Guest Post: Is CBD Legal? Federal & State Laws [2019]

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New laws and bills are constantly being passed that create a great deal of confusion in the cannabis world. Is CBD legal in all 50 states? Is it legal in the federal government? I will not cover the legal status of marijuana or any other substance.

US AG William Bar Indicates A Preference To Enactment Of STATES Law Rather Than Current Situation

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Attorney General William Barr said on Wednesday that he would prefer that Congress enact legislation allowing states to legalize marijuana instead of continuing the current approach under which a growing number of states have ended cannabis prohibition in conflict with federal law.

Bi-Partisan Legislation Introduced In The House Thursday To Protect State Laws Regulating Cannabis

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A bipartisan bill protecting state laws regulating marijuana use from the federal government was reintroduced on Thursday in the House and Senate. The legislation, which allows states to determine their own cannabis policies, was offered by Sens. Cannabis Law News

Federal Lawmakers Aim To Legalize Marijuana This Year


I introduced S.420, my bill to legalize and responsibly regulate and tax marijuana,” Wyden tweeted on February 8. “It’s NEW: I introduced S.420, my bill to legalize and responsibly regulate and tax marijuana.

Move Legalization Forward in New Jersey


Several bills have been introduced in the state legislature, ranging from legalization to expungement, and the fight for freedom has never been more widely supported than now. There are three major reform bills in the New Jersey State Legislature during the current legislative session. 3205 ) and to send a message to your state lawmaker in urgent support of this legislation, click here. In New Jersey, there has been a great deal of progress in the last few years.

Attorney General Nominee Commits To Leave State-Legal Marijuana Programs Alone


In Senate testimony today, nominee for Attorney General William Barr committed to not use the limited resources of the Department of Justice to prosecute state-regulated and compliant marijuana businesses. Thirty-three states, Washington, D.C.

The Legal Status of Cannabis for Animals

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As so often happens, however, public demand is a few steps ahead of the medical and legal establishment. While hemp-based CBD products are now considered slightly more legal, veterinary use and/or recommendations of these products is a different story.

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Marijuana Officially Legal in Illinois


In May Illinois sent a marijuana legalization bill to Governor J.B. On June 25 th , Pritzker signed the bill, officially making Illinois the 11 th state to legalize cannabis, and only the second state to pull this off through its legislature, according to Vox. Other states passed legalization through ballot initiatives. Regardless of the method, another state has decided to take the plunge into a growing and controversial market.

The Week in Weed: April 5, 2019

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Welcome back to The Week in Weed, your Friday look at what’s happening in the world of legalized marijuana. Our weekly review starts in Georgia, where the governor is expected to sign a medical marijuana reform bill into law. The law will allow grow houses and production facilities in the state, which will be heavily regulated. Moving up the East Coast, you will doubtless recall that last week, New Jersey did not legalize recreational cannabis.

Too Natural for Naturalization: Even Decriminalized Marijuana Can be a Bar to US Citizenship

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As a number of states and the District of Columbia have moved to permit possession, use and sale of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes and the business of legalized cannabis distribution has grown exponentially, federal law banning such activity remains unchanged. Deeming the trend in state law irrelevant, federal immigration authorities have in fact moved in the opposite direction.

Too Natural for Naturalization: An Update

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On May 29, 2019, forty-seven members of Congress wrote a letter to Attorney General Bob Barr and Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan registering their disagreement with the application of USCIS policy guidance to those who have been employed in the legal cannabis industry. Joe Neguse, Kelly Armstrong and Hakeem Jeffries, noted that thirty states and the District of Columbia have legalized cannabis for medical and/or recreational purposes.

Legal Hemp Is Not Safe on American Highways


Conflicting federal and state laws mean police are seizing products that can’t get anyone high. The post Legal Hemp Is Not Safe on American Highways appeared first on Leafly. Politics cbd Hemp law enforcement

Federal Legalization – Then What?

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CPA’s “ PUBLISHER: CANNABIS LAW REPORT. Federal Legalization – Then What? Let’s think through a couple of scenarios and have a peek at the landscape in a post-legalization world. Let’s begin with the following: STATES Act Becomes Law.

Are CBD-Infused Alcohol Beverages Legal?

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The recent wave of crackdowns on cannabidiol (“CBD”)-infused alcohol beverages has further exacerbated public confusion regarding the legal status of the cannabis plant’s non-psychoactive compound. As we previously explained , alcoholic beverages are regulated by federal and state laws.

Action Needed: Marijuana Vote This Week In Congress


Known as the Blumenauer-McClintock amendment after Representatives Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and Tom McClintock (R-CA), this bipartisan language would restrict the Department of Justice from interfering in the 11 states that have legalized and regulate adult-use marijuana.

Q&A: Cannabis Trade Federation CEO Neal Levine on the future of federal marijuana legalization


America’s legal cannabis market owes part of its success to Neal Levine. 7-8, Smell the Truth caught up him to answer a few question regarding the future of federal cannabis legalization. have opted out of prohibition in some form, 10 states plus D.C.

Cincinnati: Council Members Vote to Eliminate Marijuana Possession Penalties


The new local law takes effect on July 12. Under state law, the possession of up to 100 grams of cannabis is classified as a minor misdemeanor offense. Expungement Legalization LEGISLATION Municipal Cincinnati decriminalization Ohio

What Makes an Online Weed Dispensary Legal?

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This is down to a few very important factors: one is that CBD oil and other products have been legalized in all US states in at least some form, and in some states it is now legal to purchase and supply up to an ounce of cannabis. Choosing a Legal Online Dispensary.

Utah Chooses its Legal Medical Marijuana Growers

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Utah officials on Friday granted eight medical marijuana cultivation licenses to businesses that are both from Utah and those from outside the state reports the Associated Press. State regulators recently dropped a residency requirement, saying they didn’t believe it could be legally upheld.

Oregon: Governor Signs Law Prohibiting Landlords From Discriminating Against Medical Marijuana Patients


The measure states that a landlord may not take into consideration an applicant’s “status as a medical marijuana patient” or whether they have a “conviction based solely on the use or possession of marijuana.” ” The new law takes effect on January 1, 2020.

Baltimore state’s attorney: Marijuana legalization must include marijuana justice

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Marilyn Mosby the State’s Attorney for Baltimore, Maryland, United States and the youngest chief prosecutor of any major American city. to testify before Congress as part of the first-ever hearing to discuss marijuana legalization. Cannabis Law News

E-cigarette maker Juul facing mounting scrutiny by U.S. State Attorney Generals

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WASHINGTON — E-cigarette giant Juul Labs is facing mounting scrutiny from state law enforcement officials. State Attorney Generals appeared first on Cannabis News | Lifestyle Tips | Expert Opinions | Stocks.

The Sharp End Of Cannabis Legalization In Illinois

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Interestingly this meeting appears far less alarmist from similar discussions and minutes we’ve seen from not too dissimilar communities in states like CA, NJ, NY & even WA. Cannabis Law News

Article: In the Weeds: Marijuana Legalization & Employment Laws

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Network of Trial Law Firms – July 29, 2019. Over the last several years, attitudes towards marijuana use have rapidly changed in the United States. respondents said marijuana use should be legal, compared to 31 percent who supported legalization in the year 2000. [1]

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Marijuana businessman and former federal inmate faces new legal problems

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A pair of arrests earlier this year on drug possession and driving under the influence charges could disqualify him under state rules that prohibit convicted criminals from participating in Washington’s legal marijuana industry. Paulsen was in a Spokane County courtroom last week attempting to reverse the judge’s order appointing the receiver, who acts as a custodian of both his marijuana license from the state and the business until the creditors are satisfied.

Hypocritical U.S. Tax Law Stifling Legal Marijuana Businesses


Thanks to an antiquated law that the IRS is all-too-happy to enforce, taxes on legal marijuana dispensaries are astronomical. Following the verdict, the IRS passed Section 280E, which states that illegal businesses cannot make claims or deductions. This is where the problem of federal vs. state laws once again comes into play. Even though the dispensaries claiming deductions are legal in their respective states, the IRS is a federal entity.

How to Talk To Your Doctor About Becoming a Legal Medical Cannabis Patient


At the time of this article’s publishing, thirty states and the District of Columbia have enacted legislation permitting use of medical cannabis. Of those, nine states and DC have went a step further and legalized marijuana for all adults 21 and over.

NORML’s 2020 Democratic Primary Marijuana Straw Poll


The 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary is already heating up and we wanted to reach out to our supporters to take an early straw poll of who they think voters who prioritize marijuana law reform should support in that primary. States are moving forward on decriminalization and legalization.

Federal Legislation Introduced To Protect State-Level Marijuana Legalization Laws

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As reported by NORML , The Sensible Enforcement Of Cannabis Act essentially would give peace of mind to lawmakers, regulators, 149,000+ workers, and the millions of patients and consumers who are dependent on the normalization of lawful marijuana markets.

Medical Cannabis Gains Support in Kentucky


Legislation to legalize medical cannabis cleared the Kentucky House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. I would like to have the option without breaking the law,” Everett said. “I I am viewed as a criminal in the state I love,” Crawford said during his testimony.

Fed Chair To Senate: “I think it would be great to have clarity,” On Cannabis


As the tentacles of the federal policy of cannabis prohibition run deep into nearly every sector of American public policy, a new voice emerged to call for clarity regarding state-legal cannabis marketplaces: Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell.

And Best Democratic Experiment Goes to. (Legal?) Weed at the Oscars

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MarketWatch ran an article last week on how this year’s Academy Award swag bags “are packed” with “legal” cannabis. I’m always happy to see an article like this because it means California legalization is working. Now featuring cannabis!

Federal Hemp & CBD Update – What’s Legal & What’s Not

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But is it legal to buy, sell, and produce them? But that is not the end of the story, as the FDA continues to regulate CBD products through enforcement of the Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act, and state governments also have restrictions. Federal Law Still Restricts CBD.

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Legalizing Marijuana Leads To Fewer Illegal Grow Sites In National Forests, Study Finds

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In news that Smokey Bear, iconic protector of all forests, would be happy to hear, research shows that reports of illegal marijuana grow operations on federally protected lands fell after states began legalizing it for adult use. Cannabis legalization is insignificant in Washington.

Congress To Vote On Cannabis Banking Bill Next Week


Majority Leader Hoyer on Friday announced that members of the House are anticipated to hold a floor vote next week on The SAFE Banking Act (HR1595), which explicitly permits banks and other financial institutions to work directly with state-legal marijuana businesses.

Article – Faegre Baker Daniels: Key Considerations for U.K. Investment in the Legal Cannabis Industry Abroad

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investors in cannabis-related entities, where the activity is legal in its jurisdiction but not legal in the U.K., Correct structuring of an investment is key to ensuring that the investment can be made lawfully. That said, the legal position is not clear cut.

Illinois becomes the latest state to legalize marijuana, these states may follow


Illinois became the 11th state in the U.S. to legalize recreational marijuana on Tuesday after Governor J.B. Legal recreational marijuana sales will begin in Illinois on January 1, 2020. While many other states have legalized marijuana through voter referendums that can leave details to be agreed upon after the fact, Illinois became the first state in the country to legalize through the legislative process. “We to legalize recreational marijuana.