The Netherlands and Cannabis: Legal Supply Chain Experiment Continues

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Nonetheless, things seem to be changing for the better in the Netherlands over finally (potentially) establishing a lawful cultivation and distribution network in order to supply coffee shops.

New Publication: Best Practices for Developing a Reliable Supply Chain for Hemp Businesses

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hemp industry has not yet developed a mature, standard operating supply chain from seed to sale. The post New Publication: Best Practices for Developing a Reliable Supply Chain for Hemp Businesses first appeared on Cannabis Law Report.

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New Farm Partner Program to Close Gaps in U.S. Hemp Supply Chain

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Hemp Supply Chain first appeared on Cannabis Law Report. High Grade Hemp Seed and Center Pivot Group introduce initiative to start with the end in mind, making consistent, compliant hemp production a reality for … Read More. The post New Farm Partner Program to Close Gaps in U.S.

Top Four Concerns for Tri-Party Cannabis Supply Chain Agreements

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Cannabis supply chain agreements (e.g., manufacturing agreements, distribution agreements, license agreements, supply agreements) can be difficult enough to draft and negotiate when there are just two parties. So, over the last two years, our California cannabis attorneys have seen a huge uptick tri-party supply chain agreements. The post Top Four Concerns for Tri-Party Cannabis Supply Chain Agreements appeared first on Harris Bricken

Global Perspective: Negotiating The International Cannabis Supply Chain

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THE PRICE – No price mentioned THE DATE – June 8 at 12 PM EST THE RATING – THE BLURB – Arnaud is currently Co-Founder … Read More. Webinars

Kilo.IO has Launched a Free Platform for the Evolving Hemp Supply Chain

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KILO AND COMPANY ANNOUNCES LAUNCH OF KILO.IO – Transparent Tracking & Compliance Software, A Single Source of Truth For The Evolving Hemp Supply Chain. DALLAS, … Read More. Press Release US

Article: Marijuana supply chain: Why ‘seed-to-sale’ rules are key to New York legalization debate

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All we say in response to this article is pick your tech solutions provider very carefully. We can’t say names but we suggest that both … Read More. Breaking News

More Trouble At High Times.2 Print Publications Halted Staff Furloughed Amid Covid-19 Supply Chain Issues

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Marijuana Moment has the story. Will Dope Magazine & Culture Magazine make it out the other side. We doubt it very much. This is most … Read More. COVID19: Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Updates

Meadowlands: California’s Cannabis Supply Chain Panel


[link] [link] At Meadowlands, representatives from along the licensed California cannabis supply chain discussed creating an environment of open, cooperative cannabis, scaling in the legal market, and capturing the opportunity to finally a create a cannabis industry in California as it should be. Ryan Bush discusses the state of the licensed California cannabis supply chain with Hezekiah Allen, Amber Senter, Chris Collum, Alex Dixon, and Jerred Kiloh.


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Security Matters claims its chemical solution will help manage the supply chain of cannabis by marking any cannabis product, in its solid, liquid, or gas form, with a chemical-based barcode recorded and protected using blockchain technology. Security Matters has already signed an exclusive development and supply agreement with CliniCann, a distributor of medical cannabis products in the United Kingdom, Australia, Asia-Pacific, and South America, to use the chemical solution.

The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission Issues Order To Allow Medical Cannabis Providers To “Support The Medical Supply Chain”

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April 7, 2020 The(Massachusetts) Cannabis Control Commission (Commission) issued an amended cease and desist order pursuant to the Baker Administration’s extended stay-at-home advisory and emergency … Read More. COVID19: Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Updates

BCC Alert 16 January 2018: Approved state regulations for cannabis businesses across the supply chain from cultivation to retail.

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SACRAMENTO – California’s three state cannabis licensing authorities today announced that the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) has officially approved state regulations for cannabis businesses across the supply chain from cultivation to retail. PRESS RELEASE.

Leaf Link Raises $US250 Million In Debt Financing

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LeafLink Closes $250 Million in Debt Financing for LeafLink Financial Investment Will Fund Expansion of LeafLink Financial, the Cannabis Industry’s Premier Supply Chain Financing Solution … Read More.

Head of Marketing Outcrowd Group – Remote

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Outspoke is a supply chain management software for multi-licensed retailers and distributors. Our platform turns cannabis inventory data into tools that help you manage your … Read More. The post Head of Marketing Outcrowd Group - Remote first appeared on Cannabis Law Report.

Senior Writer / Copywriter H12 Brands – Toronto, ON

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H12 engages leading supply chain partners to bring our products into the … Read More. High 12 Brands creates exceptional brand experiences for the Canadian adult-use cannabis market.

Mondaq: Interview – Sydney Criminal Lawyers: Australia: It is high time: An interview with Legalise Cannabis Queensland advocate Deb Lynch

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The Turnbull government passed legislation in February 2016 that allowed for the establishment of a legal supply chain of cannabis medicines. This showed a willingness … Read More. One-Hit Wonders

How Franny’s Farmacy is Redefining Cannabis Business Ownership


They offer cannabis-specific guidance in banking, wholesale supply-chain management, and marketing so new CBD retailers can focus on establishing their CBD business. Franny's Farmacy encourages entrepreneurs to join the cannabis industry with their own white-label CBD franchise. The post How Franny’s Farmacy is Redefining Cannabis Business Ownership appeared first on Leafly. Industry cannabis marketing cbd Frannys Farmacy retail stores sponsored article

CA: SB 67 dubbed a “Band-Aid” by one sponsor

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A California Senate panel on Wednesday advanced a bill – dubbed a “Band-Aid” by one sponsor – in a last-minute bid to prevent thousands of marijuana companies from being temporarily forced out of the legal market and causing chaos in the state’s marijuana supply chain. California cannabis licensing backlog could spur collapse of supply chain, ‘hundreds of businesses’ Gumballs

Silliest Story Of The Week: Corona Virus Damages Vape Hardware Imports From China

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Trade tensions between the United States and China previously caused disruptions in the supply chain. And this newest issue underscores the vulnerabilities in the global marketplace that vape and other marijuana companies rely on for products ranging from LED lighting to packaging supplies. How coronavirus in China could disrupt the cannabis vape hardware supply chain. There are many who’d suggest that this might actually be a good thing !

Why a SARs-CoV-2 qPCR Assay for Cannabis is Necessary

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If last summer’s vape scare taught us anything, it’s that politicians will pull the plug on the cannabis supply chain if it is believed to be a vector for COVID-19 transmission. This assay arms cannabis testing labs with the tools they need to test cannabis material for the SARs-CoV-2 virus within the cannabis supply chain. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, 31 states declared some form of cannabis to be “essential.”

Michigan’s New Marijuana Regulatory Agency Issues Guidance on the Treatment of “Temporary Operators” and Caregiver Product

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Today, the new Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) issued a press release regarding recent Michigan Court of Claims rulings, explaining how “temporary operators” will be treated going forward as well as how “caregiver” product will be used to keep a supply chain open to meet patient demand.

NORML Urges Congress to Provide Small Business Relief to State-Licensed Cannabis Companies


” He added, “All that is needed by Congress is the passage of a one line legislative fix to protect tens-of-thousands of American jobs in a supply chain that serves over three million medical marijuana patients.” Representatives with the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) have reaffirmed that state-licensed cannabis businesses are ineligible for financial aid opportunities because marijuana remains classified as a schedule I controlled substance.

MJ Biz: California marijuana track-and-trace data to remain confidential

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At the same time, Parrott expects the agency will release an overview of the state’s legal supply chain, possibly as a year-end recap. That will allow industry officials to get a better idea of the size of the legal marijuana market. “I I believe that we will (release) some sort of year-end, high-level (summary),” Parrott said. California marijuana track-and-trace data to remain confidential. Gumballs

American Herbal Products Association’s Hemp-CBD Supplement Congress – Part 1 – Morning Report

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Governor Polis sees this initiative as “a unique opportunity to establish a comprehensive blueprint for how the state will not only manage but also advance this emerging [hemp] industry by examining the entire supply chain from cultivation to market, and the steps in between.” The second and final panel of the morning, “Getting to Market: Hemp Supply Chain Management,” featured a discussion of the hemp supply chain. By: Allen T.

Free Report: Cultivation Snapshot: U.S. Wholesale Hemp Prices and Supply

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The legalization of hemp has opened up a world of opportunities for cultivators, extractors and retailers alike, enabling them to compare prices and supply across state lines and secure the best deals. Right now, savvy entrepreneurs from across the hemp supply chain have no complete or reliable commodities index to gauge appropriate pricing. Entrepreneurs across the hemp supply chain.

Grupo Flor Launches California’s First Cannabis Industry Apprentice Program

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The program will provide the company’s employees with mentoring and management training while gaining hands-on experience in the entire supply chain including nursery, cultivation, oil extraction, product manufacture and assembly, wholesale distribution and retail operations. “We Management and cross training designed to benefit cannabis industry. SALINAS, Calif.

Colorado’s largest cannabis grower loses millions of dollars in early freeze; supply disruption expected

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The crop loss in Southern Colorado is expected to send ripples throughout the state’s cannabis supply chain, reducing the supply of marijuana available to retailers and processors. Colorado’s largest cannabis grower loses millions of dollars in early freeze; supply disruption expected.

Leafly Article: Vaping Deaths & The China Connection

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Ultimately, we were able to identify a contaminated supply chain that begins in the manufacturing centers of China, runs through the wholesale markets of downtown Los Angeles, disperses to regional pen-filling operations, and finally ends up in the hands of unsuspecting consumers like Jon Doneson. The supply chain begins in China, runs through Los Angeles, disperses to regional pen factories, and ends up in the lungs of unsuspecting consumers.

Arcadia Biosciences Announces Joint Venture For Hemp Project In Hawaii

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This strategic partnership will create a vertically integrated seed-to-sale supply chain for Hawaiian hemp production and formulation. Legacy Ventures Hawaii’s principals are island natives, and includes Shane Victorino, a former MLB player and son of the current mayor of Maui Mike Victorino.

MJ Biz Report: California government report finds regulators are unable to fully oversee the state’s marijuana market

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It noted the agency’s enforcement staff has dozens of unfilled positions and a vacancy rate approaching 80%, making it harder for regulators to ensure the legal supply chain is running the way it’s supposed to.

The NSW Government is investing $3 million into a ground-breaking medicinal cannabis industry study, following the unveiling of a cannabis research facility in regional NSW.

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The study will consider all aspects of the medicinal cannabis supply chain, including ideal growing conditions, medicinal compound analysis and supply chain traceability. Published 14th October, 2019 in Health. The industry-led study is a collaboration between the NSW and Australian Governments, medicinal cannabis research company Cann Group Ltd, agriculture technology company Aglive, Southern Cross University and the University of Newcastle.

After Amsterdam & LA Now Canada Reporting Huge Sales Increase For Cannabis At Stores

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Executives told Marijuana Business Daily there is no threat to supply chains at this time, and safety measures have been put into place for employees and consumers. We presume it’s the same in CO, OR, WA, NV and any other states with regulated adult use cannabis. The question of course, is, how is the regulated market faring against the black market at this time ? MJ Biz report.

Whitney Economics Releases Results of U.S. Hemp Industry Survey

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Key findings of the survey include the fact that in 2019 “65% of farmers who responded to the national survey did not have a buyer” & “there is only one processor for every four growers and the average acres per processor is 138 acres, signifying a major constraint in the hemp supply chain.” If hemp supply chain issues are resolved and the full value of the acreage is realized, the total value of the hemp biomass is an estimated $11.3

Hemp Stakeholders Share Their Thoughts with the USDA

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Roughly 50 speakers, including state governments, Indian tribe representatives, and stakeholders in the supply chain of hemp, shared their thoughts during the three-hour long webinar. Supply Chain Stakeholders. The primary concern shared by stakeholders involved in the supply chain pertained to the likely confusion by state enforcement officials in differentiating hemp from marijuana. Last week, the U.S.

Bob Hoban Reflects On His Recent Engagement With African Govts & Cannabis Regulation

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We are not only developing successful, responsible business along the way, but we are building the global cannabis infrastructure–the global cannabis supply chain; one continent at a time; one country at a time. Latin American countries will soon dominate cannabis supply chain production in the western hemisphere for these reasons. And they have moved/are moving very quickly in the direction of participating in this global supply chain. He writes.

Clever Leaves has announced that it has launched its direct-to-business sales platform, Clever Leaves 360, for pharmceutical-grade cannabis extract products.

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Kyle Detwiler, CEO of Clever Leaves, said: “Being one of the first cannabis companies with international exportation experience, we’ve acquired vast knowledge of the supply chain process and the ability in our cultivation and extraction facilities to provide pharmaceutical- grade standards. Innovation partners: a talented multidisciplinary team to drive innovation, experience, customisation and knowledge to product creation and supply.

Cannabis & Coronavirus – A Pharmacist’s Perspective


People need medicine, and ensuring the supply chain of critical meds at this time is just as important as washing hands and social distancing, maybe more so. The current supply chain for cannabis is stable and we have even seen imported cannabis flowers from Canada, the US, and Africa.