buzzn Announces New Packaging: Highlights Products as Broad Spectrum

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NEW YORK – May 23, 2019 / Canna Newswire / – buzzn , a line of organic premium CBD oil supplements for people and pets, announced today an update in packaging for all items within the product range. ANIMALS & PETS CBDMade from the whole plant extract and contains zero THC.

LinkResPet Launches E-commerce Site, Delivering CBD For Pets Across North America

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a company providing Cannabidiol (CBD) products especially tailored for pets, announces the launch of its e-commerce site. is a CBD Petcare provider dedicated to improving the health and life conditions of pets worldwide. Follow LinkRes Pet on Twitter: @res_pet.

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LinkResPet Eyes Expansion Into B2C Space With Subscription Based E-Commerce Shop

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a company providing Cannabidiol (CBD) products especially tailored for pets, is developing an e-commerce shop for the B2C space. Pet owners are increasingly going online for their pets’ needs and products. Follow LinkRes Pet on Twitter: @res_pet.

Legendary Kentucky Hemp Farmers Receive Investment to Revitalize Family Legacy

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s Plant to Product Quality System maintains vertical tracking and quality control from the seed selection to proprietary products packaged in FDA approved, food grade facilities. New product lines including pet and equine CBD lines are planned for later in the year. Daddy Burt Hemp Co.

2018 at Sensi Seeds – Our Year in Review

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Our sister company partnered with Welkoop, a chain of pet shops, to retail a range of hemp animal bedding for small pets. The competition on Facebook for the furry models to feature on the packaging resulted in over 15,000 entries! January.

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Harvard Health “Cannabis is medicine — don’t make it taste good”

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I believe there are a few sensible regulations that would reduce the problems caused by cannabis edibles: make them look and taste like medicine, in pill form, in pill bottles, with specific labeling that specifies exact dosages and with childproof packaging. This could go a long way toward helping us protect our pets and our kids, as well as those who find a benefit from cannabis and those around them. Here’s a couple of issues he raises in his opinion piece.

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Licensing Cannabis: A Giant Step Forward

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as an advisor as the company develops CBD products across multiple categories, starting with pet products. Licensing provides smaller brands the opportunity to bring CBD products to market with very little financial risk.

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Hemp-CBD Across State Lines: Florida

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There are also specific rules for Hemp Extracts used in dairy products and frozen desserts and used in pet foods and treats.

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5 Common Mistakes Patients New to Medical Cannabis Make

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Licensed producers deliver their products in a package. You should also store cannabis safely out of reach of children and pets. The medical marijuana patient population is growing in Canada. Even as rules are changing, many are discovering the medicinal properties of cannabis. As more research is conducted, more doctors and patients alike are convinced medical marijuana may be the right treatment for them. Are you part of this growing population?

California Cannabis: Breaking Down the CDPH Permanent Regulations

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Specifically, an FAQ that issued from FDB last year made clear that FDB prohibits hemp-CBD in “Food” for humans and pets. Now though, manufacturers need to ensure that, if a product container is separable from the outer-most packaging (e.g., Packaging.

Cannabis Waste Is ‘Special Regulated Waste’ and That’s a Costly Problem for the Industry

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This is to prevent any material with THC from being accessed by unauthorized people (think minors, pets…), or from having THC end up in the soil or a water source. This includes packaging, soil and everything else that comes into contact with THC.

Charlotte’s Web Names Russell Hammer as Chief Financial Officer

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With his experience leading multi-billion-dollar multinational companies, he is the latest top-tier executive to join Charlotte’s Web as the Company accelerates its growth and evolution into a global consumer packaged goods (“CPG”) brand. BOULDER, CO, Aug.

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