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Six Things You Need to Know About CBD and Other Hemp-containing Pet Products

Cannabis Law Report

The trend toward state-level legalization of cannabis has led to a surge in cannabis-derived products and a continually evolving market with many types of cannabis products for people as well as their pets. The basics on CBD, hemp and the 2018 Farm Bill. THC) from the list of controlled substances under the CSA.

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How CBD Treats Can Help Your Pets!

Otherside Farms

Pet owners are going crazy over a new medicinal herb that is being used to treat all types of pet illnesses. This medicinal herb is known as cannabis, and pet owners are using it to treat a wide range of pet illnesses such as anxiety, cancer, and arthritis. Hemp Genix CBD has ZERO THC and 5mg CBD Per Treat.

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6 Amazing CBD Products for Dogs and Cats

When a pet is ill, it can feel like a member of the family is suffering. Sometimes traditional veterinary pharmaceuticals may not always be effective for dogs and cats and the side-effects may interfere with a pet’s quality of life. There are healthy and natural alternatives available to you as a pet owner. Reduce anxiety.

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3 Ways to Boost the Health of Your Pets Using CBD Oil

The Joint Blog

We all share a beautiful human-animal bond with our pets. That is why it can get disheartening when your pet becomes sick. Thankfully, today there are a plethora of ways in which you can support your pet’s health and keep them fit. This implies that CBD can also impact pets the same way as humans. is widespread in pets.

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Article: United States: USPTO’s Guidance On Cannabis Related Trademarks Expands Trademark Rights For Certain Hemp Related Goods & Services

Cannabis Law Report

It is now possible to register trademarks for some hemp related goods and services. The CSA prohibits interstate commerce of marijuana and marijuana related goods, which it defines as all parts of Cannabis sativa L plant. Applications for foods, beverages, pet treats and dietary supplements will not be allowed.

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7 Perks of Eating Cannabis/Hemp Seeds

Otherside Farms

Cannabis seeds are essentially seeds of a plant commonly known as the Sativa and are considered to be one of the most nutritious elements to be grown in the wild. Cannabis seeds have been studied and observed to cure a number of medical illnesses in the last few decades. Cannabis oil from seeds. Your pets love them.

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USPTO Issues Clarification on Hemp-Related Trademarks

Canna Law Blog

Earlier this month, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued Examination Guide 1-19 : Examination of Marks for Cannabis and Cannabis-Related Goods and Services After Enactment of the 2018 Farm Bill. Cannabis and CBD derived from marijuana (i.e., Cannabis sativa L. 801 et seq.

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