Tue.Aug 13, 2019

Illinois: Medical Cannabis Expansion Measures Signed into Law


Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker (D) has signed two separate medical cannabis expansion bills into law. Senate Bill 2023 expands the state’s medical cannabis program by adding several new qualifying conditions, allowing physicians assistants and advanced practice registered nurses to recommend medical cannabis to their patients, allowing minor patients to have up to three caregivers instead of two, among other changes. The new law went into effect on August 9, 2019.

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New York City Court Seals 360 Cannabis Cases


In a city where 17,000 people typically get arrested every year for cannabis, sealing 360 cases seems like a small first step. The post New York City Court Seals 360 Cannabis Cases appeared first on Leafly. Politics expungement New York new york city

CBD is Everywhere – But Where Does the FDA Stand?

The Blunt Truth

CBD is “thriving” in the current regulatory environment, but is it doing so illegally? As former U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb opined last week , “the CBD craze is getting out of hand. The FDA needs to act.” Since the passage of the Farm Bill in December of 2018 , there has been a marked uptick in interest in the cannabidiol (CBD) space from businesses and users alike.

American Bar Association Endorses Ending Marijuana Prohibition


The American Bar Association (ABA) has passed a resolution in support of ending federal marijuana prohibition and removing the substance from the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). In language that does not mince words, the proposal reads : FURTHER RESOLVED, That the American Bar Association urges Congress to enact legislation to remove marijuana from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act.

Revelstoke RCMP raid over 3 plants is ridiculous

Cannabis Life Network

The recent case of a Revelstoke home that got raided by the RCMP over three cannabis plants has made BC’s cannabis laws a laughingstock across the country. It’s not only due to cannabis being legal in Canada since October 2018. But because you’re allowed to grow up to 4 plants!

Grassroots Activism and Marijuana Policy: A Winning Combination


When NORML was founded in 1970, roughly 12% of Americans supported legalizing marijuana. After decades of hard work by thousands of committed activists around the country, we are gradually winning the hearts and minds of a majority of the public today.

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Nevada: Pushing Reform Efforts Forward


Las Vegas NORML has once again found themselves busy with many types of advocacy for patient and consumer rights, both statewide and federally.

American Bar Association: Resolution 104 On States Rights & Cannabis Regulation

Cannabis Law Report

Watch the video of the motion being proposed. The Motion Is Forwarded. THE PROPOSED RESOLUTION. 104-annual-2019. FINAL RESOLUTION. Marijuana Moment Report.

How to Get Rid of the Cannabis Smell

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Cannabis is a small plant and a psychoactive drug. It has various medicinal and recreational purposes. As Cannabis is a flower, its primary function is to produce the terpenes, organic molecules and other chemicals. It provides more than 100 terpenes. .

CO: Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck Launch Cannabis Practice

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The group will be co-chaired by Melissa Kuipers Blake, a shareholder in the firm’s government relations department and Amy Steinfeld, a shareholder in its natural resources department.

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CannTrust Shares Dip, Second Cannabis Facility Rated Non-compliant


CannTrust continues to boil in hot water as their second cannabis production facility failed to pass Health Canada's latest inspection. The post CannTrust Shares Dip, Second Cannabis Facility Rated Non-compliant appeared first on Leafly. Canada Industry enforcement health canada Licensed Producers

Announcement: Oregon Cannabis Association, Requests for OLCC Rule Updates

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As the OLCC moves into their next round of rule making, the OCA will present a united front on rule update requests. The following list is the result of member feedback and small group brainstorming seasons, followed by a member survey on the impact of each request.

Supply Shortages Hit Uruguay’s Cannabis Sales


It seems like only yesterday that Canada was desperately scrambling due to a massive marijuana shortage. As the shadow’s of that darker era slowly begin to rescind, Uruguay’s situation reminds us of just how far we have come.

Bob Carp Cannabis Lawyer & Sector Legal & Compliance Publisher Disbarred From Massachusetts Bar

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The Gloucester Daily Times reports today that ……… An attorney who lists addresses in Gloucester and has headed up a law office in Newton specializing in legal marijuana issues has been disbarred from practicing within the state. We note his linked in still says. Source: [link].

Let’s Talk African Cannabis with Saul Kaye


CannaTech Global is bringing their premier cannabis convention to Cape Town, South Africa in November 2019 to shine a spotlight on the emerging African cannabis market. Africa’s cannabis market is rapidly expanding with huge growth potential.

Ireland: Cork businessman faces arrest for selling cannabis derivative

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The owner of a Cork business selling cannabis derivatives has been told he will be arrested on Tuesday following a raid on one of his stores earlier this year. Jim Weathers , the owner of Puff N Stuff in Youghal Co Cork, sells Cannabidiol (CBD).

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California Issues Guidance to Cannabis Distributors

Greenspoon Marder Cannabis Law Group Blog

By: Robert Finkle, Senior Counsel. The California Bureau of Cannabis Control (“BCC”) continued its practice of periodically releasing facts sheets in response to issues that have arisen in California’s new and burgeoning commercial cannabis market.

Alert: The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) looks forward to hearing your innovative solutions regarding mitigation and phase-in strategies for Quality Assurance Testing and Product Requirements (QA)

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The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) looks forward to hearing your innovative solutions regarding mitigation and phase-in strategies for Quality Assurance Testing and Product Requirements (QA). We look forward to seeing you on August 22, 2019, from 1:00 until 4:00 p.m.

Understanding The Major Drivers to Market Adoption of CBD

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CBD and its many interconnected industries and services are growing at unprecedented rates. Touted for its comprehensive health benefits without any of the psychoactive effects of THC, CBD is reaching widespread market adoption across the world.

Weedmaps Article : Can You Vape At Disneyland / World

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Read the full article by Weedmaps… Disney’s Stated Rules. According to Disney’s website : No. Disney is a privately owned entity so it can ban any items it chooses.

How Hemp Oil Nourishes You Inside and Out

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We all have grown up listening to our mothers and grandmothers recite the benefits of coconut oil, almond oil, and even olive oil. They were not just talked about but used every day in homes to give a boost to health and improve the appearance.

Article: The $USD4 Billion Ticking Timebomb

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Marketwatch report… As pot-stock mania gripped North America in 2018, a bidding war struck up for a relatively small marijuana-growing property in a Toronto suburb.

The Biggest Pitfalls of California Cannabis Leases in 2019

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We’ve written many times about how commercial leases to cannabis tenants are their own beasts. Generic leases don’t ever the job done.

Clio & High Times partner to launch cannabis marketing awards

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Here’s the release and info about what the categories are and how to enter. ENTRIES ACCEPTED IN THE FOLLOWING. Entries in this medium focus on advocacy for legalization and/or further education about cannabis and/or the cannabis industry. FILM/VIDEO.

Opinion: It’s OK That Blue Dream Is Your Favorite Cannabis Strain


For far too long have people been shamed for having Blue Dream be their favorite strain. That ends today. The post Opinion: It’s OK That Blue Dream Is Your Favorite Cannabis Strain appeared first on Leafly. Lifestyle Strains & Products strains

A Short Story – The Basics In Obtaining a Retail Cannabis License (Washington)

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If you wish to re-publish this story please do so with following accreditation. AUTHOR: Rob Hendrix. PUBLISHER: CANNABIS LAW REPORT. Rob Hendrix. My name is Rob Hendrix. I live in Ellensburg, Washington. I have been married to the same girl since 1979, I have three kids and five grandchildren.

How To Determine The Sex Of Your Cannabis Plant

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Reproduction in the plant world happens in a few ways. There are some hermaphrodite plants which have a single flower with both male and female organs. There are other monoecious plants that have two different flowers on the same plant for male and female organs.

Quartz Article: France’s cannabis legalization debate misses one crucial point

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Last summer in France, dozens of “CBD cafés” suddenly opened across the country.

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Cannabis Retail Guide: Four20 Premium Market, Sage Hill, Calgary


See inside this chic bud boutique in Calgary. The post Cannabis Retail Guide: Four20 Premium Market, Sage Hill, Calgary appeared first on Leafly. Canada Industry Alberta Calgary dispensaries retail retail stores

Here We Go Again! CannTrust shares plunge after Health Canada finds violations at second cannabis facility

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The Titanic of Cannabis? Except they’ve now hit their second iceberg.

Truweigh Brings Trust and Reliability Back to the Mini Scale Market

Cannabis Maven

Truweigh scales innovate and promote quality products with fairness and respect. Industry