How to Choose the Best Seeds for Growing Marijuana

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Home growth is meant for personal consumption - unless you have a license, you cannot sell your yield. You could buy a hydroponic grow box system. There are good things and bad things about quarantine. The good news is, no one can stop you from hanging around and smoking weed all day.

Cannabis Sustainability: GACP and GMP

Cannabis Law Report

There are varying types of cannabis cultivation such as (a) Indoor or hydroponically grown; (b) Greenhouse potted plants using sun or sun combined with artificial lighting; or (c) Outdoor or sun-grown using just sunshine, rainwater and love. Water Consumption & Carbon Dioxide Issues.

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Potential for lucrative cannabis industry in South Africa

Cannabis Law Report

In 2018 the Constitutional Court – South Africa’s highest court – unanimously ruled to decriminalise the private possession, consumption and cultivation of cannabis. Joanne van Harmelen. Introduction.

5 Essential Tools Every Home Cannabis Grower Should Have (But Might Not Realize)

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One of the most common misconceptions is that pH pens are only necessary for hydroponics. Whether you’re growing medically or recreationally, creating rosin is one of the most popular cannabis consumption methods today.

How to Grow Weed – A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

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This is recommended for beginners and will be a bit more forgiving than a hydroponics system if you make mistakes. Storage, packaging and consumption.