Connecticut: Qualified Patients Can Begin Home Cultivating Cannabis Next Week


Over 54,000 Connecticut residents are currently registered to possess and and access medical cannabis. The post Connecticut: Qualified Patients Can Begin Home Cultivating Cannabis Next Week appeared first on NORML. Medical Marijuana Connecticut home cultivation patients

Tissue Culture Cultivation: The Future for Growing Cannabis

Cannabis Life Network

Tissue culture cultivation could shape the future for growing cannabis. Before we delve into tissue culture cultivation, it would be useful to understand how weed is currently grown. Right now, most cannabis manufacturers use traditional methods to grow the plant.


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New York: Officials Advance Home Cultivation Regulations for Qualified Patients


The proposed rules, which must undergo a 60-day public comment period, permit the cultivation of up to six cannabis plants per private residence. The post New York: Officials Advance Home Cultivation Regulations for Qualified Patients appeared first on NORML.

Where Was Cannabis First Cultivated?

Cannabis Life Network

Many enthusiasts often wonder where cannabis is actually from. Where was cannabis first cultivated? Well, one theory is cannabis was first cultivated about 12,000 years ago. The post Where Was Cannabis First Cultivated?

New Hampshire: Home Cultivation Legislation Advances


Senate lawmakers have passed legislation, SB 420 , permitting state-authorized patients to home cultivate cannabis for their own personal use. Currently, qualified patients are only permitted to obtain medical cannabis from a limited number of state-licensed dispensaries.

South Dakota: Lawmakers Seek to Repeal Vote Permitting Home Cultivation of Medical Cannabis


The post South Dakota: Lawmakers Seek to Repeal Vote Permitting Home Cultivation of Medical Cannabis appeared first on NORML. Medical Marijuana home cultivation Noem South Dakota

Kyle Kushman Talks Cannabis Cultivation


Growing cannabis is a skill. Growing cannabis as medicine can be a little tricky but it’s also incredibly rewarding. That’s why Leafwell wants to help you learn more about cannabis cultivation, particularly if your medical card allows you to grow plants in your own home.

Missouri Marijuana Cultivation License: Everything You Need To Know

MMJ Recs

For those who qualify, the laws surrounding medical marijuana in Missouri have now extended past just the use of cannabis as medicine. Here’s everything you need to know about getting a Missouri marijuana cultivation license and using it to grow MMJ at home.

Tiny but mighty: Micro-cultivators dominated 2021


Canadian micro-cultivation licences are at an all time high, proving that bigger isn't always better when it comes to cannabis. The post Tiny but mighty: Micro-cultivators dominated 2021 appeared first on Leafly.

NORML Formally Responds to DEA’s Proposed Changes to Marijuana Cultivation Rules


The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) has formally submitted comments to the US Federal Register opposing the Drug Enforcement Administration’s proposed rule changes governing the federal production and distribution of cannabis for clinical research purposes.

DEA 274

How detrimental is indoor cannabis cultivation to the environment?


A new study argues that indoor cannabis is worse for the environment than outdoor, but many companies are already changing the indoor landscape. The post How detrimental is indoor cannabis cultivation to the environment?

NORML Says DEA’s Newly Proposed Bulk Cultivation Rules Are “Unduly Onerous, Expensive, and Impractical”


For the second time in four years, the US Drug Enforcement Administration is proposing regulatory changes to procedures governing the federally licensed manufacture of cannabis for clinical research purposes.

DEA 211

Cannabis Cultivators You Should Follow


As the cannabis industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry over the past twenty or so years, it’s only natural that it’s produced some pop culture icons along the way.

7 At-Home Marijuana Cultivation Tips & Tricks

Cannabis Life Network

If you are new to marijuana cultivation, we would like to present you with these 7 at-home marijuana cultivation tips and tricks. The Cannabis Act permits adults in Canada to cultivate up to 4 cannabis plants (per household).

New Hampshire: Lawmakers Advance Legislation Permitting Patients to Home Cultivate


The measure permits registered patients (or their designated caregivers) to cultivate up to three mature plants in a private location that it not subject to public view. An estimated 6,500 patients are authorized with the state to access medical cannabis via one of the state’s four operational dispensaries. NORML has long opined that patients ought to have the legal option grow their own cannabis as an alternative to purchasing it from licensed commercial producers.

A Farmer Turns to Cannabis Cultivation for Survival


After pandemic impacts “rendered his products unsellable, plunging him into a dire situation,” 39-year-old Ho Long Phung switched to growing illicit cannabis, VnExpress International reports. Vietnam and Cannabis. Vietnam’s relationship with cannabis is a tricky one.

California: NORML State Affiliate Criticizes “Onerous” Cultivation Tax Hike


NORML Board Member and California NORML Director Dale Gieringer said that the legal cannabis market in California is already "burdened by excessive taxes and regulation. California needs to be reducing, not increasing cannabis taxes to make the legal market more competitive.”.

New York Senator Introduces Cannabis Cultivation Bill

Cannabis Law Report

Senator Jeremy Cooney of New York introduced a bill on July 20 that would build upon the state’s recreational cannabis law with a focus on getting cultivation up and running. A provisional license would offer a cultivator the same benefits as a cultivator’s license for the time being.

Pennsylvania: Patients Respond to Recall of Medical Cannabis Products, Say Such Incidents Strengthen Arguments to Permit Home Cultivation 


If we were able to produce our own cannabis, our own cannabis oils, and yes even our own vape products, we could guarantee our own safety.” . “Today, we are without any kind of home-grow rights.

Court: DEA Must Explain Its Failure to Act Upon Pending Marijuana Cultivation Applications


A federal court has ordered the Drug Enforcement Administration to respond to a lawsuit charging the agency with failing to move forward with a 2016 policy to expand the total number of federally licensed marijuana cultivators. ” To date, however, the agency has neither affirmed or denied any of the 26 applicants that have sought the DEA’s permission for a federal cultivation license.

Getting Busted Around The World – The Consequences Of Cannabis Cultivation Crossword Puzzle

Cannabis Life Network

There are a lot of plants that only grow in certain places around the world, but thankfully, cannabis is not one of them. Certain strains thrive in particular climates and we often recognize it in the name, for example, Durban Poison or Afghan Kush.

New York approves its first rec cultivation licenses


On Thursday, April 14, the state’s Cannabis Control Board (CCB) voted to award conditional cannabis cultivation licenses to 52 existing hemp farms within New York. The post New York approves its first rec cultivation licenses appeared first on Leafly.

Au Revoir Canadian cultivator Bonify

Cannabis Law Report

Canadian cultivator Bonify shutting down in wake of illegal cannabis sales scandal. Canadian cannabis cultivator Bonify Holdings Corp. Another Canadian company, CannTrust, is currently restructuring after violating federal cannabis regulations. MJ Biz reports.

Oregon Senate OKs Freeze on Cannabis Cultivation


The post Oregon Senate OKs Freeze on Cannabis Cultivation appeared first on Leafly. Politics cultivation Growing licensing OregonFacing product surpluses and plummeting prices, the Oregon Senate has moved forward with a plan to temporarily limit the state's supply of legal adult-use marijuana.

Isle of Man to Build £100 Million Cultivation Facility

Cannabis Law Report

If all goes to plan, Peel NRE will make Isle of Man the building site for a massive medical cannabis cultivation facility. Will Isle of Man become the new cannabis cultivation center of the world? Isle of Man cultivation facility. UK / EU Cannabis Compliance

CO: Legislation – Cannabis Outdoor Cultivation Measures

Cannabis Law Report

HB21-1301 Cannabis Outdoor Cultivation Measures Concerning the removal of impediments to cannabis farming, and, in connection therewith, permitting contingency plans… Read More. Cannabis Law News

Protests Flare in Georgia After Cultivation Licenses Are Awarded


Georgia has overcome a major hurdle in the medical cannabis industry. The state recently awarded cultivation licenses to six growers, all of whom are expected to launch their businesses in the next few months. THC is the primary psychoactive compound contained in cannabis.

New York Issues First Adult-Use Cannabis Cultivation Licenses

Canna Law Blog

Yesterday, April 14, 2022 marked a historic event for New York’s adult-use cannabis industry: during the eighth Cannabis Control Board (CCB) meeting , the CCB issued the first adult-use cannabis licenses.

In Massachusetts, Cannabis Cultivation Workers Can Unionize


The promise of a developing cannabis industry is one of the strongest points in favor of cannabis legalization, both at the state and federal level. Not only would an expanded cannabis industry create jobs, but it would also funnel more money into states who choose to legalize.

Australia’s Neurotech Inks Cannabis Cultivation Partnership

Cannabis Law Report

Neurotech International Limited (ASX:NTI) has established a strategic medical cannabis cultivation partnership with CannaPacific Limited. CannaPacific will grow and maintain… Read More. Press Release Australasia

Green Growth: Cultivation Taxes: Demystifying Form 943

Cannabis Law Report

Cannabis Law TV

Nevada: Cannabis Compliance Board Files Complaint Against Green Harvest Cultivation

Cannabis Law Report

The CCB said it found a total of twenty-nine (29) bins and bags of untagged cannabis in multiple locations in the cultivation facilities, an apparent failure to comply with seed to sale tracking requirements and storage of cannabis outside the seed to sale tracking system.

NYC’s Rooftop Cannabis Cultivation, NM’s First Consumption Lounge, & NJ’s Recreational Market Launch


New York City’s mayor has a bold plan to kick start cannabis cultivation, New Mexico got its first cannabis consumption lounge, and New Jersey finally opened its recreational cannabis market. New York City Mayor Proposes Rooftop Cannabis Greenhouses.

Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Is Growing a Giant Carbon Footprint


To the mindful medical cannabis consumer, snapshot visions of massive cannabis grows flowering row upon row inside thousands of repurposed industrial warehouses across the land is akin to picture postcard perfection.

RXGreen Supports Cannabis Cultivators by Getting Their Hands Dirty


Solving tough cannabis cultivation problems is all in a day’s work for Shara Ross, an agricultural expert who travels the US consulting on cannabis grows for RXGreen Technologies. The post RXGreen Supports Cannabis Cultivators by Getting Their Hands Dirty appeared first on Leafly. Growing cultivation RxGreen sponsored article

Peru allows medical cannabis cultivation by patient associations

Cannabis Law Report

In response to a lack of access for patients, medical cannabis cultivation has become an option for patient associations in Peru following a recent change to the country’s weed laws. Medical Cannabis News

Armenia to legalise industrial hemp cultivation

Cannabis Law Report

OC Media reports Armenia plans to allow cultivation of industrial hemp as a part of the recently announced ‘Economic Response’… Read More. The post Armenia to legalise industrial hemp cultivation first appeared on Cannabis Law Report.