What are trichomes?

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If you’re familiar with the stickiness of good bud, then you’re already familiar with the peculiar term of ‘trichomes’. Trichomes comes from the Greek word Trích?ma Let’s get to know trichomes a little bit better, so you can understand the importance of the frosty coating.

Medical Marijuana Concentrates: The Complete Guide


Trichomes are tiny compounds (or glands) that cover the Cannabis plant. Trichomes come in different varieties and the accumulation of them is used to create what is collectively called cannabis concentrates. Concentrates are much stronger than the average pre-roll.


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Almost Deadly Butane Explosion Proves the Dangers of Making Marijuana Concentrates


This is where concentrates come in. Concentrates are highly potent forms of marijuana, in some cases reaching a THC concentration of 90%. also make CBD concentrates. Regardless, concentrates are created by removing the trichomes (“crystal”) and resin from the surface of the plant. Individuals consume straight concentrates through inhalation. Fortunately, legal states allow the sale of concentrates under regulatory oversight.

What Is Hash and How Do You Make It?

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Hashish or just hash, is a potent cannabis concentrate made by extracting the resin from cannabis plants and working and pressing it into solid form. Because it is made from pure, concentrated cannabis resin, hashish is typically much more potent than cannabis flower.

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What Is Kief and What to Do With It?

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What are trichomes? Under the microscope, cannabis trichomes actually have an otherworldly, almost alien appearance. Those crystals that cover cannabis flower — and the exterior of countless other plant species — are called “trichomes.”

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New Product Alert Trulieve Blue River Rosin


Trulieve added that the proprietary multi-step process includes separating glandular trichomes under extremely cold conditions with the use of sieves, static charge, vibration, filtration and high pressure. Blue River is packaged in 1 gram amounts and is for use with the Trulieve Concentrate Pen.

Rosin is the Best

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Rosin is one of many cannabis concentrates popular in the market today. Applying both heat and pressure will result in a concentrated cannabis product that is superior to other concentrates for several reasons. Using dried out buds will not yield nearly as much as fresh buds covered in trichomes. Premium buds are loaded with trichomes that carry cannabinoids and terpenes. This mixture is then ‘purged’, which is how the butane is separated from the trichomes.

Purple Haze Cannabis Strain Review

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A layer of sticky resin and white trichomes covers the nugs. The trichomes on this strain may also contribute to noticeable psychoactive effects. Increased concentration. What are trichomes? By: Janice Bae.

King Louis Cannabis Strain Review

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The characteristics of this royal cultivar stay true to its legendary name: jewel-like trichomes, potent THC content, and tremendous effects that lull you into a deep slumber—fit for a king. . King Louis produces lavish buds with sparkly champagne-tinted trichomes. By: Olivia Walters.

How Cannabis Preservation Techniques Impact Terpene Content


Live cannabis products are explained as products that contain live resin , which is a newer form of cannabis concentrate. Terpenes are also located in the trichomes, which has been found to be the key to potency.

What Is Nanoemulsion and What Does It Mean for Cannabis Beverages?

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Trichomes on a cannabis plant. Highly-concentrated cannabis oil can also be put in a dropper bottle for easy dosing, but what about when you want a water soluble solution without alcohol?

Bruce Banner Cannabis Strain Review

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The nuggets are vibrant shades of green coated with a high trichome concentration making it look like the bud was dipped in sugar. By: Will Keever. Some strains are subtle in their delivery, but Bruce Banner is not one of those strains.

Dabbing: What it is & How to Do it

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Simply put, dabbing is the practice of heating highly concentrated cannabis extracts then inhaling the vapors for a powerful high that is virtually unparalleled. Let’s back up and take a closer look at how this super concentrated cannabis is created. Dabs, which are sometimes referred to as hash oils, are created by separating the THC and other cannabinoids from the plant’s trichomes with the use of a solvent such as carbon dioxide, CO2 or butane.

Cherry Pie Cannabis Strain Review

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The crystalline smattering of silvery trichomes only serves to further remind us of an impossibly starry sky. Despite its slightly higher concentration of Indica genetics, the Sativa aspect stabilizes and can promote focused and creative activity. . By: Giulia Alvarez-Katz.

Harlequin Cannabis Strain Review

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Harlequin plants have tight, dense, medium-sized buds full of sticky, white trichomes. Whether you live in the New England or California, you can find a local dispensary selling Harlequin flower or concentrate. By: Will Keever.

Strike Oil: Desire for Cannabis Oil Heats Up


In commercially-produced cannabis oils, the concentrations of CBD and THC tend to be well-controlled, which makes it easy to calculate dosage and effect. However cannabis oil may be highly concentrated, so it’s exponentially more potent than dried flower on its own. The idea was that ice made the plants contract, and the pollen glades (“trichomes”) fell out. Moreover upcoming NewsMunchies blogs will take a deep dive look at SHO and talk about concentrated CBD via coils.

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What is the Best LED Spectrum for Marijuana Growing?

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The sun’s proximity to earth changes with the seasons, and the concentration of different colors on the light spectrum changes with it. A plant’s photoreceptors take that higher concentration of red as a signal to start producing as many buds as possible before winter sets in. Blue light is your secret weapon for amping up the concentration of oils and resin. But instead of sunblock, they produce more trichomes, ultimately increasing potency, flavor, and fragrance.

What Cannabis Shouldn’t Smell Like

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It’s not always easy to distinguish certain types of mold from the little trichomes that grow off of the plant. Terpenes are so valuable that they are sometimes added to concentrates, including CBD oil. It’s got a lot of trichomes and will make your weed-smoking experience a great one. Cannabis is famous for its pungent smell. We’ve all been at a concert or walking through the park only to be hit with that dank aroma.

Cannabis Accessories That Enhance The Consumption Experience


See, all of the chemical goodness we smoke is found in the trichomes (little glands of oil that grow up from the surface of the plant). From time to time I either top a bowl with kief or load it into a pollen press to make super concentrated hash pucks. Cannabis accessories are a key part of the consumption experience. With the right devices, you can optimize the way you preserve cannabis, prepare cannabis, clean cannabis, and so much more!

The Importance of Medical Cannabis Labels: Not Just a Formality

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Phytocannabinoids and terpenoids are produced in the plant’s secretory cells inside glandular trichomes. Trichomes are most highly concentrated in unfertilized female flowers prior to senescence. Upon entering Peninsula Alternative Health, we’ll advise you on the type of medical cannabis strain that’s most appropriate for your qualifying medical condition , the best method of administration , and the suggested frequency of use. However, what happens when you head home?

What CBD Capsules Do – How Capsules Are Made

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Convenient, easy to dose, and just as potent, CBD capsules are one of the best ways to take a cannabidiol(CBD) concentrate. CO2 extraction is a solventless extraction method that safely separates the trichomes from the flowers.

California Cannabis: Breaking Down the CDPH Permanent Regulations

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Pursuant to new regulation 40175(c), “a manufacturer licensee shall only use cannabinoid concentrates and extracts that are manufactured or processed from cannabis obtained from a licensed cannabis cultivator.” Orally-consumed concentrate,” which means “a cannabis concentrate that is intended to be consumed by mouth and is not otherwise an edible cannabis product. ‘Orally-consumed concentrate’ includes tinctures, capsules, and tablets.”

How Marijuana Wax is Made

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First, cannabis buds and trimmings are soaked in liquid butane to separate the trichomes from the rest of the plant. In the end, the only thing left is a thick substance that looks and feels like sugar wax or a smooth concentrate called budder.

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How to Make Edibles With Kief

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Kief, which is occasionally transliterated as keef, is the resinous trichomes of marijuana. Kief has a much higher percentage of THC than standard marijuana bud, as it’s concentrated. When one thinks of marijuana edibles, they think of food and drink products – like cookies, brownies, coffee and tea – that are infused with marijuana. However, some edibles are made with kief, making the products more potent (or equally potent with much less product required).

Odor Control Solutions for Indoor Cannabis Grow Rooms

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This is when the trichomes produce the biggest concentration of terpenes. Originally posted on 28th April 2016, Updated on 23rd March 2020. Let’s face it. Cannabis plants have strong odors. . Although their smells are divine, they’re difficult to hide — especially while growing them inside your home. That's why cannabis odor control is so important. Fortunately, you can masque, reduce, and eliminate cannabis odors and keep your grow room ‘hush-hush’. .

The Importance of Medical Cannabis Labels: Not Just a Formality

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Phytocannabinoids and terpenoids are produced in the plant’s secretory cells inside glandular trichomes. Trichomes are most highly concentrated in unfertilized female flowers prior to senescence. Upon entering Peninsula Alternative Health, we’ll advise you on the type of medical cannabis strain that’s most appropriate for your qualifying medical condition , the best method of administration , and the suggested frequency of use. However, what happens when you head home?

5 Essential Tools Every Home Cannabis Grower Should Have (But Might Not Realize)

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Rosin technology basically works by using heat, pressure, and time to “press” cannabis into a sticky, concentrated substance called rosin. There’s something called a harvest “sweet spot” when the plants are at their most potent and powerful, and to hit this sweet spot, you need to the plants’ trichomes. The only way to tell if the plants have fully matured is to examine the trichomes, but not just with the naked eye.

The Difference Between Hemp And Marijuana?

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Marijuana plants have broad leaves and flower buds that are covered in sticky, resinous trichomes. Marijuana plants are primarily grown to produce a high concentration of cannabinoids to produce psychoactive and therapeutic effects. Instead, hemp contains a high concentration of cannabidiol (CBD) a chemical compound that complements THC by tempering its psychoactive effects rendering it inactive. When concentrated into an oil, hemp can remove CBD and also toxins.

Cannabis Education with Canada’s Newcomers

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You could choose to consume chocolate, talk to a friend, or consume cannabis,” joked Ziad, suggesting that the dangers of cannabis were more concentrated in the lack of education and awareness than in perceived ill-effects of consumption. The highest concentration of cannabinoids is found in the plant’s resin and trichomes (responsible for the stickiness of cannabis). Arundati Dandapani writes for Cannabis Law Report.

How A Perfect Herb Grinder Increases Your Vaping Pleasure?

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8) Catches kief Kief are trichome crystals enriched with potency. These cannabinoid-rich concentrates can amplify the overall vaping pleasure. Are the clouds from your vaporizer not thick enough? does the flavor feel a bit odd? If yes then that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong with the device. Most of the time, people being lazy skip the grinding step and ends up messing up the flavor of the vapors unknowingly.

Meadowlands: California’s Cannabis Supply Chain Panel


But with manufacturing I think that’s going to be one of the most difficult licenses to maintain and hold ’cause you’re concentrating biomass from different parts of the state and environment and working within closed loop systems where you’re recycling and recirculating gases and solvents and you know the trichomes with pesticides just stick the inside surface areas of the machines and they get in the gas.