Cracking Down On Compliance

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Operational compliance has become paramount to the success of many cannabis businesses following new state regulations that went into effect earlier this year. For others, non-compliance has been a great downfall. As a result, cannabis regulations vary between states.

Oregon: OLCC Rules & Regs Updates + Recent Fines & Compliance Issues

Cannabis Law Report

Additional rule modifications that effect all licensees include: Clarifications regarding video surveillance and quality control samples; A deadline change for daily reporting into the Cannabis Tracking System; and. Cannabis Law NewsJanuary 17, 2020.

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CannTrust affirms its commitment to regulatory compliance and restoring trust

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The post CannTrust affirms its commitment to regulatory compliance and restoring trust appeared first on Cannabis News | Lifestyle Tips | Expert Opinions | Stocks. As part of its Review of Operations, CannTrust reduces workforce and spend while preserving key talent.

Deloitte expands cannabis practice with Cannabis Compliance Inc. acquisition

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Toronto, November 26, 2019 – Deloitte has acquired Mississauga-based Cannabis Compliance Inc. CCI) to enhance its growing cannabis consulting practice. Specializing in licensing and compliance, CCI has become a trusted advisor to many Canadian cannabis business leaders.

Hoban Law Launch Cannabis Compliance and Regulation courses on Green Flower Media Platform

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Here are the Cannabis Compliance and Regulation courses launching on the Green Flower Media platform. . Cannabis Law NewsHLG Course Descriptions: Historical Perspectives – Garrett Graff, Esq. Securing State Licenses and Local Permits – Craig Small, Esq. HLG. .

Why Marijuana Compliance is Important


One of the biggest advantages to legalization in Canada is the advantage of marijuana compliance. Despite the Canadian cannabis industry being in its infancy, marijuana compliance has already either failed to prevent defects (as was the case with Redecan) or was flatly ignored (the situation with Bonify). As advocates for legalization, it is important to remember why marijuana compliance is important. Marijuana Compliance Ensures Security.

Colorado: Compliance Tip issued by the Marijuana Enforcement Division regarding upcoming renewal requirements pursuant to legislative changes under SB19-224.

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191206 Compliance Tip Licensee Renewal Requirement_Final. Cannabis Law News

Evergreen Medical Supply Penalized by Health Canada for Non-Compliance


cannabis producer Evergreen Medical Supply recently had its licensed suspended by Health Canada. Evergreen was caught off-guard during a surprise inspection, which led to a label of non-compliance in August. Not a Good Image for Legal Cannabis. .

Compliance over Enforcement: The New Normal For Washington Marijuana Businesses

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SB 5318 forces the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (“LCB”) to make some major institutional changes, requiring the LCB to work with licensees on compliance matters and limiting the LCB’s ability to issue violations.

Massachusetts Compliance & Training Program For Cannabis Companies (Nation’s First) Deemed A Success

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1 deadline to train managers and employees under a new compliance and safety program that is the first of its kind in the nation. The state’s Responsible Vendor Training Program is designed to support licensee compliance and enhance the safety of customers and employees. MJ Biz reports.

CannTrust to Destroy Millions in Cannabis Products as it Struggles to Regain Compliance


The most glaring, of course, being the massive inventory loss: “The cannabis producer CannTrust Holdings said it planned to destroy $65 million worth of weed inventory and roughly $12 million worth of ‘biological assets’ like plants in an attempt to gain regulatory approval in Canada.”.

Oregon: OLCC’s Compliance Notices For July 2019

Cannabis Law Report

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3 Compliance Risks Cannabis Dispensary Owners Can Eliminate Right Now

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Cannabis Industry Writer and Director of Content at AxisWire. Legal cannabis in the U.S. Following the rules requires navigating a complex and ever-changing labyrinth of cannabis regulations, a daunting task even for the most seasoned compliance officers. William Sumner.

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak Appoints Tyler Klimas To Head Up State Cannabis Compliance Board

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Nevada governor names head of new cannabis regulatory panel. Steve Sisolak, the state’s leading cannabis regulator has been dismissed from his position. Cannabis Law News

And this is why compliance in California cannabis will never be taken seriously

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It’s almost two years in, California city has 11 marijuana businesses in operation now, with about 50 more working their way through the planning process but there’s still no official cannabis compliance officer.

CannTrust says certain licences suspended by Health Canada over ‘non-compliance’

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’s licenses to produce and sell cannabis were suspended Tuesday by Health Canada, the latest setback for the pot firm which has been under investigation by regulators for cultivation in unlicensed rooms. CannTrust Holdings Inc.’s

Former Winston & Strawn Partner Joins Green Thumb As “interim chief legal and compliance officer”

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31 that it had hired Beth Burk as interim chief legal and compliance officer. She had most recently spent four years as global chief compliance officer at professional services firm Aon Corp., one of only 10 authorized medicinal cannabis providers in the Empire State.

The Dangers and Consequences of Non-Compliance: WeedAdvisor’s Role in Prevention


The past week has not been good for Canada’s licensed producers, with two companies losing their place in the cannabis market. How, in a country with the most restrictive legal cannabis regulations, can such blatant non-compliance occur?

Bob Carp Cannabis Lawyer & Sector Legal & Compliance Publisher Disbarred From Massachusetts Bar

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And yes if you’ve googled him and noted that he writes for Cannabis Law Report ( item 3 p.1 In an online posting, the Carp Law Group LLC he heads touts having an “expertise” in the cannabis industry. Cannabis Law News

Study: Marijuana Retailers Not Selling to Underage Customers


Licensed cannabis retailers in Colorado and Washington are highly compliant with state laws refusing the sale of products to minors, according to data published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. … There are several explanations for this high compliance.

Retail 207

Profile: A closer look at Santa Barbara Co. Sheriff’s Cannabis Compliance Team successes and future challenges

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The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Cannabis Compliance Team got its start in June of 2018. This past June, the sheriff’s office says it seized more than 20 tons of illegal cannabis products. “We

California: UCBA ( United Cannabis Business Association) 11 Sept 2019 Open Letter, “BRING WEEDMAPS INTO COMPLIANCE – ENFORCE AB 97” To Governor Gavin Newsom & Lori AjaxTo

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Weedmaps made a big song and dance about removing illegal cannabis businesses but refuse absolutely to give a date, essentially, kicking the can down the road. There are 3000 illegal cannabis businesses in CA and Weedmaps are earning money from the business generated illegally.

Video: Interview With Lorenza Romanese Managing Director @ European Industrial Hemp Association

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Mark Taylor UK / EU Cannabis Compliance Blog

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Italy new parliamentary cannabis legalization intergroup announced

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Its primary objective is to set a schedule for the discussion of the 2016 citizens’ initiative for cannabis legalization. Italy looks to the North American Cannabis Industry for Guidance. Mark Taylor UK / EU Cannabis Compliance Blog

Mark Taylor (Euro Editor of Cannabis Law Report) To Publish, “Bloomsbury Professional Law Insight – Cannabis Law and Regulation”

Cannabis Law Report

We’re proud to announce that our European correspondent & editor, Mark Taylor, has just announced the publication of his title “Cannabis Law and Regulation” with respected UK professional publisher Bloomsbury Professional. Bloomsbury Professional Law Insight – Cannabis Law and Regulation.

Lex Blog Report: Italy Moves toward Legalising Cannabis… for Everyone

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The Italian Parliament has established an intergroup on the legalisation of cannabis following calls to address the need for its decriminalisation and shortages of medical cannabis. percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the psychotropic substance in cannabis.

Government torpedoes Italian court backing for private cannabis use

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Strange goings on in Italy where in the space of a week the Supreme Court ruled growing small amounts of cannabis at home is legal, only for the head of the country’s senate to block legislation permitting sale of a weaker form of marijuana days later.

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UK election: Lib Dem manifesto calls for ‘sensible’ cannabis policy – BBC Newsnight

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For cannabis part of the conversation FF to 5:27. Mark Taylor UK / EU Cannabis Compliance BlogLiberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson speaks to Emily Maitlis, as her party launch their election manifesto.

Canadian Medical Cannabis Company, Zenabis, Fails Maltese Standards Inspection

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A “statement of non-compliance” was published by Maltese regulators last December, where Zenabis was found to not have complied with the European Union’s GMP requirements. Mark Taylor UK / EU Cannabis Compliance Blog

Luxembourg becoming first EU state to fully legalise cannabis

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PUBLISHER: CANNABIS LAW REPORT. Luxembourg is to become the first European Union country to fully legalise cannabis. Officials are drawing up legislation to be unveiled later this year, which will detail the type of cannabis to be supplied and the taxation levels. .

Over a million Brits illegally self-medicating with cannabis, survey finds

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More than a million British people are using black market cannabis to treat medicinal ailments, it has been claimed, following a major new survey into daily use of the drug. percent of the adult population, self-medicate with cannabis to treat chronic health conditions.

Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun pumps $22m into German start-up

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Pop sensation Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun has invested $22m in a German medicinal cannabis company, in the latest sign that the European sector is opening up. Sanity Group is currently active in Germany with medical cannabis company Sanatio Pharma and wellness brand VAAY. .

‘Too costly, not enough evidence it works’, says UK in blow to cannabis campaigners

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PUBLISHER: CANNABIS LAW REPORT. Cannabis treatments are too expensive and do not come with enough test evidence to be effective, UK authorities have said. Pro-cannabis charities for individuals suffering debilitating illnesses have also reacted angrily.

European Medicinal Cannabis Association (EUMCA) Say Germany Has The Cannabis Model The EU Should Adopt

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Euractiv report… Germany’s regulatory approach to medical cannabis is good practice and should be replicated across Europe, according to newly-born European Medicinal Cannabis Association (EUMCA). MEP: EU framework on medical cannabis to give ‘peace of mind’ to patients.

France seeks patients for medicinal cannabis trial

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PUBLISHER: CANNABIS LAW REPORT. France is searching for patients to take part in an official medical cannabis trial, but users will not be smoking the drug. Featured Mark Taylor UK / EU Cannabis Compliance Blog France