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POLICY DOCUMENT. packaging and labeling of hemp products in determining whether the product. WHAT’S NEW IN OPNAV N170D? NEW Policy on Hemp Products.

US Hemp Roundtable Supplies Open Report / Information Package on Hemp, CBD

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Here is the full document submitted to the FDA. The U.S.

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Document: Patient’s Guide To CBD (2019) Americans For Safe Access 2019

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19 WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT PACKAGING, LABELING, AND HANDLING . TABLE OF CONTENTS. FOREWORD. It is a pleasure to introduce this practical guide for patients on cannabidiol (CBD).

BCC Issues “Guidance on Commercial Cannabis Activity”. What is the point of the document?

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BCC – Commercial Activities – it would have been a nice break if the California cannabis regulators refrained from issuing new documents during the final leg of the tax busy season…no such luck. They continue by saying “even though we are putting out this document with examples, you may not rely on anything we say. Licensees may package and label cannabis with another licensee’s brand.

Vote Hemp Releases 2018 U.S. Hemp Crop Report Documenting Industrial Hemp Cultivation and State Legislation in the U.S.

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Hemp Crop Report Documenting Industrial Hemp Cultivation and State Legislation in the U.S. Hemp fiber can also be used to create environmentally friendly packaging materials, and hard bio-plastics for use in everything from airplanes to car parts. Vote Hemp Releases 2018 U.S.

Are You Compliant? A Guide to California’s Cannabis Product Packaging Rules for 2018

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Last week, we spoke about the importance of child resistant packaging to California’s regulations for cannabis packaging. The Importance of Child-Resistant Marijuana Packaging. Child-resistant packaging is the centerpiece of California’s cannabis regulations and rightfully so.

USPS Acceptance Criteria for CBD Oil and Products Containing CBD: Guidance, or lack thereof?

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Pursuant to the advisory, a mailing is compliant when it contains the following documentation: A signed self-certification statement, subject to the False Statements Act (18 U.S.C. Statements must be printed on the mailer’s own letterhead, and must include the text, “ I certify that all information contained in this letter and supporting documents are accurate, truthful, and complete. By: Nabil Rodriguez*, J.D.

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What does legalization mean for medical users? What you need to know

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Benefits from ordering through federally Licensed Producers include: the ability to request the return of their medical document from a federally licensed seller. the ability to request the transfer of their medical documentation to a different federally licensed seller. that the effective date on the registration document will be the day it is issued, rather than the day the medical document was signed by the health care provider.

Kight On Cannabis: USPS Publishes New Guidelines For Mailing Hemp & Hemp Products

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Under this new policy, hemp and hemp extract products can be mailed anywhere in the United States if the mailer complies with all federal, state, and local laws and maintains copies of compliance documents for two years. THE USPS PUBLISHED NEW GUIDELINES FOR MAILING HEMP AND HEMP PRODUCTS.

Record Keeping for Marijuana Businesses

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Personnel records include: applications, documentation of training, performance reviews and any disciplinary actions taken against an employee. This includes documentation of all taxes paid to state and federal entities. You should also maintain documentation of all license fees paid to state and local jurisdictions. Good record keeping is essential to ensuring your marijuana business runs smoothly.

From DEA to Legal Cannabis: Charles Feldmann Weighs In


Please check here to find the right sponsorship package for your company. Our guest CannaTech blogger today is none other than Charles Feldmann, Esq.,

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Florida Lawyer Disbarred & Fined After Charging Clients For “Patient Identification Card”

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He conducted business as “Health Law Services,” where he charged people $799 for a package deal that included a doctor’s visit, legal services, documents and the ID card. Fox News reported over the weekend.

Top Five Hemp Purchase Order Terms

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” A PO is a contractual document generated by the purchaser to authorize a purchase transaction. 3. Packaging & Labeling.

Hemp-CBD Across State Lines: Florida

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The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (“ 2018 Farm Bill ”) legalized hemp by removing the crop and its derivatives from the definition of marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act (“CSA”) and by providing a detailed framework for the cultivation of hemp.

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Lawsuit Alleges Secret Cash Payments. By Colorado CBD Company CEO, Kashif Shan

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equity as part of his compensation package and it was negotiated down to.25%. DOCUMENT 1. DOCUMENT 2. By Teri Buhl.

Are Marijuana Edibles a Trick-or-Treat Terror or Just Halloween Hype?

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The Copy Cat Packaging of Marijuana Edibles. To their credit, the edibles they used as examples did require a double-take with flashy packaging and stylized logos that mimicked their weed-free inspiration. What’s the Halloween season without a good scare?

What Patients Should Know about Medical Cannabis in the Workplace

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You’ll need to provide documentation to your employer. Ask your employer if they’ll consider adding this coverage to your medical benefits package or making it an option for you and your co-workers. The Cannabis Act made recreational cannabis legal across all of Canada in October 2018. Ahead of legalization, many stakeholders reviewed their policies towards the use of cannabis.

CCT CET: Responsible Persons, “Collection & Remittance of Cannabis Excise Tax [“CET”] & Cannabis Cultivation Tax [“CCT”]

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When collecting the cultivation tax, you must provide an invoice, receipt, or other similar document to the cultivator or manufacturer that includes and identifies the following: Your name, as the licensee receiving the product. Packaging, and Labeling, and Rolling. (a)

Dutch Attempt To Move From Semi Legal To Fully Regulated Grows

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The plans, which were put out to consultation last year, state that the 10 growers will all have to produce at least 10 different types of marijuana product and the thc content will have to be clearly marked on the packaging.

Did the 2018 Farm Bill Open the Door to Importing Hemp?

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L&M shipped the Spanish-grown hemp along with documentation showing that the material contained in each package was cultivated from seeds certified from hemp in Spain and test results showing that the plant material contained 0.2%

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The Even More Perplexing State of Hemp CBD in California

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In an accompanying Q&A document, the FDA takes the fairly unequivocal position (see response to Q.13) that it is illegal to introduce into interstate commerce food that has CBD in it. Packaging and Labeling. We’ve got you covered on California, hemp, FDA and CBD.

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How Risk Management Can Make Marijuana Businesses Bulletproof (or at Least Bullet Resistant)

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A seasoned cannabis attorney will help launch a “risk transfer program” shielding from claim and damages caused or contributed by third parties’ acts and omissions by documenting these decisions in writing and at a business relationship’s inception. Steve Schain. GUEST WRITER.

How Risk Management Can Make Marijuana Businesses Bulletproof

Cannabis Law Report

A seasoned cannabis attorney will help launch a “risk transfer program” shielding from claim and damages caused or contributed by third parties’ acts and omissions by documenting these decisions in writing and at a business relationship’s inception.

The Top 5 Most Dangerous Cannabis Contracts in California

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Obviously, work in the cannabis industry for attorneys is way more than just state license acquisition. In fact, after a few years and with the exception of competitive licensing regimes, state licensing slows down and is usually taken in-house by cannabis companies that formulate compliance teams.

A Brief History of Home Cannabis Extraction in the Modern Era

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Released in 1997, “Run from the Cure” documented Rick Simpson’s fight to legalize cannabis for medicinal purposes in Canada and popularized a new process for extracting high-potency cannabis oil to treat cancer and other traumatic health problems.

You can now get a license to grow and sell cannabis from the state of California


And then another question of okay, so you’re a retailer, you’ve got flour in your inventory, what are you going to do with it if it’s not packaged? And so as most retailers do currently, they package it themselves, they’re going to be able to do that with what’s in their inventory currently.

The Woman Behind the Scenes at Cannabis’ Biggest Private Equity Fund

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Below, Mellet documents her unconventional journey and shares advice for others looking to achieve success in the sector, along with a few things she has been surprised to learn while navigating the complicated, but exciting world of cannabis investing. Peter Vogel. GUEST WRITER.

California: Which Set of Books?

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Specific Records to Keep – Purchases, sales, payroll, and other transactions you have in your business generate supporting documents. Supporting documents include sales slips, paid bills, invoices, receipts, deposit slips, and canceled checks.

Lighting Up Florida’s Medical Marijuana People: The Medics Series, Part 4

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However, finalized rules on the shape, size, color, warning, packaging, and display of Edibles are currently lingering in final formation. . Any other documentation that provides proof of residential address as determined by Department rule. .

Lighting Up Florida’s Medical Marijuana People: The Medics Series, Part 5

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Patients must obtain legitimate medical records or documentation from a primary care physician describing their diagnosis, and subsequently bring these records to a marijuana evaluation appointment with a CME licensed physician.

LinkResPet Eyes Expansion Into B2C Space With Subscription Based E-Commerce Shop

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Additionally, the company is exploring subscription options, which would allow customers to get a package of CBD treats for their pets each month or quarter. KINGTON, England – May 13, 2019 / OTC PR WIRE via Canna Newswire / – LinkResPet ( OTC: LRSV ), a subsidiary of Link Reservations Inc.,

LinkResPet Launches E-commerce Site, Delivering CBD For Pets Across North America

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With the new e-shop, the company is intending to roll a subscription option, allowing customers to get a recurring package of LinkResPet CBD products for their pets and ensuring they never run out.

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Cannabis and International Trade: Don’t Ignore the U.S.-China Trade War

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cigarette papers), or as components in vape accessories or packaging for products. What is your duty as the US buyer/importer to make sure the products you are importing are truly from the country listed on the import documents?

Los Angeles Bringing Back The “War on Drugs” for Illegal Commercial Cannabis Activity

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Commercial Cannabis Activity” includes the cultivation, possession, manufacture, distribution, processing, storing, laboratory testing, packaging, labeling, transportation, delivery or sale of cannabis and cannabis products.


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We believe it is a certainty some members of The State Bar of California will view this opinion as a financial stimulus package. If you wish to re-publish this story please do so with following accreditation. AUTHOR: aBIZinaBOX Inc. and Jordan S. Zoot, CPA.

Overview: Cannabis Taxes & Accounting Workshop


Well, it’s technically not mandated for the manufacturer to supply a test, however, it is mandated that there’s a label claim on the packaging that goes to the distributor.

Lighting Up Florida Medical Marijuana People: Rear Battalion, Part 9

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Congress : “ Cannabis has gone from the butt of jokes on Capitol Hill to milestone hearings and the introduction of landmark legalization reform packages that offer the potential to pave the way for billions of dollars in new business opportunities nationwide.

Meadowlands Keynote with Lori Ajax


Edibles limited to 10 milligrams a serving is in SB94, but 100 milligrams per package is not in law and could be removed, at least for products marked for medical use only.

Alterman Opinion Suggests Cannabis Businesses Apply Double Diligence In Records Keeping

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The deficiencies in Alterman could have been significantly reduced if the taxpayers had prepared, maintained and presented to the Court adequate financial records and supporting documentation. Authored By: Jordan Zoot. We welcome Jordan to Cannabis Law Report.

Report: “Key pharmacological differences between side effects of refined, pharmaceutical CBD formulations and whole plant extracts:”

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Moreover, since CBD can never be fully isolated, the packaging of CBD medicines should warn about the presence of THC. This report (abstract below) asks if Epidiolex is as efficient a drug as the manufacturer believes it to be.