Mississippi Voters Approve Medical Marijuana


A majority of voters in Mississippi voted to approve Initiative 65, which provides for a state-regulated marijuana access system for qualified patients. The post Mississippi Voters Approve Medical Marijuana appeared first on NORML.

Can Marijuana Help Fibromyalgia?


Cannabis Science chronic pain fibromyalgia IBS marijuana conditions medical cannabisFor a long time now, doctors and scientists were confounded by fibromyalgia.


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Virginia: Governor Approves Bills to Decriminalize Marijuana and Legalize Medical Cannabis


Richmond, VA: Democratic Governor Ralph Northam has approved legislation ( Senate Bill 2 | House Bill 972 ) decriminalizing marijuana possession offenses. The prohibition on marijuana has clearly failed, and impacts nearly 30,000 Virginians per year.

Which States Have Medical Marijuana Card Reciprocity?


Before we get into the nitty-gritty, first we must ask (and answer), “What is medical marijuana card reciprocity?” It’s essentially a state saying, “Your state’s medical marijuana program and laws are equal to our own.

Where the Money Grows: Learning the Industry Trends in Medical Cannabis, Recreational Marijuana, Hemp, and Beyond

Speaker: Jonathan Bench, International Cannabis and Securities Business Attorney at Harris Bricken

The U.S. cannabis industry is still in its infancy, even though states began engaging with legalization in one form or another in the late 1990s. Today, many opportunities exist for individuals and businesses that want to engage in the industry. Join international cannabis and securities business attorney Jonathan Bench as he provides some pitfalls and best practices for companies & individuals looking to engage with the U.S. cannabis marketplace.

BREAKING: New York Legislature Approves Marijuana Legalization


Marijuana Revenue and Taxation Act (MRTA) legalizes and regulates the adult-use, commercial marijuana market in New York State, while also permitting those over the age of 21 to cultivate personal-use quantities of cannabis in their own homes.

Is There a Difference Between Medical and Recreational Marijuana?


One of the most intriguing aspects of marijuana is its vast range of effects. There are even indica-sativa hybrid strains of marijuana that can make you feel euphoric initially, then relaxed later. One could argue that all marijuana is medical.

Virginia: Marijuana Decriminalization Takes Effect July 1


Richmond, VA: Democratic Governor Ralph Northam has signed legislation ( Senate Bill 2 | House Bill 972 ) decriminalizing marijuana possession. The prohibition on marijuana has clearly failed, and impacts nearly 30,000 Virginians per year. 2020 Virginia General Assembly.

Cannabis and Yoga – Meditating with Marijuana


Acceptance of cannabis as medicine is growing, allowing individuals to gain access to this natural and effective medical option. We know the word ‘wellness’ has been overused in the past few years.

The Clear Winner of Election 2020: Marijuana


While other results of the election remain hazy, the clear winner on November 3 was marijuana. The post The Clear Winner of Election 2020: Marijuana appeared first on NORML.

Study: “No Evidence” That Medical Cannabis Access Laws Encourage Youth Marijuana Use


“This study found no evidence between 1991 and 2015 of increases in adolescents reporting past 30-day marijuana use or heavy marijuana use associated with state MML [medical marijuana law] enactment or operational MML dispensaries.”.

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What is Cannabis Flower?


Cannabis has gone by a lot of different nicknames over the years. Bud, nug, grass, weed, pot, ganja, reefer, herb, chronic are just a few of the most common slang terms for cannabis that come to mind.

Hybrid 208

Medical Marijuana and Mediation


As well as to treat their qualifying condition, just about every medical cannabis patient on earth is using medical marijuana for relaxation, whether they think about it or not. Medical cannabis products applied in a proper, moderate dosage are an excellent antidote to anxiety.

What is Marijuana?


Marijuana is a term derived from the Mexican-Spanish word for Cannabis sativa, “marihuana”. The word “marijuana” came into popular use in the 1930s, when Harry Jacob Anslinger used it to describe (and demonize) cannabis. Cannabis Science cannabis hemp marijuana

Sativa 205

What Are the Side-Effects of Cannabis & Medical Marijuana?


Cannabis has a huge variety of effects, meaning that what could be useful for one person could be completely different for another person. Cannabis Dosing cannabis effects effects Effects of Marijuana entourage effect positives negatives medical marijuana pros & cons cannabis side effect

Alabama: Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Access Legislation into Law


The post Alabama: Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Access Legislation into Law appeared first on NORML. Medical Marijuana Alabama featured legislation medical cannabis“This measure is an important first step for Alabamans.".

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New Mexico Judge Rules Inmates Can Access Medical Marijuana


One of the first big wins for cannabis in 2021 comes out of New Mexico when District Court Judge Lucy Solimon ruled that inmates have a right to medical marijuana too.

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Kansas: House Lawmakers Approve Medical Marijuana Bill


SB 158 would allow patients and caregivers to purchase and possess a 30-day supply of medical cannabis at a time, a specific amount to be determined by regulators. The post Kansas: House Lawmakers Approve Medical Marijuana Bill appeared first on NORML.

Alabama: Senate Lawmakers Approve Medical Marijuana Legislation


The measure, approved by a 21 to 8 vote, would permit patients and caregivers 19 years and older to possess “70 daily dosages of medical cannabis” at a time. The post Alabama: Senate Lawmakers Approve Medical Marijuana Legislation appeared first on NORML.

What is it like to see a medical marijuana doctor?


In order to get a medical marijuana card, you’ll need to speak to a medical marijuana doctor. If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in getting your medical marijuana card but unsure of what to expect.

5 Superstar Athletes Who Use Marijuana


Do you often hear “Cannabis is only used by lazy stoners!” This is a long held view which has meant acceptance of marijuana as medicine has been slow. In fact, a paper published in Frontiers in Public Health found that cannabis.

Best Marijuana Strains for Summer 2021


Cannabis Plants cannabis seeds cannabis strains chemovar cultivar growing cannabis growing marijuana marijuana strains seeds strains varietal

What is Cannabis? What is Medical Marijuana? What is Hemp?


When you’re new to the world of medical marijuana (or hemp or cannabis), you will read and hear it called a huge number of names. Marijuana” is the most common term, especially as many state programs use the term “medical marijuana”. What is Cannabis?

Marijuana Terpenes: What They Are, Why You Need Them, How To Use Them

Cannabis Cheri

Terpenes are the compounds that give plants, not just marijuana plants but all plants, their aromas. From our perspective, terpenes have health-giving effects, in cannabis and other plants as well. Forget About Indica and Sativa: How Terpenes Affect Your Cannabis. Pin This!

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Marijuana


We have lots of detailed information throughout this website answering people’s questions about medical marijuana, but we thought it would be best to give some answers to the most frequently asked questions by patients.

How Do I Keep Cannabis Plants Healthy?


Cannabis is a strong plant that can grow in tough environments. In general, cannabis can do quite well when left to its own devices. Here’s more on how to keep your cannabis plant healthy, which should in turn improve both the yield and the quality of the final product.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Oregon


The Oregon Health Authority oversees the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP). Oregon is one of the more liberal states when it comes to cannabis, whether it’s medical or recreational.

Vermont Legalizes Recreational Marijuana Sales


On Thursday 8 October, 2020, Governor Phil Scott (R) announced that he’ll allow a marijuana sales legalization bill passed by the legislature (S.54) to take effect. This makes Vermont the 11th state in the US to legalize recreational marijuana.

South Dakotans Green-Light Marijuana Legalization and Medical Access


South Dakotans have delivered a crippling blow to those who favored the status quo of marijuana prohibition in the Mount Rushmore State by simultaneously passing a pair of ballot initiatives. The post South Dakotans Green-Light Marijuana Legalization and Medical Access appeared first on NORML.

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States where cannabis flower is legal


Cannabis flower is one of the most popular forms of cannabis consumption for both medical and recreational users.

Navigating the Cajun Cannabis Conundrum: Medical Marijuana in Louisiana


Louisiana’s medical marijuana program has some unique legal challenges to navigate and in this article, we’re going to help you do that. Even though getting certified for medical cannabis isn’t too difficult in Louisiana, there are some restrictions in place.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Iowa


You can qualify for medical marijuana in Iowa, but you will only have access to low-THC products (up to 4.5g Read on to learn more about getting a medical marijuana card in Iowa.

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Cannabis or marijuana, medicinal plant or medical program?

Cannabis Life Network

One of these terms was marijuana used to criminalize cannabis. Thankfully, the plant (cannabis or marijuana) regained some medical traction several decades later, but is cannabis not medicinal? The post Cannabis or marijuana, medicinal plant or medical program?

How to Make Festive Marijuana Edibles


Health & Wellness cannabis christmas cannabis edibles christmas Edibles ingestion methods marijuana christmas marijuana edibles2020’s been a difficult year, so Christmas treats are certainly in order.

Questions You Can Ask Your Medical Marijuana Doctor


It can be difficult to talk to your primary care physician about medical cannabis. This is one of the many good reasons why seeing a doctor who specializes in medical marijuana (and is open to recommending it) is a good idea.

Top 5 Most Common Qualifying Conditions for Medical Cannabis


Are you interested in what people use medical cannabis for? We sampled 15,000 Leafwell patients from 2020 and identified the top 5 qualifying conditions nationwide for getting a medical marijuana card.

Best Cannabis Flower Products


Cannabis Products best products medical cannabis medical marijuana popular cannabis products popular cannabis strains popular marijuana products popular marijuana strains popular strains