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Security Matters claims its chemical solution will help manage the supply chain of cannabis by marking any cannabis product, in its solid, liquid, or gas form, with a chemical-based barcode recorded and protected using blockchain technology. Author: Rebecca Lee Katz. Sep 5, 2019.

Meadowlands: California’s Cannabis Supply Chain Panel


[link] [link] At Meadowlands, representatives from along the licensed California cannabis supply chain discussed creating an environment of open, cooperative cannabis, scaling in the legal market, and capturing the opportunity to finally a create a cannabis industry in California as it should be.

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BCC Alert 16 January 2018: Approved state regulations for cannabis businesses across the supply chain from cultivation to retail.

Cannabis Law Report

SACRAMENTO – California’s three state cannabis licensing authorities today announced that the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) has officially approved state regulations for cannabis businesses across the supply chain from cultivation to retail. PRESS RELEASE.

How Franny’s Farmacy is Redefining Cannabis Business Ownership


They offer cannabis-specific guidance in banking, wholesale supply-chain management, and marketing so new CBD retailers can focus on establishing their CBD business. Franny's Farmacy encourages entrepreneurs to join the cannabis industry with their own white-label CBD franchise.

CA: SB 67 dubbed a “Band-Aid” by one sponsor

Cannabis Law Report

A California Senate panel on Wednesday advanced a bill – dubbed a “Band-Aid” by one sponsor – in a last-minute bid to prevent thousands of marijuana companies from being temporarily forced out of the legal market and causing chaos in the state’s marijuana supply chain.

MJ Biz: California marijuana track-and-trace data to remain confidential

Cannabis Law Report

At the same time, Parrott expects the agency will release an overview of the state’s legal supply chain, possibly as a year-end recap. That will allow industry officials to get a better idea of the size of the legal marijuana market. “I

Free Report: Cultivation Snapshot: U.S. Wholesale Hemp Prices and Supply

Cannabis Law Report

The legalization of hemp has opened up a world of opportunities for cultivators, extractors and retailers alike, enabling them to compare prices and supply across state lines and secure the best deals. Entrepreneurs across the hemp supply chain.

Colorado’s largest cannabis grower loses millions of dollars in early freeze; supply disruption expected

Cannabis Law Report

The crop loss in Southern Colorado is expected to send ripples throughout the state’s cannabis supply chain, reducing the supply of marijuana available to retailers and processors.

Leafly Article: Vaping Deaths & The China Connection

Cannabis Law Report

Ultimately, we were able to identify a contaminated supply chain that begins in the manufacturing centers of China, runs through the wholesale markets of downtown Los Angeles, disperses to regional pen-filling operations, and finally ends up in the hands of unsuspecting consumers like Jon Doneson.

The NSW Government is investing $3 million into a ground-breaking medicinal cannabis industry study, following the unveiling of a cannabis research facility in regional NSW.

Cannabis Law Report

The study will consider all aspects of the medicinal cannabis supply chain, including ideal growing conditions, medicinal compound analysis and supply chain traceability. Published 14th October, 2019 in Health.

Arcadia Biosciences Announces Joint Venture For Hemp Project In Hawaii

Cannabis Law Report

This strategic partnership will create a vertically integrated seed-to-sale supply chain for Hawaiian hemp production and formulation.

MJ Biz Report: California government report finds regulators are unable to fully oversee the state’s marijuana market

Cannabis Law Report

It noted the agency’s enforcement staff has dozens of unfilled positions and a vacancy rate approaching 80%, making it harder for regulators to ensure the legal supply chain is running the way it’s supposed to.

New Holland announces partnership with the National Hemp Association

Cannabis Law Report

In order to begin laying the foundation of an integrated North American hemp supply chain, the alliance will call on other industry partners to join a “Hemp Pledge” and commit to purchasing hemp grown and processed in the U.S.

American Herbal Products Association’s Hemp-CBD Supplement Congress – Part 1 – Morning Report

Greenspoon Marder Cannabis Law Group Blog

Governor Polis sees this initiative as “a unique opportunity to establish a comprehensive blueprint for how the state will not only manage but also advance this emerging [hemp] industry by examining the entire supply chain from cultivation to market, and the steps in between.” The second and final panel of the morning, “Getting to Market: Hemp Supply Chain Management,” featured a discussion of the hemp supply chain. By: Allen T.

Bob Hoban Reflects On His Recent Engagement With African Govts & Cannabis Regulation

Cannabis Law Report

We are not only developing successful, responsible business along the way, but we are building the global cannabis infrastructure–the global cannabis supply chain; one continent at a time; one country at a time. He writes. A Note From Robert Hoban. Why Africa?

Hemp Industry Daily Publish 2nd Edition of Hemp & CBD Industry Factbook

Cannabis Law Report

Introducing the 2 nd Annual Hemp & CBD Industry Factbook – the most comprehensive and reliable data resource for the hemp and CBD industry available today and the only report to deliver a complete, end-to-end look at the cannabis supply chain.

Whitney Economics Releases Results of U.S. Hemp Industry Survey

Cannabis Law Report

If hemp supply chain issues are resolved and the full value of the acreage is realized, the total value of the hemp biomass is an estimated $11.3 Supply chain issues are impacting the industry resulting in roughly 1/3 of the licensed acres coming to market.

MJ Biz Report: Nearly 400 California marijuana business licenses suspended, injecting fresh uncertainty into state’s cannabis industry

Cannabis Law Report

California has suspended nearly 400 marijuana business permits, temporarily paralyzing roughly 5% of the state’s legal cannabis supply chain ranging from retailers to distributors.

New Title: 2019 Hemp & CBD Industry Factbook

Cannabis Law Report

Introducing the 2 nd Annual Hemp & CBD Industry Factbook – the most comprehensive and reliable data resource for the hemp and CBD industry available today and the only report to deliver a complete, end-to-end look at the cannabis supply chain.

Michigan’s New Marijuana Regulatory Agency Issues Guidance on the Treatment of “Temporary Operators” and Caregiver Product

Dykema (Cannabis Law Blog)

Today, the new Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) issued a press release regarding recent Michigan Court of Claims rulings, explaining how “temporary operators” will be treated going forward as well as how “caregiver” product will be used to keep a supply chain open to meet patient demand.

FDA, DEA Seize 44 Websites Selling Illicit THC Vaping Cartridges

Cannabis Law Report

The action, which is part of Operation Vapor Lock, reflects ongoing work by federal, state and local authorities to investigate the supply chain of vaping products associated with recent lung injuries. The U.S.

DEA 52

Hemp Stakeholders Share Their Thoughts with the USDA

Canna Law Blog

Roughly 50 speakers, including state governments, Indian tribe representatives, and stakeholders in the supply chain of hemp, shared their thoughts during the three-hour long webinar. Supply Chain Stakeholders. Last week, the U.S.

Tilray to Spend $419 Million To Buy Manitoba Harvest

Cannabis Law Report

Tilray will look to leverage the food maker’s manufacturing facilities in Manitoba and its supply chain to roughly 16,000 stores where their products are already sold in North America, he added. Cannabis producer Tilray Inc.

Calyx Peak Companies Hires Former COO of MedMen

Cannabis Law Report

As Chief Supply Chain Officer at Sam’s Club, Ben was responsible for supply chain oversight for 600 large format stores and a $3 billion e-commerce business. Press Release in full. Ben Cook is the Newest Cannabis Industry Veteran to Join Calyx Peak Companies. .

ADM Labs Joins Hemp Advancement Initiatives As Industry Stakeholder

Cannabis Law Report

Both CHAMP and the NCIA Hemp Committee will provide industry guidance to develop a comprehensive blueprint for managing and advancing the emerging hemp industry by examining the entire supply chain from cultivation to market, and the steps in between.

Green Light Law Group OR: Forthcoming Presentations On Hemp Law & Issues

Cannabis Law Report

As every farmer knows, solid supply chain relationships are integral to the success of any agri-business. TOPIC 1 — HEMP CROSS POLLINATION LAWSUITS: What you need to know to protect yourself now. What will you do if your sinsemilla crop is seeded out by the hemp farm next door?

California Cannabis Track & Trace System New FAQ Available To Read

Cannabis Law Report

The California Cannabis Track-and-Trace (CCTT) system is being used statewide to record the inventory and movement of cannabis and cannabis products through the commercial cannabis supply chain. This system will be used by all annual and provisional cannabis licensees, including those with licenses for cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, retail, distribution, testing labs, and microbusinesses. CCTT_FAQ_5.8.19. Source: [link]. Also of interest.

Consumers Want Quality and Safety.

Cannabis Law Report

The processes outlined in maintaining cannabis quality standards throughout the supply chain are also very similar to Six Sigma standards in project management.

Helix TCS Launches Nations First State Hemp Tracking System in Delaware

Cannabis Law Report

<o:p></o:p> The system is currently live, allowing cannabis operators in Delaware to maintain an auditable record of all hemp products in the supply chain, ensuring that all products sold in the state are tested for potency and purity.

CIBC World Markets, a subsidiary of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Publish Report on Global Cannabis Market (73pp)

Cannabis Law Report

27 Production And Supply Chain. 41 Production And Supply Chain. 58 Production And Supply Chain. EXTRACT.

American Banker Article: BankThink A tech solution to the pot banking problem

Cannabis Law Report

With this type of intelligence and insight, businesses across the cannabis supply chain can make better-informed decisions about where the greatest risk exposure lies.

Benchmark Botanics Receives Cannabis Sales Licence From Health Canada

Canna Newswire

The licence allows Benchmark to supply and sell finished cannabis products to provincial governments throughout Canada and through Canada’s distribution and retail supply chain. VANCOUVER, British Columbia – August 12, 2019 / Canna Newswire / – Benchmark Botanics Inc.’s

French Take First Steps With Medical Cannabis

Cannabis Law Report

The challenge is ensuring a French supply chain for the production [of these pharmaceutical products]”.

Kraft Heinz leads $23m investment in cannabis startup Flowhub

Cannabis Law Report

With this investment, we will continue to automate the cannabis supply chain, retail and reporting processes and bring to market technology solutions that are not only shaping the cannabis retail business, but also driving forward the future of legalization and de-stigmatization.”.

Ignite International Announces Jim McCormick as New Company President

Canna Newswire

Mr. McCormick joins the company as a highly experienced global consumer goods executive with a deep understanding of brand and trade marketing, operations and supply chain, finance and scaling a business internationally. During his tenure with BAT he successfully led market entry initiatives, driving global brand expansion and optimizing international supply chain operations.