributed to this report.

California Campaigns to Support the Legal Marijuana Market


Sadly, this has led to a plethora of unlicensed dispensaries and allowed dealers to operate with impunity in many populated areas. We want to end the black market, but it consumers do not play ball, then nothing will change. California understands this and has since reached out to users in an attempt to draw them away from illegal cannabis purchases, according to NBC News. An attempt at setting up a delivery system also failed to become legal.