Stand For Craft Releases White Paper

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Stand For Craft has released a white paper highlighting the Canadian government’s financial hindrances on small craft cannabis producers. The man behind Stand For Craft, Dan Sutton, shared the white paper with all levels of government.

White Paper: Revitalization of the Cannabis Industry

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In this paper, we’ll look at … Read More. The post White Paper: Revitalization of the Cannabis Industry first appeared on Cannabis Law Report. The cannabis industry continues to thrive in 2020, creating new products, jobs and businesses – all with insurance considerations.

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New Publication: The Poland Cannabis White Paper

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The Poland Cannabis White Paper examines: • Commercial and business opportunities in the region. Poland is expected to play a central role in the European cannabis market in the coming years, after becoming the 12th country to legalise medicinal cannabis on the continent in 2017. With the Polish market expected to be worth at least €2 billion by 2028, key opportunities will be available to investors, entrepreneurs and influencers in the near future.

CA: Le Herbe Releases New White Paper on The Art and Science of Cannabis Powder

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Le Herbe releases new white paper on cannabis powder because education is key to accepting a healthy alternative to alcohol. Check out this white paper if you want to learn how to make cannabis powder or functional ingredients. Press Release.

White Paper: Social Equity Legislation In Cannabis – A National Study of State & Local Programming

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Here’s their introduction Social equity licensing and programming are vital as the cannabis industry moves towards increasing state legalization and… Read More. Cannabis Law News

Unions Not Impressed With California Cannabis Industry Association White Paper

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The letter was sparked by a recent white paper – “Tips for Cannabis Business Owners Negotiating Labor Peace Agreements” – that the CCIA distributed among its members.

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New White Paper: “Driving Compliance and Efficiency for End-to-End Drug Product Labeling”

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Fierce Biotech write. Managing drug product labeling is a challenge due to new data, required changes by regulations, poorly integrated legacy systems, fragmented manual processes, and other factors. A new, better approach to drug product labeling is needed.

Cannabis Industry Jnl Publish White Paper, “Getting A Better Seat On The Cannabusiness Rollercoaster”

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They write… The cannabis market is a roller coaster. First up, then down, now up again. What’s next? More importantly, what’s next for your cannabusiness? But … Read More. Breaking News

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Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA) and Canadian Health Food Association (CHTA) Publish White Paper

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See the White Paper below. The Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA) and Canadian Health Food Association (CHTA) distributed the attached News Release and White Paper on 8May2019 asking the Government of Canada to revise their policy on CBD. Specifically, I am asking you to forward a copy of our News Release and White Paper to your MP with a request for a response from Health Canada, the Minister of Health and the Minister of Border Services.

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Maltese PM launches cannabis reform proposals

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Prime Minister Robert Abela has launched a White Paper on cannabis law reforms. The proposals were issued for public consultation.… … Read More. UK / EU Cannabis Compliance

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PDF – Report “The cannabis industry has a serious problem…”

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Abstrax-Tech_White-Paper_Signature-Series. Interesting report about standadization of product in the cannabis industry. Yes they are pushing their product but it does raise the perennial issue. Even worse, it’s not just the cheap counterfeits that are filling dispensary shelves.

Whitepaper: The Challenges of Insurance for the Cannabis Industry

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In this white paper, we’ll look at what risk managers should know about insuring this specialty market and the challenges they’ll face when putting cannabis operations on the books. Here’s what they say about their Whitepaper. Sponsored by: NutraRisk. Format: Whitepaper.

Article – Insurance Journal: California Commissioner Spearheading National Cannabis Insurance Framework

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The white paper outlines the challenges for the insurance industry in regulating cannabis and it establishes a guideline, or a starting point, for state insurance regulations. THE WHITE PAPER.

Report: Why Do Bubbles Burst In Emerging Sectors Like Crypto, Cannabis & Psychedelics

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In this white paper, we discuss the boom-and-bust cycles of emerging sectors. Here’s the report in full from Key Partners. Introduction. New technological innovations and consumer product categories often demonstrate massive growth potential. These technologies (e.g.,

New Washington Regulations Require Cannabis Pesticide Testing

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Indeed, one cannabis testing laboratory released a white paper earlier this year claiming that cannabis pesticide contamination is a serious issue in Washington, especially for concentrates that, when tested on an “ off the shelf ” basis in 2018, had pesticide failure rate as high as 40%.


Cannabis Law Report

Download the exclusive Vangst white paper today. 2022 REPORT: LGBTQIA+ REPRESENTATION IN CANNABIS. The cannabis industry and LGBTQ+ community have a unique historical relationship.

New Washington Cannabis Regulations Require Pesticide Testing.

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a WA licensed cannabis testing laboratory, in a white paper released in February, the issue of pesticide contamination in cannabis products in the state is serious.

Bob Hoban Announces Launch of HLG Global Newsletter

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Mexico White Papers. Colombia White Paper. Bob Hoban writes. In 2017, I recognized that Hoban Law Group sits at the center of the world’s largest cannabis industry network. With more and more of its clients seeking to operate internationally, our name began to spread around the globe as the ‘go-to’ international cannabis industry experts. And international companies began retaining the firm for a variety of legal, consulting, professional, and M&A purposes.

New cannabis coalition wants to influence how — not if — weed is legalized – Cannabis Business Executive


The group plans to compile data and research, and to release white papers on these policy issues that can be used to inform lawmakers. The group includes representatives from the alcohol, tobacco and insurance industries.

ALM and Shook, Hardy & Bacon Report Says 56% Of GC, “will need to increase their legal resources to keep up with the cannabis market”

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More than half of in-house counsel surveyed in a new white paper by Shook, Hardy & Bacon plan to increase legal spending in the next two years to accommodate the evolving cannabis market, with a significant growth in litigation threats anticipated over the next decade. THE WHITE PAPER.

Malta: Employers concerned about workplace cannabis use after reform

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“It is evident that, like the White Paper that was issued some months ago about the subject, the Cannabis Reform Bill is fraught with omissions, inconsistencies and hidden motives,” the MEA said in a statement on Saturday. The Times of Malta reports.

Pay Cannabis Tax with Cryptocurrency? California Takes a Look.

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The vulnerability of digital wallets is explained in my white paper. We’ve written about the potential benefits of harnessing the power of blockchain technology to track and trace cannabis from seed to sale and provide an effective regulatory tool for governments (see here and here ).

French Cannabis On A Roll With CBD Set For Transformation Into A €1bn Industry – Cannabis Business Executive


Paris-based cannabis consultancy Augur Associates helped produce an earlier White Paper which informed the Parliamentary deliberations, as Business Cann reported last year.

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What will unrestricted access to Medicinal Cannabis look like in Australia?

MGC Pharma

In 2016, we released a white paper in partnership with the University of Sydney that showed, if unrestricted, there would be a demand for roughly 404.7 What will unrestricted access to Medicinal Cannabis look like in Australia? A word from Ron Lipsky, Manager of Business Development and International Relations at MGC Pharmaceuticals Right now in Australia, access to Cannabis-based treatments is heavily restricted.

Cannabis Freedom Alliance Publish Their Inaugural Monthly Newsletter

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A brand new white paper by the Cannabis Freedom Alliance provides an overview of each of these subtopics and provides general recommendations to help guide the effort toward federal legalization of marijuana.

Cannabis Law Report Talks To Max Carter Director & CEO At London’s New Dawn Risk About Opportunities & Developments In The US Cannabis Industry

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New Dawn Risk have published 2 white papers on the state of cannabis insurance opportunities in the US market. Here’s the most recent one. New Dawn Risk (London) Publish Updated 2021 Cannabis Insurance Whitepaper.

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Painting A Face with Boob Ross – Higher Mentality


We are going to need the following colours, white, red, black, green because my eyes are, and a few shades of brown ”. . Your white, your black and your pretty browns. Take a seat, take a break. Paint with Boob Ross, the Bob Ross remix that’s baked.

Report: Point of Sale Software in the Cannabis Industry – Mid-Year 2019

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Cannabiz Media’s new white paper, Point of Sale Software in the Cannabis Industry: Mid-Year 2019 Report , is now available for free download here. Learn More in the Full White Paper. In Cannabiz Media’s 2018 cannabis industry point of sale vendor report , five vendors accounted for 80% of the market. Fast forward to mid-year 2019, and things look a lot different.

Mr Bandt Goes To Nimbin – Promises To Regulate Cannabis If Greens Hold Balance Of Power

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Also after a search of their website, google etc we can’t find a white paper or pdf that actually colours in these vague plans. We shall see on two fronts here A , if they get to hold the balance of power and B , if they actually do it.

Cannabis Banking Compliance Leader NatureTrak Expands In-House Regulatory Expertise, Adds Nathan McDonald as Chief Risk Officer

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NatureTrak’s latest white paper, A New Standard: BSA/AML Risk Management of Cannabis Banking , explores cannabis money laundering typologies and highlights the benefits of automation and predictive learning as it relates to: Deposit validation methods.

Is CBG legal? What is CBG?

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Industry white papers have been written on CBG research as well. Looking back, 2019 was the year of cannabidiol (CBD) in the cannabis industry. CBD continued to make its way into countless consumer products, from sodas to sports bras.

Cannabis & THC: Understanding the Effects & Liability

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This white paper provides general knowledge regarding THC, including how it is absorbed, metabolized, and distributed in the human body following oral and inhalation exposures, and the relationship between intoxication and detection in blood and urine.

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Australia’s Green Fund Publish PDF: Top Australian Regulated Cannabis Thought Leaders

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Rhys has played an integral role, particularly within medicinal cannabis here in Australia, namely for his work on the first White Paper on medicinal cannabis in Australia for the University of Sydney.

Malta: Equality Minister Owen Bonnici announces draft Bill for private cannabis use

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A White Paper on Strengthening the Legal Framework on the Responsible Use of Cannabis was launched on 30 March 2021. Under proposed cannabis legalisation, non-profit associations can grow cannabis to distribute among their members, Equality Minister Owen Bonnici said.

Cannabis Software Stack Report Now Available


The full version of the white paper is available for free to Cannabiz Media License Database subscribers. Be the first to know when new content like this is available! Subscribe to our newsletter to get alerts about new posts, local news, and industry insights. Thank you!

Oasis Intelligence Launches, Arming Cannabis & Hemp Marketers With Unprecedented Consumer Data & Insights

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For those looking to reduce risk, optimize ROI and drive growth, Oasis Intelligence has a range of solutions, from custom reports and research to white papers and subscriptions to the interactive online dashboard coming later in 2020.

Closing the Gender Gap in the Cannabis Industry


The “Gender Parity in the C-Suite” white paper from NCIA and The Arcview Group identifies seven factors that strongly contribute to the gender gap in the cannabis industry: 1. Be the first to know when new content like this is available!

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