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What’s the Difference Between CBD, THC, Hemp, Cannabis, and Marijuana?


As cannabis gains widespread popularity across the United States, a growing number of newcomers are searching about important topics like THC vs. CBD, the differences between cannabis and marijuana, how hemp plants factors into the conversation, and more.

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Celtic Hemp

Project CBD

Have you heard of Celtic Hemp? In a recently published paper in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research , Dr. John M. O’Sullivan trace hemp’s prehistoric journey from Asia to Hibernia — now modern-day Ireland. Like much of Europe, cannabis arrived in Ireland when written records were scarce.

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New hemp bills in conflict with IDOA proposed amendments

Illinois News Joint

Two identical hemp regulation bills were introduced in the Illinois State legislature this week. House Bill 5306 and Senate Bill 3790 , with identical wording, add a plethora of regulatory provisions to the Illinois Industrial Hemp Act and other Acts. For more Illinois cannabis industry news, visit here. La Shawn K.

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Is It Legal to Mail CBD, Cannabis or Hemp?


Legality of Mailing Cannabis, CBD, and Hemp Products Mailing Cannabis, CBD, and hemp products can be a tricky subject due to the varying legal regulations. While some states have legalized the use and distribution of Cannabis and CBD products, it is still considered illegal at the federal level.

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What’s the difference between CBD derived from hemp and cannabis?


Both hemp and cannabis can produce CBD, but they're different in the eyes of the law. The post What’s the difference between CBD derived from hemp and cannabis? appeared first on Leafly.

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Meat From Cows That Are Fed Hemp Cake Retain THC and CBD in Safe Levels


Recent research on cattle fed with “hempseed cake” reports safe levels of THC and CBD in their beef. The research authors revealed that hemp seed cake, a by-product from hemp oil extraction, contained low cannabinoids, a healthy source of fiber, and crude protein for cattle and other animals.

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Conviction in German CBD case has country’s hemp sector up in arms reports Hemp Today

Cannabis Law Report

The golden promise of Germany’s hemp and cannabis sector is taking some hits at the moment… Hemp Today… German hemp stakeholders say action is needed by lawmakers to shield producers from prosecution after the country’s high court confirmed convictions in two cases involving the trade of CBD flowers.

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