What are trichomes?

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If you’re familiar with the stickiness of good bud, then you’re already familiar with the peculiar term of ‘trichomes’. Trichomes comes from the Greek word Trích?ma Let’s get to know trichomes a little bit better, so you can understand the importance of the frosty coating.

Trichome Financial Corp. Shareholders Approve Plan of Arrangement with IM Cannabis Corp.

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TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / March 15, 2021 / Trichome Financial Corp. the “Company” or “Trichome Financial“) (CSE:TFC)(OTC PINK:TRICF) is… Read More.


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BioHarvest grows cannabis cells and trichomes in liquid media


BioHarvest—a plant-cell growth company—has announced that it can now grow cannabis cells and trichomes in liquid media , a process with the potential to produce large quantities of full-spectrum cannabinoids in a predictable and efficient consistent way.

February 23 2021: Florida Lawmakers Consider Medical Cannabis THC Caps | TRICHOMES Morning Buzz

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The post February 23 2021: Florida Lawmakers Consider Medical Cannabis THC Caps | TRICHOMES Morning Buzz first appeared on Cannabis Law Report. … Read More.


Cannabis Law Report

The post NEW VIRGINIA LAW PROHIBITS POLICE SEARCHES BASED ON CANNABIS SMELL | TRICHOMES first appeared on Cannabis Law Report. Today in the world of cannabis: The Vibe grows in Portland, Oregon, West Virginia launches a medical cannabis online course, and a new law in … Read More.

Canada’s Organic Flower Investments Group Buys Trichome Cannabrands To Access Cannabis Trademarks In Canada

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World Trademark Review reports in their latest weekly roundup that Cannabis brand acquisition announced as company eyes market expansion – Organic Flower Investments Group has announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire all of the issued and outstanding shares of Trichome Cannabrands, an Ontario-based branding and licensing company with a diversified portfolio of cannabis product and service trademarks registered in Canada.

Top 5 Craft Cannabis Growers and Their Best Strains

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Craft cannabis is a delicacy; although, it is often difficult to find growers that produce quality weed. Well, look no further because here are our top 5 picks of craft cannabis growers who have mastered the art of cultivating exquisite weed that will knock your socks off. What is craft cannabis?

Good weed vs bad weed – How to differentiate?

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Cannabis 101 Education Featured bad weed bugs Cannabinoids cannabis consumption cannaseur color contaminants differentiate evaluate good weed lab testing molds scent smooth stoner guide stoners guide terpenes trichomes trim weedguide

How to buy good weed: Finding quality in cannabis flower


Cannabis 101 dispensaries THC trichomesIs that $60 eighth really worth the extra cash? Check out our guide on how to look for quality when buying cannabis, whether at the store or online. The post How to buy good weed: Finding quality in cannabis flower appeared first on Leafly.

The Importance of Female Cannabis Plants


But female plants are the ones responsible for the sticky and stinky trichome and terpene covered buds we all know and love. In the world of cannabis plants, the females hold almost all the power. Sure, both male and female plants are needed to breed new genetics and create new strains.

The Growth Of The High CBD Flower Strain

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Chemical compounds develop in the cannabis plant trichomes, including cannabinoids like cannabidiol or CBD. The substance is a legally accepted… Read More. The post The Growth Of The High CBD Flower Strain first appeared on Cannabis Law Report. Pot Luck

Recipe: Kief-rubbed beer can chicken

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No longer are large stockpiles of kief–the resinous trichomes on your bud–reserved for home growers and grinder guardians. With the ever-growing product availability stemming from Canada’s cannabis legalization, specialty materials couldn’t be easier to procure.

Cannabis Terpenes, Part 1


The images above illustrate Cannabis inflorescence and stalked glandular trichomes. C) Stalked glandular trichomes on the surface of strain Finola pistillate flowers. As cannabis becomes more mainstream, more accepted as a medicine and more utilized worldwide, the plants’ botany and chemical makeup are being researched and dissected. Cannabis sativa , the Latin name for the cannabis plant, produces a resin that supports the medicinal and psychoactive properties within the plan.

Cooking with Cannabis Video

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Blog Culture Featured Health Videos Cannabinoids CBD Chef Cody Lindsay cooking with cannabis decarboxylation edibles THC trichomes wellness soldierIn this video, our friend Chef Cody Lindsay, aka The Wellness Soldier, turned himself into a cartoon to teach you more about cooking with cannabis. But before you start cooking, it helps to know a little bit about this amazing herb and the video starts off with the basics, beginning by looking at smoking cannabis […].

What Is Hash and How Do You Make It?

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Glandular trichomes, the sparkly crystals that cover potent cannabis flower (and the “sugar leaves” that sprout from buds), are a form of resin that contains the cannabinoids and terpenes produced by the plant. A homemade screen for separating trichomes from marijuana.

Hash 114

What Is Kief and What to Do With It?

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What are trichomes? Under the microscope, cannabis trichomes actually have an otherworldly, almost alien appearance. Those crystals that cover cannabis flower — and the exterior of countless other plant species — are called “trichomes.”

Hash 114

Cannabis Bioengineering : The Wave of the Future


THC is primarily located on small outgrowths of the plant known as trichomes. If you study your cannabis flower closely, you’ll be able to see these trichomes. If you’re looking for other ways to get your THC or other cannabinoids, your options are a little bit limited right now.

How to Make Hash: A Guide for Beginners

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Give the cannabis about 30 minutes to hydrate so the trichomes will break off easily. Next, you’ll need to scrape the layer of trichomes from the filter. Be sure to wash the trichomes with a splash of water to clean off any contaminants.

Hash 52

Transfer of Cannabis Wealth

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If Canadians felt strongly enough about the cannabis trade, legalization wouldn’t look as it currently does- like a large cannabis bud without a trace of trichomes. There’s big business staking its claim with an army of lobbyists and fake capital supplied by the banks, while pioneers of Canada’s cannabis industry, many of them in British […]. The post Transfer of Cannabis Wealth appeared first on Cannabis News | Marijuana News | Medical Cannabis News.

Q&A with IMC’s Oren Shuster


That’s what Israel’s IM Cannabis had to do when it agreed in late 2020 to acquire Toronto-headquartered Trichome Financial, a specialty finance company serving cannabis companies. Marijuana Business Daily talked with Shuster about the Trichome deal and creating a global cannabis business. .

New Product Alert Trulieve Blue River Rosin


Trulieve added that the proprietary multi-step process includes separating glandular trichomes under extremely cold conditions with the use of sieves, static charge, vibration, filtration and high pressure. In April, Trulieve announced that it signed an agreement with California-based Blue River Extracts & Terpenes™ (“Blue River™”) to bring their award-winning terpene extracts and other trademark branded products to Trulieve locations.

Scientists say they can spot high-CBD strains just from their leaves

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These included qualitative traits, such as a width-to-height ratio, and quantitative measurements, including the number of leaflets and the general appearance of the inflorescences and trichomes on the plant. This article was first published on Analytical Cannabis.

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What to do with weed stems

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Be it Nepalese “temple ball hash,” black Indian “charas,” or sweet golden brown Moroccan hash , the same principles apply — use your hands and some basic tools to to remove the dry, THC-containing trichomes (also known as “kief” ) from the flowers and leaves of the plants, and press it into hash.

Hash 107

Canadian hash products to sample this summer (hot knives not included)


Made by compressing trichomes (aka kief) of the cannabis plant to create a resinous concentrated product, hash—or hashish—offers stronger effects than flower due to its concentrated levels of THC. This flavourful concentrate is made from whole flower trichome heads.

Hash 52

Harvesting your Cannabis Plant

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Now, this is where the individual preference comes in, for a slight euphoric high, harvest when 15-20% of the trichomes have turned to an amber color. However, if it’s a fall blown relaxing, a narcotic effect which promotes sleep, harvest only when about 80%+ of the trichomes are amber.

Purple Punch Cannabis Strain Review

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This trichome laden strain affects both the head and body with an 18-25% average THC and 1% CBD level, first affecting the mind, then the limbs. A well-cultivated batch will produce large and dense nugs, covered with a layer of trichomes that frosts all its tips. By: Sarah Lazarescu.

Top 10 Best Strains for Making Extraction & Concentrates

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This gooey material is made in the trichomes of the marijuana plant and contains flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoids, essentially all of the compounds responsible for why people enjoy cannabis. .

Cannabis Isn’t Food. Don’t Test It Like It Is.

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Additionally, because the cannabis flower’s natural antibiotics are packaged into trichomes, it is only when samples are aggressively homogenized that they are allowed to alter the microbiome on the flower.

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Could Trichoderma Cause Total Yeast and Mold Failure?

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Further analysis showed certain strains of Trichoderma showed a preference for surface colonization of glandular trichomes where they formed swellings on the trichome tips. Strains of four Trichoderma species were able to enter glandular trichomes during the colonization of cacao stems where they survived surface sterilization and could be re-isolated. However, studies showing Trichoderma can colonize plant trichomes certainly challenges that assumption.

How to Spot High Grade Cannabis From Lower Quality Products


Trichome Coverage. When giving cannabis a visual, be sure to look for trichome presence before you buy it. Heavy trichome production is almost always a good sign of quality cannabis. Cannabis legalization has happened in many places over the last few years.

Top 100 Hip Hop Artist, Soulja Boy, Launches Soulja Exotics™ in Collaboration With Grizzly Peak™, California’s Premium Indoor Grow Cannabis Company

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This indica strain is a completely dark, dense purple flower covered in trichomes created using proprietary genetics exclusive to Grizzly Peak. “We

Durban Poison Cannabis Strain Review

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Cultivators often grow Durban Poison in large quantities because of its spacious, white trichomes. These fuzzy trichomes are one of Durban Poison’s most distinguishable features, reeling users in with its soft texture. By: Sadaf Naushad.

Decarboxylating Cannabis - Why and How

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When it comes to decarboxylation, it’s the trichomes that are mainly at work. Most smokers have seen trichomes on a marijuana plant, again even if they didn’t realize what they were called.

Medical Marijuana Concentrates: The Complete Guide


Trichomes are tiny compounds (or glands) that cover the Cannabis plant. Trichomes come in different varieties and the accumulation of them is used to create what is collectively called cannabis concentrates.

Dry Sift vs. Bubble Hash – The differences and benefits between them.

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There are several ways to produce it, but the essential steps involve extracting the trichomes from a cannabis plant and repeatedly compressing them to form a solid, hardened piece. . That fine layer of dust, which can quickly become thick, is made up of trichomes.

Badder, budder, and shatter: what’s the difference?

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The most famous and historically relevant cannabis concentrate is hashish , which is made by removing the kief ( trichomes or resin glands) from the plant and pressing and processing it into bricks, sticks, and balls to be used for smoking or cooking.

HEXO Achieves Carbon Neutrality – Cannabis Business Times


This included stunted plants, low trichome production, weak stems and so on. . Very early on, we knew there was this problem in the industry where plants wouldn’t produce: low yields, low trichomes. Dark Heart Nursery A healthy cannabis plant.