Best Marijuana Collectives in California

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Many dispensaries in California operate as marijuana collectives. Whether you need weed for recreational or medical purposes, here are some of the best marijuana collectives in California. CA Collective - San Jose, CA San Jose and Bay Area residents are well covered by CA Collective.

Cannabis Package Recycling Rolls Out Nationwide


In a previous post , we discussed a Saskatoon dispensary’s initiative to recycle customers’ used packaging. Thanks to TerraCycle’s recycling expertise and Tweed’s dedication to a sustainable cannabis industry, cannabis packaging will no longer need to pile up in landfills.

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Saskatoon Dispensary Embraces Recycled Cannabis Packaging


Recyclable cannabis packaging is coming to one store in Saskatoon – and they hope the trend will spread. Those of us who order recreational or medical marijuana are painfully aware of the disproportionate amount of packaging.

CCT CET: Responsible Persons, “Collection & Remittance of Cannabis Excise Tax [“CET”] & Cannabis Cultivation Tax [“CCT”]

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The weakness relates to the collection and remittance of Cannabis Excise Tax [“CET”] and Cannabis Cultivation Tax [“CCT”]. When the Distributor role was created, the California Legislature decided to place the majority of the collection and remittance responsibility on it [1].

The Week in Weed: May 22, 2020

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The state Supreme Court ruled that all signatures for ballot initiatives must be collected in person. They are practicing social distancing while collecting signatures in person.

Rep Heck: We’re late to implement the SAFE Banking Act. Read his press release, the draft bill & full meeting package

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Support for the SAFE Banking Act was vocalized by several witnesses, including in testimony from California State Treasurer Fiona Ma , “To sum, an effective safe harbor mechanism in federal law promotes the safety of the public, improves the efficiency of collecting the taxes and fees we use to regulate the industry, and does not allow the banks and credit unions to totally abdicate their responsibilities to know their customers and avoid illicit money laundering.”.

The Week in Weed: April 10, 2020

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As does Idaho , where social distancing measures have made signature collection all but impossible. Week in Weed 280E Canada epidiolex idaho internal revenue service massachusetts medical marijuana new zealand north dakota small business administration stimulus package

Attorneys General Push for Marijuana Banking Reform


Finally, the ability to efficiently collect tax revenue from the marijuana industry, estimated to have generated $15 billion in sales in 2019, will provide critical relief for state and local governments predicting budget shortfalls due to the pandemic.”

Today’s Answer of the Day


Pertinent information and data collected during the preclinical and clinical studies of the drug approval process are included in the Physicians’ Desk Reference and in the drug package insert. Where can clinicians obtain up to date evidence-based information about an FDA-approved drug?

NY Senator Wants Cannabis Legalized as Part of Criminal Justice Reform


Legislative Package Urged in New York. A recent Press Release from a New York Senator Julia Salazar, explains why legislators should approve the Safer NY Act package right now. Civil unrest continues.

Video: Beachgoer films drug drop-off at beach in southern Spain

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The footage shows a group of people unloading packages of hashish from a boat in plain sight of the public. In the video, several people are seen approaching a boat as it nears the shore and collecting packages of drugs – in the middle of the day and in plain sight of dozens of people.

Harborside & Nor Cal Opinions. Dispensaries, Don’t Despair. There Are Solutions

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California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control adopted regulations beginning in 2018 that require Retailers to purchase cannabis that has been tested, packaged, and labeled by a Distributor [6]. Prohibition on Packaging and Labeling by a Retailer. Packaging, Labeling, and Rolling.

Medical CCAs 101 (Cannabis Cooperative Associations)

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This spreadsheet illustrates the division of the proceeds, including all taxes collected from consumers, of the retail sale of flower as adult-use cannabis through conventionally structured businesses. The $40 sale price includes the taxes collected from consumers.

Cannabis Sustainability: GACP and GMP

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In simple terms GACP states that the personnel should be adequately trained, that cultivated plants should be grown observing all local regulations on fertilizing, storage, handling, packaging etc and that the whole process should be transparent and documented.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

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For example, D’Loraine Miranda announced proud news on February 4, 2020: “ Bare Market, Toronto’s Package-Free Shop, is Finally Open and here’s what you need to know about the incredible new space.” Sana Packaging.

OLCC Issues Marijuana Product Recall

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Portland, OR — The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is issuing an immediate health and safety advisory due to the identification of potentially unsafe pesticide residue on plant material used in a packaged retail marijuana product. Track Town Collective, 3675 Franklin Blvd.,

California Issues Guidance to Cannabis Distributors

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The recently released Distributor (Type 11) fact sheet addresses important issues faced by cannabis distributors such as transportation, packaging and labeling, testing, transfers and storage of cannabis goods. By: Robert Finkle, Senior Counsel.

Difference Between Fake & Original Vape Cartridges

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Before you buy, take a thorough look at the packaging for your vape. Save a collection of these photos on your phone the next time you buy a vape. Different Color Packaging Sometimes it’s just blatantly obvious that a vape is fake. Keep Previous Packaging To Compare.

Ohio Sells $75k in Successful First Day of Sales


The four medical marijuana dispensaries that were open for business, on the first day of sales in Ohio, collectively sold 8.7 for three of the one-tenth ounce packages of the same indica strain. “I’m

Texas Police Chiefs Association Hold Marijuana Press Conference


Our research has found that marijuana in legalized states can increase crime, negatively impact public health, place additional strain on social services, fail to eradicate criminal enterprises, and that expenditures often outpace revenue collection. Furthermore, many arrests for marijuana in our communities also involve large amounts of packaged marijuana for sale and/or deadly weapons and/or other drugs such as meth, cocaine, and heroin.

Cannabis Sustainability: Scope and Solutions

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Another way cannabis companies are hoping to become more sustainable is through packaging changes. Many legal states might soon adopt QR codes, eliminating some of the excessive plastic required to cram all the mandated information onto each package. Sana Packaging.

Greenest Cannabis Must Start Now

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And this isn’t for lack of want — in fact in 2017 some forward thinking dispensaries had collection boxes for these products, although without scale they wound up just hoarding them as well. Let the Community Cannabis Collection, or C³, start today. NO collection boxes for me. +

Free Advice

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We are appalled when we see that taxes are not being collected because tax laws are not effectively administered. California spends the tax money that it plans to collect. More taxes will be collected.

NORML Chapter Newsletter, February 2019


“Although an overdose of pot edibles can indeed cause unconsciousness, cannabis has never been known to cause a fatal overdose — unlike tobacco, alcohol, and many other common household products that are not sold in childproof packages.”

Ohio Legalization Campaign Given More Flexibility to Gather Necessary Signatures

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s ruling Tuesday ordered the state to allow campaigns until July 31 to gather required signatures and to allow them to be collected electronically.

The Impact of Taxes in California on Cannabis Oil

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The distributor puts the oil in cartridges and sells the oil packaged for retail sale to a single dispensary. The dispensary sells the packaged oil cartridges to consumers. The Distributor packages the 1,000 grams of refined oil for retail sale in 2,000 tips of 0.5

InMed Submits Clinical Trial Application to Evaluate INM-755 in Phase 1 Trial

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“We are very pleased with the preclinical data package, which further validates our scientific rationale and approach to treat EB, and look forward to starting the clinical phase of development and initiating subject screening and enrollment by year-end 2019.” VANCOUVER, Nov.

Do Cannabis Consumers Actually Know What They’re Buying?

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HerbaBuena advocates the highest level of efficacy combined with earth-conscious, sustainable practices, ranging from cultivation methods and processing techniques, to product ingredients and packaging.

The Week in Cannabis: South Korea’s Cannabis Caution, Cultured Cannabinoids, & California’s New Rules

Marijuana Packaging

California’s New Packaging Rules and Regulations. The changes place the brunt of the responsibility for child resistance on dispensaries, giving manufacturers and producers until 2020 to get their packaging up to state compliance standards.

Ignite Launches Authentic Apparel E-commerce Store

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The super-premium cannabis brand makes this curated collection available for fans to wear and live the Ignite lifestyle. The full collection is available now at [link].

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FDA and CDC Investigate THC Vapes and Issue Warnings: Still more questions than answers…

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According to FDA, “The outbreak is occurring in the context of a dynamic marketplace for e-cigarette, or vaping, products, which may have a mix of ingredients, complex packaging and supply chains, and include potentially illicit substances. Traceback Data: A common point of contamination in the distribution chain, identified by reviewing records collected from locations and stores where sick people purchased product. By: Jessica Wasserman, Esq.

Cannabis Law Firm Vincente Sederberg Advertising 6 New Positions

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Vicente Sederberg offers competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package including Medical, Dental, Vision and Life, AD&D, Short Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance coverages 100% paid for by Vicente Sederberg for all of our full-time employees. Current openings.

Cannabis Sustainability: Hemp Perspectives

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Or similarly, a state cannabis collection program could operate county or city-wide, like the popular unused or expired medication collections that occur on a regular basis throughout the United States in an effort to keep these pharmaceuticals out of national public water supplies.

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Article: Track and Trace for Medical and Adult Use Marijuana Programs

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The Chief Operating Officer of BioTrackTHC, Moe Afaneh, gave a high-level overview of the company’s seed-to-sale software for state-level data collection. Individual products available for sale to consumers or patients must meet the state’s packaging and labeling requirements. .

Everything You Need to Know About Legal Weed and Usage

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At Herb Collective, we’ve got answers. You can’t even open your package of goodies while you’re in public. So no smoking, vaping, eating edibles, or even taking a look at your package to see your dank nugs.

Harborside Health Center v. Commissioner: Implications for the Cannabis Industry and Their Tax Advisors

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On November 29, 2018 the United States Tax Court issued its long-awaited decision: Patients Mutual Assistance Collective Corporation dba Harborside Health Center v. This “collective agreement” concept is California cannabis law, it is not tax law!

Medical CCA’s (Cannabis Cooperative Association) 201

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The spreadsheet immediately below assumes that consumers pay a total of $10,000, including all taxes collected directly and indirectly from consumers, for 250 cartridges of refined cannabis oil ($40 per 0.5 We assumed a yield of a total 125 grams of refined oil (250 packages of 0.5