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Cannabis & the Bible

Project CBD

Biblical scholars have written about the role of cannabis as a sacrament in the ancient Near East and Middle East. Scriptural references indicate that cannabis was a key ingredient in the holy anointing oil employed in religious rites. Humankind’s connection to cannabis reaches back tens of thousands of years.

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What’s the Difference Between CBD, THC, Hemp, Cannabis, and Marijuana?


As cannabis gains widespread popularity across the United States, a growing number of newcomers are searching about important topics like THC vs. CBD, the differences between cannabis and marijuana, how hemp plants factors into the conversation, and more.

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Cannabis Banking Today

Canna Law Blog

We are helping build out another cannabis banking program here in Oregon. We have also handled a good bit of hemp banking work – mostly in 2019 and 2020 before that industry cratered. HRB” A business trafficking in hemp which “can demonstrate that its business activities and products are legal under federal and state law.”

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Cannabis and Dementia Webinar Recording


  The Healer Cannabis and Dementia webinar includes the latest research and case studies of patients successfully using cannabis and hemp to help with dementia challenges such as agitation, wandering, aggressive behaviors, poor nutrition, pain, sleep and even cognitive abilities.

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CBD Hemp Versus Industrial Hemp: What You Need to Know

Cannabis Cheri

If you are confused by the topic of CBD Hemp oil, you’re not alone. Ninety-nine out of a hundred articles about CBD will tell you that it is extracted from industrial hemp — “the plant with 10,000 uses.”. Yes, CBD comes from hemp. Understanding the Differences Between CBD Rich Hemp and Industrial Hemp.

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Twitter to Allow Some Cannabis Advertising

Canna Law Blog

companies from cannabis advertising on their platforms. At the same time, they imposed pretty unclear and inconsistent requirements on hemp advertising (in this post, when I refer to “cannabis” I mean only “marijuana” consistent with many states’ definitions of the term). In the U.S.

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Florida Passes Hemp Bill Without THC Cap


And while hemp and marijuana are essentially from the same plant, their difference is in their legal status based on the concentration of THC. Hemp typically contains 0.3% On Tuesday, May 2, 2023, the Florida House approved a bill that imposes no THC caps on hemp products. or less THC and produces no intoxicating effect.

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