Cannabis Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis


Cannabis Plants botany cannabinoids horticulture hybrid indica marijuana strains ruderalis sativaIn all the talk about how cannabis works on humans, it is important to remember to talk about the biology of the plant as well. Cannabis is an extremely interesting plant, botanically-speaking.

Cannabis Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis


Cannabis Science cannabinoids hybrid indica marijuana strains ruderalis sativaIn all the talk about how cannabis works on humans, it is important to remember to talk about the biology of the plant as well. Cannabis is an extremely interesting plant, botanically-speaking. Cannabis plants are sturdy and can grow in lots of different environments. They have a multitude of uses, and can reproduce both sexually and asexually (taking cuttings and propagating them). Source.


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WTF Is Cannabis Ruderalis?

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If you’ve ever dealt with an auto-flowering weed strain before, you were looking at the fruits of “cannabis ruderalis.” So, what the heck is Cannabis ruderalis ? Cannabis ruderalis refers to a species of cannabis that originated in Russia, as well as Central and Eastern Europe. Ruderalis grows much, much shorter than its indica and sativa cousins, but its differences don’t stop there. Where Can I Get Some Ruderalis Genetics? Merry Jane report.

Sativa vs. Indica: What is the Difference and Which is Right for Me?


Cannabis Science cannabis cannabis indica cannabis ruderalis cannabis sativa hybrid indica ruderalis sativaIndicas and sativas are different types of cannabis plants. Hybrids are plants which are a combination of indicas and sativas.

Indica 207

What is Cannabis? What is Medical Marijuana? What is Hemp?


Cannabis Science Health & Wellness cannabis cannabis indica cannabis sativa hemp marijuana pot ruderalis weedWhen you’re new to the world of medical marijuana (or hemp or cannabis), you will read and hear it called a huge number of names.

Cannabis Strains and Their Therapeutic Applications


Cannabis Science CBD botany cannabis plant hemp hybrid indica Marijuana Science ruderalis sativa THCFiguring out a particular strain’s medical applications is a very difficult if not impossible task. Moreover, it can sometimes lead to erroneous thinking.

A Quick Guide About Autoflower Marijuana

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We know the photoperiod cannabis strains, which are different from autoflower ruderalis strains, and flower quickly in the winter seasons. However, there’s a catch to this variety that most ruderalis strains contain a low level of THC content.

Top Five Tips to get the Most out of Auto-Flowering Cannabis Plants

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As you all know by now, there are 3 subspecies of cannabis; Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis. But then you get Ruderalis, a small strange looking cannabis plant. However, Ruderalis cannabis plants grown in the wild, do not contain much THC. What is an Auto-Flowering Cannabis Strain?

The Definitive Guide to Marijuana Seeds

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This is partly because they have some genes from the third type of cannabis, cannabis ruderalis. Cannabis ruderalis is not as popular as indicas and sativas primarily because it doesn’t have a high concentration of THC. There is something very therapeutic about growing your own plants.

Brief info on CBD, hemp & cannabis and health benefits of CBD

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Cannabis is found in three different species, e.g., Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis. Cannabis can be similar to Hemp or can be different from other species, e.g., Indica, and Ruderalis. Brief info on CBD, hemp & cannabis and health benefits of CBD. .

Industry Snapshot: Cannabis Plant Patents

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indica) , and Cannabis ruderalis (C. ruderalis) , although there is some debate whether C. ruderalis is a distinct species from or a subspecies of C. Anew is a cultivar binomially known as Cannabis ruderalis + Humulus lupulus. Published at JD Supra.

What’s the Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana CBD Oil?


As Leafly summarizes: Cannabis refers to a genus of plants which has three species: indica, sativa, and ruderalis. Hemp is a sativa species, while cannabis can be sativa, indica, or ruderalis. Few things cause more confusion in casual conversation than CBD oil.

How to germinate all types of cannabis seeds: Three methods

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After feminized seeds, in 2008, automatic or autoflowering seeds appeared which were bred from Cannabis Ruderalis plants found in areas such as Eastern Europe, Russia, and Alaska. A seed is like an egg in many ways.

Indica 110

Autoflower vs Photoperiod - Which is the best cultivation style for you?

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Autoflowers , genetically contain cannabis ruderalis traits. One of the most recent debates to come up amongst home cannabis growers is now - autoflower vs photoperiod plants. Especially as the quality of autoflowering genetics improves over time.

The AHRQ Wants to Learn About Cannabis and Kratom For Chronic Pain


It comes in indica, sativa, hybrid, and ruderalis varieties with a multitude of different strains. Have you heard of Kratom or cannabis? Chances are you have most likely heard of both and probably have knowledge of at least how one of the two works.

How Science is Changing the Way the Industry Categorizes Cannabis Products


They are no longer able to categorize cannabis by indica, sativa, afghanica nor ruderalis, but rather as type 1, 2, and 3. . “Do you want an indica or a sativa?” is a common first question being asked by those who are dispensing cannabis along with the question “Is this an indica or a sativa

Harvesting your Cannabis Plant

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These traits are the result of the Ruderalis parentage. The ripeness of cannabis plants: Growing cannabis can be a fine art, from how you germinate to what you feed will all come down to each grower’s preference. Determining when your cannabis plant is ready and ripe is no exception.

Guardian (UK) Report : Cannabis has great medical potential. But don’t fall for the CBD scam

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It’s one of the 119 cannabinoids contained in cannabis sativa, indica and ruderalis, and all hybrids thereof; aka weed. The mainstream media both in the UK & the US is catching on to the disaster that CBD has become. The sooner producers and retailers, white labellers and the marketers who enable the products end up in court the better. Here’s the introduction to the Guardian piece published yesterday.

Cannabis Sativa Vs. Cannabis Indica

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Ruderalis. Ruderalis. The 3 rd and last species of cannabis we will discuss is Ruderalis. When we do research into cannabis, we find that the topic of Sativa vs. Indica to either be misunderstood or the information we find to be very vague. In this post, we will get a better understanding by looking at the detailed differences between the two species of cannabis. We cover all you need to know about the medical benefits, places of origin and why each plant looks so different.

Jack Herer Cannabis Strain Review

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And one strain is Ruderalis-dominant, which is used mainly to produce autoflowerers. By: Maria Ny. If there is ever a cannabis strain people should try at least once, it’s Jack Herer. It was named after renowned cannabis legalization and decriminalization advocate, Jack Herer.

Marijuana Seeds: The Extensive Guide

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The third type of modified breed of cannabis proves to be helpful in this case- cannabis ruderalis. A typical ruderalis breed starts blooming after a certain age, regardless of the photo-exposure period. Until recently, the marijuana industry was seeping in shadows. But, with the global superpowers legalizing it under recreational and medical use, it has witnessed a boom.

Hemp vs. Marijuana: Why Can’t Cops Tell Them Apart?

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There are three distinct species of Cannabis: Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. Last February, the Idaho State police pulled over a truck carrying 6,701 pounds of hemp and promptly seized it, allegedly claiming it was marijuana. Now the cultivators of that hemp, Big Sky Scientific, are suing the police, the county, and an attorney. If you’ve been following hemp news recently, then you have probably seen a few of these stories surfacing.

Beginner's Guide to Cannabis Plants and Strains

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The three species of cannabis are: -Cannabis indica -Cannabis sativa -Cannabis ruderalis If you have been to a dispensary or researched marijuana before, you might have heard of “sativas” and “indicas.”

In-depth Study of Cannabis Compounds and Precautions While Consuming

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In Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis, and Hybrid strains, percentages of cannabinoids differ from each other. What do you consider while buying your stuff from a marijuana dispensary?

Medical Marijuana and Cancer: Finding the Most Effective Strains

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ACDC is a cross between Ruderalis and Cannatonic, this marijuana strain is a balanced hybrid with 50 percent Sativa and 50 percent Indica. When it comes to cancer, it is still, one of the leading causes of death in the world. The number of victims of both sexes is increasing every year and the therapies to solve the problem are unfortunately still limited. Brain cancer is a disease that, in the US alone, affects over 700,000 people.

You Ask, We Answer (Part 1): Questions From the California Cannabis Webinar

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I recently teamed up with my colleagues Hilary Bricken and Griffen Thorne to put on a free webinar answering all of your pressing questions about cannabis legal issues in California. Check out the replay here.)

Super Skunk Automatic: Another potency racer from Sensi‘s auto breeding garage

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believes that this specific trichome structure is a genetic stamp left upon the automatic strains by the ruderalis hybrid used by Sensi Seeds. Along with Sensi Seeds‘ Skunk #1 Automatic, grower Ellis D. tested the Sensi strain Super Skunk Automatic. Because these two closely related strain legends for him belong together like Cheech and Chong, Ying and Yang or Ben and Jerry… From „nederwiet“ hammer to auto allrounder.


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THC is one among several compounds found within the resin secreted by cannabis plants from either sativa, indica or ruderalis strains. Medical cannabis features a lot of advantages.

What is behind the impressive market growth of CBD?

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Cannabis has three main groups: Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. Considering its current reach and future growth potential, CBD is one of the most exciting markets in the world. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of the active ingredients of the cannabis plant.

How to Grow Weed – A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

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There are three types of Marijuana; Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis , and they come with the male and female variety. Growing weed is a pretty easy thing to do, in fact out of 50 people who grow Marijuana if you ask them how it is to grow weed they will confirm to you that is the best plant to grow since it attracts very good rewards. The only challenge that’s seems to stand on the way is deciding on what to buy and setup.

The best strains of all time: 100 top cannabis strains to try


People always ask us what strains to try, and our answer generally depends on how a person wants to feel, what situation they’ll be in, and what other strains they like.