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Cannabis & the Bible

Project CBD

Biblical scholars have written about the role of cannabis as a sacrament in the ancient Near East and Middle East. Scriptural references indicate that cannabis was a key ingredient in the holy anointing oil employed in religious rites. Humankind’s connection to cannabis reaches back tens of thousands of years.

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The Plant, the Whole Plant & Nothing But the Plant

Project CBD

It has long been known that resinous cannabis flower tops are infused with robust therapeutic properties. But there are also pharmacologically active components in other parts of the plant that shouldn’t be ignored when assessing the health benefits of cannabis. The seeds don’t contain CBD, THC, or any other cannabinoids.

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Florida Passes Hemp Bill Without THC Cap


And while hemp and marijuana are essentially from the same plant, their difference is in their legal status based on the concentration of THC. Hemp typically contains 0.3% On Tuesday, May 2, 2023, the Florida House approved a bill that imposes no THC caps on hemp products. or less THC and produces no intoxicating effect.

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The Benefits of Hemp CBD Oil

The Herb Collective

Hemp has been used by humans for thousands of years and is revered for its health benefits. In recent years, one of the most popular forms of hemp-based products is hemp CBD oil. Let’s take a closer look at the many benefits of hemp CBD oil. Let’s take a closer look at the many benefits of hemp CBD oil.

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CBD Hemp Versus Industrial Hemp: What You Need to Know

Cannabis Cheri

If you are confused by the topic of CBD Hemp oil, you’re not alone. A company can put a few drops of CBD in a bucket of oil and call it “CBD oil” with little or no consequences. CBD Oil Misinformation from the Media. Yes, CBD comes from hemp. By Joy Smith.

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Oregon hemp-oil brand earns CBD’s first regenerative certification

Cannabis Law Report

The hemp for Onda Wellness’ CBD oil is grown on a farm that follows regenerative agriculture practices to revitalize the soil. When Onda Wellness founder Stephen Smith picked hemp as the topic of his 1999 high school senior thesis, most people didn’t see much of a difference between hemp and cannabis.

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Hemp-derived CBD Vs Cannabis-derived CBD in topicals


CBD is a hot topic these days. One of these questions revolves around whether Hemp-derived CBD and Cannabis Derived CBD are the same? CBD or Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid that can be found within the cannabis plant. SEE RELATED ARTICLE A Complete Guide To CBD Oil. Within the hemp plant , you’ll find less than.3%

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