Is Vaping Cannabis Safe? What You Need to Know.


Given recent events reported in the news about illness, lung damage and deaths from vaping , we wanted to provide you with information about vaping cannabis. We’ve been proponents of vaping over smoking cannabis for a few years now. Vaping. Vape Additives.

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How to Spot a Fake Vape Cart Before It’s Too Late

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Cannabis consumers are crazy about their vape pens. According to cannabis market research group Arcview Market Research in partnership with BDS Analytics, the cannabis concentrates market was worth nearly $3 billion in 2018, an increase of 49 percent from the previous year.

Cannabis Accessories That Enhance The Consumption Experience


Cannabis accessories are a key part of the consumption experience. Have you noticed any trends in cannabis consumption devices? The biggest trends in cannabis consumption these days are in the twin fields of edibles and oils.

Guide to Microdosing Cannabis Concentrates, Flowers and Edibles


How to microdose cannabis concentrates? There are 10 milligrams (mg) in one milliliter (ml) of a THC concentrate, so in this case the starting dose would be one-tenth of a milliliter. How to microdose cannabis flowers (with smoking and vaping)?

Could Marijuana Concentrates be the Next Gateway Drug?


Concentrates, which are known for their potency, sometimes find their way into the hands of youth. The study in question found a correlation between concentrate use and the progression to “hard” drugs. A Primer on Concentrates. . But if parents are concerned about dry herb having 30% THC, concentrates are far worse in so many ways. For one, illegally produced or home-made concentrates are dangerous to make and dangerous to consume. The Rise of Vaping. .

KushyPunch Launches Award-Winning CBD Line, including Vapes and Tincture

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KushyPunch’s CBD Vapes took home the “Best CBD” award at WeedCon 2018Date: December 6th, 2018. KushyPunch’s new line consists of a 500mg disposable CBD vape, a 1000mg CBD vape cartridge, a 1000mg CBD Oil Dispenser, and a delicious 30ml tincture. Vapes.

Sensi’s Ultimate Cannabis Gift Guide for the Holidays

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All the cool kids are doing it these days, so much so some predict that vape pens are the future of consuming cannabis, and thanks to a bunch of new styles with upgraded features, there’s no reason why every stoner or medical user shouldn’t have one. Consumption

The Ultimate Focus V Carta Review

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If vaping lifestyle is your thing, probably you must be looking for the best vape tech designed to meet your optimum herb and wax consumption. In actual sense, Focus V Carta is the most advanced innovation the vaping industry has ever released.

Florida House Passes Silly THC Cap, Frustrating Florida Voters


That ten percent cap is about half the potency of what’s currently available in the dispensaries, meaning patients would have to double their consumption to obtain medicinal relief. Rodrigues, he would probably point to a study associating cannabis consumption with the onset of psychiatric disorders. THC Caps Get Circumvented by Other, Higher THC Concentrates. Legal, smokable concentrates like shatter, CO2 oil, resin, and crumble are more than 50 percent THC.

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Everything You Need to Know About Legal Weed and Usage

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This includes edibles, concentrates, and bud. For dabbers and more advanced cannabis consumers, you can only have eight grams of concentrate on your person. You can’t have eight ounces of each concentrate. Can I Vape in Public?

61 Tons of Medical Marijuana Consumed in Arizona Last Year


Including all types of products for all methods of consumption , the report only separates them into three main categories — marijuana, marijuana edibles, and marijuana other.

USA Surgeon General Expresses Concern About High Levels of THC in Modern Cannabis

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Adams then went on to describe the potency levels of professionally grown marijuana strains, as well as the THC content of vapes and dabs. Concentrates products like vape cartridges, wax and shatter easily top 50 percent THC, with some hitting 70, 80, even 90 percent.

Some Things You May Not Know About Cannabis

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Cannabis is a plant that is grown throughout the world, mostly illegally, for the sale and consumption of its most valuable portion – the flowers which have the most significance in terms of the high or buzz given to its users.

PrestoDoctor Launches Medical Marijuana Patient Curated Shop!


Concentrates. Consumption Devices. Vapes. PrestoDoctor is thrilled to announce PrestoDoctor Shop , a medical marijuana patient curated shop! PrestoDoctor Shop features only the most trusted product and brands in cannabis.

Things Everyone Should Know Before Using Cannabis

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If you’re interested in using cannabis, you should know certain things like its benefits, differences between THC and CBD and consumption methods/cannabis products that you might want to choose from to find what is best for you.

Strike Oil: Desire for Cannabis Oil Heats Up


Cannabis oil is sourced from the same dried buds you are used to for vaping and smoking. In commercially-produced cannabis oils, the concentrations of CBD and THC tend to be well-controlled, which makes it easy to calculate dosage and effect. However cannabis oil may be highly concentrated, so it’s exponentially more potent than dried flower on its own. Moreover upcoming NewsMunchies blogs will take a deep dive look at SHO and talk about concentrated CBD via coils.

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What Microdosing Cannabis Is Really Like, According To 14 Real People On Reddit

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After that, I don’t feel high but can feel different changes in mood, focus, thinking, concentration and so on. . And the more consistent my consumption, the fewer negative effects there are. Microdosing with my vape works amazing.

Guest Post: The Legal Status of CBD Oil in Italy

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Products containing the non-psychoactive CBD compound, like oil, vapes, extracts etc. Currently, the recreational use of cannabis and its derivatives like CBD oil, wax, vapes, edibles, extracts etc. If you wish to re-publish this story please do so with following accreditation.

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8 Different Ways To Consume Marijuana

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Vaporizing Vaping involves heating cannabis without burning it. One study even found vaping can improve respiratory function. Vape pens are especially popular- you can carry these anywhere for an effective portable vaporizer.

Half-Baked: Edibles, Beverages and New Cannabis Products to Be Legalized and Regulated in 2019

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On June 14, 2019, Health Canada released the final regulations (the “Regulations”) that will govern the production and sale of additional classes of cannabis products including edibles, beverages, concentrates and cannabis infused topical creams and lotions. JUNE 19, 2019. .

Micro-Dosing with Cannabis

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Well, less is more when it comes to marijuana consumption.” That’s why micro-dosing has become a growing trend with Cannabis advocates pushing for less is more with regards to cannabis consumption. A better alternative to smoking or vaping may be tinctures, oils and edibles.

Guide to CBD

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Problem comes in for legislators to distinguish these types of cannabis separately and “safe”for human consumption. CBD is the second highest concentrated chemical present in cannabis. Also watch out for deals and discounts like vape bright discounts and deals.

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Weed Juice: The Next Best Thing For Your Health

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Namely, the high concentration of raw cannabinoid acids in the weed juice is found to be in a perfect ratio of fatty acids. Additionally, the cannabinoids found in weed juice also have anti-tumor properties which are only available through the consumption of raw marijuana and nothing else.

What Is CBD, How Do I Take It, And Where Can I Get It?

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There are two main species of cannabis that are cultivated for human consumption, namely Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. PCR is short for phytocannabinoid rich — it contains as much as ten times the concentration of CBD as generic industrial hemp and only negligible amounts of THC.

Microdosing: The Future of Cannabis?

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Fat cells store THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, so if you consume it gradually over time, these compounds become highly concentrated in fat cells, making smaller doses more effective. In fact, some methods of consumption make accurate dosing impossible.

A List of Medical Cannabis Products in Maryland

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In the state of Maryland, we offer many ways for qualifying patients to get the relief they need in various consumption methods of medicinal cannabis. Check out Peninsula Alternative Health’s list of medical cannabis products in Maryland: What is a vape pen?

A List of Medical Cannabis Products in Maryland

Peninsula Alternative Health

In the state of Maryland, we offer many ways for qualifying patients to get the relief they need in various consumption methods of medicinal cannabis. Check out Peninsula Alternative Health’s list of medical cannabis products in Maryland: What is a vape pen?

What are the best methods for taking CBD?

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However, the bioavailability of CBD varies quite a bit based on the consumption method. This method tends to give the longest-lasting effects of all the consumption methods. Va-va-vape. Have you been interested in CBD but are unsure of the best method to take it?

Important Facts About California Marijuana Laws

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of flower and 8g of cannabis concentrate can be moved at any one time and the containers must be childproof (see the regulation outlined above). It’s illegal to smoke a joint or pipe or vape cannabis in any moving vehicle and driving under the influence remains entirely illegal.

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How Can Taking CBD Oil Increase Your Metabolism?

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Researchers link an increase in metabolism to the consumption of CBD. In the bodies of people with obesity, CB1 receptors are widespread and concentrated mostly in fatty tissues.

The Even More Perplexing State of Hemp CBD in California

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Until the FDA rules that industrial hemp-derived CBD oil and CBD products can be used as a food or California makes a determination that they are safe to use for human and animal consumption, CBD products are not an approved food, food ingredient, food additive, or dietary supplement.”

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The History of Cannabis in Medicine

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This is because the effectiveness of medical marijuana varies depending on the method of consumption one uses.

Infographic: Health Pros and Cons of Cannabis

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10 Known Side Effects of Weed Consumption. What’s more, some ingredients in marijuana smoke are even more concentrated than in ordinary tobacco smoke. It can have an impact on sperm concentration.

5 Different Ways of Using CBD for Cancer Treatment

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Oral Consumption. CBD can be easily added to your consumption in the forms of capsules or edibles. You should wait for a re-dose a minimum of three hours after consumption. Sublingual Consumption. CBD can also be found in the form of sprays, tinctures, and concentrates.

Back to the BRC: “The ability to tax cannabis is one of the main political reasons given to support recreational legalization. A successful tax system will need to raise money to pay for increased education, public health and enforcement costs associated with marijuana cultivation and use.”

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extraction for the production of vaping cartridges and edibles]. Indeed, measuring THC in homogeneous concentrates, before incorporation into edibles and other products, might yield reliable and replicable results.

Back to the BRC

Cannabis Law Report

extraction for the production of vaping cartridges and edibles]. Indeed, measuring THC in homogeneous concentrates, before incorporation into edibles and other products, might yield reliable and replicable results.

You can now get a license to grow and sell cannabis from the state of California


Next thing we have here is that there is no regulation on onsite consumption at a retailer. One a consumption retail license that would allow for edible products only. And in West Hollywood in particular they’re going to allow for those retailers to also have onsite consumption.