March, 2020

Cannabis, CBD & COVID-19

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With the worldwide death toll from the corona virus rising exponentially, The Lancet drew attention to “accumulating evidence” that indicates “patients with severe COVID -19 might have a cytokine storm syndrome

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COVID-19: How cannabis companies are helping in the crisis


Some are making hand sanitizer. Others donate farm PPE to hospitals and ramp up food bank donations. The post COVID-19: How cannabis companies are helping in the crisis appeared first on Leafly. Industry California COVID-19 massachusetts philanthropy retail stores


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Regarding COVID-19, A Message to the NORML Family from the Executive Director


NORML Family, I wanted to reach out personally to you to address the current public health situation that is directly impacting all of our lives, and to discuss what this means for our shared goal of ending federal marijuana prohibition going forward. Since its founding in 1970, NORML has always had its doors and phone lines open to assist cannabis consumers across the country. Rest assured, that is not going to change.

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The Cannabis User’s Guide to Surviving the Coronavirus

Cannabis Cheri

While some very early research shows that CBD may have some anti-viral properties, there is no research that shows cannabis, THC or CBD rich, to be a cure for viruses or even colds. So beware of unethical CBD companies selling bogus Coronavirus “cures.”. That said, cannabis can definitely help ease symptoms such as inflammation and aches and pains. In can also increase your ability to rest and relax.

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House Veterans Affairs Committee Passes Multiple Marijuana Bills


On March 12th, the House Veterans Affairs Committee (HVAC) passed two separate pieces of legislation pertaining to cannabis policy. “Our veterans put their lives on the line to defend our country, the absolute least we owe them is to ensure they are taken care of when they return to civilian life,” stated NORML Executive Director Erik Altieri.

New Study: Cannabis Is Effective for Fibromyalgia

Project CBD

Fibromyalgia is an intractable condition defined by chronic, widespread pain and debilitation. But a recent study published in Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology demonstrated that cannabis can be used effectively to remedy these problems, at least by some patients

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Rep Blumenauer: Upcoming Veterans Medical Marijuana Vote In Congress


Earl Blumenauer is a member of Congress representing Oregon’s 3rd Congressional District. As a founding Co-Chair of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, I am pleased to report to you that my legislation to allow VA doctors to fill out state-legal medical marijuana recommendations is scheduled for a committee vote tomorrow.

Cystic Fibrosis and Cannabis: How do they fit together?

Cannabis Life Network

Cystic Fibrosis is a condition that causes your lungs to fill up with fluid. For people living with it, smoking weed sounds like a dangerously stupid idea. However, there are people out there that not only do it, they swear that the weed is what keeps them alive. This now begs the question, how does […]. The post Cystic Fibrosis and Cannabis: How do they fit together? appeared first on Latest Cannabis News Today - Headlines, Videos & Stocks.

Women Pioneers in Cannabinoid Science

Project CBD

During a time of great crisis, we are reminded of the importance of medical science and the expert researchers who have dedicated their lives to advancing public health. In that context, we want to acknowledge Women’s History Month and celebrate the accomplishments of ten women who have made significant contributions to the advancement of cannabinoid science

Florida Firearms & Medical Marijuana: Nikki Fried [EXCLUSIVE]


As one of Florida’s largest networks of medical marijuana doctors , CannaMD constantly meets patients concerned about the state and federal conflict regarding medical marijuana – and what this conflict means when it comes to purchasing firearms and applying for a concealed weapons permit. Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Nicole “Nikki” Fried , oversees the state department tasked with issuing concealed weapons permits.

A NORML Reminder: Beware of COVID-19 Cure All Claims


The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws wishes to reiterate its message that cannabis consumers and others beware of online misinformation surrounding the use of either whole-plant cannabis or CBD as a potential remedy for the COVID-19 virus. In this time of crisis, some predatory marketers are seeking to profit by selling a host of products under a variety of false or unsubstantiated claims. Some of these marketers are explicitly targeting cannabis consumers.

New Developments in Cannabis Medicine with Bonni Goldstein, MD

Project CBD


Centrifugation is No Substitute for Enrichment

Medicinal Genomics

Cannabis testing labs are being presented with a wide variety of microbial testing solutions, each claiming they can shorten test times, increase sensitivity, and lower costs. Given microbial testing is currently the bottleneck in lab turnaround time, products claiming faster results are particularly tempting. However, labs should be wary.

NM deems medical cannabis essential during COVID-19 restrictions

The NM Political Report | Medical Cannabis Program

As New Mexicans brace themselves for an unknown period of restricted over the counter medicine purchases due to the growing number of positive COVID-19 tests, the state’s Department of Health said medical cannabis patients can rest assured that their access to medicine won’t be interrupted.

Alabama: Senate Advances Medical Cannabis Access Measure


Senate lawmakers approved legislation yesterday that seeks to regulate patients’ access to select medical cannabis products. Senators voted 22 to 11 in favor of SB 165 , which licenses dispensaries to provide qualified patients with non-herbal cannabis preparations, such as marijuana-infused tablets or pills. The bill now awaits consideration by members of the House.

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Yeast-Derived CBD & GMO Cannabinoids

Project CBD

In the not-too-distant future, the CBD or THC you consume when you swallow an infused edible or tincture may not be derived from cannabis at all. Your daily dose of cannabinoids might be grown in a laboratory instead of a greenhouse. Kevin Chen, CEO and co-founder of Hyasynth Bio , describes the Montreal-based start-up as “focused on engineering strains of yeast to produce the active compounds of cannabis without having to grow plants

Cannabis Workers, Unemployment Insurance, and the Small Business Administration: What You Need to Know


There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic is adversely impacting businesses around the world, and smaller businesses especially. That is why this week, NORML reached out to our numerous allies on Capitol Hill to ensure that any Unemployment Insurance aid packages considered by Congress provide relief to cannabis-industry personnel who have been or will be either furloughed from their jobs.

Cannabinoids, Influenza, and Coronavirus

Americans for Safe Access

With everything happening in the news lately, we want to present some scientific data to help medical cannabis patients and adult-use consumers make informed decisions in regard to cannabis products available, product safety, and personal health. Each person’s health situation is unique, and medical cannabis patients should discuss with their doctor or healthcare provider the best approach to prevent and treat current illnesses while potentially battling influenza or coronavirus

Declaring cannabis ‘essential’ marks a watershed moment in history


Once criminal, now essential: How the COVID-19 pandemic forced public officials to get real about marijuana. The post Declaring cannabis ‘essential’ marks a watershed moment in history appeared first on Leafly. Politics cannabis legalization coronavirus COVID-19 medical cannabis medical marijuana weed

COVID-19: Spannabis 2020 Cancelled

Cannabis Life Network

48 hours away from starting, the 17th edition of Spannabis, one of the world’s largest cannabis trade shows, has been forced to postpone its 2020 event in Barcelona, Spain. “As you may know, this morning, the President of the Generalitat of Catalunya [have] announced extraordinary measures to respond to Covid-19 coronavirus disease,” Spannabis explain in […].

Sephora Paves the Way in Regulating CBD Cosmetics

Canna Law Blog

While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) continues to drag its feet in forging a clear path for the sale and marketing of hemp-derived cannabidiol (“Hemp CBD”) products, foreign agencies and industry players are leading the way by adopting their own sets of regulations. Last week, giant beauty retailer Sephora announced it was now enforcing standards specifically tailored for all Hemp CBD products found on its shelves to ensure these products meet the company’s high-quality standards.

Hooked on Weed? Try Nicotine Instead

Project CBD

In its ongoing search for alternatives to recreational cannabis, the National Institute on Drug Abuse ( NIDA ) has been funding research into much more dangerous and addictive drugs — ostensibly to help people ween off cannabis. Recently NIDA supported a clinical trial which used nicotine as a therapy for relatively mild cannabis withdrawal symptoms

NORML’s Statement Regarding the Designation of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries as “Essential Services”


The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws is issuing the following statements regarding the continued operation of medical cannabis dispensaries during the COVID crisis. “NORML commends the decision of various state governments and local jurisdictions during this pandemic to designate medical cannabis facilities as ‘essential’ to the community.

Office of Medical Cannabis Control: A New Way to End the State/Federal Conflict Regarding Medical Cannabis

Americans for Safe Access

There are now over 3 million medical cannabis patients across the country; ninety-one percent of Americans now live in states with some form of access to medical cannabis, while sixty-six of American adults are in favor of full legalization. Despite this, cannabis retains its Schedule I status under the Controlled Substances Act, meaning the federal government considers it to be a dangerous, highly addictive substance with no medical value.

Edibles may be better than smoking cannabis during the pandemic


Smoking in general may harm your lungs, making it difficult to fight SARS-CoV-2, should you contract it. Check out why edibles, tinctures, and topicals may be the way to go right now. The post Edibles may be better than smoking cannabis during the pandemic appeared first on Leafly. Health consumption methods edibles

420 Victoria 2020 Officially Cancelled

Cannabis Life Network

As a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19, provincial health officials have banned all gatherings and events of 250 people or more. Shortly afterwards, a statement released by 420 Vancouver organizers announced that the 2020 celebration would not take place this year. Following that lead, on Vancouver Island, the 420 festivities in Victoria have […]. The post 420 Victoria 2020 Officially Cancelled appeared first on Latest Cannabis News Today - Headlines, Videos & Stocks.

As China’s Hemp Industry Suffers, U.S. Hemp Growers Prepare to Pounce

Canna Law Blog

The U.S. hemp market continues to heat up for a variety of reasons, mainly because the general populace is finally starting to understand the difference between cannabis as marijuana and cannabis as hemp (and the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids derived from cannabis). In this post I’ll discuss why China’s pain can be U.S. hemp producers’ gain. Basic principles of economics dictate that in the U.S.

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Synthetic Cannabinoids: Dangerous for Diabetics?

Project CBD

While smoking cannabis appears to be helpful for diabetics managing weight and insulin levels, synthetic cannabinoids could be dangerous. Spanish researchers recently documented a case where a diabetic man expressed dangerously high blood sugar levels after smoking an herbal blend treated with unknown synthetic cannabinoids

NORML Launches “Smoke the Vote” To Prepare For 2020 Election


While these challenging times present many difficulties for those of us seeking to advance the goal of ending federal marijuana prohibition, NORML’s newly launched election tool provides our supporters with an easy and convenient way to assist in our fight for reform. Despite the ongoing crisis we are faced with, the November elections will still hold major implications for the future of legalization and other cannabis policy reforms.

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Can A State Recriminalize Recreational Marijuana?

MMJ Recs

The laws surrounding both recreational and medical marijuana (MMJ) are constantly changing. Just about every major election sees alterations to which states currently allow their citizens to use marijuana recreationally and/or for medicinal purposes. Because of this perpetual flux, many people are often left wondering, “Can a state recriminalize recreational marijuana?” The answer is (potentially) yes.

Cannabis tinctures 101: How to make, consume, and dose them


Learn everything there is to know about cannabis tinctures. The post Cannabis tinctures 101: How to make, consume, and dose them appeared first on Leafly. Cannabis 101 concentrates DIY recipes tinctures