Denver Decriminalizes Psilocybin

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jurisdiction to decriminalize psilocybin-containing mushrooms. jurisdiction has actually approved of the decriminalization of psilocybin, and this could have major effects throughout the nation. Let’s break down exactly what this law does and doesn’t do.

Capitol Confidential: Colorado moves to protect jobs of legal consumers


Also: Kentucky makes progress on medical legalization, and Virginia may decriminalize. Politics cannabis legalization Capitol Confidential marijuana legalization state laws state legislatureStop firing people for relaxing on their own time, Colorado Boss.

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Virginia: Marijuana Arrests Decline Year-Over-Year


The total number of marijuana-related marijuana arrests declined more than eight percent from 2018 to 2019, according to annual data compiled by the Virginia State Police. State law enforcement officials recorded 26,470 arrests for marijuana violations in 2019, down from 28,866 in 2018.

California Activists Seek Decriminalization of Magic Mushrooms

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With the 2020 ballot fast approaching, California activists are keenly working towards securing a measure that would decriminalize psilocybin, also commonly known as ‘magic mushrooms.’. Representatives for Decriminalize California have stated the group currently aims to raise $1.5

Too Natural for Naturalization: Even Decriminalized Marijuana Can be a Bar to US Citizenship

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As a number of states and the District of Columbia have moved to permit possession, use and sale of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes and the business of legalized cannabis distribution has grown exponentially, federal law banning such activity remains unchanged. Deeming the trend in state law irrelevant, federal immigration authorities have in fact moved in the opposite direction.

Oakland (City) officially decriminalizes plant based psychedelics

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WHEREAS, there is a lack of clarity as to whether such practices can be subject to law enforcement and therefore those seeking to improve their health and well-being through the use of Entheogenic Plants use them in fear of arrest and prosecution; and . Cannabis Law News

Alabama: Jefferson County Police To Cite, Rather Than Prosecute, Minor Marijuana Violators


A spokesperson for the Jefferson County (population: 658,000) Sheriff’s Office announced today that local law enforcement will begin citing, rather than arresting, low-level marijuana offenders. Decriminalization LAW ENFORCEMENT Municipal Alabama citation summons

Minnesota: Attorney For State’s Largest County To No Longer Criminally Prosecute Marijuana Possession Offenses


Under state law , marijuana possession offenses involving over 42.5 Freeman said the policy change was necessary because he believes that the state law is overly punitive and produces racial disparities in incarceration rates. Courts Decriminalization LAW ENFORCEMENT Municipal decriminalization Minneapolis Minnesota

Wisconsin Democrats Aim to Decriminalize Marijuana

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Democratic lawmakers in Wisconsin introduced legislation recently that would decriminalize the possession of small amounts of recreational marijuana for those 21 and older. Tony Evers earlier this year called for decriminalizing up to 25 grams.

Delaware: Attorney General Calls For Expanding Use Of Civil Penalties For Marijuana Violations


Delaware prosecutors will no longer be encouraged to pursue criminal charges against those who possess marijuana for personal use, according to guidelines issued by the state’s new Attorney General, Kathleen Jennings. ” News radio station WHHY reports that the decriminalization policy will apply to possession cases involving up to 175 grams of cannabis. Under state law , the possession of up to one ounce of cannabis is a civil violation.

Texas Police Chiefs Association Hold Marijuana Press Conference


Fellow Texans, Today, I attended a press conference held by the Texas Police Chiefs Association (TPCA) at the Texas State Capitol. These are the people advocating for the status quo in our state. It was disappointing to see Law Enforcement advocating for policy that continues to saddle Texans with criminal records and all those collateral consequences as well as putting fear ahead of regulated patient access to medical marijuana.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 3/29


Governor Jim Justice (R) of West Virginia signed legislation into law that allows financial institutions to provide banking services related to the state’s medical marijuana program. Earlier, a similar bill was overwhelmingly passed in the State House.

People v. Charles Hill, 2020 IL 124595.”Smelling and seeing cannabis justified probable cause for a police officer in central Illinois to search a man’s car, despite cannabis’ decriminalization”

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The justices were asked whether two 2016 laws — the Illinois Cannabis Control Act and the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act — changed the basis for probable cause in a May 2017 warrantless search of Charles Hill’s car. Cannabis Law News

Weed and Worry — The Immigration Consequences of Engaging in the Cannabis Trade

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As several states and foreign countries have enacted laws decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana for medicinal or recreational use, a fresh rush of reefer madness has overtaken the business world. Should you be worried about legal marijuana’s adverse consequences under federal immigration law? practicing law in the U.S. ” Black’s Law Dictionary, 1340 (5th ed. ” Black’s Law Dictionary , supra, at 673.

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Municipalities Moving Away from Marijuana Testing for Employees


The new law took effect immediately upon passage. “Now is the time for municipalities throughout the state to review and update their policies so they may better align with state law and public opinion.” Those new laws take effect on July 1, 2020.

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Weekly Legislative Roundup 1/18/20


At the state level, a new decriminalization law took effect this week in Hawaii involving the possession of up to three grams of marijuana, as well as a procedure for expungement of past convictions for the same amount.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 6/21/19


House of Representatives just voted to restrict the Department of Justice from interfering with the states that have legalized adult-use marijuana. New York state lawmakers approved legislation on Friday to further expand cannabis decriminalization and expunge certain records.

Bloomberg Steps Back On Draconian Approach To Cannabis

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The Democratic presidential candidate that’s arguably been the most hostile to marijuana law reform now supports decriminalizing cannabis possession. He believes in decriminalization and doesn’t believe the federal government should interfere with states that have already legalized.”.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 3/7/20


Following are the bills that we’ve tracked this week and as always, check NORML’s Action Center for legislation pending in your state. Send a message to your lawmakers in support of decriminalization. Send a message to your lawmakers in support of expanded decriminalization.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 2/8/19


Senator Ron Wyden introduced legislation in the Senate — The Marijuana Revenue and Regulation Act — to permit states to establish their own marijuana regulatory policies free from federal interference. Click here to email your lawmakers in support of decriminalization.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 5/3/19


Governor Jay Inslee (D) of Washington signed legislation into law allowing medical cannabis to be accessed by patients on school grounds, and separate legislation allowing the production of industrial hemp in accordance with new federal hemp regulations.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 2/29/20


Following are the bills that we’ve tracked this week and as always, check NORML’s Action Center for legislation pending in your state. The measure prohibits the release of past records for any marijuana offense that is no longer defined as a crime under state law.

It’s MLK Day. Don’t Forget Cannabis is a Civil Rights Issue.

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Dr. King was the chief spokesperson for nonviolent activism in the Civil Rights Movement, which successfully protested racial discrimination in federal and state law. laws of the 20 th century, the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Happy MLK Day!

Weekly Legislative Roundup 2/22/20


Following are the bills that we’ve tracked this week and as always, check NORML’s Action Center for legislation pending in your state. Legislation is pending, House Bill 847, that seeks to criminalize the possession and transportation of hemp flower in the state.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 4/12/19


At the state level, a bill to allow licensed social consumption spaces in Oregon was defeated for this year. A bill to allow patients to use medical cannabis while on probation or parole died in Montana’s state Senate.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 4/20/19


At the state level, Governor Brian Kemp (R) signed legislation into law to facilitate regulations governing the licensed production and distribution of oils and other products containing limited amounts of plant-derived THC. Under current law, the possession of 1.5

Can A State Recriminalize Medical Marijuana?

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Marijuana has come a long way in the United States over the past decade. Today, you can get medical and recreational marijuana in 11 states as well as Washington D.C. But can a state recriminalize medical marijuana? If you’ve been wondering “Can my state make MMJ illegal again?”,

NORML Chapter Newsletter – May 2019


Every day NORML Chapters from around the country invest countless hours in advocating for meaningful marijuana law reforms on the local, state and federal level! “Limiting homegrow to just patients seems like too big a concession to law enforcement.”

Weekly Legislative Roundup 1/18/19


At the state level, patients in Ohio and Oklahoma now have access to medical cannabis, as sales began in both states this week. Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) of New York and Governor Gina Raimondo (D) of Rhode Island both included plans for cannabis legalization as a part of their budget proposals in their respective states. A medical cannabis access bill was signed into law in the U.S. Meanwhile, a decriminalization bill was defeated in the Virginia House this week.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 3/14/20


Following are the bills that we’ve tracked this week and as always, check NORML’s Action Center for legislation pending in your state. doctors to fill out the state-legal medical marijuana recommendations. Send a message to your lawmakers in support of amending the DUI law.

Ready to Lobby?


With the 2020 legislative session already in full swing in many states, NORML chapters across the country are organizing lobby days to advocate for sensible reform policies in their state. Meet up with amazing, passionate women from across the state and engage directly in democracy.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 4/26/19


At the state level, Governor Doug Burgum of North Dakota signed a package of bills into law to expand the state’s medical cannabis access program. Nassau County, New York voted to prohibit retail cannabis sales in the county once it becomes legal in New York state.

Move Legalization Forward in New Jersey


Several bills have been introduced in the state legislature, ranging from legalization to expungement, and the fight for freedom has never been more widely supported than now. There are three major reform bills in the New Jersey State Legislature during the current legislative session. 3205 ) and to send a message to your state lawmaker in urgent support of this legislation, click here. In New Jersey, there has been a great deal of progress in the last few years.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 1/25/20


Missouri state regulators began issuing the first of nearly 200 licenses to medical cannabis providers. At a more local level, city council members in Springfield, Illinois approved the state’s first marijuana consumption space. Following are the bills that we’ve tracked this week and as always, check NORML’s Action Center for legislation pending in your state. Update : SB 2 was approved by the Senate Judiciary Criminal Law Subcommittee on 1/23/20.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 4/5/19


Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Cory Gardner (R-CO), along with Representatives David Joyce (R-OH) and Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), have reintroduced The STATES Act of 2019. Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) of New Mexico signed cannabis decriminalization legislation into law.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 6/28/19


Senator Ron Wyden and Congressman Earl Blumenauer introduced legislation to allow for interstate commerce when it comes to state-legal cannabis programs. Governor Janet Mills (D) of Maine signed legislation into law setting rules and regulations for the adult use cannabis market. Governor Chris Sununu (R) of New Hampshire signed legislation into law allowing physicians assistants to recommend medical cannabis to their patients.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 3/22


Activists in Oregon have filed a 2020 ballot initiative with the Secretary of State that, if approved, would allow social cannabis consumption sites and protect consumers from employment discrimination. Under state law, adults face civil penalties for minor marijuana possession offenses.