DIY Marijuana Topicals: Pain Relieving Frankincense and Cannabis Massage Oil

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Note: You can make this DIY Cannabis Massage Oil in THC and/or CBD versions! This topical oil is a good example. And since topically applied cannabis will not make you high or cause you to fail a drug test , even people who don’t normally use marijuana can benefit from it.

State restrictions on cannabis packaging worry producers

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Because of state regulations, the packaging for the company’s infused tinctures, topicals, capsules and other products contains no information claiming any therapeutic effects. Hull has never had a customer say the packaging on her company’s products are misleading, she said.

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DIY Marijuana Topicals: Pain Relieving Frankincense and Cannabis Massage Oil

Cannabis Cheri

Note: You can make this DIY Cannabis Massage Oil in THC and/or CBD versions! This topical oil is a good example. And since topically applied cannabis will not make you high or cause you to fail a drug test , even people who don’t normally use marijuana can benefit from it.


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PACKAGING & LABELING: NEWLY AMENDED OLCC REGULATIONS. New rules govern potency labeling of THC and CBD products that are tested on or after February 1, 2020. BY TODD KEY, GREEN LIGHT LAW GROUP —.

A Guide to CBD Topicals, Balms, and Lotions

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The most accessible products are usually topicals: balms, lotions, and salves. CBD topicals are hot items in health food stores and among beauty gurus. Should you trade in CBD oil for a topical product? What Are CBD Topicals? Will CBD Topicals Get You High?

5 THC & CBD Products to Use for Pain Relief

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Here are a few products that incorporate both CBD and THC that you should consider reaching for the next time you’re dealing with aches and pains. The Best THC & CBD Products for Pain Relief: Pain Cream 1:1 by Care By Design. By: Janice Bae.

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Canadian Lawyer To Challenge Incoming Rules On THC Strength For Medicine

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From the very beginning of the legal cannabis industry launching in Canada, and many parts of the United States, cannabis opponents and regulators have made a huge push to limit the amount of THC that a consumer or patient can purchase. final-regulations-edible-cannabis-extracts-topical-eng.


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(Written by Ted Smith, the founder of Victoria Cannabis Buyer’s Club) Tomorrow is the public’s last opportunity to send comments to Health Canada regarding regulations controlling the production and sale of edible and topical cannabis products, as well as other concentrates!

dr. delights Sweeps Up Five Awards At 2019 WEEDCon West

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dr. delight’s winning entries included products from their line of outcome-specific formulas for sleep and pain, as well as their 1:1 ratio salve and unique delta 8 THC vape pen. 2nd Place for “Best Topical” – dr. delights 1:1 Salve.

Health Canada: Backgrounder: Final regulations on new cannabis products

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Health Canada has released the amendments to the Cannabis Regulations to control the legal production and sale of edible cannabis, cannabis extracts, and cannabis topicals. Placing a limit of 10 mg on the amount of THC that can be in a package of edible cannabis.

Canada’s National Budget. Borden Ladner Gervais – Overall Budget Report Includes Some Comments On Cannabis Sales & Excise Tax Measures

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NewClasses of Cannabis Products: Edibles, Extracts, and Topicals. Edible cannabis, cannabis extracts and cannabis topicals will soon be legalized for recreational sale. This new THC-based calculation method will apply to edibles, cannabis extracts, cannabis oils and cannabis topicals.

Beauty’s New High: CBD Oil


There are already devout fans, some boldfaced, who are drawn to CBD topical products largely for their pain-relieving properties. The packaging, with a baronial crest and gold accents, would look at home in a fashionable department store. A lot of my friends have been getting their products from more ‘luxury’ cannabis suppliers who are focusing on packaging and branding,” he said. “It’s CBD is one of them, and THC is one of them.”.

Half-Baked: Edibles, Beverages and New Cannabis Products to Be Legalized and Regulated in 2019

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On June 14, 2019, Health Canada released the final regulations (the “Regulations”) that will govern the production and sale of additional classes of cannabis products including edibles, beverages, concentrates and cannabis infused topical creams and lotions. Packaging.

The Original Jack Herer Takes First Place at WeedCon West 2019

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The winning product was the brand’s Original Jack Herer cannabis distillate cartridge, with its high concentration of THC distilled from The Original Jack Herer cannabis buds.

Hemp-CBD Across State Lines: Maine

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on a dry weight basis and that is grown or possessed by a licensed grower in compliance with this chapter” and “ includes agricultural commodities and products derived from hemp and topical or ingestible consumer products, including food, food additives and food products derived from hemp.”

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In Ridiculous Move, Navy Bans Use of Hemp Shampoo

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In a memo released on Friday the Navy clarified that their banned product list “includes the use of topical products containing hemp, such as shampoos, conditioners, lotions, lip balms, or soaps.”

Model Cannabis Brands with Business Lessons to Teach

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Their SENTRI track and trace system uses the lot number located on the package to trace the origin of your cannabis from source to market, all the way back to the mother plant. Concentrates unique is a variety of THC-rich offerings. Branding is about more than aesthetics.

El Gallo Labs Takes Two First Place Cups at WeedCon West 2019

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LOS ANGELES – August 12, 2019 / Canna Newswire / – California Cannabis Entrepreneurs, El Gallo Labs, took home two First Place Awards for its premium THC and CBD products at the 2019 WeedCon Cup. Best CBD Infused Oil and Best Indica Vape for The Little Chicken.

McCarthy Tétrault LLP: Canada: 2019 Canadian Federal Budget Commentary – Tax Initiatives

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In December 2018, the Government released draft regulations containing the framework for the production and sale of the following new classes of cannabis products: edible cannabis, cannabis extracts, and cannabis topicals. per milligram of total THC.

Wahington: Sale of Flavored Vapor Products is Prohibited –  Effective Oct. 10, 2019 

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Most patients with severe lung disease have reported a history of using vapor products containing THC. Clarify rule regarding additives on packaging and labeling. Current rules require all product components on packaging ( WAC 314-55-105 ). To: Cannabis Licensees.

New Cannabis Products: Changes Are Coming to the Federal Legal Framework in 2019

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In particular, a processing licence will be required in order to manufacture, package or label edible cannabis, cannabis extracts or cannabis topicals. Amendment of the Cannabis Act.

“Budget 2019 clears the air on cannabis taxes” Says Canada Law Times

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Firstly, she says, the budget changes the way excise tax is calculated now: the greater of either a flat rate tax based on a cannabis product’s weight or quantity in its packaging or a rate calculated based on the cannabis product’s sale price. Lawyers who are advising licensed producers or anyone looking to get into the cannabis edible, topical or extract market, once available, should be aware of these changes and know how to advise their clients accordingly on this aspect.”.

Cannabis Suppositories: Sticking Weed Where?


Consuming cannabis is often discussed in three basic categories: inhalation, oral and topical. According to their website, Foria suppositories contain “a specially formulated blend of THC and CBD, cannabinoids which are known to relax muscles and release tension and cramping in the body.

Cannabis Legalization Roundup: Mexico, Luxembourg, Switzerland

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There will be strict packaging regulations, à la Canada. Switzerland is unusual in that cannabis products of less than 1% THC are currently allowed. ICMI: Cannabis Edibles, Extracts and Topicals are Now Legal in Canada.

Hemp-CBD Across State Lines: Florida

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percent THC and free of unsafe contaminants; and. (b) ” The proposed rules cover a wide range of topics but below are a few highlights.

The Week in Cannabis: South Korea’s Cannabis Caution, Cultured Cannabinoids, & California’s New Rules

Marijuana Packaging

California’s New Packaging Rules and Regulations. The changes place the brunt of the responsibility for child resistance on dispensaries, giving manufacturers and producers until 2020 to get their packaging up to state compliance standards.

US Navy Policy Documents Cannabis & Hemp

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tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) on a dry weight basis. THC in marijuana and in. percent THC remain illegal. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not determine or certify the THC concentration of commercially. WHAT’S NEW IN OPNAV N170D?

Vaping Vaping Vaping… All the latest

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Most patients with severe lung disease have reported a history of using vapor products containing THC. Clarify rule regarding additives on packaging and labeling. Current rules require all product components on packaging ( WAC 314-55-105 ).

Document: Patient’s Guide To CBD (2019) Americans For Safe Access 2019

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The topic is a complex one that requires discussion of myriad factors in various disciplines, including agriculture, medicine, pharmacology, and the law. Some even suggested that it was “inactive” merely because it lacked the intoxicating properties of THC. TABLE OF CONTENTS. FOREWORD.

Do Cannabis Consumers Actually Know What They’re Buying?

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HerbaBuena advocates the highest level of efficacy combined with earth-conscious, sustainable practices, ranging from cultivation methods and processing techniques, to product ingredients and packaging.

Kight On Cannabis: USPS Publishes New Guidelines For Mailing Hemp & Hemp Products

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We wrote about this topic recently , and quoted both a USPS policy statement and an administrative court ruling that hemp and hemp extracts are mailable commodities. THE USPS PUBLISHED NEW GUIDELINES FOR MAILING HEMP AND HEMP PRODUCTS.

Strike Oil: Desire for Cannabis Oil Heats Up


In commercially-produced cannabis oils, the concentrations of CBD and THC tend to be well-controlled, which makes it easy to calculate dosage and effect. Be mindful that the physiological effects of cannabinoids can vary widely from person to person, especially since CBD oil can be consumed several different ways, including in food products, capsules, drops (placed under your tongue), sprays, vape pens, tinctures, and topical creams. Is discretion (packaging) important to you?

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Top 5 White Label CBD Companies in the US

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This includes developing the CBD product, having the ingredients sourced, managing the manufacturing and testing components, developing your own packaging, shipping your product out to various warehousing and distribution centers, driving sales, dealing with returns and much more.

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Clearing the Smoke: Current Rules on Edibles Possession in Canada


With edibles on their way to full legalization, the media jumped on this trending topic, spinning an inaccurate narrative about edible poisonings. These “grey market” establishments look quite legitimate, with colourful packaging and wide variety of products. Legal complications aside, THC is not safe for a developing brain, especially if the dose is significant. In recent months, we have seen our share of horror stories about cannabis poisonings.

How to Get a Credit Union Account for Your Hemp Business

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Cultivators should also be prepared to explain how they transport hemp to buyers, especially if raw hemp is moving across state lines as many states have specific regulations on the topic.

California Marijuana Laws Explained

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They are also tested for potency as well as having labels that state the level of CBD, THC, and other active compounds. The state has also placed limits on how much THC/CBD can be in some cannabis products. The first state to legalize marijuana for medical use was California.

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Concerns About Cannabis in the Workplace Were “Overblown,” Experts Say


The issue was (and still is) that, while there are plenty of laws about cannabis distribution, purchasing, sales, consumption, storage, shipping, packaging and much more, there is not a single federal or provincial law in place governing cannabis in the workplace. A “Hot Topic”. .