Cracking Down On Compliance

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Operational compliance has become paramount to the success of many cannabis businesses following new state regulations that went into effect earlier this year. For others, non-compliance has been a great downfall. MARGOLIN & LAWRENCE APRIL 30, 2019.

CCT CET: Responsible Persons, “Collection & Remittance of Cannabis Excise Tax [“CET”] & Cannabis Cultivation Tax [“CCT”]

Cannabis Law Report

The weakness relates to the collection and remittance of Cannabis Excise Tax [“CET”] and Cannabis Cultivation Tax [“CCT”]. A cannabis distributor is a person who procures, sells, and/or transports cannabis between licensed cannabis businesses, such as a cultivator, manufacturer, or retailer.

California Issues Guidance to Cannabis Distributors

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The recently released Distributor (Type 11) fact sheet addresses important issues faced by cannabis distributors such as transportation, packaging and labeling, testing, transfers and storage of cannabis goods. By: Robert Finkle, Senior Counsel.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 4/26/19


At the state level, Governor Doug Burgum of North Dakota signed a package of bills into law to expand the state’s medical cannabis access program. Legislation is pending, AB 286, to temporarily reduce tax rates imposed on the retail sale and commercial cultivation of cannabis.

Kight On Cannabis: USPS Publishes New Guidelines For Mailing Hemp & Hemp Products

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he mailer retains records establishing compliance with such laws, including laboratory test results, licenses, or compliance reports, for no less than 2 years after the date of mailing. He works closely with clients to develop compliance strategies.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 5/10/19


Legislation is pending, Senate Bill 19-220, to amend the state’s existing industrial hemp law to be in compliance with the new federal hemp regulations. The measure would allow adults 21 and over to possess up to 30 grams of marijuana and cultivate up to 5 marijuana plants in the home.

Hemp-CBD Across State Lines: Florida

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The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (“ 2018 Farm Bill ”) legalized hemp by removing the crop and its derivatives from the definition of marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act (“CSA”) and by providing a detailed framework for the cultivation of hemp.

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Weekly Legislative Roundup 3/29


Lawmakers in Connecticut have introduced a package of bills specific legalizing and regulating the use and sale of marijuana by adults and facilitating equity in the industry. Click here to email your lawmakers in support of home cultivation.

Top Five Hemp Purchase Order Terms

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The US Department of Agriculture is working on regulations under the 2018 Farm Bill and will eventually approve of hemp cultivation plans submitted by states. 3. Packaging & Labeling.

Risk & Reward: A Primer on Plant-Touching Cannabis Companies

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The most common types of companies that do touch the plant are the “operators” that are cultivating, processing, or dispensing cannabis or cannabis products. “No-touch” Examples include suppliers of cultivation-related products (e.g., fertilizer) and packaging, as well as providers of real estate, consulting, and legal services (like Burns ). Not all cannabis-related companies are created equal.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 3/22


Lawmakers in Connecticut have introduced a package of bills specific legalizing and regulating the use and sale of marijuana by adults, and facilitating equity in the industry. Click here to email your lawmakers in support of home cultivation.

Local media says EU team from Netherlands approves Uganda’s bid to export marijuana

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They met in Kampala before they issued a certificate of compliance to Industrial Globus Uganda Ltd covering (August 6, 2019 – August 5, 2020.).

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How to Get a Credit Union Account for Your Hemp Business

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The Guidance lays out what credit unions need to incorporate into their Bank Secrecy Act (“BSA”) and Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) compliance programs in order to work with hemp businesses.

Canadian Licensed Producer Aphria Opens Dispensary in Jamaica


Furthermore: “The company maintains an additional 20 acres of vacant land in anticipation of expanding its cultivation operations, as well as a 10-acre farm in St Catherine.”. But establishing facilities and retail shops requires compliance, organization and security. WeedAdvisor facilitates these functions and more through its diverse packages of business solutions. Despite some resistance, the Jamaican legal marijuana industry has enjoyed some progress in recent months.

Now They’ve Succeeded In Oregon It’s Time To Introduce The Idea To DC, Here Comes The State Cannabis Commerce Act

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Per the release distributed by Senator Wyden : Wyden and Blumenauer’s State Cannabis Commerce Act would make these existing protections permanent and expand them to include all cannabis producers and consumers in compliance with state law.

Record Keeping for Marijuana Businesses

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Not only does it allow you to track your business’ progress and stay organized, it also helps your business remain in compliance, as some records are required to be kept by law and can be subject to inspection by government officials. These records should include: dates, amounts, and testing results of all marijuana or marijuana products that is cultivated, produced, sold, or destroyed by your business.

Article: The Effects of Big Data and Technology on the Marijuana Industry

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The distribution process for marijuana products is different from one state to another, but it’s always complicated due to security and regulatory compliance concerns. Through predictive metrics, cultivators can make quick and better decisions that lead to improved crop outcomes.

California Cannabis: Breaking Down the CDPH Permanent Regulations

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Pursuant to new regulation 40175(c), “a manufacturer licensee shall only use cannabinoid concentrates and extracts that are manufactured or processed from cannabis obtained from a licensed cannabis cultivator.” Packaging.

War on Drugs Resumes in California

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There, Detectives seized several unregistered firearms, two which were reported stolen, as well as approximately 60 pounds of processed and packaged marijuana taken from Power Farms. If you wish to re-publish this story please do so with following accreditation. AUTHOR: Jordan Zoot.

What Patients Should Know about Medical Cannabis in the Workplace

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The insurance industry, for example, reviewed its policies about impaired driving and smoke and mould damage to homes as a result of cannabis use or the cultivation of cannabis plants. This is in compliance with legislation in several provinces about keeping workplaces and other buildings smoke-free. Ask your employer if they’ll consider adding this coverage to your medical benefits package or making it an option for you and your co-workers.

MediPharm Labs Enters into Agreements with Australian Licensed Producer & Forms Multiple Cannabis Supply Partnerships to Advance Australian Market Leadership

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MediPharm Labs Australia has also successfully negotiated multi-year supply agreements with three Australian Office of Drug Control (“ODC”) approved cultivators (including BBS Pharmaceuticals). Construction of New Melbourne-area Extraction Facility on Schedule.

The Top 5 Most Dangerous Cannabis Contracts in California

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In fact, after a few years and with the exception of competitive licensing regimes, state licensing slows down and is usually taken in-house by cannabis companies that formulate compliance teams.

Mexican Cannabis: The New Legal Landscape

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The Cannabis Bill would regulate the growing, cultivating, harvesting, producing, transforming, labeling, packaging, advertising, transporting, distributing, selling, marketing, carrying and consuming of cannabis products and its derivatives for personal, scientific and commercial purposes.

The Regulatory Twilight Zone: California Cannabis Transactions

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For years now, I’ve seen and analyzed many different cannabis business relationships across the industry spectrum.

Did the 2018 Farm Bill Open the Door to Importing Hemp?

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The 2014 Farm Bill allows for the limited cultivation of industrial hemp, but that bill requires that hemp be grown pursuant to an agricultural pilot program in compliance with state law. We get a ton of questions about whether it’s legal to import hemp into the U.S.

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California Marijuana Laws Explained

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What this means, leave your cannabis in the sealed package from the store until you get home. Some ban outdoor growing and require expensive permits for the indoor cultivation of cannabis. The first state to legalize marijuana for medical use was California.

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You can now get a license to grow and sell cannabis from the state of California


And so cultivators and even retailers are going to have to make a decision of whether they want to sell to both markets. And then another question of okay, so you’re a retailer, you’ve got flour in your inventory, what are you going to do with it if it’s not packaged?

How Risk Management Can Make Marijuana Businesses Bulletproof

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Specialized coverage is needed for growing operations (indoor, outdoor, greenhouse), extractors, product infusers and manufactures, dispensaries (HIPPA compliance and cash management), transporters (product and cash), testing labs, commercial landlords and property managers, and security providers.

Article – Reed Smith: UK: Cannabis In The UK – A Regulatory Environment In Transition?

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In order to legally produce, possess, supply, cultivate, import or export cannabis products, there are various regulatory requirements that must be met, depending on whether the product contains a controlled drug or is classified as a CBPM. are legal and by implication that they may not require a Home Office licence (these reports may be based on the interpretation of the regulations relating to the cultivation and importation of low THC industrial hemp). 19 August 2019.

Meadowlands: California’s Cannabis Supply Chain Panel


We believe in lowering the cost of compliance through free-flowing and accurate information. I’m a 17-year cultivator here in Northern California and I’m trying to connect the dots between Northern California growers and where a lot of the commerce happens in cannabis in Southern California.

The Woman Behind the Scenes at Cannabis’ Biggest Private Equity Fund

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Merida invests primarily in what some have called the “picks and shovels” of the cannabis industry, but the reality is there are innovations happening in technology and equipment, lab testing, compliance, services or data collection software, production equipment and packaging.

How Risk Management Can Make Marijuana Businesses Bulletproof (or at Least Bullet Resistant)

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Specialized coverage is needed for growing operations (indoor, outdoor, greenhouse), extractors, product infusers and manufactures, dispensaries (HIPPA compliance and cash management), transporters (product and cash), testing labs, commercial landlords and property managers, and security providers.

USA End of Week Round Up: Federal, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah

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Now that state lawmakers have approved medical cannabis “edibles” such as cookies and brownies, state regulators are beginning this month to write the complicated rules for making sure the baked medications deliver consistent doses to patients in child-resistant packaging. FEDERAL.

Alterman Opinion Suggests Cannabis Businesses Apply Double Diligence In Records Keeping

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The case primarily involves recordkeeping, compliance with reporting requirements, and the maintenance of a comprehensive system of internal accounting controls. of Food and Agriculture “CDFA” [Cultivation] and the California Dept. Authored By: Jordan Zoot.

Overview: Cannabis Taxes & Accounting Workshop


Tim Morland, Compliance & Policy Director, River Distribution Tim was previously Director of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs, for the Board of Equalization. Gold Seal SF cultivates and operates out of San Francisco. I, as a cultivator, am actually not allowed to remit that tax.

Meadowlands Keynote with Lori Ajax


We know firsthand from experience just how imperative timely and accurate regulatory information is to ensure our partners’ full regulatory compliance and success in the legal market. We believe in lowering the cost of compliance through free-flowing and accurate information.

Lab Properties Welcomes Emerald Grown into Family of Tenants at the Searls Cannabis Campus

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Allen added the facility will also grow into packaging flower into pre-rolls, sort product for extraction and leverage the power of bulk for distribution pricing. NEVADA CITY, Calif.

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