U.S. Chemist Roger Adams Isolated CBD 75 Years Ago

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The name most associated with cannabis science is generally Israeli chemist Raphael Mechoulam, who’s credited with first isolating and identifying THC. And, by some accounts, he even has a claim to being the person who initially identified its psychoactive cousin, THC.

CBD Oil Setback In Europe As Brussels Reclassifies Cannabis Derivative To Ban Sale

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and derived products containing cannabinoids are considered novel foods as a history of consumption has not been demonstrated. If you wish to re-publish this story please do so with following accreditation. AUTHOR: Mark Taylor. PUBLISHER: CANNABIS LAW REPORT.

Knowing the Basics: A Quick Guide To Cannabis-Infused Edibles

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For months, cannabis consumers and enthusiasts have been reading headlines about exciting new product and business developments in not only infused edibles, but private dinners, consumption lounges, and infused beverages as well. This makes it THC-neutral, or simply THC.

Lighting Up Florida Medical Marijuana People: The Crusaders, Part 8

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These “ methods of consumption ,” otherwise known as cannabis delivery routes , are sold in product form at all of the Florida twelve licensed MMTC dispensaries, including smokable cannabis flower. LEARN » THC.

Is this Cannabis’ “Diet Coke Moment”?

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This new lychee sugar free THC gummy is a healthier take on their iconic and top-selling 100mg strawberry sativa gummy, which was recently featured at the top of a Los Angeles Times round-up on edibles. 100mg of THC from full-spectrum cannabis oil.

Meadowlands: California’s Cannabis Supply Chain Panel


We have to do that as a group and with the leaders here and the leadership we have now who’s all focused on this, I mean you’re seeing this in Forbes Magazine, AARP, every one is writing about what cannabis is doing for California’s economy.