New Hampshire: Lawmakers Advance Legislation Permitting Patients to Home Cultivate


The measure permits registered patients (or their designated caregivers) to cultivate up to three mature plants in a private location that it not subject to public view. An estimated 6,500 patients are authorized with the state to access medical cannabis via one of the state’s four operational dispensaries. NORML has long opined that patients ought to have the legal option grow their own cannabis as an alternative to purchasing it from licensed commercial producers.

DEA Promises Progress on Federal Cultivation Applications, But Provides No Timetable for Action


The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has once again pledged to take action to better facilitate clinical cannabis research. In 2016, the DEA similarly announced the adoption of new rules to expand to supply of research-grade cannabis, but failed to take any further action.

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Rick Steves: I support home cultivation rights for all marijuana consumers


It’s time our state lawmakers comport Washington law with those of other states that regulate the adult use of marijuana — all of which allow adults to grow limited quantities of cannabis in private. Legislation is currently stalled in the House and Senate to allow adults to cultivate up to six marijuana plants in their homes. Join me today in supporting the freedom for every cannabis consumer to have the right to cultivate marijuana in the home.

New Jersey set to expand access to medical marijuana

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The state will begin issuing separate licenses for growers, processors, and retailers, and is seeking approximately 24 cultivators, 30 manufacturers, and 54 dispensaries. It is worth noting, however, potential complications to New Jersey’s medical marijuana program may arise with another expansion pending under Jake Honig Compassionate Use Medical Cannabis Act. The post New Jersey set to expand access to medical marijuana appeared first on Greenspoon Marder Cannabis Law.

Paraguay’s Decision to Allow Domestic Cultivation Opens Up New Opportunities


Medical marijuana was legal in Paraguay since 2007, but the few patients who qualified faced a slew of roadblocks making accessibility quite difficult. This includes a full breakdown of security measures, transportation procedures, cultivation and manufacturing.

Quebec’s Ban on Home Marijuana Cultivation Deem Unconstitutional


We know by now that Quebec is not exactly the most cannabis-friendly province. The government made sure that the minority who do want to use cannabis are highly restricted as to where they can consume it. Now, Quebec appears to be getting a dose of reality, as CBC News reports a successful legal challenge against the province’s ban on home cultivation. Julien Fortier, the lawyer who led the challenge, said those wanting to grow cannabis at home can now do so legally.”.

Challenges and Solutions: Access to Banking Services for Cannabis-Related Businesses

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Challenges and Solutions: Access to Banking Services for Cannabis-Related Businesses. Mr. Corey Barnette , Owner, District Growers Cultivation Center & Metropolitan Wellness Center. Cannabis Law NewsHearings.

Channel Islands (UK): Information Page – Licensing for cultivation of cannabis and associated activities

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Licensing for cultivation of cannabis and associated activities. Cannabis and cannabis resin are classified as Class B drugs under Schedule 1 of the Misuse of Drugs (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 1974. Cannabis Law News

Women’s Cannabis Wellness Network Brings on Cultivation PhD as Advisor

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the fastest growing global cannabis wellness network focused on women announced today the addition of a new advisory board member, Dr. Robert Flannery, PhD of Dr. Robb Farms, the “First PhD of Pot,” based in the Bay Area. WOMEN IN CANNABIS

Agreement with Farmalabor gives EMMAC immediate access to Italy, Europe’s second-largest Medical Cannabis Market

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EMMAC Life Sciences Ltd, the European independent medical cannabis company, is pleased to announce that it has formed a 50/50 joint venture company, Fontana S.R.L. Farmalabor”), one of Italy’s most active licensed importers and distributors of medical cannabis. 9 July 2019, London.


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Louisiana has licensed only two cultivators—the Louisiana State University and Southern University agricultural centers. Stay connected to our blog for more updates on Louisiana and other cannabis-related activity through the country. Medical Cannabis News One-Hit Wondersby Ryan Holz | Aug 7, 2019 | Medical Marijuana | Louisiana. In 2015, Louisiana lawmakers legalized medical marijuana.

Justice Department Urged To Take “Immediate Action” On Marijuana Grow Applications


Currently, the sole federally licensed producer of cannabis for clinical research is the University of Mississippi. Evans urged the Department “to take immediate action on the existing pool of cannabis grower applications so that the United States scientific community can continue to expand the study of both the harmful and potential therapeutic effects of cannabis and its derivatives.

The Willows Farms Has been Awarded Conditional Approval for Five Cannabis Licenses

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MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica – April 8, 2019 / Canna Newswire / – The Willows Farms Limited recently received a green light to start business, as they were awarded their conditional approval for five licenses from the Cannabis Licensing Authority. CULTIVATORS

Arkansas: Licensed Medical Cannabis Sales Begin


Qualified patients now have limited access to medical cannabis products, after the state’s first licensed dispensaries began making sales this week. Voters initially approved medical cannabis access by passing a statewide initiative in November 2016. Under the law , qualified patients may obtain both herbal preparations of cannabis and infused cannabis products from state-licensed dispensaries. To date, only one cultivator is operational.

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Vote Hemp Releases 2018 U.S. Hemp Crop Report Documenting Industrial Hemp Cultivation and State Legislation in the U.S.

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Hemp Crop Report Documenting Industrial Hemp Cultivation and State Legislation in the U.S. We’ve seen hemp cultivation significantly expand in the U.S. Since the passage of Section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill, “Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research,” hemp cultivation in the U.S.

California: aBIZinaBOX Inc Publish Open Letter Addressing , “Second discussion paper on proposed amendments to Regulation 3700, Cannabis Excise and Cultivation Taxes”

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PUBLISHER: CANNABIS LAW REPORT. Our next area of concern is that even though CDTFA undertook a very well publicized effort to explain the proper procedure for the calculation of cannabis, state sales, and local taxes, this educational effort does not appear to have been successful.

Oklahoma: Expanded Protections for Cannabis Patients to Take Effect


Legislation will take effect next week expanding protections for state-qualified medical cannabis patients. ” Oklahoma is the fifteenth state to explicit protect medical cannabis patients from workplace discrimination, according to California NORML.

Illinois Senate Passes the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act


Illinois poised to become the first state to legislatively legalize and regulate cannabis. Most importantly, it removes cannabis from the hands of unregulated illicit marketers and ushers in a system where the product is tested, taxed, and otherwise regulated.

Oz Medicann – Granted Medicinal Cannabis and Cannabis Research Licences

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SYDNEY, Australia – August 20, 2019 – The Office of Drug Control (ODC has announced the approval of Oz Medicann Pty Ltd licence for both Medicinal Cannabis and Cannabis Research. MEDICAL CANNABIS RESEARCH

Brothers (and Sisters) in Farms: The Pros and Cons of Joining a California Cannabis Cultivation Cooperative

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California cannabis cooperatives are still going strong. Our firm’s cannabis practice group represents licensed cannabis cultivators of all sizes, ranging from the small artisanal grower to the medium/large farm with a country farmhouse to the mega farm jumbo operation.

FDA Says CBD Products Remain Illegal Post-Farm Bill, Arkansas Releases Medical Marijuana Dispensary Scores: Week in Review


Ohio: Ohio’s first testing lab for medical marijuana got the green light from the state to open, which means sales can move forward as cultivators harvest their product and dispensaries decide to open. The proposed bill urges the federal government to remove barriers to conduct research on the medicinal value of cannabis, and Hembree said if this passes, it will send a message to the FDA.

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Israeli Medical Cannabis Innovation


With a deep well of agrotechnological prowess and entrepreneurial spirit to draw from, Israel has rapidly become a global medical cannabis industry leader. Today CannaTech would like to feature some of Israel’s most innovative medical cannabis start-ups.

Sequencing Cannabis Genetics for IP Protection: 4 Things to Consider

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It’s no secret that the cannabis industry is currently facing an IP land grab for highly-prized cannabis genetics. The plant’s chemotypic profile has been a key part of cannabis cultivar patents. Latest News blockchain cannabis Cannabis Genetics genome StrainSEEK

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Alabama Senate Committee Approves Medical Cannabis Legislation

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It would also establish a commission responsible for licensing cultivators, distributors and retailers and also approving medical cannabis cards for patients. Conditions that qualify patients for legal marijuana access include addiction, epilepsy, chronic pain, cancer and depression.

First Medical Cannabis Dispensary Opens In North Dakota This Week


After two years of waiting, medical marijuana patients in North Dakota’s largest city will finally have safe, reliable access to medication. The very first medical cannabis dispensary in the Roughrider State is opening in Fargo on February 28, 2019. Pure Dakota Cannabis.

The Latin American Cannabis Landscape


In regards to the cannabis plant, Uruguay planted the seeds in Latin America. In December 2013, Uruguay became the first country to legalize cannabis nationwide for medical and non-medical purposes. Mexico has announced plans to legalize non-medical cannabis in 2019. Hola 2019!

Medical Cannabis Pot-ential

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Medical Cannabis: South Africa’s highest court has made the decision to decriminalize cannabis for private use. This makes SA the third country in Africa to do so after Lesotho and Zimbabwe and includes the right to possess, consume and cultivate the cannabis plant.

Ohio Medical Cannabis Patients Rejoice As Edibles Will Soon Be Available


The first medical cannabis product manufacturing license was just awarded in Ohio, giving patients in the program a reason to celebrate. In the same facility, a 25,000 square foot space is dedicated to cultivating cannabis plants. Ohio Medical Cannabis Program Update.

Oklahoma: Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Regulatory Measure


Ken Stitt signed legislation yesterday, HB 2612 , clarifying regulations and patient protections specific to the medical use of cannabis. A majority of voters last June approved a statewide initiative authorizing the plant’s use, cultivation, and dispensing. Republican Gov.

Australia: Tabling of Report on the Review into the 2016 Medicinal Cannabis amendments to the Narcotic Drugs Act 1967

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Tabling of Report on the Review into the 2016 Medicinal Cannabis amendments to the Narcotic Drugs Act 1967. The Final Report contains 26 recommendations to improve the regulatory framework for the cultivation, production and manufacture of medicinal cannabis in Australia.

Texas Cannabis Report Ceases Publishing

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Texas Cannabis Report Ceases Publication. Dear Texas Cannabis Report Readers, In June 2013 Texas Cannabis Report launched as a premier news agency dedicated to covering the issue of cannabis activism and policy. Here’s his announcement in full.

Virginia, Marijuana, and How Medical Legalization May Unfold in the South


Virginia has been one of the most reluctant states to consider marijuana law reform, though it recently began allowing some forms of cannabis oil for approved patients. SB 1027 authorized the Board of Pharmacy to issue permits for marijuana cultivation and processing.

Press Release: GACC (The Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce) Releases Cannabis Industry’s First Model U.S. Federal Legislation

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Here’s the press release in full……… The Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce (GACC) released the U.S. cannabis industry’s first comprehensive model federal legislation to legalize interstate and international medical and adult-use cannabis in the United States.

Illinois Gov. Pritzker Signs Bill to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana


The Prairie State is the first state to legislatively regulate cannabis sales. ” Beginning January 1, 2020, Illinois residents who are 21 or older may legally possess up to 30 grams of cannabis, while those visiting from out-of-state may legally possess half that amount.

Oregon Passes Cannabis Export Bill

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In a historic move today, the Oregon Senate voted in favor of a bill that would create a framework to allow Oregon to export cannabis to other states or countries that have also adopted legalization. Our climate is ideal for large-scale cannabis cultivation. Cannabis Law News

Canadian Cannabis Producer Tilray Secures Trade Deal with European Union


When it comes to large cannabis producers, Tilray arguably stands among the giants. In a landmark move, the company official obtained an agreement that will allow it to supply medical cannabis to the German market, according to MarketWatch.

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Things are Heating up in Kansas City


Cultivators, manufacturers and testers face the same distance requirement for day care facilities and churches, but they must be at least 750 feet from schools.” ” Patient Seminars II – Home Cultivation and Compliance. Things are heating up in Kansas City!

Brazil Sees Exponential Increase in Medical Cannabis Authorizations


As marijuana reform continues to blitz through South America, questions about marijuana – from medical access to legalization – are on the minds of voters and politicians alike. We already know how South America is quickly mobilizing to be a cannabis powerhouse on the world stage, but often forget how the industry continues to grow domestically. Brazil is one example of cannabis consumption taking off in unprecedented numbers.

International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute (ICCI) and ASTM International Sign MOU on Cannabis Standards

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Under the agreement, the committee will coordinate standards development activities for the global cannabis and hemp industry while ICCI, based in the Czech Republic, will gain benefits such as recognition of its technical contributions and free temporary membership to its members.

World Leaders in Medical Cannabis

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Medical Cannabis research has boomed in the last decade with Israel being the pioneer. They have noted the Cannabis plant as a great option for a number of conditions. In terms of therapeutic research of Cannabis, these countries make the top of the list: 1) Israel- the pioneer.