Opinion: Why Smoking Flower Will Always Be the Best Consumption Method


Our own Dante Jordan discusses why smoking flower beats all other consumption methods. The post Opinion: Why Smoking Flower Will Always Be the Best Consumption Method appeared first on Leafly. Lifestyle consumption flower opinionJoint?

Oregon: Cannabis Social Consumption Bill SB 639 Is About Civil Rights


Martinez points out that taking direct actions like opening a private social consumption space before public consumption spaces are legal to push the issue into the mainstream discussion and bring into question unjust laws is something that is much easier for white men, but dangerous territory to cross into for a woman of color. 639 creates a legalized framework for indoor smoking and vaping, H.B.

Is Vaping Cannabis Safe? What You Need to Know.


Given recent events reported in the news about illness, lung damage and deaths from vaping , we wanted to provide you with information about vaping cannabis. We’ve been proponents of vaping over smoking cannabis for a few years now. Vaping. Vape Additives.

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Vaping Products Linked with Rising Number of Hospitalizations


While initial cases of the phenomenon were associated with consumption of cannabinoid oil products via the use of unregulated vapor cartridges , the CDC reports that some cases have also been linked to the use of nicotine only. Medical reports have previously identified an association between vitamin E oil exposure and the vaping of both cannabis and nicotine liquid products, according to a NBC News investigative report.

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Vaping Hysteria Threatens Illinois Marijuana Industry


But just as things were starting to gain traction, an all-too-familiar story about alleged vaping risks hit the media, resulting in a chain reaction that could affect the new cannabis market. Now, Chicago Business reports that the recent vaping scare threatens legal marijuana sales, potentially crippling the system before it even takes off. pose an even greater risk to the legal vaping industry, thanks to skewed public perception and an inability to understand the facts.

Cannabis Accessories That Enhance The Consumption Experience


Cannabis accessories are a key part of the consumption experience. Have you noticed any trends in cannabis consumption devices? The biggest trends in cannabis consumption these days are in the twin fields of edibles and oils.

Vaping Illnesses Causing Shift in U.S. Cannabis Industry


According to The New York Post , the increasing number illnesses allegedly linked to vaping have prompted a lot of wary customers to drift away from THC vape products. Unsurprisingly, people are now wary of THC vapes. Companies specializing in vape oils will certainly take a hit.

Health Officials Still Puzzled as Reports of Vaping-Related Illnesses Mount


On September 6 th , we published a story about the recent string of vaping illnesses being reported across the U.S. Originally, health officials suspected vitamin E acetate – an oily vitamin E extract found exclusively in THC vape liquids and cartridges. The vaping habits of the user.

California: Hospitalizations Linked to Use of Unregulated Vapor Cartridges


Social Consumption SOCIETY heavy metals lead respiratory distress vape cartridgesCalifornia health officials have identified a link between the use of unregulated vapor cartridges and patients seeking hospitalization for respiratory distress. In each of the cases, patients presented symptoms of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and possessed a history of consuming either THC or CBD extracts via the use of unlicensed vapor cartridges.

Canada: Medical Marijuana: Limits To Consumption In Unionized Workplaces

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A recent labour arbitration decision from Saskatchewan has suggested what the boundaries around workplace consumption of medical marijuana might be. He was also not permitted to operate heavy machinery for 1 hour after vaping. Last Updated: June 27 2019.

NORML’s Madeline Martinez Says Cannabis Social Consumption Bill SB 639 About Civil Rights

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639 creates a legalized framework for indoor smoking and vaping, H.B. Martinez says this approach further marginalizes the poor, who are disproportionately punished for public consumption. “In SALEM, Ore.

Vaping Could Save Millions of Smokers

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Introduced as an alternative to traditional smoking, vaping through e-cigarettes is something that can divert the smoker population towards a relatively healthier alternative. This study indicates getting closer to our goal-reducing tobacco consumption-by e-cigarettes as an alternative.

How About Some Cyanide With Your Vape

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Here’s their worrying report… Last Friday, two months after the national hunt for the cause of the vaping illness epidemic began in earnest, there were two dramatic developments that move us giant steps closer to identifying a culprit.

How CBD Vape Oil Works

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Now that CBD is legal let us discuss how CBD Vape-Oil works. CBD vape oil directly enters the bloodstream and disperses quickly throughout the body. There are two receptors of CBD vape oil, i.e., CB1 and CB2. CBD vape oil also works depending on the quality of the oil.

KushyPunch Launches Award-Winning CBD Line, including Vapes and Tincture

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KushyPunch’s CBD Vapes took home the “Best CBD” award at WeedCon 2018Date: December 6th, 2018. KushyPunch’s new line consists of a 500mg disposable CBD vape, a 1000mg CBD vape cartridge, a 1000mg CBD Oil Dispenser, and a delicious 30ml tincture. Vapes.

Global CBD Manufacturer CBD Living Introduces New Line of CBD E-Juice For Vaping Enthusiasts

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March 27, 2019 / Canna Newswire / – International CBD manufacturer and distributor CBD Living today announced the launch of a new collection of E-Juice, designed for the efficient and delicious consumption of CBD in vaping devices. CBD VAPE PRODUCTS

Global CBD Manufacturer CBD Living Launches New Line Of Disposable Vapes, With No Additional Vaping Equipment Needed

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CBD Living Disposable Vapes come in six tantalizing flavors and boast 250 mg of Nano-CBD, no THC and no nicotine. CBD Living Disposable Vapes are triple-tested for CBD content and to ensure it is free from THC and harmful chemicals, and all test results are posted online.

Vaping, Smoking Pot Banned on Venice Beach

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The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors recently voted to update County regulations to address “threats to public health” posed by vaping and marijuana. Regarding the vaping of cannabis in the City of Los Angeles, the city argues that pot is already illegal to consume in public places.

Ignite Launches ‘Ignite X B? Vaping’ CBD Collaboration Line

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The super-premium cannabis and CBD brand launches its first co-branded line of CBD rechargeable vape pens, available now at IgniteCBD.co. Vaping. s creative vaping design combined with the purest quality CBD oil by Ignite. Vaping.

Pass the Salt…Pass the Sugar…Pass the Joint

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The café will offer a range of flowers, vapes, edibles, concentrates and extracts. Alaska was the first state to legalize social consumption at the state level last March. By: Rachel Gillette , Partner and Chair of the Cannabis Law Group. Photo courtesy abc7.com.

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Medical Marijuana Products We’re Loving


The purity of consumption and ease of use make this one of my favorite vapes today.” DaVinci created a world-class consumption device with the IQ Vaporizer, and we recommend this to anyone considering a vape. Industry Companies Consumption

New Study Finds Teenage Vapers are Three Times More Likely to Try Marijuana


An August 17 th article in Japan Today reports a new study on vaping and marijuana use in teens. Although we will be hard-pressed to find anyone – expert or not – who thinks vaping is just as dangerous as smoking, it is nonetheless not meant for minors. Now, recent research finds a connection between teen vaping and marijuana use. According to Japan Today , researchers got their information by examining 21 studies on vaping and marijuana use.

Differences between Smoking Cannabis and Vaping

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Consumption of marijuana is now more accepted and mainstream but the ways of consuming it have changed considerably. Today, many smokers have ditched the traditional joint for a more modern and efficient vape pen. Vaping is more efficient compared to smoking.

Grenco Science and Vapium Announce Joint Venture to Introduce Accudose

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The first-of-its-kind cannabis consumption platform will fill a void in the market for an accurate, dosing protocol that will allow practitioners to prescribe cannabis as medicine, reframing cannabis consumption. Blog Business Marijuana News Press Releases grenco science vaping Vapium

Travel with Cannabis?

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Not only is smoking the most ideal way of consumption but the market is booming with new ways of ingesting cannabis and provides the discretion of being masked as gummy bears, lollipops and baked goods. TRAVELING WITH YOUR MARIJUANA VAPE .

MA Cannabis Control Commission approves re-written rules on annual fee for medical patients and set the stage for home delivery of recreational marijuana and marijuana vaping lounges.

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The revisions address fees; new license types, including delivery and social consumption; application, enforcement and administrative processes; operational issues, including cash handling procedures, transaction and potency limits, and energy and environmental issues, among other policy areas.

Sensi’s Ultimate Cannabis Gift Guide for the Holidays

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All the cool kids are doing it these days, so much so some predict that vape pens are the future of consuming cannabis, and thanks to a bunch of new styles with upgraded features, there’s no reason why every stoner or medical user shouldn’t have one. Consumption

Quant Vapor Unveils The Wave, A Game-Changing Premium Oil Vaporizer

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Wave pods simply snap into place on the vape, ensuring an effortless and smooth user experience. Many of today’s vape pens are designed to fit in small places, such as pockets and purses, with the Wave being no exception. VAPE PRODUCTS

Social use cannabis is now permanent in Denver, opening the door for new business.

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While it is legal to buy and consume cannabis is Colorado, there are only two businesses in Denver that will allow you to vape or consume edibles on the premises. Many businesses are hoping for further loosening of the separation of purchase and consumption.

The Advantages of CBD Edibles

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One of the most used methods of consumption in the past and that has become fashionable at present are the CBD edibles , which offer a variety of possibilities that other methods do not enjoy. These are perfect for those who want to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol without vaping.

The Ultimate Focus V Carta Review

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If vaping lifestyle is your thing, probably you must be looking for the best vape tech designed to meet your optimum herb and wax consumption. In actual sense, Focus V Carta is the most advanced innovation the vaping industry has ever released.

Cannabis-Infused Products and Edibles Target Wellness Market

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They represent a larger target demographic that includes workout enthusiasts, soccer moms, and people who just wouldn’t consider smoking or vaping. Consumption of edibles and non-cannabis flower sales are on the rise.

Wellness wednesday Suzannah Rowan

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Which consumption methods of cannabis do you utilize to treat your condition? As the medical program developed, I was able to try other options like vape pens and tinctures. Flower and vape pens are how I treat my breakthrough pain now. Saturday Spotlight.

Cannabis Smoke: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Donald Trump found out about vaping and announced that his administration would ban flavored vaping products. Despite these jurisdictional issues that may limit the FDA’s enforcement ability, Trump’s ban places a target on all flavored vape products.

Can You Get High from CBD or CBD Oil?

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Cannabidiol is studied by scientists around the world, because its consumption provides all kinds of benefits. If instead you are used to smoking, why not try Vaping with CBD? Generally, CBD does not Vape alone, but mixed with essential oils.

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Smoking Pot vs. Tobacco: What Science Says About Lighting Up

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Some health officials and anti-smoking activists also worry about inserting legal marijuana into the growing world of vaping, given uncertainties about the smoking alternative’s long-term effects. SO WHAT ABOUT VAPING?

61 Tons of Medical Marijuana Consumed in Arizona Last Year


Including all types of products for all methods of consumption , the report only separates them into three main categories — marijuana, marijuana edibles, and marijuana other.