Marijuana Marketing; Facility Signage and Product Packaging

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But the first wave of regulations does include rules on facility signage and packaging which will be important to understand before the industry begins in earnest in the coming months. Packaging. Additional specific requirements apply to packaging. Authors: Christopher M.

6 Hot-for-Pot Cities Driving the US Market

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Additional titles in the series analyze the pet, food and beverage, packaging, and supplies areas of the cannabis/CBD industry. Blog Business Cannabis Legalization CBD News Featured Marijuana News Press Releases THC News cannabis research study CBD Freedonia and Packaged Facts THC

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CCT CET: Responsible Persons, “Collection & Remittance of Cannabis Excise Tax [“CET”] & Cannabis Cultivation Tax [“CCT”]

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The weakness relates to the collection and remittance of Cannabis Excise Tax [“CET”] and Cannabis Cultivation Tax [“CCT”]. A cannabis distributor is a person who procures, sells, and/or transports cannabis between licensed cannabis businesses, such as a cultivator, manufacturer, or retailer.

Do Cannabis Consumers Actually Know What They’re Buying?

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Supporting Regenerative Cultivation, Whole Plant Intelligence and Organic Ingredients; Weeding Out Distillate, Isolate, Hydrocarbons, Petrochemicals and Artificial Ingredients. CULTIVATORS RECREATIONAL CANNABIS RETAIL & ECOMMERCE

Vote Hemp Releases 2018 U.S. Hemp Crop Report Documenting Industrial Hemp Cultivation and State Legislation in the U.S.

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Hemp Crop Report Documenting Industrial Hemp Cultivation and State Legislation in the U.S. We’ve seen hemp cultivation significantly expand in the U.S. Since the passage of Section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill, “Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research,” hemp cultivation in the U.S.

Medical CCAs 101 (Cannabis Cooperative Associations)

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On August 6 th we published an article that described the financial benefits of the use of a properly organized Cannabis Cooperative Association (“CCA”) to move cannabis as adult-use flower from cultivator to consumer. The net to the cultivator is a little over $950 per pound.

Florida’s Legislature Passed a Commercial Hemp Bill, Paving the Way for a New Industry in the State

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The State’s forthcoming hemp program will allow individuals to cultivate hemp, and distribute and sell “hemp extracts” within the State. Unlike Florida’s limited medical marijuana program, the Hemp Bill does not place a cap on the number of licenses available for the cultivation of hemp. In order to cultivate hemp, a person will apply to FDACS for a license, submit fingerprints for a background check, and provide the location of where hemp will be cultivated.

CCA’s Beat Underground

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The advantages of utilizing a CCA occur at every stage in the movement of cannabis from cultivator to consumer. [See. We decided to illustrate the financial efficiency of moving cannabis from cultivator to consumer through a fully integrated CCA for the benefit of all California residents.

Why Dr. Sue Sisley Sued the DEA for Stonewalling Cannabis Research


But at the Vegas event, she brought good news: She announced that other universities would host her research, and she recently applied for a third-party cultivation license from the DEA, the only federal agency that can legally provide cannabis for clinical study in the US.

DEA 251


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On August 6 th we published an article that illustrated the savings for consumers and additional profits for cultivators that could be produced through the use of a properly organized Cannabis Cooperative Association (“CCA”). per kilogram including Cannabis Cultivation Tax (“CCT”).

Medical CCA’s (Cannabis Cooperative Association) 201

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This is the last of the four articles we decided to publish to illustrate the savings for consumers, and additional profits for cultivators, that can be produced through the use of a properly organized Cannabis Cooperative Association (“CCA”). Cultivators make twice as much money.

Hemp-CBD Across State Lines: Florida

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The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (“ 2018 Farm Bill ”) legalized hemp by removing the crop and its derivatives from the definition of marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act (“CSA”) and by providing a detailed framework for the cultivation of hemp.

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Tilray signs first deal to supply pot to Europe out of new Portugal facility

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Back in September of 2015, I set out in search of a license to cultivate, process, package and distribute medical cannabis somewhere outside of Canada. And over the course of the last two years we have built out cultivation, the processing space, the manufacturing space in Portugal.”.

South Africa Cannabis in Numbers: 10 Average Hours of Daily Sun


There is no factor more critical to successful cannabis cultivation than light, and when it comes to light there is no replacement for Mother Nature. Today in our blog, CannaTech is bringing you a little lesson in photosynthesis and its critical role in cannabis cultivation.

Ohio Sells $75k in Successful First Day of Sales


Unlike the regulated markets in states like Colorado and Washington, all medical marijuana flower in the Buckeye State must be sold in packages measured to one-tenth of an ounce , known as the “Ohio tenth.” for three of the one-tenth ounce packages of the same indica strain. “I’m

Risk & Reward: A Primer on Plant-Touching Cannabis Companies

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The most common types of companies that do touch the plant are the “operators” that are cultivating, processing, or dispensing cannabis or cannabis products. “No-touch” Examples include suppliers of cultivation-related products (e.g., fertilizer) and packaging, as well as providers of real estate, consulting, and legal services (like Burns ). Not all cannabis-related companies are created equal.

The Impact of Taxes in California on Cannabis Oil

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The following is a simplified illustration of the impact of the taxes that are directly and indirectly imposed on the movement of cannabis in the form of oil from a cultivator to consumers. The dispensary sells the packaged oil cartridges to consumers. and Cultivator, 3,7%.

Everything You Need to Know About Legal Weed and Usage

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You can’t even open your package of goodies while you’re in public. So no smoking, vaping, eating edibles, or even taking a look at your package to see your dank nugs. Also, don’t think you can rip open your package as soon as you get to your car.

Illinois Announces Adult Use Proposal

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For now, the proposed permit fees are $100,000 for cultivators and $30,000 for dispensaries. The State will also charge a “business development fee” equal to the lesser of five percent (5%) of total sales or $500,000 for cultivators and $200,000 for dispensaries.

From DEA to Legal Cannabis: Charles Feldmann Weighs In


Watch out for penny stock predators and CBD snake oil cultivators and unsavoury extractors. Please check here to find the right sponsorship package for your company. Our guest CannaTech blogger today is none other than Charles Feldmann, Esq.,

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Recreational Legalization Bills Advance In New Mexico House And Senate


Protecting the rights of medical marijuana patients, residents would also be permitted to cultivate up to six mature plants at one time under the House bill. Home cultivation would not be negotiable, but each municipality would be able to decide if retail sales would be allowed.

Article: Cannabis Wire – California: Donated Cannabis May Get a Tax Break

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The bill would exempt operators from paying state excise taxes, retail taxes, and cultivation taxes, if the cannabis or cannabis products are donated to patients with valid medical recommendations. Here’s the introduction to their piece.

Tilray’s ‘E.U. Campus’ Delivers First Harvest And Order

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Tilray Portugal is based in the small town of Cantanhede, just over 130 miles north of Lisbon and totals nearly 250,000 square feet of indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation. It also features research labs, processing, packaging and distribution for medical cannabis products.

Will This Tech Company Be The Next Big Cannabis Share Buy?

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MJ Platform, which is Akerna’s seed-to-sale tracking system, monitors all interactions with the plant or product from cultivation to sales. Solo Sciences can put a unique fingerprint into each product’s packaging that can be scanned via a free mobile app.

How to Get a Credit Union Account for Your Hemp Business

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Manufacturers and distributors should have copies on file of every hemp cultivator who grew hemp that is contained in their products and should be prepared to explain to a credit union how they keep track of this information.

The Key to Success for California Cannabis Businesses – Managing Tax Liabilities

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Do not stop reading this article based on the premise the above statement does not apply to you because you are a well-established cultivator and the bulk of the taxes on cannabis apply to dispensaries and distributors. Taxes impact the amount a cultivator will receive.

Report Indicates That Tilray To Double Staff At Portuguese Research Facility

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The $20 million campus features research rooms, outdoor and indoor grow space, and cultivation and packaging areas for distributing medical marijuana. . Tilray (NASDAQ: TLRY) has held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the launch of a campus in the European Union (EU). .

Harborside Health Center v. Commissioner: Implications for the Cannabis Industry and Their Tax Advisors

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Does this Harborside tax decision have any impact for cannabis businesses engaged in cultivation and/or manufacturing? The purpose of this “collective agreement” is to shelter the cultivator from criminal prosecution under state drug trafficking laws.

CANNAVAL to Educate and Empower: Agriculture Commissioner Nominee Positive T.A. Nelson Welcomes Cannabis Education and Exhibitors to the US Virgin Islands

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The outlet connects both industry leaders and aspiring innovative players with stories that explore every sector of the cannabis industry from cultivation to finance to ancillary companies. To see our recent reel and our advertising packages, please log on to

How to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Growers License

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Cultivating marijuana is now legal in several states in the United States as well as Canada for licensed professionals. Other rules govern cultivation, storage, pest control, packaging and inventory. Measure 91, which Oregon state voters passed in November 2014, allows residents to possess and cultivate marijuana beginning July 1, 2015. It’s technically a felony to cultivate any amount, according to the NORML website.

Cannabis Club TV (CCTV) Launches HRVST TV in Partnership with GrowGeneration and GreenBroz, Inc. to Bring Educational, Grow-Centric Content into Hydroponic Stores

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The HRVST TV network will highlight preferred brands and offer cultivation centered content to inform and entertain. With this partnership we brought in point of purchase video displays to our stores in order to run relevant cultivation video content.

Marijuana to Be Legal in Mexico by End of October


The Supreme Court’s order only says the government has to federally legalize possession, consumption and cultivation of cannabis – the three things ruled unconstitutional. With our help, players on every level of the industry will enjoy a jump in accuracy, efficiency and safety thanks to our many packages custom-build to fit the needs of each client.

New York Legislature Passes Breakthrough CBD Hemp Bill

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The bill, to be reviewed by Governor Cuomo, provides the regulatory framework for two-year renewable licensing (growing, manufacturing, extracting), packaging and labeling requirements (including negative health impact warning information and restrictions on health claims), and laboratory testing oversight to include QR codes linked to consumer information. By: Kristin Jordan , Senior Counsel.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 4/26/19


At the state level, Governor Doug Burgum of North Dakota signed a package of bills into law to expand the state’s medical cannabis access program. Legislation is pending, AB 286, to temporarily reduce tax rates imposed on the retail sale and commercial cultivation of cannabis.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 5/10/19


A package of bills, soon to be combined into one omnibus bill, to permit the use, possession, cultivation, and retail sale of marijuana for adults 21 and over is pending. Welcome to the latest edition of NORML’s Weekly Legislative Roundup!

Top Five Hemp Purchase Order Terms

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The US Department of Agriculture is working on regulations under the 2018 Farm Bill and will eventually approve of hemp cultivation plans submitted by states. 3. Packaging & Labeling.

Kight On Cannabis: USPS Publishes New Guidelines For Mailing Hemp & Hemp Products

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The key takeaway is not to throw away your COA’s, cultivation or processor registrations, or any other materials that may serve to prove that the hemp you mailed is lawful. THE USPS PUBLISHED NEW GUIDELINES FOR MAILING HEMP AND HEMP PRODUCTS.